Can we get a little appreciation for how stupid Adobe's DRM system is? You can't use Acrobat DC without internet, so good luck working on trains, planes, etc.

Can we get a little appreciation for how stupid Adobe's DRM system is? You can't use Acrobat DC without internet, so good luck working on trains, planes, etc.


Adobe is one of those stupid corporations that doesn't see any issue with making the user experience worse for the paying customers in a failed attempt to stop piracy. The end result being that once you take the extra 5 minutes to crack the software the user experience improves.


Crack the software?


Then they get more files that require their apps. Fuck that. Use literally any format they don't control.




Don't need Adobe to read PDFs. It's intended as a (kind of) universal format, one that isn't tied to the software used to create the document, and thus puts little expectation on the end user to have proprietary software installed. ​ Then every other website pushed Adobe Acrobat/Reader in a helpful link and, well, here we are... ​ I use Foxit, like it loads, can't stand Adobe bloatware.


I mean, those links were there because did invent and own the file format. It only became an ISO standardised format in 2008


Thanks, didn't know that. Certainly explains the earlier prevalence.


Yes, because in all honesty, fuck adobe so hard. I may be bitter since they jacked up their prices for no additional features in our last contract negotiation.


PDF is an open standard. Use LibreOffice Draw or Inkscape. They're way better than any closed source garbage.


Pardon, I'm not sure what's adobe. I'm on linux, my system is fully open source, and comes with no ads and free of charge. All PDFs open without an issue. Again, who's Adobe?




The point is that they do not control the PDF file format. You can use to PDF without Adobe.


On windows 10 here, dont need adobe to read pdf


You're the kind of guy who says I use arch btw unironically


I do use orch!


I do use orch!


THEM: "Are you an 'Arrrr' pirate? Or a "Yo-Ho-Ho!" pirate!?!?!?!?!" ME: "I'm an '*I'm not shelling out fuckin' $600.00 for Adobe-Goddamned-Photoshop*' Pirate."


Remove the phone-home DRM and let it be used anytime anywhere regardless of connectivity.


There's a fix for that.


Kind of takes the P out of PDF huh.




Good point. Maybe Adobe WFT?


What fuck the


Rolls off the tongue!


Adobe has just gotten grotesque with their unashamed subscription models for software that absolutely doesn't warrant it. And suckers pay it because they've got a perceived lock on the market. Pirate it or find free alternatives.


implying adobe cares about your user experience its to keep the subscriptions moving


Yeah, Adobe seriously abuses the fact that they do have the best software for most professionals. Sad.


Only reason I have this (via the CC suite) is because the academic price is €20 per year…(not €30/month)


After Adobe adopted subscription scheme for Lightroom I stopped upgrading my full- installable license. Will look for sensible alternatives. It's grotesque, if one is in a subscription model and stop paying, the access to the local Lightroom catalog is blocked and editing is limited; only exports are allowed.


The new LR versions ARE really good...but the subscription is an awful upgrade. Good for the life-long photo career, bad for the enthusiast, or someone who plans to retire soon.


I’ve always hated SaaS. You will end up paying more over 10 years paying for a subscription than you would simply buying a lifetime license. I would rather pay $1000 for a lifetime license for software I know I’ll be using for 10 years (or even longer) than pay the 60 dollars per year for that time. But, alas, the lifetime license is getting harder and harder to find. I don’t even think you can buy MS Office for a lifetime license anymore, it’s all subscriptions now. I’m even more afraid of Windows becoming a subscription. If that happens, I don’t care how painful it would be, I’m switching to Linux. [rant over]


I hate Adobe SO VERY MUCH. I have a subscription from my work, but because I am not on the WORK network, it regularly tells me my subscription can't be activated. So I have to launch CC and from there launch the website and from THERE I can launch whatever adobe product and it will work. Mind you, none of these things opens anything like quickly, so it feels like I spend ten minutes opening and closing the programs until it decides my subscription is--in fact--valid.


Same with Autodesk


Planes, trains, and automobiles. It was right there


Missed opportunity!


DRM is an illness that should be eradicated


the entire adobe company belongs in asshole design, they have a monopoly on the market and abuse their position by treating their consumers like pure shit. i’ve been wanting to quit my membership for a while now, i’ve been using clip studio paint for my digital art based things, but there’s still some things that program can’t do which photoshop can. it’s so infuriating. by the way, i highly recommend clips studio paint, one time purchase and free updates, it’s a brilliant program, i haven’t noticed any bugs with it yet and i’ve been using it for years.


You don’t need to be connected to the internet to use Acrobat. It does, however, need to verify your subscription every so often.


There’s PDF-Xchange editor


I use Photoshop maybe once a month - certainly not enough to justify a subscription - but instead of allowing me to pay £100 or £150 for a one-off licence, they only sell it as a subscription. So the only alternative is to download a cracked copy.


While I do see where you are coming from, a user can easily plop into airplane mode and keep using their subscription service even after it's expired


And never use the internet again?


Well they could block Adobe from accessing the internet at least


It used to be that way where you bought a software and then you just... Had it.


Yeah, you "just had it" after paying an astronomical upfront price. that CS6 full suite perpetual license cost $2599, the photo suite was $1299, just Photoshop alone was $699 ($999 for Extended), and you "just had" that version with about 30-50% of those price tags being the cost upgrade to the new major versions. Meanwhile the sub with the equivalent software of the photo suite is $10 a month, the full suite $50 a month. Go ahead and see how many nonprofessional average users want that back. Hobbyist level users complaining about the swap to subscription models is like the low income workers complaining about high stock market capital gains taxes, it is irrelevant to you and if anything benefits you because you were never buying a $2600 software package for a non-professional use, subscriptions at least gave you the option to even have it outside of piracy. Loss of perpetual license is an issue for professionals and studios, they should be the ones lamenting.




Late to comment but I just wanted to say this is why I always had PS Elements instead of the full version. Made a decision a long time ago to not pirate any software but man I wanted the full PS but not at the price they wanted


Yeah, but adobe can add a grace period. Like 7 days token.


That’s a good idea!


Yes, but treating all your customers as potential thieves is a shit approach.


Maybe just stop using they garbage software altogether?


Yeah get FoxIt reader or any other .pdf viewer that's faster, free, and has less bloat.


Using Premiere Pro is a pain in the ass. I’ll open up a project only to discover that the damn program lost all the clips for no apparent reason and then there’s no way to retrieve it


I stopped using Adobe after I got my own laptop. Use the browser to view and use online sources or turn it into Word (if I need to) to edit. You guys are just looking for the easy way out.


Amtrak, trains have internet. IJS.