Entire thread link: [https://twitter.com/darkpatterns/status/1489901640777973768/](https://twitter.com/darkpatterns/status/1489901640777973768/) (do give it a look, there's way too many steps not covered) The WBM-archived thread: [https://web.archive.org/web/20210413023940/https://twitter.com/MRDADDGUY/status/1381628427246039045](https://web.archive.org/web/20210413023940/https://twitter.com/MRDADDGUY/status/1381628427246039045) (original poster has erased their Twitter entirely since last year, for reasons unknown)


One of the screenshots also shows that Adobe has an email ads opt out button instead of the usual email ads opt in button. Truly scummy.


Remember, it’s not only ethical to pirate Adobe, it’s a moral obligation. One of my biggest issues with Adobe is that their software.. kinda sucks. It performs like You might expect FOSS to, not something that costs £50 per month or whatever


I’ve been wondering if you can even pirate it anymore? I thought it had gone fully cloud/subscription based (which is awful). Are people stuck pirating older versions?


I mean the older versions are still perfectly serviceable. I've been using Premiere CC 2020 with no problems. The only cloud thing is the collaborative aspect which I don't really need since I work alone.


I've been using CS6 since forever, is it worth the hassle to upgrade to CC 2020?


I'd say yes? There's a bunch of new features and things that make me want to not look back to CS6. And it's faster.


i find that it gets slower and slower every year, latest versions are basically unusable


The improvements over CS6 are pretty big across the board, so I’d say yes if you’re a regular user.


I got the latest version of Premier Pro pirated and activated.


I have the 2020 versions and I’m getting pop-ups every 15-20min that my software has been pirated 😩


Nope there are torrents out there for creative Cloud 2021. Usually you're a year behind but it's Adobe software so not like the updates are good a lot of the time


I started using Affinity Photo and Designer, one time purchase of 60usd 5 years ago, it does all I need without the bloatware. Great performance.


I gave Affinity a try but it just didn't meet the standards of Illustrator in terms of tools (or I wasn't in the know enough to use it as well). That's the one area I haven't been able to get rid of Adobe in (while actively trying).


Some of the FOSS software, like Blender or Krita, feel like it was developed by much more talented programmers, than Adobe.


Moved to affinity suite and haven’t looked back. I’m done with software-as-service subscription scams. If you want me to pay you more than once for the software, release a newer, better product or addons. I’m not subscribing to use a fucking program. The obvious exception to this rule is software that offers a continuous service, like a music or video streaming platform.


I did the same. Still learning the quirks, but so far raster and vector work is just fine. In fact, I think I enjoy their Designer app better than Illustrator. Affinity Photo is so-so but Iget what I need done eventually. Fortunately, it looks like they are always improving it and I have had far less crashes than I did with PS. edit: can't spell


I tried using designer, but I ran into a bug where a smooth gradient between two colors exported to pdf in quantized jumps. So instead of being a continuous color transistion it had five visibly different steps. Couldn't figure out what was causing it, and haven't been able to trust it ever since that. Even so, I've considered giving it another shot just because I find it so infuriating that shortcuts and theory of design are so wildly different between illustrator and Photoshop. You can find a dozen threads of people complaining about shortcuts being different between the software, but because they have had a near monopoly, they have had no incentive to change, and it seems a good number of professionals either just learn to work with the dissonance or define their own shortcuts to circumvent it.


Fair assessment. Good to know about the gradient issue. I will have to take a look at that if I use any gradients in the future. You think it's a compression setting on save?


I've never looked at compression settings for a PDF. Even if it is, I feel that a default save for a vectorized format shouldn't cut corners like that. I've made gigantic PDFs in the past (scientific conference posters), and then compressed them with *nix command line tools, and while the file size has sometimes dropped by as much as two orders of magnitude, I've never seen anything like this.


I should clarify that the project where this occurred was a small logo design of only a few mb. It was also several years ago, so it may well have been fixed


Have you heard about Our Lord and Saviour Photopea.com ?


Would use pp more if it was avail offline.


Can confirm - my pp is off like and I'm always playing with it.


It sort of is. > Photopea runs completely in your device, just like Sketch or Photoshop do. It does not upload any of your files to the internet. You can load Photopea.com, disconnect from the internet and keep using it completely offline. None of your files ever leaves your computer.


heh, pp


If you just need an image editor with more features than paint, [Paint.net](https://www.getpaint.net/) is our actual lord and savior. Offline all the time with a pretty good community of extension makers. I haven't had to use anything else in years.


Mabye try gimp?


Photopea is the shit! I use it 100% of the time now when I need a photo editor


try Inkscape


Even microsoft word is subscription now. How many changes does a word processor actually have? You have the option to buy their recent version as a download though, but you just never get updates.


OnlyOffice desktop editors (Not OpenOffice, notice the spelling) and LibreOffice Writer are free (I recommend donating ) alternatives to Microsoft's scam


As an attorney, I couldn't make the free alternatives work with Word track changes, though I hadn't heard of OnlyOffice. I'm clinging to my purchased-once Office suite, but am dreading the day I need a new computer.


> but am dreading the day I need a new computer You will likely have no issue installing your version of office on your new computer. Go to https://office.com and log into the MS account you attached the license to. Should be able to redownload and reinstall.


I only discovered OnlyOffice the other week and I fucking *adore* it. It even has a dark theme and dark document mode to protect my fragile little eyes. Fuck Office. Fuck MS. Fuck Adobe.


I’d *sooooo* subscribe to Word if Clippy is bundled! Like so many others, I prefer to write in a stripped-down app. I’m agnostic and I’ll use whatever I can access at the time/place and can save the file securely. If I need to format for printing I’ll use markdown. If I need to open a word processor, all I want is access to the four font families I use and control of the headers and footers.


What, you don't want your word processor to be a horrific CSS/HTML editor, table junkie, and image formatter? What about WordArt™ ?!


Look, I know I’m missing out on WordArt™. It’s probably my biggest regret in this life.


Cough cough r/piracy has a wonderful open source script that’ll make it all free


O365 gets all the desktop updates though. But the online version is completely free, so there’s not a huge incentive to pay.


Well, the design changed to the Windows 11 design. I still can't reliably change the spell checker language in PowerPoint, Word's text selection still tries to be too smart (with all of the smart features disabled), and Excel is so bad at reading CSV that I use LibreOffice to convert them to XLSX, but hey at least it looks fancy.


TBF as SaaS goes, O365 is probably the least offensive. For one, you still can get the permanent version. And as for Office 365 itself, it is very high value even if you're the one paying. For example I can get 6 users, 5 computers each for a total of 30 devices (as opposed to 1 device for the permanent version), and each user gets 1TB of Onedrive, all for just roughly $50 per year in my currency. There are magazine subscriptions that ask for more than that and still gets 50% ads on almost every page.


Office 2021 gets updates until October 2026. What you don't get is new features.




So, content controls can now sync with SharePoint library metadata, which is cool. If your company uses SharePoint and you have a need for it. Which nobody ever does. MS is quite excellent at hiding new useful feature, then ripping them away as soon as people become aware of them.


The Ribbon? That shit skill sucks


The ribbon was added 15 years ago


The sea of buttons and toolbars that came before and still is used by Google’s suite was terrible. Love the ribbon.


Hijacking top comment, although this will probably be buried this long after the post: [Cancelling your Adobe Subscription for free](https://responsivedesign.is/articles/cancel-adobe-without-paying-the-cancellation-fee/)


I honestly LOVE Affinity. Solid programs.


Years ago I bought a flight tracking app. It was a good app and it was worth it. After a few years, with the advent of this subscription plague, that app began showing me it's pro subscription features. They were nice features but I certainly did not need them. I clicked never and moved on. Couple of years later, when I was switching to a new phone I was unable to find their paid app on the store. Turns out it was end of life and not updated anymore. That's fair, but I should still be able to use what I bought. On their website, after a train of clicks I found a page which provided the old app file which was for customers like who had paid for the old version. It worked just as before but it told me about how old it was and how I should switch to the pro subscription with new features and updates. I clicked no. Couple of years later, that app started giving me warnings that it will be out of service in a few months. I was angry but I don't know if I should be still entitled to use the service just because I paid about ten bucks almost a decade ago. But it still seemed unfair to cut me off, so I asked support if they would let me use the old app or give me the new version for free. It had all the new features I didn't need but they didn't offer anything else. All they could do is offer 3 months free for the new model. I declined. The app stopped working. A couple of days later they released a deal where first 3 months of new app were free for anyone and everyone. I felt glad I didn't get suckered. I now use the "free" ad supported version but I would easily pay for something that didn't have ads and was one time cost. Nobody offers that. It's a dead or dying model I think


"You will own nothing and you will be happy about it."


