I’m simply shocked!


You’d just buy legal weed with it, if we legalized weed like we said we would.


Washingtonian here. Just wanted to chime in and say legal weed is so much better than it even sounds, and it sounds pretty fucking great.


Its great in 🇨🇦


I fucking love how I can just order it online, get it shipped right to my door and pay with e-transfer!


I wish we’d legalize stronger edibles though. 10mg is not enough


Its alright in CA. Lots of options. High prices. Wide spectrum of not so dank to top tier dank. OR has a depth of selection and really low prices CO has less selection and dry weed lol WA has mid to mid-high prices but a lot of really great weed


Don’t forget IL: low tier dry weed wot high prices


I'm sorry. I have forgot about IL and i'm not going to change that /s glad you got some legal weed though!!!


Fellas the Michigan weed market is being slept on




Loving my mitten state


Big time


For real, the caregiver program is something every state should try to model, and the quality of weed that I get from there is superb. I drive all the way there from SW Ohio, if that tells you anything, lol. OH has medical MJ, but the program here is a disgusting joke. It seems to be designed to intentionally keep low income people from ever being able to do more than buy from a VERY few dispensaries, and the lottery system to get a dispensary license is ridiculous. It costs $5000 just to enter your name, and then it's literally a lottery. Also, I don't know if you get your money back, if they don't pick you. It's a scam, so obviously designed to enrich people who are already financially able to potentially lose $5000.


Fuckin' moldy too. I bought a batch that smelled like a basement and then [this](https://illinoisnewstoday.com/quality-issues-tarnish-illinois-new-cannabis-culture/444492/) popped up recently!


I hope it improves quickly for the 🇺🇸


AZ would like a word.


Surprisingly Arizona has some dank. I can’t even use top shelf for sleep because I’ll wake up in a couple hours from my stomach growling. So I sleep well and save a little!


Had supply chains from Cali since before legal. Plus Arizona likes intoxicating substance in all flavor.


Yes, yes we do.


AZ has dank bud from cally


Please, I can smell your jealousy from here. Colorado has the absolute dankest weed. We were crafting 29 percent Sour D while you were still jerking off to high times magazine.


Maine has entered the chat


What does South Canada have to say?


Awww, you still think testing percentages are the most important thing huh. Thats cute. Enjoy not having to use a grinder cause your dry ass buds turn to powder when you rub them together <3


Keif bowls all the time, bro.


No, now it's all about terps. I was pointing out the science from over a decade ago. And I literally just bought a new grinder cause mine was wore the fuck out. I'm guessing you just went to a shitty dispensary while you were here. Some of the larger cooperate type chain dispensaries don't have the same level of care. Next time ask a local.


Omg that’s all the bud I get here. It’s good but I don’t like smoking dust


You really think an entire state just over dries their weed? Sounds like you went somewhere shit. CO has great stuff


I got a friend that works for the hook outlet in CA, pretty cheap prices if you live around one of the two dispensaries.


I love legal weed. It still blows my mind that I went from having to deal with shady people for weed to being able to waltz into a dispensary and relish in the selection


That’s sad 😢 Our 🇨🇦 weed is awesome. The only complaint is there is way too much packaging.


Well it’s not so great if you are job hunting or work for a federal employer or any industry that regularly drug tests.


Or when one of your prescribed medications require a drug test....


Unless an industry is federally regulated such as long haul trucking, it's illegal to test for THC in NV. Sometimes my state gets it right


Except for the part where it's $180 bucks for just a half oz plus $10-20 tax


I was just in Denver last month and that's the cheapest bud and concentrates I've even purchased. $100-$150 ounces, $40 for 710 labs, while I live in a state where I can only buy .8 as a gram for $65+. Wild.


Texan here. Y’all have the best fucking weed in Washington. Keep up the lord’s work.


Thanks hoss. Good luck fighting the good fight in Texas. Stay sharp down there


taxes be too high


Yes it is. Also Washington Here


Mainer here. Can confirm.


