It's really fun to watch cause I like the characters and their antics. I'd really like a Ponta doll. The food porn in the show is also gorgeous. My only real gripe with the show is they introduce that political drama which looks compelling but it doesn't exactly go anywhere.


I am fine with that kind of plot. The political drama is so basic that you do not expect anything major from it and it just acts as a background to characters and their shenanigans.


Honestly I normally hate cute mascot characters like ponta, they did a great job with her


They also did a good job of marketing her cause the segments with Ponta at the end of each episode is a great way to end it. I just wish they sold Ponta dolls. I'd buy one in a heartbeat.


I find it to be a quite enjoyable romp, it knows what it is and it leans into it, a fun anime, hope it gets another season!


I had the exact same feeling. When i'm eating candy, i'm enjoying candy, and not expecting steak. Reviews to me are often garbage, as they come from perspective's that dont interest me. My base perspective is, i like cartoons.


Completely agree. For me, it mostly depends upon my mood for anime like Attack on Titan. But for Isekai, it's just light, fun and adventure feelings all the way through. I don't have to keep track of plot that much and most of the time, I *know* what I'm getting into.


I still havnt finished Re:Zero because of how harsh and deep it gets. I also like it for that reason, but i'm usually looking for light hearted adventure and fun with a twist, when watching an isekai. Skeleton Knight fits this description perfectly.


Agreed, the real is very existentially stressful so my tolerance for deeply ambiguous & world changing existential dread in my anime has gone way down for now. Luckily we get all types of anime a season and I'm catching up on One Piece as my distractions.


Personally I try to read a good a bad and a middling review…when I actually read the reviews. Get a better all around picture


I do that with products, but with media, it's too subjective, and even if i like the person giving the review, i'd only find it valuable if it was about something that was in the same theme as why i liked them. Car guys for car advice, food guys for food advice... but only useful if they like the same food and cars as you do.


I feel like if you're going to recommend the series for being goofy, entertaining, cheerful, and light-hearted fun, you should at least include a disclaimer about some of its darker moments. The first episode's cold open was particularly shocking and grim, and I'm sure a significant chunk of first-time viewers dropped it immediately because it gave them the wrong expectations.


The fact that the content warning is overlayed on top of the content it is warning about kind of defeated the whole point of having a warning. All they had to do was add a few seconds of pre-roll to at least give people a moment to read. Which is on top of the fact that they cold-opened with it _at all_. It really gives the worst possible impression.


Some platforms started off with no content warning at all, not even stuck at the top of the scene in question, until they got a bunch of complaints. But some platforms eventually changed it to a three-second warning that was simply white text on a black background, before the show started.


> All they had to do was add a few seconds of pre-roll to at least give people a moment to read. Crunchyroll did that. Go and check episode again


Oh you're right. I'll edit the post to include that at the end.


[Legit even made a video about it lmao.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iWi_07DB4ZM)


Saw some clips and was going to let my son (elementary school) watch it, but then read about ep 01 being rough, followed by a rape scene in a later episode. Can’t trust the show anymore - he can’t watch it. From what I’ve read, these plot points seem to be gratuitous, which is disappointing.


> these plot points seem to be gratuitous, which is disappointing. More integral to the author's fundamental view of their story than gratuitous, I think, which is far more of an issue.


Most naroukei will contain depictions rape or prostitution or similar, just as a heads-up. Along with there also often being lots of blood and violence. By American standards, they'd practically all be R rated


Thanks. I’d initially thought it’d be a silly isekai. My son loved SAO and That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime so I figured the biggest negatives would be fan service and/or bad harem tropes. Good call re the naroukai land mine - I don’t think I’d fully connected the dots there.


I mean SAO has the most gratuitous rape scene of all. With the tentacle avatar and Asuna. Literally just there as some kind of fan service to see the main woman MC in a skimpy outfit and restrained.


The tentacle part is meaningless to anyone who is unaware that tentacle hentai exists. If you don’t know about that then it just looks like she’s being tied up by a gross octopus monster guy and that she’s trying to resist. My bigger problem with with the villain when he’s near her in person, and when he’s near her in her birdcage. But I spoke to my son about those moments ahead of time to tell him that it was really bad behavior, that it was in the story to make you hate the bad guy and give importance to Kirito’s mission, and that the scenes could be skipped / fast-forwarded without missing anything. Watched the kiddo choose to skip past them… mostly bc they were boring and nasty and ate into screen time that could be better used on cool fights or seeing the friends do happy friend stuff together.