>I would easily pay for something that didn't have ads and was one time cost. Nobody offers that. It's a dead or dying model I think The issue is that every new software created requires extra maintenance, if only to comply with app store standards. Devs interested in that task would prefer a free app with donations for continuous maibtenance.


The big squeeze is the final step in the lifecycle of all cool new things, where everything is optimised for squeezing maximum profits. Often triggered by an influx of babyboomers.


Sorry, but as a software developer, your comment sounds incredibly entitled. I know this take will not get much love here, but I just gotta add a few words. You simply can’t expect an app like this to just work forever. People like you are the reason companies are transitioning to the pay-per-month model. If an app or program isn’t completely self-contained and has no interaction with the „outside world“ (like a simple game-app might be), it needs updates and maintenance. Your example is a flight-tracker. It draws from at least one, if not several APIs that can and will change over time. The data it displays might change ever so slightly and require a UI update. Some obscure bug that only comes up after 10.000 starts might be discovered and needs to be fixed. A new device or OS comes out and has to be supported. The list goes on, there are countless reasons why software needs maintenance, and that maintenance is costly. It’s close to impossible to keep certain things running on a pay-once basis. It wasn’t like that in the past, but nowadays tech moves a lot faster, there are more devices, more things to consider, more guidelines to follow and more standards to keep up. And what’s more, consumers expect perfection. The company that created your app probably lost money on you overall. I have no idea why they even went the lengths to keep the legacy version available, as I‘m sure there’s a section in the fine-print that states you don’t have an eternal right to use the app. Same as many people with Adobe, you expect software that’s a decade old to run on a new device, but have no plans to fund (through purchases) any of the development that’s necessary for that. I mean I get it, and there’s some justification there as the company sold it to you in the first place, but you can’t fault them for not wanting to burden themselves with a new generation of customers like you who will expect a $10 iOS 15 app to work on their iBrainImplant in another decade.


I have a portable, pirated version of Adobe Photoshop CS4 from 2011 that runs fine on my modern day machine and has a lot of the features I use day to day at my job on the most recent version of photoshop. I can't speak for all programs, but you're in denial if you believe that programs that function fine while completely offline like the Adobe Suite or Microsoft Word need regular maintenance and have to be moved to the expensive, and consumer unfriendly subscription model to survive.


Seconding this, it’s not my main job role but I still do frequent logo/graphic design and the affinity programs are amazing. You’ll hardly have to relearn anything coming from Adobe and they work fantastically with some parts I even prefer. Best part? I paid $25 each on sale (it’s frequently 50% off) and they’re mine forever. As in permanently with not a singular fee. I totally sound like a shill I’m sure but I just hate software/games as a service so badly.


Does affinity have an after effects alternative?


I'm not much of a video guy, but Davinci Resolve might work for some things.


Wait this is also available on Linux?? Wow. Definitely will give it a try


Hard rep for FL Studio here. I know it's completely unrelated to Adobe, but you buy it once and get all upgrades for life. I wish more services worked that way.


there is a reason photoshop is one of the most pirated programs out there.


The moment official products become less convenient than pirated ones, piracy will rise. This is how Spotify succeeds, by being marginally less terrible then trying to pirate everything. I have no idea how Adobe considers this to be a sustainable business model


“One thing that we have learned is that piracy is not a pricing issue. It's a service issue. The easiest way to stop piracy is not by putting anti-piracy technology to work. It's by giving those people a service that's better than what they're receiving from the pirates.” - Gabe Newell


Though in this case, pricing might be part of the issue. The 50% cancellation fee is nearly $300. Does that mean if you signed up for this it would be nearly $600 every year?


Yes, this is actually how much they charge.


That's a fucking scam. Does anyone even pay that thinking it's a fair trade??


I mean if you’re a professional and you need the software for your job I guess you don’t have a choice. My school also uses adobe software but we have some sort of a student plan where it’s way cheaper


My school just straight up pirated adobe for their multimedia class computers


As they should


Damn right he was too. I used to pirate all games that I couldn't get in my country. All of them. Since steam came here, I've been able to actually support the developers of those games. The only things I pirate these days are anything to do with Ubisoft of EA and their DRM nonsense for single player games. Fuck that shit.


Business and education. Schools, businesses and universities can get sued to oblivion for software piracy (and the individuals who put it in place, possibly criminally charged?). They also are offered bulk discounts and can probably claim it on tax etc. Some students may also opt to go for the education discounts while available. Then, when your school, your university, and your workplace require you to use these programs, the end user may indeed pirate it. But they've created a range of products as an international standard for a whole range of creative industries, and are getting subscription fees for it. I've never heard of Adobe chasing up single home users about pirated copies, and there's even a theory that Adobe upload their own torrents to help perpetuate this cycle.


