And this is how we take back our power folks. One store at a time. Eventually all stores at once. They can't fire all of us. We have nothing to lose but our chains.


And if you don't work there then you can support by not shopping there.


Easy enough when prices have increased so much at places over the years that it just isn’t worth paying for the convenience of low quality (ingredients and how it’s cooked) food for a quick meal. McD’s my go to order has tripled in 10 years, while wages have gone up $1.25 here - and with that price bump all fast food increased everything by *at least* $1 the week it went into effect. The pizza order I used to get jumped up $3.50 the week minimum wage increase went into effect. Price increase is well above what was needed to offset the wage increase and also enough to complete chase me away. These places are not worth the double digit prices being charged for a single meal. I went back to ramen and cereal for quick and easy until I shifted to meal prep. Cheaper, healthier, a bit more time loss on a Sunday, but well worth it.


"Which state will be first to call in the national guard to force fast food workers back into the kitchen, and why is it Florida?"


“‘There are better ways to go about this,’ the regional supervisor replied. She had been thinking about boosting pay at the Bradford McDonald’s, she said, but she was not going to give into threats or give up control. Because of the petition, no one was getting a raise. If the workers did not like it, they could quit.” Such an obvious lie.


"i was going to do the right thing but i didn't because of what you did" is abusive/manipulative behavior 101. Thank god more and more people are getting privy to these subhuman scumbag tactics.


Yup. It’s how a narcissistic manipulator talks. Very much “why did you make me hurt you” kind of talk. And the fact they do it to so many people at scale, is gross.


"because of the petition nobody gets a raise now" lol as if. They werent going to get raises anyways. What a vile woman.


My manager pulled this shit. "Because a customer complained nobody is getting the raise that none of you had heard about until right now".


Bullshit deflection and straight up lying manipulation. Fuck em.


This is exactly the same tactic as when you're a child and you misbehave and the parents say "Well, now we're not going to McDonalds!" Huh? Were we before? When was that on the table? It's easy to "take away" something that was never planned in the first place. A childish intimidation tactic at best.


it doesn't matter what you think you knew.. now it's about how much you didn't know.


I had a workplace that had this as a policy. Once every quarter we'd get a Secret Shopper that would come in from corporate and rate us. If we passed (the passing grade was 100%, of course), the person who was tested got a $100 bonus and the other employees got a $20 bonus. We had like 8 people on staff, small frame shop. Additionally, our yearly reviews for raises were modified by our secret shopper experiences. For each successful one the store got, there'd be a bump in pay. We never passed one. I worked there for 4 years. They were also public to the employees so the person who failed became a pariah for a while. Frankly it's impressive how evil this was.


We had a similar system while I worked at Brookstone and once I was working with a secret shopper and my only flaw was that I didn’t greet them in a 30second window from when they walked in. Instead I had only greeted them when they got closer to me which was like a good 2 minutes before I saw them. Such bullshit. But now all the Brookstones are closed except airports lol


Lol that’s like my mom saying “I WAS going to get you all ice cream until you started acting like brats!” in the minivan. Mom, you were never going to get us ice cream.


>"because of the petition nobody gets a raise now" That's some Grade-school level bullshit right there. You're right, nobody was getting a raise, and if not for the petition they would've found another excuse.


And in the article it described their actions as upsetting the social order of the town, as if it was a grade school.


People are mad that workers aren't taking their abuse anymore.


Makes me think of those US history books that describe slaves who didn't want to work as "lazy" and "disobedient" etc. Those attitudes are still around, just in a different shape


“She was not going to give up control” The whole point of the walk-out is that she never *had* control to begin with. The workers *are* the restaurant, and if they won’t accept shit pay then the business collapses until they improve.


“Take my factories but leave my workers and I will rebuild. Take my workers and leave my factories and I’m finished” - A. Carnegie


"The workers have the most enormous power in their hands, and if one day they became truly aware of it and used it, then nothing could resist them; they would only have to stop work and look upon the products of work as their own and enjoy them."


I hope someone above her gets the memo she's bad at her job and fires her ass.


I doubt it. She probably said exactly what she was told to say. Managers represent the business, not the people who work in it.


"I was really thinking about it. So hard. Every day, I thought about it. Just thinking and thinking. I knew if I kept thinking about it, it would happen eventually. Just had to think more."