Kamala would lock you up and smoke it with the arresting officer.


Oregon hear. Legal weed is even better then i thought it would be.


I'm confused. She wasn't VP on 5/11/2020.


No, but she was still a senator and had been running for president.


She wasn’t, correct, but I think she’s being dragged along with the administration for doing very little. Trump got us more money than Biden. Trump!


> I think she’s being dragged along with the administration for doing very little. She's not being "dragged" into not fulfilling any of her promises. She never intended to do them to begin with. If she had universal, dictator level powers she wouldn't be giving out stimulus checks or forgiving student debt or making weed legal. None of that would be happening because she doesn't actually care about any of that. If anything, her and Biden are dragging the progressives into doing nothing because the progressives are stuck with a bunch of Conservatives pretending to be Liberals in their party.


This wasn't a promise, it was a proposal. Do you really think they'd even get a proposal like that through the current congress when they can't get the votes to protect basic fair voting regulations?


> This wasn't a promise, it was a proposal. She hasn't said a peep about it since getting into actual power. So regardless of how you wanna play with semantics - Promise, Proposal, Suggestion...etc. ~ it's still all bullshit. And I don't give a shit if it would actually pass through Congress or not. If you run on the idea of fighting for $2,000 monthly stimulus, legalizing marijuana, and forgiving student loan debt you should at least **try to fight for those things**. Otherwise it's just complete bullshit. It's campaigning on a lie that you never cared about or intended to even try.


Cool. Lets put the bills up for a vote then and much good can come from Executive Orders too.


Malcom x said it best about democrats and republicans. Ones shitty openly, the other one is shitty and lies. Oh yeah and he didn’t say this but the openly shitty one lies too lol


One way to put it is that one side will just tell you bluntly that they'll fuck you in the ass, and then they'll do just that, while the other side will tell you that they'll fuck you in the ass... but they'll buy you dinner first, then they'll forget about or find some excuse to bail on the dinner, and just fuck you in the ass.


We’ll he didn’t have one side who just voted no on everything.


That’s literally the Republican way: stonewall, deflect and retain power. Optics be damned


She was POTUS for a few hours last year while Biden had a camera up his ass. She could have signed a few Executive Orders that the old fart refuses to sign. Kalama is just as bad.




I cannot believe a politician lied like that! On the internet no less! Don't they care about the people?!


In Ireland our government did a Covid social net payment for anyone put out of work due to Covid of 350 euro a week (4.5 weeks a month = ~1600 euro). That’s on top of already having free health care and free education up until completion of third level. First time I had to pay for uni was for my masters degree. We aren’t an exceptionally rich country. It’s very fucking possible for america to do this.


<3 hugs from across the pond.


In Canada, at the start of it the govt gave us 2k every 2 weeks. I got it for about 10 months while I was out of work. if only Americans could \*gasp\* cut some spending on useless military stuff.


So third level is bachelor's degree level? Fuck me that's nice.


One additional benefit of the Irish University undergrad entry system its that’s it’s a blind entry system. The colleges don’t know who you are until the places are offered. You apply once. Your application goes to every University in the country that you want to go to and based on your test scores you get an offer from the best course. It’s entirely anonymous, no legacy’s or paying to get in, it doesn’t matter who your parents are or what your background is. Grades only.


Goddamn that is ao nice. The playing field is only dictated by grades. What a revolutionary system. Makes me sad living in America.


I didn’t even think that was worth mentioning because, yes, how else would you do it. Buts that’s how it’s done. You study, you do well, you go to the college coarse you’ve earned.


I meant specifically how it's blinded, the schools don't know who you are besides your grades. How else would you do it? Just look at the corruption in the American higher education system. At the loans people have to pull out, or working full time and going to school. A one time admin fee to be in college for a year, then I attend classes and accel without having to worry about paying back $50, 60, 100, 250k in loans?


Yea, bachelors degree. We have to pay an admin fee of about 1200 a year. That was a few years back so might be more now but doubt it’s much more than that. It’s a great equaliser. Everyone I grew up in school with had every chance at a degree and job they wanted regardless of their back ground.


Amen to that. We have the same in Spain and to me it feels like one of the fundamentals of a healthy society: easy and nearly free access to education. Give everyone access to the tools to make a life for themselves.


>We have to pay an admin fee of about 1200 a year. That was a few years back so might be more now but doubt it’s much more than that. So...you could work a summer job to pay for college...and have no loans....in 2022. *stunned*


Can I come hang out in Ireland then? That sounds like a time and a half.


We just got rid of all our Covid restrictions today. So it would be a great time to come party!


Hope you like fat Americans! I’m en route.


If you listen to them they always say they want to “talk about healthcare, benefits, the climate, etc..” they don’t want to actually do anything about them.


They'd need to get the ideas past their donors, and that's never going to happen if it costs the donors $$$.


Well if people actually agreed and wanted to see this, they would spam mail boxes and POTUS Twitter accounts demanding this. Protesting etc. that’s how it’s done. Politicians propose, the people back it up with demand and pressure for it to be enacted.


>Politicians propose, the people back it up with demand and pressure for it to be enacted ...then the donors say "no" and the politicians bow to the donors and people vote for the politicians anyway because the alternative is other politicians who want to take us back to when gays and black people could be killed with impunity.


Yeah the radicalization of the right has really hindered progress. We have to choose to keep the status quo because the alternative is pure evil and the dems know this


To be fair Democrats have always been center-right. We don't have to choose the status quo, that's just one of the lies told to us by both parties to keep us within the "compatible left" category. Hell we don't even have two parties, we have one. The Democratic-Republican party, with two factions.


> Politicians propose, the people back it up with demand and pressure for it to be enacted. That's a great answer for a US History quiz, but politics doesn't work like that in reality.


Are you sure this isn't the fault of the ''you will accomplish nothing'' party?


Honestly, I’m done with neoliberal excuses. The republicans always manage to get their tax breaks for billionaires through when they have power. They said “don’t get mad vote” we did. They have the white house,the senate and congress, all we’re getting is excuses and rotating villains.


They don't have Congress. They have the house and 48 seats in the Senate with 2 additional right wing senators that ran as democrats. They're up against a proto-fascist party that absolutely will not vote for anything to the left of their position, who occupy 50% of the seats even while representing 40+ million fewer citizens and who believe they are the only ones entitled to govern. Biden literally can't do anything unless Manchin and Sinema vote to eliminate the filibuster. His agenda is stalled because one half of one chamber is vehemently against any progress at all and their plan is working. I'm by no means a neo-liberal. I voted for Sanders in the primaries twice and would vote for someone like AOC or even further left for any office in a heartbeat. However, pretending that the gridlock is somehow the fault of the democrats or that the two parties are even remotely equivalent is intellectually dishonest. The Dems suck and in any sane country they would be the right leaning party but there is a vast chasm of difference between them and the GOP.


That's because the tax breaks go through on reconciliation bills, which are filibuster proof. Most of the stuff the Dems promote can't be done that way, so you need a 2/3rds majority to do that to make it filibuster proof.


It’s actually 60 votes, not a 2/3 majority, but yeah. People don’t seem to understand that there’s only 50 Democrats in the Senate right now, 2 of which are being obstructionists (Manchin more so than Sinema).


Biden could eliminate student debt with a signature. While there’s things you can’t do because of the reasons you say, there’s plenty that can be done to show that they give a shit about ordinary people. They choose not to do it.