Honey pot uploads will piss off a judge if proven. Prenda law got caught with a honey pot and it kicked over a ant nest of scams.


either way you can just download adblock and use spotify ad free on web browser


But you can't download music on your phone, choose what songs to play, and you're stealing from the artists and not just the company.


you can choose what songs to play. i’ve been using spotify that way for months. and you’re not stealing from artists, dummy. spotify pays them, not you. you are stealing from spotify.


Someone should make an ad blocker that instead of preventing ads from running, it hides them, so you still support the website but you aren't annoyed by the ads


Website gets paid based on clickthrough rate and impressions. That's why Google and Facebook are trying to get the most data about you - to show relevant ads you are more willing to click.


Steam too


That's true, but do you think Adobe is actually hurting from this? I have no idea what their revenue is, but I can't imagine very many businesses will allow their employees to use a pirated version because it could legally come back to bite them hardcore. By turning every business customer into a subscriber, whereas before they'd only buy quantized updates when they needed them, they are taking in money from the business side. Who cares if home users don't subscribe and pirate it all? The lost revenue from these users, who most certainly would have updated even less frequently than the business users is probably just calculated to be less than the gains made by screwing the businesses over.


That works until people start using a different service. If people use different programs at home because they don't want to pay for this, they might recommend their work also uses that alternative product to save some money and because it's what they're familiar with.


depending on your career, you don't really have an option. industry-wide changes don't happen just like that. if you're working with multiple people or printing, you need to bow to the industry-standard. there's a reason paint tool sai for example still lets you save your files as .psd


Because as a business owner I don’t have time to mess about with piracy, so for me and many others, having an annual subscription is that marginally less terrible option. They can make it work because enough people make that calculation.


Because professionals don't have time to deal with piracy. The fee isn't for the software; it is for not having to deal with upgrades, version conflicts, compatibility, and cross-device operations. I'm not a pro by any means. I do photography as a hobby, but as a part-time student, father, and full-time job, I gladly pay Adobe fees to not have to worry about those things. I'm time poor, and to not have to troubleshoot stuff is worth every penny. Edit: this doesn't excuse shady billing practices though.


Pirated versions also lag behind official releases. As someone who is pro, you can't wait for pirated versions to catch up when your client send you a file from the the newly released update. Adobe is going to kill themselves at this point though. They've been declining ever since creative cloud's first release. I remember one of the newer InDesign releases literally had no new features. They actually removed one if I remember right. Or was that Photoshop?


I'm not even going to say marginally better. Spotify is a lot more convenient than piracy. I used to do both and I used Apple music for a while because it was half the price for me. Then once the 2 year teaser rate expired I just switched to Spotify because Apple music is shit.


I subscribed to adobe thinking we'll with the student discount I can actually afford this, I didn't want to deal with cracks so I just bought the dam thing. Oh boy, I had nothing but problem's with my subscription, adobe kept kicking me off, telling me that I had exceed the maximum number of devices and I only had Adobe installed in 2 machine's but for some reason adobe was counting 2 subscriptions for each machine exceeding the 2 licenses that they give you Since I stopped paying adobe I no longer have problems


My situation is niche, but I had a Photoshop license for a little while since I had the money and could pay for it. Then I swapped over to using Linux full time, and didn't use the software much in my VM due to the obligation of booting the VM and having my GPU swap over to it. So I tinkered around in Wine, stealing libraries from the VM when PS complained about one missing, and eventually surprisingly got Photoshop to open... For about 2 minutes at a time, because the login window didn't work to show my registration. You know what does work mostly flawlessly in Wine after all that tweaking though? The pirated version. I promptly paid them their blood money to get rid of my subscription and started doing that instead. The funny thing is, they already have first party Mac support. It actually wouldn't be relatively difficult to port to Linux, as the underlying systems have a ton of similarities. But nah, can't have that.


I used Linux as my main for about 8 years before my professional life got me so ingrained in Visual Studio (not Code) and then I did video editing for a streamer for a while which made Adobe Premiere make sense (since he also had it and we could exchange files.) I still use Visual Studio and Premiere now and they're both the "killer apps" that keep me from going back to Linux.


Found myself in this situation the other day You can simply change your plan to a lower priced plan, you'll get refunded the difference. Once you're on the cheaper plan you can cancel it for free within 15 days


I threatened to call my bank and do a charge back, they cancelled for free immediately.


Or you block the payments. Tbh I do that when a company have shitty design for cancelation...


I agree wholeheartedly. I hate software subscriptions. Criminals exist, so let’s treat our whole customer base as if they are criminals trying to pirate our shit. Even the ones willing to buy a license of their own. Nope, now you gotta rent it.




Honestly, I prefer the pirated version over the legitimate one. No creative cloud, no forced Lightroom, launches in half the time, and it uses less resources


Piracy in a nut shell. Most pirated things straight up work better, I'll personally never buy a product riddled with DRM.


Now I feel I need to find this.


But how do you even get it though?


It's actually a simpler process than Adobe's. You just download the .zip, extract, and run set_up.exe. It's a fairly official-looking installer and lets you choose a location and all that


[T](https://files.based.zone/vault/Software/Windows/Adobe/Adobe%20Master%20Collection%202022%20RUS-ENG%20by%20m0nkrus/Adobe.Master.Collection.2022.RU-EN.iso)here are some places on the internet where you can find all-in-one installers. Some of them are password protected though, unfortunately. You might have to ask someone privately for the creds.


I like Lightroom for mass edits of events I’ve shot. But I don’t use Photoshop or Lightroom often enough to justify the money to keep a subscription. I’ll say this though: they created the subscription stuff to fight piracy, but in turn they’ve created more piracy.


Same. Every time. May as well get SOMETHING out of a shitty experience you didn't deserve, right?


What if you get framed for murder?




>let’s treat our whole customer base as if they are criminals trying to pirate our shit And they do exactly that. I'm probably not remembering the story 100% but at one point, we ordered a few additional licences for future (!) employees and Adobe had nothing better to do than to charge us for the *past* half year, too, because "we probably were already using those licenses before we decided to buy them" (and yes: that was their explanation when we asked them why). F U, Adobe!


I mean that goes from being scummy assholedesign to straight up 'this is entirely illegal but we know most people won't bother to sue us'.


That's not even just morally scummy at that point, wtf?


I always liked the way Apple did it back before MacOS became totally free: If you had the disc you could install the software. End of rules. You only had a *legal license* to install it on one computer, and they sold “family packs” with five licenses, but it was entirely on the honor system. There was no serial number to enter or registration/activation, they didn’t even bother to copy-protect the discs so burned CD-R/DVD-R discs are treated exactly the same as official install media, it just does a checksum on the disc to make sure the data isn’t corrupted. Making the process simple and foolproof for the paying customers was more important than making the process difficult for pirates. And it worked. People would happily *buy* Mac OS rather than pirate it, and sure lots of people would buy one single-license disc and then install it on all of their Macs at home, but hey a sale’s a sale so Apple didn’t really mind. Even when they moved to digital-only distribution via the App Store there was no DRM or checks to make sure you were only using a single license at a time, you could make a USB installer and install it on as many systems as you wanted. But that only lasted two OS versions before they dropped the idea entirely and made the OS free to everyone. And way back in the earliest days Macs were floppy-based with no hard drive, so software disks always contained a bootable operating system and you could make your own bootable disks by simply copying over the files. Eventually they started making Macs with hard drives but they still didn’t directly sell the operating system as a product, they’d just include a program on the hard drive to make your own backup install disks. This was before my time, but supposedly the way you’d upgrade your Mac in those days was to go to a store, buy a box of blank floppies, and then use the demo Mac to make a new set of install disks. So in a way the Mac OS becoming a free product was just coming full circle to the way things had originally started. And while this is all about the OS the same was true of other Apple software as well. If you had install discs for iLife or iWork you could just install it, no questions asked. Maybe the expensive professional software was restricted with serial numbers and registration, I don’t know, but even prosumer stuff like Final Cut Express could be installed on multiple computers at once.


I miss the times when you could straight up buy a photoshop cd, install it, and that was that


And the "criminals" continue to find ways around the annoying licensing so they can use the software hassle-free and money-free


Criminal 😂😂😂😂😂😂 What an overly hyperbolic word to call someone that doesn't want to pay a second mortgage for a buggy Adobe program. You're as much a criminal for pirating as you are for fucking jwalking lol


IMO the companies are the criminals. The Pirates are just trying to get the software without all the added bullshit that customers never wanted in the first place The $0.00 pricetag is just an added bonus.