“Unfortunately, my landlord doesn’t take money you only thought about giving me, so we’re going to have to work something out.”


Ah, the old *"we don't deal with terrorists"* tactic.


That's the kinda shit my manipulative parents used to do. Good luck manager, you'll have to do better than a short sighted, ignorant young parent from the 80s to fix this one.


When I was in elementary school, there was a girl named Emily, who would bring cookies in her lunchbox and give them to other girls in the class. Her closest friends always got a cookie, there were about 7 girls who occasionally got one, and about 5 of us who *never* got one. No boys ever got a cookie from her either. She would usually save about 3 cookies until the end of lunch and then say "oh, I'm full!" and throw them away. Anytime anyone ever asked her for one of the cookies destined for the trash, she would cheerfully say "No, because you asked!" That's what this manager is doing.


i try not to say "what a bitch!" about children, but cmon


"So you have chosen....death"


Guess the workers didn’t like it. 🤷🏻‍♀️


My father uses to tell me a story for when he worked at a newspaper, tending to machines and ink and shit, they had to rise heavy metal pieces to the machine for it to work and change them periodically, well appart from using dangerous chemicals, cleaning moving spinning crushing death machines, etc. They were never given any protective gear but my dad saw once some boots locked up on the boss' office. A month or so later a coworker of his broke his foot becaue one of the heavy metal pieces fell and the boss was like "oh no we just got today some gear and I was going to give it to you tomorrow", blatant lies, by next Day everyone was geared up "properly", he wonders every now and then what would that place have been if things were better


[here](https://archive.md/MbxMJ) is the article from OP without paywall. ***from the article*** >Dustin asked his employees to gather around him in the kitchen. Egg McMuffins sat half made on the counter. A clock on the cash register that tracked the restaurant’s drive-through times and transmitted the data back to corporate ticked away the seconds since their last completed order. >“Why would you want to work for a company that doesn’t value you?” Dustin asked. He turned to one of the restaurant’s longest serving employees. “You’ve been here for five years,” he said. “What have you got for it? Nothing.” >The workers, clad in their uniforms, ball caps and nonslip shoes, stared at him, unsure what they were supposed to do next. Dustin explained that he was leaving and locking up the restaurant. If they followed, he promised he would help them all find better jobs. “How many of you want to go with me?” Dustin asked. >Initially, there was silence. Then seven of the nine raised their hands. Two who decided not to join took seats at a table in the empty restaurant. The rest tossed aside their headsets and abandoned their posts at the drive-through and registers. Instead of racing to serve customers, they began making food for themselves: a Quarter Pounder, a large fries, an iced caramel coffee with whipped cream and extra pumps of caramel. >Dustin’s anxiety, which had been building since he sent the fax, began to ebb. His co-workers were ebullient. “It’s a walkout,” one yelled as they headed out into an economy where low-wage workers, long-accustomed to feeling scorned, ignored and invisible, were realizing they suddenly had some agency.


I'm not gonna do what everyone thinks I'm gonna do and... flip out, man... all I wanna know is one thing... who's coming with me?


Fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, you’re cool, peace. I’m out.


Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas, Kiss my ass, Kiss *his* ass, Happy Hannukah.


I didn't know the horse was a diabetic!


You are my favorite! I quote that scene to my wife all the time. 😁


Jan? Thank you, Jan!


Thank you Jan!


>“There are better ways to go about this,” the regional supervisor replied. She had been thinking about boosting pay at the Bradford McDonald’s, she said, but she was not going to give into threats or give up control. Because of the petition, no one was getting a raise. If the workers did not like it, they could quit. Fuck around and find out.


>She had been thinking about boosting pay That's hysterical. 'Oh I was just _about_ to take you kids out for ice cream, but now that you asked I'm mad at you and we're definitely not gonna do it.'


No joke. What a fucking childish and petty response. Fuck these people and the system that empowers them. It’s time to democratize production. These managers need to be interviewing with the employees, not the other way around.


What do we do about a country where so many people are just straight up bad who contribute nothing to society but other people's misery? It's a failure of human morality.


Toxic individualism barely distinguishable from solipsism. Instead of "only I exist," it's "only I matter."