It tries to enter her mouth It also talks about doing things to her as long as they don't leave a mark.


Yeah, it’s awful, don’t get me wrong, but kids don’t - at a fundamental level - understand just how awful it is. To them it’s creepy and gross and bad, but that’s it. They want the bad octopus guy to lose, cheer when he does, and then they move on. Fortunately, they don’t/can’t understand the rest.


Sure. Then why would an equally as explicit scene of duress followed by a heroic rescue be worse?


> From what I’ve read, these plot points seem to be gratuitous, which is disappointing. It kind of depends on what you've read and what you mean by gratuitous. From what I've seen, most of what people are complaining about is that the series doesn't shy away from portraying bandits as rapists and individuals engaged in the slave trade as rapists. The series could do more to soft pedal that and remove the two scenes that involved actual attempted rape and the crude remarks from a few others scenes, but the general plot point couldn't really be removed entirely without coming up with entirely new justifications as to why anyone would bother to go to the effort to enslave elves in the first place, much less why any such kidnap victims would still be around to rescue in a kingdom that officially outlaws it.


> Can’t trust the show anymore - he can’t watch it. Probably a fair choice. It does cold open episode 1 on one of the most graphic attempted sexual assaults I've seen in watching over 300 animes. I'm not by any means a prude, but that's definitely not for an elementary kid.


Absolutely. Getting through that first 10 minutes sucked. We thought it was going to another Goblin Slayer shitfest for the incel crowd. They should have taken the opening cue from Slayers as the rest of the show is a goofy romp.


It didn't suck for me but It kinda set wrong expectations in my case. It was just weird to start off with rape attempt and cutting bodies in half and then like rest of the epiosodes were nothing like it. It's not that I wanted gore, rapes and murder. It's just weird way to start series. I really thought its gonna get even worse but it did kinda like 180 turn and somehow ended up being goofy and cute(ponta)


Is...is only enime, why u hef to be mad?


For the incel crowd? Not sure why you need to bring grave real world insults into this discussion about an anime.


Just because you can't handle sensitive stuff, doesn't give you the right to call people who can 'incels'.


It's not about not being able to handle sensitive content, it's about including said content in an otherwise casual show for absolutely no reason. Why does a comedy show need a rape scene at the very start of the show, especially when it doesn't include any meaningful or substantive commentary?


I'm not interested in arguing with people over whether or not those scenes should've been included. If Goblin Slayer proved anything, is people have a view on it and they're very unlikely to change it. My issue with their comment was with them labelling people who don't have an issue with it as incels. You can't really use that same argument with Goblin Slayer because it's a dark fantasy not a comedy, so why call people incels over it?


>My issue with their comment was with them labelling people who don't have an issue with it as incels. I can't speak for them but I think they were referring to people that enjoy that type of content rather than those who are simply indifferent. I would agree with them that people who enjoy watching women be raped in a comedy show probably have fairly unhealthy views of women.


People like watching characters do lots of terrible shit in their entertainment. It's no reflection of what the viewer actually believes in.


of course this is downvoted


It’s just a stupid, fun anime to watch. It wouldn’t make a recommendation list to binge watch but, as a Thursday seasonal to plop down and chill for 20 minutes to, it’s been enjoyable.


When I saw Arc being good with kids, he was immediately one of the most likeable Isekai MCs


[It's so great](https://i.imgur.com/7fwtAeI.jpg).


The most intriguing thing about this show for me is what our hero spends the entire season battling. He's not fighting some ancient awakened sealed evil, invading army, or Demon Lord bent on world conquest. It's an evil much more uncomfortably closer to home: a sex trafficking international criminal enterprise that is on Jeffrey Epstein-levels of organization and influence. The funniest thing is that most of the time, he's just bumbling around and unintentionally comes across their wicked activities, so he's slowly dismantling this organization by accident. The other interesting thing is that this is a rare isekai without a harem. Ariane is really the only girl in the plot. Chiyome pops in from time to time but vanishes just as quickly, she acts more like a guest party member in a JRPG lol.


>Additionally, the CGI (what little there is) little? It's pretty CGI heavy once you notice it, Arc, