For me it's any gift at all. Every woman I've been with never buys me stuff. Idk if women feel men don't need, want or appreciate gifts or if I just pick women that think that.


That makes me sad, I always get gifts for my bf. I just bought him slippers that match mine and our kids. He acts like he’s not excited but I always knows he is. Soon as I showed him them, I had to run outside I came back in and he had thrown them on so fast lol


Typical male response lol


The acting like he’s not excited?


Ya. Men will say "it's ok." Then u see them wearing it, using it ect everyday. Yup its just ok


I love it hahaha


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Bot! tell that to my phone!


Good Phone


Good bot


My responses to gifts always disappoint people which makes me sad but it's really never because I dislike the gift just because idk how to express myself


I learned a long time ago to just react the way my Nana would. She always made everyone feel like they *nailed* their gift, and she was just happy to be remembered (self esteem issues). So I pulled a "fake it till you make it" and now in general my sentiments are genuine.


Idk about the women you’ve dated, but I personally hardly ever buy my SO anything, even though I love getting little things for people, because he is so damned hard to buy for. Sometimes women don’t know what men want, especially if you’re the type of guy who doesn’t like to have a lot of stuff in the house


I'm a very open man. They know they could've got me weed, or sunglasses. I'm always getting stoned and loosing those. But u should get him accessories like watches belts shoes stuff like that. also sunglasses men love em and always lose em. Maybe not for the same reason as me.


Literally.. aggravated as hell that I lost my pair. Dude its like the 3rd pair ive bought this year..


Ive had one pair of $5 sunglasses from amazon for about 10 years now.


Are they polarized tho?...


no :( I’ve been considering getting a new pair for that very purpose. These ones certainly help during sunrise and sunset, but polarized would be really nice. But also, I am very frugal.


i could put shady rays out of business w how many i lost


My partner said the same thing about me, she always told me that "I am so hard to buy for, but, you always get me the thing I want or need." She has asked me what I want and my only response is "this watch (showing her the picture) and your company"... I never got the watch.


Never disappointed


I agree. My husband needs nothing, and he wants the stuff that I can’t afford but he can. He does not appreciate almost nothing I bought him and almost get offended if he does not like something i got him. While me… i pretend to like whatever even if I dont cause i try to spare his feelings. Now I have switched to hand made gifts (I draw pictures of us or something) got him a big bunch of fruit for our 3 years anniversary, and wrote him a love song for the next one. Though still need to figure out how to write ukulele chords for it cause i don’t have enough practice 🥲 and the chords I think fit definitely does not. also he will always appreciate a massage.


my fiancé is so hard to buy for, so i usually end up getting things i know he’ll use and love but won’t end up buying for himself. He likes whisky and he trades in the stock market so i bought him a bottle of Mccallen 18 year and a decanter in the form of a Bull(he’s a never bet against the government type lol). he loved it and everytime he makes $1,000 in the market i make him an old fashioned from the bull


I was about to say lol, but then I got to the end. I love buying gifts for my partners and even my crushes. Before my ex and I were even official, I bought him some coffee mugs for his new apartment because he didn't have any and needed some. I got them based on this cartoon that I introduced him to and that we affectionately called "our show." So it was super cute. You just have to find you a girl that cares enough about you or make it clear that you like receiving gifts. There's nothing wrong with that.


Happy Cake Day -individuals! Cake Days are a new start, a fresh beginning and a time to pursue new endeavors with new goals. Move forward with confidence and courage. You are a very special person. May today and all of your days be amazing!


Thank you u/EncouragementRobot !


I’m sad to hear this but also feel this so much right now. A little appreciation can go along way for some people.


That IS sad. I put a lot of time and effort into getting my SO something that will make them happy. I believe birthdays and Christmas are extra special days where you get to treat them to something special, something they wouldn't normally buy for themselves because it's expensive or childish or both. They should be able to do whatever makes them happy.


Totally agree, any small gift. I had a friend give me a bead bracelet a couple years ago.. I was shocked as no one had ever done anything like that for me. I still wear it every day.


My brother and I buy stuff for ourselves for Xmas. Lol. We wrap our items and toss them under the tree and come xmas morning, we unwrap them in front of our gfs. We are both in our 40s and have been doing this for years. I like to throw in a "(my name), you shouldn't have! Omg ty so much, I love it. You're welcome (my own name)"


I get my dude gifts all the time. So he knows I appreciate and love him. I just got him the Dr. Squatch Starwar soaps because he likes Star Wars and that brand of soap. He loved it.


Idk but can someone get me flowers once?


✿ There you go. I hope you receive flowers soon.


Thank you 🥺


NGL, thought that was a soccer ball with dark mode on


It's sweet to know that guys love flowers as much as we do. What are your favorite flowers?