Years ago, a dealership I worked at had our parts and mechanics certify a union. The biggest complaint was wages. The day of the meeting we had with the union to do the vote, I was in the service manager's office: he shuffled through some papers and I had a very good accidental look at the shop wages and proposed wage increases for everyone. That evening, we voted unanimously to start the union process. A few weeks later, management broke the news to us that "oh, a raise was in the works but since we're dealing with a union, we may not be able to give it to you." Except they found out that they could as long as they could prove it was the works prior to the date of the vote. They provided the pay level increase to the union and we had to decide whether to accept it. The general mood was that is was a ploy to buy votes. I had to explain what I saw the day of. Then I asked what the increase they were offering was. $1.50/hour. I started laughing. The original amount they were going to give the mechanics was $.50/hour. Sometimes the thinking needs some drastic action to get it off of the thinking level and into the "wow, we need to actually DO something."


It's abuse. They don't deserve employees.


Oh legit. "Oh well, i was going to consider raising pay, but i'm sure as hell not now. Screwed yourselves didn't you!"


Spoiler: she was absolutely not considering it.


She probably did think about it, then just laughed.


“There are better ways to go about this” Oh, word? What the fuck would those be? Call politicians? Answer some buster ass questions on a “moral survey”? Fuck off with that pearl clutching, patronizing bullshit. Some dolt who shuffles emails around and calls it “regional supervision” just cares about their bottom line. Maybe she should go get screamed at in the drive through or the register. Fuck these corporate pigs.


Union- Oops sorry, the stores fixing a plumbing problem. You won't have any shifts for ~~forever~~ a week.


The "better ways" that would *actually work* are illegal enough I won't mention them outright.




Yea that's bullshit, the raise wasn't coming anytime soon.


Just so you know, the article goes on for a while after that bit!


I must have hit that blunt way hard this morning, thanks redditor!


You can also read it in your browsers reader mode (on firefox, type "about:reader?url=" before the URL and that'll open it). This works on the washington post, the new york times, and a bunch of other sites to circumvent their paywall. Ideally I'd like to support these papers, but for the amount of money I'm making... fuck that.


Wow, Dustin is a goddamn legend.


Doing the lord’s work here.


Who wants to bet that corporate will go after the employees for the cost of food that they “stole” listed in the article?


They might have paid for it


> they began making food for themselves: a Quarter Pounder, a large fries, an iced caramel coffee with whipped cream and extra pumps of caramel. The revolution will not go unfed.




Chills. Love this.


I really hope "It's a walkout" is a Zoolander reference haha


"And all he had to do was turn left..."


I love the idea of Billy Zane eating at a McDonald's when this goes down


Fuck whomever wrote this. Making it sound like they were deserting a hospital in the middle of a war zone.


Lol. I _guarantee_ the owner of the restaurant is going to treat it like that.


Lol probably Unfortunately for him, a community isn't going to notice or care that a McDonald's is gone. And neither will the people who worked there because it wasn't paying them enough to live anyway. It's useless!


The revolution will be supersized.


EAT THE RICH, with a small fry and a diet Coke


Cannibalisms is kinda last century. Use the rich to fertilize our gardens!


Feed the rich to pigs, use the manure as fertilizer. Circle of life baybeeee


I know this is off topic, but there's a funeral place in Washington state that will compost your corpse for you. They use wood shavings and plants to help things along and put you in a little vault thing to decay. It takes like a month or two and they give your dirt back to your survivors or donate it to a nearby forest. I really hope it's a thing where I live when I die. I don't want to be buried or burned and getting composted sounds pretty rad.


I saw a thing in Japan where they wrap you and either plant you in or at the base of a tree or they cremate you and put the ashes along the roots of a sapling so you can fertilize and grow into a tree


Meal team six checking in for duty sir!


7-11 was a part time job


Genius lmaooo


This should be this subs "conspiracy". Fucking brilliant.


Here here !!


That is bloody brilliant.


The revolution will not be supervised


So we'll march day and night, by the big cooling tower They have the plant but we have the power.




Smithers... I'm starting to think homer simpson wasn't the strategic genius I believed him to be.


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I'm flattered and maybe even a little curious, but I don't go in for these back-door shenanigans.


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This is one of the finer moments in music.


I agree. This deserves to be on whatever the next version of the Voyager satellite is.