I agree, but I was attempting to just grant them it’s at least wrong to pirate. One person doing it isn’t so bad, but I can see the company’s POV would be that all the individuals together they lose millions and that *is* criminal. But technically even the individuals are breaking the law and technically are criminals too. Stupid laws though


Question, how do you feel about services like Xbox Game Pass? Feels like it fills a grey area between streaming and software subscription


Game pass is more like spotify or netflix, absolutely fair pricing too IMO. Adobe can get fucked though.


This is generally done less because of piracy and more because companies prefer reoccurring revenue streams rather than one off payments.


Yeah, the piracy bit is propaganda, nothing more. It's all about that sweet cash from forcing a customer to shell out monthly payments. In the old days, if Adobe said Photoshop would stop working if you didn't buy the new monthly update with minor big fixes, etc, everyone would revolt. But by doing the exact same thing and calling it a subscription prior get angry but don't revolt.


The issue is, they focus on what makes them money, this business model. I paid for Photoshop with a student discount until I finished my course and tried to get it again but they wouldn't accept it because my new course was online and I didn't get a student ID to give them. Did some googling and I have acquired Premiere Pro and Photoshop. I might have actually paid if they didn't pull the shit on the screenshot. I tried cancelling the subscription my mum was paying for that had everything, same price or more as the screenshot to cancel, she ended up paying like $200 in monthly bills because we had to wait to cancel. My family combined has paid more than enough money to warrant me owning their products for life, get fucked Adobe.


This reminds me of legal DVDs... you make your paying customers sit through an anti piracy statement whereas pirated dvds have legitimately better user experience....


My favorite isn't the anti-piracy ads but the unskippable on load trailers that either proceed or follow the anti-piracy warnings.


There were actually so many ways to get around those anti piracy ads. Many DVD players even began including fast forward buttons that would work on those ads.


The last time I bought a legal DVD it was supposed to be a present for my dad's birthday. I bought it while on holiday. When he finally got to try it, the movie wouldn't play because I bought it on another continent and because of some anti-piracy shit DVD's often don't play on devices from different continents. This was 10+ years ago and I never legally bought a movie since (except for cinema and later Netflix)


Fortunately it's remarkably easy to remove the region locking on DVD players. One of the great joys that will be lost in the future when every single piece of technology connects to the internet, is being able to tinker with your electronics to make them objectively better.




There's also simply no technical reason for this. This is just 100% pure greed. EDIT: From what I understand, the issue here comes from Adobe tricking you into getting the yearly contract instead of a monthly one.


This is why I always use a burner card for subscriptions. Good luck collecting that early termination fee when the cc number had been killed.


privacy.com lets you create them quickly and easily.


that is actually really dank


This works until you get sent to collections and your credit gets killed. Not all companies do this, in fact I’d venture to say most don’t, but it is something that can happen.


Exactly. It's because they make a shitload of money off company enterprise accounts. I work for a large state government agency and everyone in my comms shop has a separate CC login. There are engineers, HR people, and all kinds of randos that don't do any digital media work that have logins for full suite access. Adobe doesn't make anything from single account holders, especially if they are a photographer that just has the photo bundle or whatever. Especially since many of those people, like freelance photographers, are still using software instead of cloudbased. Like many people in this thread have pointed out, there's an abundance of free software and apps that do the job well. It's all about these big corporate accounts that have entire shops with a CC account. And of course there's no unethical use of those company accounts for personal use going on, no way at all.


This fee will also be billed if you select monthly payments, which is a major dick move. I pay more per month for being flexible but then still get locked in to 12 months? You don’t want people to pirate your software? Cuz that’s how you get people to pirate your software!


Always remember kids: it's morally correct to pirate Adobe products.


Pirating adobe software isnt a suggestion, its a god given right. "Thou shalt never pay a single penny to Adobe" - Matthews 3, 11




This is why I haven't updated my Adobe Suite since 2003. I paid nearly $1000 for it. I don't need to keep paying every month until I die just to get a version where they moved and renamed everything in the UI so I can't find how to do anything.


2003 is a little extreme but I get you 😅 iirc 2015 is the last version before Creative Cloud became a thing


I have a legit copy of CS5.5 and I don't plan on ever changing. It still runs well on Win 11. I will continue to use it until it is so old it no longer functions. As a hobbist, I have very little use for the new features, I barely scratch the surface as it is. My biggest grip is version compatibility with CC files. I do wish they'd release a 'hobby version'. Something that is a steep discount, but you cannot profit from it. Similar to how AutoDesk does Fusion 360.