If you go past the superficial media coverage and the press releases and get into the weeds of good political journalism, you will find that support for certain things is weaker than admitted. A lot of Senate Democrats have problems with various parts of HR 1, for example. But you’ll also find that most democrats are fully aware now of how much their political success hinges on real and well-advertised change that benefits ordinary people. There was an understanding going into and coming off of this election that Reaganism was on the decline and that Democrats could afford to be bolder, and couldn’t afford not to. They absolutely want to do more than they’re doing. But they don’t have the votes. Yeah, we voted. So did the other half of the country, for Republicans.


"Nothing is going my way and I refuse to learn how the system works." Fixed it for you.


That would just be the US Gov in general. Most useless governing body in the history of the world.


Hey, give 'em credit - it was worse under the first constitution.


My favorite is when moderate Dems blame their tanking numbers on progressives, or the voter base being out of touch with them.


RIGHT. I'm reading all of this going, does anyone here actually understand how our policies get (or fail to get) made??? You can't hold your electeds accountable if you don't even understand how the whole thing functions.


Which is both parties.


Oh, the Rs do plenty, it's just that the things they do are actively evil instead of merely useless.


I disagree. If one party tries to pass a law that will benefit every American and the other consistently votes 'no' on it, there is clearly a disconnect.


"Peace talks" are ways to network with warmongers


We are discussing things on our end, we hear the American people. We are working towards having an idea of what we might possibly do to alleviate the struggles of American citizens, some citizens(the rich) will see benefits from our actions, that we can guarantee. Once I am elected I make it my priority to have open dialogue with my colleagues about your needs and with your donations I can hopefully take steps to make that outcome a reality. Thank you for choosing me as your benefactor oops i mean your elected official. ☺️


“I want to ensure every American has *access* to healthcare.” Having access to healthcare isn’t the problem it’s being able to pay for the healthcare.


She'll tax your side hustle though because we need those to survive fml


IRS: “So you made about 3 thousand dollars this year working a little side job and didn’t report the income, eh? That’ll be 12 thousand dollars, thank you.”


Like I would report that money lmao checks are scam just to tax us more, I don't pay taxes so hah. I get loads of prescriptions and methadone. Glad the shitty government can collapse for all i care. Everyone's corruptible with money. It's the root of all Evil


The self employment tax on $3,000 of income would come out to $196🤓


He probably means penalties.


Maybe she *proposed* it, doesn’t mean she was going to *do* it. Edit: for all of you who didn’t seem to get this: it was sarcasm, the fact that she proposed it and hasn’t been able to push it through doesn’t mean she didn’t fight for it. It’s not her decision to make (AFAIK, im not schooled in the US political system)


She doesn’t have the power to wave her hand and make it happen, that’s not how any of this works.


Biden was trying on extending the child credit with his build back better plan. I don’t think it included a $2000 monthly payment to every household though. Either way, it doesn’t matter since the plan has been blocked and will never pass as-is.


I can't remember, but i thought it was supposed to be part of the build back better, and then got struck from the plan because republicans said they wouldn't pass it in any form if it included "handouts".


No, it only included $300 per month per child. So nothing for single people, or families that couldn’t afford to have kids. Definitely not $2,000 per person.


Yeah the executive branch has no control of the Justice Department or the DEA. We did nothing and we’re out of ideas.


The executive branch _shouldn’t_ control the Justice Department.


The branch does but she does not. Only power the vice president has is to break tied votes in the senate.


And to prevent disruptions to the space-time continuum. Read the constitution, people!


"I have ridden the mighty Moon worm!"


You realize that ANY legislation has to pass the House.. then the Senate…. Right? Right? Right? Nahhhhh just keep on with the dumbass “Only one party works” mentality. Any good government is built on compromise. Since 2008 the principal has been zero compromise and zero passing laws unless it benefits the top 1 percent. Simple as that. Trumps’ administration got nothing done. Bidens’ wont either. Because we can’t work together on anything and refuse to compromise (both sides need to do this, not just one)


2008? Did you forget the Bush years?


the administration prior to the current one would argue what they do and don't control.


How tf did Trump manage to give people more money??????