>Other commenters on the post called fast food “a high school job,” whose long hours and low pay were supposed to spur young workers to strive for more. They *are* striving for more. What are they getting at? >Dustin and his crew, they said, should “go back to school,” “quit making excuses,” get a second job or move to a city with higher wages and more opportunity. That's.......That's what they're doing now. How are people this stupid?


As someone who had to leave high school because I had to work to survive, I have to say something that a lot of people dislike hearing: High school kids deserve a living wage too. A lot of them are working because they or their household needs the money.


What gets me about that (and about a lot of conservatism, actually) is the simple self-contradiction. According to them, capitalism good, communism bad. According to capitalism, a job should be paid based on the work being done, it is communistic to base the pay on the needs of the worker. There is no reason under a free market why an adult and a teenager should get different pay for the same job.


Same goes for men and women, POC or not, should be the same for adult and minor. As long as the job is being done, the doer should be paid what it’s worth, not what some “manager” thinks that person is worth.


I agree. When I found out that kids make less money for the same jobs that some adults have, I thought "That's just not fair." I actually had a small job when I was 14/15, and they only paid me $5 an hour. Way under the minimum wage. I'm pissed in hindsight. EDIT: Fellas? I wasn't looking for competition here.


$4.75 was my first summer job in high school doing landscape. But every Thursday I peed on George Bretts house so it worked out okay for me


It’s funny, I’ve been working full-time since I was 16. The vast majority of people that I worked with (at minimum wage) had kids and were definitely not teenagers. There’s no such thing as a “teenager” job. Living wage for all!


I'm disgusted whenever someone suggests that its ok to pay kids less before the same work. How do people not see how exploitative that is? Its also an extremely selfish point of view. It just indicates a person's lack of empathy and inability to recognize or care about a struggle they haven't experienced first hand. Some kids are living in poverty. Some have neglectful or abusive parents. For any reason at all, they might *need* to be making money. If a person is old enough to work, they're old enough to count their own money.


I am not understanding the lower pay rate for those working in fast food who are under 21. Is this not ageism?


: we want more money Capitalists: work harder, get skilled, find a better job : okay. Capitalists: *shocked Pikachu face*


Because they're not actually supposed to do that, they're supposed to "know their place". Even more egregiously they were all uppity about it, and that might make all the peons at other town businesses uppity.


“Get uppity” is a good slogan for the movement Edit: in response the the criticism, that “uppity” is a racially charged word, I don’t think this is a negative. It’s a word that’s been used against people who people in power think should “know their place”, and this includes black people and other racial minorities. I think using the word calls attention to the racial discrimination that’s an inherent part of the class struggle happening now, and that’s a good thing.


MOVE TO A NEW CITY WITH WHAT MONEY YES, GET A SECOND JOB SO YOU ARE CONSTANTLY AT WORK I fucking swear, people who say that shit drive me crazy. It's as bad as telling the poor to "just get more money."


You're poor? Have you ever tried having more money? You're depressed? Have you ever tried acting happy? You're chronically in pain? Have you ever tried being healthier?


r/thanksimcured material right there haha. "You're ugly? Have you tried stopping?"


If fast food is such a high school job, then I guess we're all okay with fast food chains only being open 3 to 8 p.m. Monday through Friday with Sundays closed so they can do homework, so they can get into college, so they can get a better job, right? Are all the managers in this scenario seniors in HS?


> Other commenters on the post called fast food “a high school job,” whose long hours and low pay were supposed to spur young workers to strive for more. Right, a high school job. McDonalds is well known for only being open after the school day ends.


Great article love this stat “But Mike Elk, a labor reporter and founder of paydayreport.com, has compiled a database of 1,600 walkouts since March 2020 that included as many as 100,000 workers.” People have to organize and join a Union.


But they’ll charge you a few dollars a month!! And all you’ll get will be better pay and working conditions.


And there's no way the boss will throw us a pizza party then!


The union throws its own pizza party at the organizing meeting.


My union used to do regular potlucks at the hall before the 'rona.