It's also some trickery when they ask you to install other apps when you install any Adobe software such as the Reader or Acrobat.


Fuck. I said this out loud when I read this post, having just last week run into this cancellation fee bollocks. I only subscribed to play around, and after a couple of months I decided that I wasn’t all that interested in photo editing after all… and then I ran headlong into a big fat cancellation fee. I’m a pretty savvy shopper and I’m absolutely paranoid about lock-ins like this; the fact that I missed it suggests it’s *really* well disguised. I’m kicking myself with one foot and Adobe’s shit business practices with the other.


Apparently, there's a work around. Something about downgrading and then getting a cancel on a lower tier.


Adobe has some shitty practices. I have a license for CS3, had it on my computer for years. Hard drive crashed, had to reinstall. They disabled the "activation servers", so I couldn't. Contacted Adobe support, to see if there was any kind of solution. They kinda mentioned a CS6 license, saying that if I download CS6 and use my key to activate it, it should work. Did that, didn't work. The next person said they would not be able to upgrade me as CS6 was a "perpetual software license". I pointed out that my CS3 key was also a perpetual software license, however, I'm unable to use it anymore because of them. They then basically offered me "3 months free of the subscription service, or fuck off."


Use volume (corporate) license keys. You can find them easily.


I miss just buying Photoshop and not having to pay for it every month It's pretty scummy of Adobe to change to a subscription model and hide very important details like a cancelation fee I'm still in until August and I will not be renewing no sir


I will play devils advocate and argue that their subscription model enables people to buy the software who would not have otherwise been able to afford it. I personally miss being able to purchase it outright myself. Older versions of CS are just fine by me, I don’t need to pay monthly for new features I won’t use. I switched to Affinity Photo a couple years ago and won’t go back to Adobe. $55 a license and it does everything Photoshop can do. Highly recommended.


I totally get that having a subscription can make it affordable for someone who can't pay for the program outright, but I just want to pay for it once and be done. I don't need constant updates or new features. It's all greed at this point.


Agreed. It would be one thing if they still had the option to purchase it outright, but to take it away entirely was a huge middle finger to all of us that supported the company for years before going to this new model.


Let's not forget that they eliminated basically any competition before coming up with their extortionist SAS plans. OTOH they created a real market for their *new* competitors.


Thing is tho, essentially *every single one* of their programs has a cheaper, non-subscription based alternative which works at least just as well




I only went to cancel my subscription the other day as I am unemployed and am waiting to find a job. Anyway I can't afford to cancel my subscription lmao. I get that I got the subscription at a lower rate but after 6 years of giving them money monthly you think they could revoke the extra charges....but no.


You can call your bank and cut them off. Then they can’t do shit about the fee.


If you've just switched to the lower rate subscription, you have a 14-day cooling period in which you can cancel your plan with no fees. Use it


Somebody on here mentioned it already but if you change to a cheaper plan, you can then cancel it without the silly fees.


It's always ok to pirate Adobe software.


Y’all pay for Adobe?


I just use Gimp lol, but if I had to hell nah


GIMP, Inkscape, Scribus - not a full site and won't help you "in the industry" or for video editing, but a great open source and free alternative to the Adobe-we-own-your-ass....ets business model. Here's the reality of software as a subscription (SaaS): you are paying full price for the software and every update/upgrade release they make, forgoing your consumer input to say "no, that update isn't worth paying for." SaaS is about increased profits and guaranteed sales of a cycle of development for the company, not making it cheaper and more convenient for the consumer.


One day I stumbled upon a Mega link for the entire Adobe CC Suite. Works great, and I didn’t even pay anything.


It's probably easy to change payment methods so just get a prepaid visa with $10 on it and say fuckem


Adobe really should just let people decide for themselves whether to buy their product outright or pay for a subscription to it. For people working on a single project once and perhaps never opening Photoshop again, a month subscription is perfect. For someone working with CS all day every day, purchasing the product makes sense. Happy customers. It's not that hard.


Yeah, but in the tug-of-war between happy customers and money, it's not that hard for a corporate entity either. The answer is fuck you, give us your money.


I've stolen Adobe products for years as a hobbyist. One day, after perhaps a decade, and building a new PC I thought maybe I'd just support them and get the updates that comes with it. I proceeded to read the fine print. Went directly to a torrent. But ***I'm*** the thief.


i don’t typically condone piracy, but maybe adobe shouldn’t get so much money


Torrent 👍


That's why I use thepiratebay for all my software needs.