It's always bullshit like this. They do not care about us.


None of them do.


That's a bit hyperbole. There are some that care, but just not enough of them to turn these things into law.


There are about a dozen decent people out of 435 Representatives and 100 Senators. It's a travesty how corrupted the system has become.


I agree with you but they'll never have enough power to do anything in this system.


I still maintain that all politicians should be barred from social media


and from buying/ selling stocks


They can stay on social media but they should absolutely not be able to get unbelievably rich by implementing policies that benefit corporations. This also would include stocks. Don't like it? Grab yer bootstraps.


Yes! The President makes $400,000 a year, they work for 8 years, then all the sudden their mega millionaires buying multiple 5+ million dollar homes Makes sense


This, and bar them from ads, billboards, etc. But it's unlikely they'll ever do anything to yield power/influence


She didn’t lie, she proposed it. Just like they proposed the voting rights act, build back better, tuition free community college, blah blah blah. I’m 35 with two kids and this administration pisses me off. I wanted Sanders because at least he would fight. Instead we have a dementia riddled President and a condescending VP. ‘Nothing will fundamentally change’ Edit: Quote from Biden was to rich donors stating that higher taxes wouldn’t distrupt their current standard of living because of how much they have.


Would President Sanders also constitute a congressional super majority? What fighting do you imagine he’d do that would succeed? The makeup of congress is the makeup of congress. As long as nearly half of the voting public votes for Republicans, and unless they get rid of the filibuster, there’s not Dems can do.


Being mad at the president when 50 Republicans and 2 democrats are holding up every piece of legislation doesn't seem super well directed


Thank you


You had me in the first half lol. Yeah its the complete lack of fight, or ability to hold any kind of conviction that pisses me off. They should be screaming to the high heavens about opposition to their proposals that actually would make life better for average people - but instead we just get this deafening silence and \*shrug\* 'welp we tried, aw shucks' attitude. I had to hold my nose to vote for her and Joe, and the only way I was even able to do that was stuff like this tweet, and Biden promising to eliminate student debt.


This happens every election cycle. Candidates, in both parties, make promises they aren’t going to keep to get elected. The whole system needs to be changed


A dishonest DA? Who would have guessed?


For the record she did actually propose it, it just died in the senate.


To understand US politics. Just completely discount what anyone says. Just wait till the results come in which is less than 1% of the time. Their whole system is not worth paying attention too.


Oh wow. A cop lied? Shocked. Shocked, I say.


Was ACAB true all along?




\*clutching my pearls\* Dear heavens!


Quelle horreur!!


Sure. All you have to do is convince Joe and Kristen to vote for it like they actually had empathy. Instead we got lectures about how people would use the money to buy drugs … and starve to death high.


Yep she's a corporate sellout just like Biden.


Just like any politician that gets to power through privately funded campaigns.


The simple fact that it's allowed in the US is just crazy. I can't see a way out of it all with that in place. That's the tools of an oligarchy.


Exactly. Capitalists own politicians who cater to their profiting needs. The people? Fuck the people. Am I right?


What??? A politician promising something on Twitter that will never actually happen? Shocking!


Didn’t promise anything. Proposed something that (shockingly) got shut down on the congress floor because that’s how the US congress works.


Never actually happens because not enough of them get elected. Kamala even was knocked out of the primary early. Anyone expecting Biden to be FDR was a fool. He’s always been a centrist his entire career. And then add in a slim House majority and a 50:50 senate when you have Manchin and Sinema, of course it won’t happen. But yea let’s blame one person rather than people that don’t vote, particularly in the primary, rather than blaming people who vote Republican because they’re “afraid of socialism”. Shoot, how the hell can Maine keep voting for Susan Collins, despite Democrats always winning statewide their.


The issue goes a lot deeper than people who don’t vote TBH. There’s plenty of blame to go around.