Lotus flowers are my favourite but i'm not sure how practical a water flower is for a gift. Probably laceleaf for land flowers


My boyfriend likes water flowers too! He has a wide and shallow glass bowl on the kitchen counter and floats them.


🌸 🌸 🌸


I used to make little bouquets for my roommate, using some of the flowers that I bought for my own vases. Now we're married, and I still give him flowers. I hope you get flowers soon, but if you don't, just pick up a $4 bunch at the supermarket every once in awhile! 💗


I sent my bf flowers at his home and he got super embarrassed but he also loved it. His family knows about us so that's not an issue but he was embarrassed. Next time I said, am sending you flowers, I got a lecture about wasting money 🤦


A cordless drill


*Cordless*? You dirty birdie.


Corded drills are limited and annoying.


A compliment


No joke, got told over the summer by a girl I've been seeing that I have really pretty eyes and I still think about that to this day


I got told I have really pretty eyes by a Hardee's employee 6 years ago and I still remember it.


The eyes are the groin of the head.


*I have to do something to his eyes...*


There is an eyeball licking fetish...


The last comment made me laugh aloud. This one stopped that laugh dead


No Dwight!


Fine, I'll just use my *molotov cocktails.*


A girl once told me she really liked my voice and I still think about it to this day. Nobody has really complimented me before so at the time I had no idea how to react.


"You wanna go listen to it some more over coffee?"


Damn, I didnot have either the smoothness or the confidence to say that. I still don't, to anyone.


Anytime a woman compliments you the optimal response is “I know”.


The optimal response? Pfffttt. It's the ONLY response.


This 100%. It's infinitely better than a flower because a flower wilts and dies, but a compliment stays with us till we die. Most of us probably can count the compliments we get with our fingers


That would be nice to hear lol


Literally. I got a genuine random compliment from a friend 5 years ago and I still think about all the time


I can’t recall any times my last GF ever gave me a compliment in our 3 year relationship. My current GF tells me I’m handsome and other nice things every time we’re together. It’s such a night and day difference and it feels so good to hear those things.


Personally nothing gets me swooning like genuine, honest interest.


Awww yeah baby! Emotionally resonating with another human being! 🥵


Why can’t we just get men flowers too?


I (26M) don't have a gf. If I did, and she got me flowers, is be the happiest.


dude same


I’d get you flowers


Aww man!! Thank you so much!


I don’t speak for all men but I personally wouldn’t want to be gifted flowers unless they are part of a packaged gift. It seems wasteful to me.


For me, it depends on the frequency. I think I’ve gotten my current boyfriend flowers 3 times over a year and a half. It does feel a tad wasteful, but they look and smell good, and we don’t live in the same city, so it’s a good stopgap until we can see each other again.


I feel this way and I’m a woman


I’m in my 40’s and no one has ever given me flowers. I am totally agnostic. If a woman gave me flowers, I’d probably think - well played! But in no greater way than when she takes initiative to hug or kiss me. Frankly, I’d be more impressed by half a dozen pairs of quality socks once a year, than by flowers every week.


I’m a woman and I don’t like getting flowers. I’ll always appreciate the gesture and be happy about the thought, but I’d prefer getting a bag of weed if it needs to be a plant..


I would like some flowers...


If my gf would get me flowers i would just laugh. Would find it cute since it is a gift, but i would be mostly confused






I get my boyfriend flowers and it makes him happy. I feel like it’s more common in gay relationships because gay guys are already seen as less masculine, and most of us just don’t care anymore.


I always wondered why that is. Makes absolutely no sense to me.


You can. It’s a sweet thought, but no thanks. I’m allergic to and don’t particularly like cut flowers. Now a live orchid or something I can plant in my garden is a completely different story.


Yes I like getting flowers too


I mean you can I love flowers but they're asking for an equivalent.


My girlfriend just listens to me ramble random stuff about games, sports, politics just about anything. She will sit there happily and listen even though she never has a clue what I'm on about half the time. That's enough for me honestly. She gives me her time so I can get things off my mind.


bro idk why girls seem to like doing this my mom likes to listen to me ramble and a girl friend I have who is not my 'girlfriend' says she likes to also for some reason and my ex gf also liked to listen to me ramble idk what the deal is I've never had a guy say the same thing


Love is honesty and she is letting you be your honest self, talking about your passions. What could possibly be better?


Yep my man is a TALKER but it works because I just sit back and listen :)


Haha we really do appericate it. I probably should tell her more that I appericate it.


A bouquet of BJs


Blueberry Jam?


Beef jerky.


Ooohhhhh, I have never recieved one of those so whatever it is I assume it is like winning the lottery.


Probably a lot like it! As long as you’re not one of those people that scratch off your tickets at the counter in the gas station. Unless.....


A win we can all enjoy.




