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We will burn, we always do, and it will only get worse not better. Have a bushfire plan, good insurance, and remember that lives are more important than stuff.


>Have a bushfire plan >lives are more important than stuff. This x 1000. If you have pets - crate train them to go to their travel crates or directly to "their" seat in your car on command - if you need to get out of there quickly the last thing you need to do is spend 10 minutes trying to drag Mr Tiddles out from under the bed or get Max the Boxer to jump in the car when he's not used to it. My cousin lives in a bushfire prone area and his cat knows that the sound of shaking treat bags means she have to go sit in her carrier. His dog has his command "drive time!" and he will go to the car and sit next to the back passenger door to be let in. Also have a "bushfire/flood" bag - just something small that you can grab in a hurry. Have a change of clothes/undies/socks, a compact/warm jacket, some cash, water & snacks (something that keeps well, like beef jerky or museli bars) medications (make sure to check expiry dates and change if needed) and anything else that is super important. Also keep a fireproof safe for important documents - passports, prescriptions and the like and have it in a place that's easy to get to on the way to the door.


The early signs are there for another La Nina. The Indian Ocean is looking warm, which tends to turn into wet weather. In any case, there's been so much wet weather last year, that most places aren't yet "dried-out tinderbox waiting for a lightning strike to start a bushfire". i.e. we haven't - in most places - had years of drought building up dry forest litter that's just begging for a stray lightning strike to ignite it. It was record-breaking wet for the last 12 months in most of eastern Australia. I'd be looking for flood solutions, rather than heatwave. Look for both, of course - but flood is a slightly higher priority than heatwave at the moment IMO.


If you’re on east coast it may be another summer of rain and flooding


That's also worrying tho I work construction and get paid hourly rate and this year I had alot of weeks off because of rain and delays.


We are in for another La Nina summer so more rain and less higher temps this year


It'll be an interesting summer that's for sure, last year was actually pretty good as far as Aussie summers go, bearly got over 40c, at least where I live in Vic we mainly got 30-35ish, which isn't that bad. Given the floods we have been having and how wet this year has been thus far it's possible that we'll have another wet summer. It is easy to joke that the Brits can't handle the heat and are just whining, but yeah nah some of the stuff I've heard from mates who live there, seems they're having hard yakka. Guess in the end we'll have to wait and see how things shape up.


Was nastier than normal in Perth though. 13 days over 40, with 6 in a row.


If this isn’t evidence that no one on the east coast thinks of WA I don’t know what is. Our summer was disgusting.


Not saying we do or don't think of the west. I just don't live there and didn't experience it, thus I could only speak for myself; hence as I said in my original post "at least where I live in Vic."


You’ll be ok. Take a break from the news.


You're right but I do construction work and this year we had a alot of weeks of because of rain and delays im just worried this is gonna continue. I do watch news often and everytime I watch it I can't help but think even if most of this stuff is exaggerated some has to be true. can't help worrying


The internet skews the reality because we are bombarded with everything at once. Back in the day things would happen far away that we would never hear about. This, I feel, is the curse of the internet. Honestly, ignorance is bliss. There is no reason we need to know everything, all the time, all at once. I mean, sure, we could have another wet summer, but would you be so affected if you didn’t have all the bells and whistles going off with things that are happening overseas? On another note, it sounds like you have anxiety. Don’t hesitate to see a doctor if you need to.


Honestly I think I do I've started watching the news alot more and looking back it has made my anxiety worse.


Take it easy! Tomorrow will be worse


Nah they've predicted la Nina and Indian Ocean dipole stuff this summer, that means a wet summer and that means typically lower temperatures


Living in the NT has its perks. One of which is knowing it will be stinking hot and humid for 8 months of the year and for the other 4 months it will smell like burning wood while they do all the back burning to prevent massive bushfires up here.


Don't know how true it was but I was told by a very clever geologist that the northwest of Australia was one of the first places on earth to exit the ice age. He went on to basically say that Australia is basically a precursor representative of trends in climate activity around the world.


You're asking a bunch of 20-somethings about hypotheticals. Good luck


Nah, it's record breaking floods this year. Triple La Nina and a negative Indian Ocean dipole. Record-breaking heatwaves and fires are (currently) booked in for 2024/25.


La Niña. We’ll probably have a moderate summer.


Yeah bro, i'm worry about summer too, i have no money so i can't travel


Don't worry. Before summer gets here, all the rip-off merchants pushing their profits higher, will make sure none of us will be able to travel.


For all things weather related, we have a surprisingly effective government organisation (surprising in that they haven't been gutted and stacked with LNP hacks) I suggest if you have concerns you should search their site. I did that for you: >La Niña years tend to see cooler than average maximum temperatures across most of mainland Australia south of the tropics, particularly during the second half of the year. This is due to increased cloud cover and rainfall. However, the increased cloud cover tends to act as an insulator and results in warmer than average minimum temperatures across northern and eastern Australia during La Niña. http://www.bom.gov.au/climate/updates/articles/a020.shtml


Thanks mate 👍


It depends on if la nina ends, or continues, as to what the weather will be like. If la nina continues, it'll be floods again. If it ends, we burn. The ocean current that drives it is slowing, so we're going to end up locked in either la nina, or el nino, permanently.


Anxiety is from the Devil. Apply the ointment of God /s


Aight so a couple of things for your consideration, first of all people in the UK don't have air con, making the heat more of an issue for them, and if anything it's looking like we will have a wetter summer then usual, which may actually make it cooler.


Calm down, We''ll be right. We always are ❤️


I think we have another year or two of La nina , which means wet weather, until it changes over to El Nino and we roast. so we have maybe 3-4 years before probably 10 years of really bad heat and drought, knowing Australian weather patterns.


Don't worry. [Based on reports](https://www.news.com.au/technology/environment/first-signs-of-triple-la-nina-emerge-negative-indian-ocean-dipole-to-bring-extra-rain/news-story/f6f498a69e2c1406d286dd142b8247db), we're likely to have a very wet summer. A heat wave is likely the least of our problems. For at least next year at any rate.


Summer is great! You get to watch cricket and stay indoors all day.


We're all fucked


We apparently have Double La Ninã effect happening in. Australia at the moment. Nope I was wrong triple La Ninã is a possibility. "La Niña officially over, but Bureau of Meteorology says it might be back in spring - ABC News" https://amp.abc.net.au/article/101171920


A cold winter is always followed by a hot summer, and this winter has been cold. Be prepared.