Every Saturday at 3pm


I was working at a liquor store at the height of the pandemic and I was working on Christmas Eve. The boss of the home store called up the MOD of the store I worked at and asked if we wanted some pizza. We shortly received a single cheese pizza. It turned out that the boss ordered pizza for the home store and they ordered too much, so they sent us a pie as an afterthought. We didn’t get a Christmas bonus either despite record liquor sales all through the pandemic. Unparalleled profits compared to previous years. That was the slap in the face that set my departure in stone, all of the other bullshit after that just determined that it would be on bad terms with no two week notice. It was going to be an amicable departure until some other shit happened that really made me want to fuck them as much as they fucked everybody who worked for them. Long story short and to spare myself having to explain a whole drama that unfolded, I wasn’t the only person who quit. When all was said and done, all of the employees at the home location walked out, leaving it to be staffed by only managers, and the same was true of my location.


In my state, all liquor store workers are state employees. They get paid 14.85 to start and have benefits, pension, sick days. Asst store managers are like 20/hr then store Mgr is salary I think 50k and up. It's an excellent system. When I was underage, alcohol was certainly hard to get. They do NOT fuck around in those stores.




Sounds like Pennsylvania, I lived there a while. The store I’m talking about was privately owned and the owner was cool but his kids who held all the leadership positions were entitled trust-fund leech dickheads who didn’t know anything about how to run a business and relied on abused workers to make things work for them. The person who lead my store drunkenly threatened me over text with a slander lawsuit for speaking out against him and the company publicly. Nothing ever came of it but I have receipts of everything he’s ever texted me, and if he ever decides to actually make good on that threat (but he won’t) he’s going to be thoroughly embarrassed in front of a judge. I’m not kidding when I say thoroughly either, he’s said some nasty stuff to me through text over the year I worked for him, including wishing previous co-workers of mine ill, to put it gently.


Yeah don’t pay the 500 in union dues. You could buy a fucking Xbox with that!! What would you rather have, an organization that could negotiate higher wages, better working conditions and hours, fight for more benefits and protect you from predatory corporations? Or would you rather have a dope brand new Xbox to escape the reality that your employer is using you like a cheap machine?


My union dues are 50$ a pay. 26 pays a year. 1300$ a year. That being said, I've been at this job 11 years and every year my wage has gone up. When I started it was 38k a year. Currently it's 55. I've bought a house, several Xboxs. I have two kids. Health insurance. Hell, I've been sick with covid since Monday. I just texted my boss said I was sick till I could get to a Dr. Once I popped hot, my boss just said "go get rest, everything will be here when you get back". All for ONLY 50$ a pay. I'll spend it every time. Get a union folks. Mine is considered a bad one and it's STILL better than going against the employer alone.


Yes, we've been fed a stack of B.S. for years about how bad unions are. I won't say there aren't a few bad apples in the bunch but for the most part without them, you would see next to slave wages and more worker abuse. Even salaried nonunion workers at those sites benefitted from what the union got through their negotiations. Years ago an old timer about how before the unions workers would gather at the factory gates and a boss would come out and pick who he wanted to work for him at the gate. Usually he'd pick relatives and a few good workers who would cover for the slouches. He also told me he'd pick one guy in particular and while that guy was at work, he'd go over to his house and screw his wife.


You could buy one of those brand new spanking hot rod Vidya game systems tho! With the latest hit graphics and sounds


I’m loving it!


Yeah, reading this really made my day.


Every McDonalds, Wendy’s, KFC, Etc. needs a Dustin. Go sign up and be your local Dustin.


Reporting as ordered sir


"A high school job" is such bullshit. How the fuck is it a job for a high schooler when I can go to a fast food joint at 11am on a FUCKING WEDNESDAY and the place be open. Those high schoolers are guess where? That's right, FUCKING SCHOOL, it's in the fucking name.


Yeah, irony is lost on these people. How someone can say that with a straight face and not have a light bulb go off is beyond me.


This is the way. Now spread it across all McDonald's and don't even make demands or negotiate. If we all agree to never cross a protest line, McDonald's would fall to their knees inside of a month and the CEO would literally beg on TV to get workers back. "Now hiring, $25/hour, full healthcare, four weeks paid vacation" We have the power, we just need to add a small amount of organization--we don't need a union, though that would be nice--we just need to communicate and agree. We are the damn union.


Wouldn't that be something? Imagine this comment next year... "Back in my day, NOBODY wanted to work at McDonald's. Now? Pff, good luck getting in there, buddy. *There's* a company that treats their employees what they're *worth*."


I’ve heard this is what it’s like to work at McDonald’s in Japan. I forgot the reasoning but apparently it’s an impressive job.