There’s this BJ of the month club, you know. Always accepting new...ahem...members. *snicker


Give him your severed left ear and your toenail collection. That way he will always have someone to talk too, and have a snack whilst doing it.


What a terrible day to read


Oh lord




Pulling a Van Gogh I see


So dark, love it


On the shitter and there's people in other stalls.... they just heard me bust myself laughing so nice one for that.


Eh I've heard worse.


I wouldn't be upset to receive flowers. I like colour and certain delicacies in my world but if money was spent, I would rather it be spent on something else. The old sayings about a man's heart being tied to his stomach do contain truth. Receiving a small amount of bougie or high brow food/appetizer/drink or a home cooked meal that I know took effort, would make me happy. There's no requirement for a woman to be a homemaker but such a meal can make a great surprise gift.


A compliment:(


A simple compliment. Acknowledgement means a lot.


This may sound very sus, but a nice home cooked meal always makes my man feel nice and giddy in the inside


Well ya. That's nice giddy feeling is digestion, cause ya know we are all of it and need a good lie down and watch something for a little bit


Just stfu and let me hold you. Nuzzle me, goddamnit.




Personally, a great book :) Books are sexy.


Lady here, but hands down the best gift ever is a good book ♡


A cactus.


I would actually be happy with one of those tiny cacti they sell at grocery stores or wherever they sell succulents


oh my god i 19(m) think those are so cute




I gave my now husband a cactus in a pot for our first Valentines day when we started dating. He loved it.


Good question... never tough about it...


I'd like flowers too. I don't understand why guys are assumed to be unable of appreciating the beauty in them.


I think it's that generally it's 50/50 over whether a guy likes flowers. For example my bf thinks they're pointless and doesn't understand why they make me so happy, but equally I don't understand why he's so excited when I do the washing up for both of us (we eat different things at different times so usually we do our own washing-up)


I’d most appreciate something like a well written thoughtful card or even a cute note that references some inside joke with some chocolate or a coffee


Pens for me ...or Post it sticky notes. I love stationery.


Same. Plus i see so many stationery videos with various kinds of planners, sticky notes, journals n stuff.


Anything that is done as a genuine sign of affection, rather than as a token gesture. I dont care if you buy the wrong size of socks, or burn a salad. As long as the the action was your honest, and dedicated attempt to show that you like and appreciate me.




And food, and general pampering..... especially after a long day.


Car parts and tools.


“I hope my love to you is reflected in the mirrored coating of this slightly dented hubcap I found in the parking lot.”


It is advised to check before If the guy actually owns a car. Otherwise you will have a nice Wayne's World 'Stacy brings a gun rack' moment


Compliments are great, I rarely get them, but when I do, I think about it non stop for several days.


I’ve honestly never thought of anyone buying me anything. I think just about anything would work.


I like getting flowers lol. I like giving flowers too


Flowers. My girlfriend bought me flowers the other day. I almost cried.


Blowjob? Is that sexist?


Come now, a blowjob isn't with your mouth, it's with your heart. Now get on your knees and put that heart to work!


Blowjob, listen we’re all thinking it


I came here for that.


Or tits


I don’t think you would be happy if you got severed tits as a gift




Oh so just because I'm a man I can't think of flowers as romantic? DISCRIMINATION I SAY! Fine then, from now on the male equivalent of flowers is a leather harness and whip. There. That's what you get for not letting me be romantic.


When my wife goes grocery Shopping (usually i do it, because i am the cook), she sometimes brings a bottle of a special beer to try. Inthink thats pretty cute


Beer! Give a man beer he will love you for it


Knives, firearms, snacks, sex, a Swanson TV dinner. Basically anything is romantic, my wife finds me a rock I’m thrilled


Random,out of nowhere bj.




any thoughtful gift


Great answer. Doesn't have to be expensive at all. Something that shows you know him. An affinity gift... for me that would be bourbon or something related to music or movies, prob something different for your man.


Lol, isn't that missing the point? Flowers are a *nearly* thoughtless gift. You can get them just about anywhere- grocery, side of the road, cornerstore, etc. and take no preparation or planning. You still thought of the person, which is why it's always nice and Can put more though into it(delivery, color, type of flowers) but I think of it as something you can grab any time to be nice- a step above a candy bar or drink at the gas station.


Socket wrenches


Depends on the dude: beer, doing some of his house chores so he can watch a game or whatever, making his fave food, weed, viagra, Imodium …


I'd love flowers, compliments, chocolates, hell, get me a teddy bear or a nice bracelet and I'll love it.


I don’t know I think flowers are awesome


For me personally, digital copies of movies or video games. For other people I know tools


Helping us fix stuff and play games?




Back scratching, chest rubbing, anything like that for me at least.