Harris promised nothing other than to propose it. Her proposing or supporting something does not make it law. She is not a dictator. If you want to bitch to someone about this, lay it at the feet of McConnell, Sinema, and Manchin. They are the ones holding up progress.


not enough people understand how the government works to constantly be making criticisms like this. i dont like kamala harris or joe biden, i would have rather voted for a long list of people, but this relentless assertion that they can pass shit like this without senate or house support is exhausting. if you really want shit like this to pass you have to vote people in who want to pass it in your local and general elections. we need ground up reform, no major change can really come from the president alone. are there things biden can do? of course. should he be doing them? yes. but literally half or more of the complaints i see are coming from issues where he and anyone else in the democrat party are absolutely powerless to accomplish anything. i stg i see more conservative propaganda in left leaning spaces than anywhere else, people will be mad at biden and kamala more than they are at mcconnell when hes the one and only reason america is as fucked for the average person as it is. the sinema and manchin hate makes more sense than biden hate ffs. almost never see that either.


Hell, I live half a world away and everytime a look at the US I see another symptom of a quasi democracy. In Germany we've got 6 major parties. Extreme left, normal left, normal right, green, pro business and extreme right nutters. The USA merges extrem left, green, normal left, normal right and half of pro business into one party. Of course it can't get along, the only thing that holds it together is that it's not the extreme right. Your election system is buggered, Germandering, unfair Senate, fillabuster, partisan supreme court ... Making it impossible to get shit done. In Germany after an election the parties spend a couple months talking and eventually a coalition will form that controls the parliament. That way the government can actually pass laws. The last time I remember that happening in the US was over a decade ago in Obama's first two years.


>if you really want shit like this to pass you have to vote people in who want to pass it in your local and general elections. we need ground up reform, no major change can really come from the president alone. The frustrating thing, for me anyway, is that I live in as blue of a state as there is and millions of my neighbors and I did vote those people into congress, senate, and local and state positions as well... And it still doesn't matter because a fraction of the number of voters off somewhere else entirely that my neighbors and I have nothing to do with voted in just the right amount of assholes to torpedo any progress that we try to fight for.


What’s worse than a politician who lies? The dummies who keep believing them.


If it weren't for the dummies, there'd likely be no lying politicians.




WTF does this have to do with work?




Do you not understand how govt works? I have no doubt she proposed that and was in favor of it. Unfortunately, a proposal from a VP doesn't make it reality. Even if Manchin/Sinema and all the other dems were for it, you'd have to get 10 republicans in the senate and all the dems in the house for it as well. Just because it doesn't happen doesn't make it a lie. She proposed it and her proposal went nowhere.


With omicron burning through we need another check I work at a hotel cleaning is understaffed half the front desk is sick and most of the guests coming in are nurses traveling to understaffed hospitals


Yup. Was looking through old pics on my phone and this popped up. I felt it was poignant since we are going through yet ANOTHER massive wave of infections/work shortages. It's insane to me that Donald fucking Trump rammed through more direct relief payments to Americans than the Biden admin.


Biden won’t do anything as long as the dems don’t have total control they should do more show they have the willingness to push their agenda but instead we all suffer and they wonder y we vote for 3rd parties.


Well she has 1 vote in the senate on a 50:50 split. She said she is proposing it. If the house, senate and president don't vote it in collectively, there's not much else she can do about it.


So, maybe instead of attacking her, we can take this learning moment to stop listening to promises that cannot be fulfilled. We constantly get bamboozled by politicians writing checks their office can't cash. The VP can't do jack shit about fuckall. So, really, if you believed her, that's on you... Step 1: learn how the government works Step 2: only support candidates with workable solutions to real issues Step 3:?? Step 4: No more being lied to! Notice how they often make big, sweeping speeches about a bunch of huge things they could never hope to accomplish, but stay mum about little things that would take very little effort and effect lasting change. We keep looking towards the establishment, the status quo, to change how things operate. It's fucking insane. Kamala Harris got where she is by toeing the line and riding the establishment checkbook. We cannot count on her for any help.