In the Netherlands. Good pay and benefits, a burger/fry/drink combo is like 50 cents more...


Hate to burst the bubble but he would not be on TV. He’d be on the phone with politicians to blame government handouts and increasing their “donations” and lobbying.


No amount of government subsidies will make the food cook and serve itself. However the CEO himself definitely wouldn't be on TV, someone working under him might though.


Some actor they hired to be the vice president of some bs department so it looks like upper management actually has a heart


> inside of a month and the CEO would literally beg on TV to get workers back. "Now hiring, $25/hour, full healthcare, four weeks paid vacation" Right after 3.5 weeks of "nobody wants to work anymore because they're spoiled by welfare blah blah blah"


Even better: all workers walk out, company Burn and crash. Then, you go to other fast food restaurant and from time to time you remember what happen with a icon of capitalism for fucking with workers. Then you have 30 hour, healthcare, a month of pay vacation, parent leave and 14 wages at year.


Fuck I'd work at McDonalds for 4 weeks vacation. I get 2 and can't see myself getting more than that ever.


AND $25/hour? Sure thing!




I came here to post this! Here’s the article with no paywall: https://wapo.st/3CS7nRr


Awesome. Thanks for that. Nice long read.


Fast food knows what they’re doing - 38 / 32 hrs a week on a split shift so they own your life and call you a part time employee so they don’t have to cover full benefits. F that


That is the most egregious and sickening part of these labor conditions to me. So many jobs in America operate like this, where some fucking inhumane computer algorithm dictates the lives of human beings in the name of efficiency. On top of that, now you can't work another job or go to school to try to escape the vicious cycle of poverty and the government will use your part time employment in the overall employment metric to say, "See! everything is fine. Unemployment is low, stock prices are up, so clearly no need to further examine the well-being of our fellow Americans, nope everything is great, yessir!"


Call McDonald's corporate HQ and politely tell them you support the workers and as a McDonald's customer, you would be more likely to eat there if they allowed their employees to unionize.


Better yet, tell them you're refusing to eat there *unless* they improve their working conditions *and* allow their staff to unionise, we can support this whole movement with a few phonecalls each.


Better yet, refuse to eat their poison at all!


Agreed, I tend to avoid all fast food myself purely because it largely tastes like shit and makes me feel ill after eating it, but yeah if everyone just stopped eating maccies and KFC etc that would be glorious.


Under the NRLB they legally have the right to unionize


Perhaps more customers should mention that to them while they're waiting for their order.


McDonald's is a franchise. It's a local resident most of the time who owns and operates the McDonald's...


I hope this sub takes off even more and gets even more mainstream and workers start realizing they have the power to change things. John Deere is already rolling over and offering their workers better working conditions after like 2 weeks of striking. just walk the fuck out and show your dumbass company you are what keeps the wheels turning. fuck em fuck I just checked this sub is almost at a million lmao wtf


>The McDonald’s workers’ demands to be seen and heard had broken some unspoken rule; their anger seemed to threaten Bradford’s social order. Conservatism at it's core is about maintaining hierarchy. Many people need to have a group to look down on, even if it's a $16/hr worker looking down on a $12/hr worker.


Why is this not getting seen as much as some other things on here?


Think because OP linked horribly and the algorithm might be suppressing it


Yes, the OP post is horrendously formatted. Which is unfortunate, as you said, because this needs some serious exposure. So glad anti-capitalism is becoming more mainstream (although not enough yet, of course). The middle class need to stand up and have nationwide strikes and protests to raise the minimum wage, include decent healthcare benefits, and all the QOL improvements needed to combat the continued rising rent/mortgage costs and inflation. This generation was delt a truly bad hand.


My mom told me today that the middle class are millionaires now and that she is finally getting why I’ve been so angry She doesn’t get it fully but she is 63 and it’s clicking at least


Even my therapist is leaving the company she works for because she only makes $25/hour. With 30 years of experience. “Nobody wants to work anymore” is bullshit


Oh yeah, it’s all coming apart


Everyday on the sub I am astonished that ordinary people are throwing off their chains We can do it prols!


With my luck I would have been stuck in the drive through waiting patiently.