And this is why people pirate Adobe products. People who pirate it quite literally get a better experience with it than people who pay legitimately.


And once you are subscribed you can't even decline auto-renewal or anything. You have to cancel on the day the subscription runs out or you lose the rest of your time and the rest of your money.


Yeah, happened to me. I threatened to claim fraud when it rolled over and they cancelled my sub immediately for free.


As a proud pirate of adobe premiere pro, I can say I've luckily never given a cent to that shitty company.


Oh man how do I avoid this safe premiere download? You know so I know not to go to that website


Get krita gimp and opentoons I know they don’t do 100% of what ps can do, but the more people go FOSS the stronger the community and software gets, otherwise we will forever be stuck with these bastards


Adobe crackers are the heroes of the internet


Did adobe hide the 50% cancellation policy recently? I subscribed to Premiere last week due to my pirated copy no longer working, and I clearly remember reading that part of it when choosing my payment. If you do the 12 month contract, it's cheaper than month to month but there's a cancellation fee. Month to month doesn't have thar, but it's $10/month more


This Will probably be buried in the comments, but for anyone who gets caught by this, if you instead if cancelling your subscription and pay the fee, you can change the subscription to something different, which counts as a new annual plan, resetting the 14 day free cancel period, letting you cancel it for free and get a refund of the payments.


Yeah can we bring this controversy back? They’re still doing this god awful shit.


Doesn't the cancelation fee only apply to yearly subscriptions paid in installments?


It's very easy to end up with a "yearly subscription paid in installments" without realizing it. When I signed up last all the monthly prices advertised everywhere (including student discounts and lower introductory rates) have teeny tiny text saying that you are locked in for a year. In order to get to the actual monthly cost there was a little tiny link out of the way that would show you that the actual monthly price was double what was plastered all over the site. They basically try to trick you into a yearly contract.


I fucking knew it. I always thought I accidentally agreed to a year long contract, but no, that's not what actually happened, it was a free trial with this shit. I tried disputing their unwanted monthly charges with the bank, but I didn't get a cent back, and I had to change my bank info entirely just to prevent them from robbing me any further Fuck adobe so much.




This is annoying for sure. Anyone who is experiencing this, switch your plan to something else (photography is the cheapest) then you can cancel within the 14 day new purchase period. You'll also likely get a refund. I did this just the other day so I know it works.


Yeah they got me on that shit too. I paid the cancellation fee just to be rid of them and haven't gone back. I own Affinity Designer; gonna pick up Publisher, I think, and fly a couple of birds at Adobe in the process. Fuck Adobe.


Adobe literally deserves to have their software pirated. They do have some good apps like Photoshop and Lightroom but god damn are they an awful company


how are they allowed to charge this much for cancelling a software subscription??? fuck adobe and it is morally right to pirate from them


Adobe used to have a solid line of products. They've gone the way of McAfee and Norton.


do you want piracy? cause this is how you get adobe programs to be the most pirated programs on earth, and definitely pirate copies outnumber legal copies of adobe products something like 1000 to 1.


A shadow of it's former self, too bloated and am I fuck paying a subscription


This is why I pirated PS and advocate for it at every opportunity. They are predatory and exploitative. There is no justification at all for the software to be $360 p.a (for the cutdown PS only), let alone all the scummy anti-consumer shit that they pack down on top of it.


Classic Adobe, fuck up first, do nothing later


Makes me want to sell all my Adobe stock when I see this treachery towards the average consumer. Just because you are a large company doesn’t mean you get to unethically throw your weight around. Edit: Thanks for the silver.


Adobe software is overrated anyway. As soon as my dad deleted photoshit his computer ran 10x faster.


Pirate that shit


People who pirate Adobe products are heroes


Are there nowaways still a lot of things you can only do with Photoshop, but not with Gimp? Or are people using Photoshop because they are so used to how everything works there? Back when you had to pay for Photoshop once and then you "owned" it, I used to use it a lot becaus my mother had a license. But I haven't used it in decades and I can't think of anything that by now, you can't do in GIMP. The only thing I remember hearing about was the thing with CYMK profiles or something like that, relevant for print stuff?


Text effects. On GIMP it takes at least 5 minutes to do text outline (depending on how many letters there are) and everything goes to waste if you decide to even change one letter in the text later. Afaik there is no plugin to magically do text effects for you.


Not only are there features that GIMP cannot provide, but most academic institutions/workplaces require Adobe, and even if some of them pay for that, it makes transition elsewhere more difficult.