Shocked Pikachu face. Also, “I’m shocked. Shocked! Well, not that shocked.”


Its was proposed and then laughed down Want change stop voting in republicans 🤷🏿‍♂️


Plenty of Democrats disagree with 'progressive ideas' like taxing the rich, universal health care, criminal code and justice reform, police reform, livable wages, and actually punishing corporations for fucking customers and employees repeatedly and without remorse. I'm all for never seeing a Republican in office again, but we also gotta keep turds like Manchin and Sinema out of office, to name just a couple.


Republicans blocked it= Democrats fault


I mean, she proposed it. Then immediately started laughing.


What was a lie? She proposed it just fine right there in the tweet. Nobody did anything with it though.


She said she was proposing it, not trying to get it passed. Lol She literally completed her task with the tweet.


What’s this gotta do with being anti work lol


Not a lie, she did propose it, via Tweet.


She proposed it... to herself... in the mirror... right before laughing herself to sleep


Nothing but political posturing to get your vote so they can continue doing the billionaires bidding for some of their scraps via donations. These people will not save you


All they wanted was our power & they'd lie to our faces to get it


L wing,R wing they are all apart of the same lying bird.


If this pandemic hasn't taught you anything, it should teach you this. It doesn't matter who's in the white house, ultimately it won't affect your life directly. The politicians are all blame absorbers to keep up just pissed enough to not do anything about it. The only people directly affected by who's the president or a senator are the billionaires and elites that look down on us all. Fuck them all.


Ok, if anyone actually expected those two to fix anything then you got what you deserve. Like, she is super into police militarization and hes the reason everyone is being crushed by student loan debt FFS.


The VP has nearly zero power. The VP is also barred from holding any office other than President/Vice President for the rest of their lives. All that's been done by putting Harris in the VP seat is ensuring she's set up for President or retirement..


I was asked recently when the class war will finally start and I'm just wondering when will the class war end? Eat the rich.


Literally not surprised, Democrats love making empty promises and being like "whoops sorry but still vote for us because remember how awful Republicans are (and they are)."


It do be like that.


You really think someone would really do that? Just go on the internet and tell lies?




She didn't propose it at all? Or did she propose it and the Republicans simply block it.


This shit just makes me so bitter. I honestly expect millennials to hit a breaking point, and what happened after isn't going to be pretty.


Probably not a lie.. she likely proposed it to the janitorial staff while she was in the bathroom.


'Imagine believing a single thing any of these people tell you' I say to myself every election and then I watch people flood in to vote for these people who have demonstrated every 4 years they dont care about the general public. And people wonder why no progress is being made. Why its so hard to survive. Heck, this whole subreddit is basically the direct result of everyone continuing to vote for these people.




Thus further ensuring more Bidens are picked in the future.


Fine. If Dems are that tonedeaf, let the party die. They can follow their constituents and recognize why they're losing voters... or they can double down and doom the nation to a decade or more of Republican rule as they slowly wither into nothingness and either a progressive wing overtakes the current party and reshapes it, or a progressive party replaces them entirely. If they choose to do the latter, it's *their* choice and their fault, not the fault of constituents for whom a [ratchet](https://i.redd.it/d09q0x9ekww11.jpg) was no longer good enough. As another user said, I'll vote for socialists and other actual leftists, with Bernie Sanders being about the furthest right I'm down to tolerate anymore. If the Dems refuse to offer that as an option, then they have lost me as a constituent. I gave them one last chance with Biden, because Trump was just too much a disaster, and I have been gravely disappointed. If it be Democrats or disaster... at least disaster pushes people to the left.


Absolute bullshit. This is how you get people like DeSantis to be your new fascist overlord.


Dems are going to get *fucking eviscerated* in this election cycle


Which is stupid because the republicans sure as shit aren’t going to help you.