I walked out of McDonald's a few months ago. They were expecting us to work in poor conditions. We left in exodus but some people are still suffering shit conditions for shit pay because they have to. Can I be part of a world wide revolution? Down with the Mac. Kill the corporation


Perfect timing to see this. I work at McDonald’s and my gm decided that one little mistake that wasn’t even mine was worth yelling at me for. I’m 16 and she yelled at me because the average drive thru time was too high. She was the one who stepped away and racked it up by not keeping up on handing me food. I’m honestly considering walking out.


My son stopped in at his work a couple days ago and the place was closed, which it wasn’t supposed to be. He discovered the GM all by himself unloading truck and 12 sticky notes on the desk that all just read “I quit“.


I wish my local McDonald’s would do this. They’ve been drive thru only since Covid and I’ve heard of customers treating them like shit. One of these instances I witnessed was a Kevin screaming and cussing out the woman taking orders (that I could hear from directly behind me in line) good grief.


Capitalists just don't understand the need for incentives. Capitalists think employees are basically worthless extra costs that should be minimized as a means to higher profits. Capitalists NEVER think employees deserve more pay, no matter how much wealth they produce. A Socialist believes in profit sharing for all the employees who made wealth creation possible.


This is honestly so crazy to me. I'll be real here. By the time I started taking Economics classes in college and decided I wanted to major in it, I had *never* had a job. I didn't know what it was like to deal with shitty customers or feel underpaid and undervalued for my work. But in my very first class, I had a professor who was so passionate about the entire subject that he would jump up on his desk, and one of the very first things he talked about was the very simple principles of supply and demand and opportunity costs. And to make his point, he explained the job market. That minimum wage is exactly that, a *minimum*. Minimum wage jobs have a very low opportunity cost (which in simple terms is the highest-value alternative that you give up by making a choice (and in this case is practically non existent because, being minimum wage, you can get that same pay literally anywhere else with ease so it's easy to just quit)). He then explained that it is always in employers' best interest to offer more pay, or at least offer benefits like good insurance, a 401k, stuff like that. Make people *want* to work at your business and be loyal to you, and raise the opportunity cost of leaving to go somewhere else. At the time this seemed like such common sense. It still does, really. But at the same time, it's kind of like putting the glasses on in They Live– suddenly, you can see where businesses are failing this extremely simple concept *everywhere*, and it's maddening to witness.


> suddenly, you can see where businesses are failing this extremely simple concept everywhere, and it's maddening to witness. And this is because the pursuit of profit is often blind and headlong - they're *only* concerned about making the profit numbers go up, and are perfectly willing to do dumb things in the long term for a short burst of profit, as stupid as that sounds if you want your company to have any sort of staying power. Capitalism left unrestrained is basically the willingness to sacrifice everything on the altar of the almighty dollar, even if there are smart moves that involve trading a little money now for a stronger operation later.


Your incentive is not dying. The Late Stage Capitalism utopia: you have driven all but the most basic desires from your employees, meaning you won't have to pay for their new house or new car or other luxuries. You only have to pay enough that they don't die between now and their next shift.


Conservatives are making some fucked up statements about walk offs… how they would “fire off a few rounds” to get these commies back to work. WTF is wrong with these lunatics?!


They don’t want their tax money to pay for people who don’t work but they don’t realize that if the company would just pay more and provide better working conditions, that would also fix the problem.


The oligarchs are about to fuck around and end up with a stronger union movement than ever before.


The whole American system is such a dystopian hellhole. We have to ask how these regional managers and franchise owners became pieces of shit who view other human beings as naught but fodder and cattle. Why are there so many of these POS out there? We also have to ask this question. They have names and faces and their insanity has to be brought to light.


From the end of the article: *About six weeks after the walkout, Dustin noticed that the owner had changed the sign on the restaurant’s marquee. “Hiring starting at $10,” it now read.* *The 75-cent raise was all that he and his staff had really wanted and all that they had been fighting for. But, to Dustin, it still felt like a “slap in the face.” His former bosses seemed to be sending him a message that their fight was never really about pay. It was about status and power and proving to Dustin and the others that, despite their modest gains and whatever changes might be taking place in the U.S. economy, they were still replaceable.* Bingo.


God, this article makes me want to burn shit down. It's so damn sad.


Keep it up people.


That happened to a QDoba in Tulsa a couple months ago as well. Everybody quit and caused $10,000 in damage on the way out.