The correct answer is *food*


my boyfriend likes back scratches


A back rub. Tell him he makes you feel safe Tell him your life is better because he is there Quietly set some snacks he likes near him while he is doing the important work of killing digital enemies. Point out what he does that you like. When he does that thing that makes you wet tell him or even better show him. If he does not do anything that makes you wet break up with him so he can find that girl.


I buy my husband lillies because they're his favorite flower plus he loves to plant them in pots bc they regrow annually. I also get him his favorite candies, little products he likes to use like lotion, cologne, soaps. He also likes manly smelling candles. I also buy him scented salts and massage oils so I can soak his feet then rub them. Also buy him little things to make his life easier/ better. My husband works outdoors/ driving so I buy him little fans to cool him down, purple seat cushions, gel hats that I refrigerate so he can cool off and ease heat headaches, just small little surprises that he will use often.


I find that giving a man a bag full of his favorite snacks does the trick. I do this for my husband often as I feel he is a tad difficult to buy for but I know what snacks he loves so I just get a bag and fill it with his favorite treats. Bonus is I know he will love it because it's his favorite stuff. 👍


So for our anniversary last week I got my wife her favorite flowers. She got me a vinyl record from one of my favorite bands. I think I came out ahead in this transaction.


Just being embraced randomly. Especially after a long day. The feeling of being appreciated without words.


Mowing the lawn. Taking out the garbage. Maybe listening to me for 30 seconds after the 20 minute rant about your work day and the women you don’t like,while I sit there and nod?


You mean you're *not* taking advantage of those 20 minutes and having a beer or two? You're doing it wrong then. 😉


Power tools. Or a gun.


Spot the American


a plant


Venus fly trap fo sho






I would be very surprised and at aww with my wife if she gave me this… a no questions asked and no condition to just go out with the guys. Most of us just like time with friends too for me it would be my brother and she did once. I got home and said your brother called to ask if you could go have drinks and dinner. She had the kiddos busy as to not see me get home and just shut the door and said just let me know where you go and have fun. We went to a bar had some beers and wings the whole time I was worried and did not know what to expect but in the middle of it she texts if you good I’m we are going to bed back door is open see you in the morning. Got home late and she woke up to say did you have a good time? Then I said yes thank you and then I showered laid down and even got put to sleep when she was done she said just it was that or flowers but I didn’t know if you would enjoy them as much! True story!


I don't think I've ever been given a gift outside of my bday or Xmas. Can't even think of something I'd want but since I've never been given a gift, any gift would be pretty amazing and really stand out.


If someone gifted me dead plants I would appreciate the gesture and be at the same time confused about what the point is. If youre gonna spend 60 bucks to give me flowers just make them cannabis flowers, otherwise they’ll sit in a big beer glass for a few days and then go in the bin. A good romantic alternative might be chocolate or a nice dinner or some kind of activity together.




A back massage with an option of extras


Runderwear please. Yep. You read that right.


Baja blast


My wife bought me a wallet last week. My last one I had over 12 years. She didn’t realize it was my Dad’s and I had been carrying it since he died. So anyway my mom noticed my new wallet and told her the story of my old one. That old torn apart ripped up fake leather wallet is now in a beautiful case with pictures I didn’t know I had of my dad and me when I was a baby and when I was barely an adult. Women put more thought into their gifts in my experience. I’ll never be basic and get my wife shitty flowers again.




Gaming stuff


Any gift at all, Ammo is a show stopper.


A ribeye steak for me


My husband likes craft beer so I try to pick up some different ones when I travel so he can try them


A shoulder massage or a good meal. Maybe leaving a note that says good luck with your meeting, job interview or some other life event.


Video games




Getting them something they like or an item they’re interested in.


Actually talked with my wife about this a week ago. In my opinion, a random, unasked for spicy picture or BJ is equivalent. It fulfills the same criteria. You were thinking about him before giving it, you showed appreciation in a way guys like and it’s a selfless gift just for them.


A 6 pack of good beer. It could really be anything that he'd appreciate you going out of your way to get that he'd enjoy.


Ammo. 9mm .308, 5.56..


"Hey babe, looking rather girthy today"


I get my husband energy drinks. He loves new flavors, so I always check what's new for him to try. (He also likes fun potato chip flavors)


Alone time lol


Honestly flowers aren’t romantic they die within 3 days tops. If you wanna give me them sure but expect those to be in a plastic Elsa cup and dead working 3 days


So I told myself months back that on my next date, I would buy the man flowers. I've been waiting to keep that promise, but I haven't had a chance to go on a date yet. I am 100% keeping this promise and I cannot wait to see the look on the guy's face!


Alone time. I know it sounds counter intuitive but to give someone time to themselves is deeply connecting on individual needs. I know the jokes will soon follow... but if you think about the common joke or portrayal is someone watching TV or on the phone or hanging out with their boys/or girls and their partner shows up or calls and ruins the "fun".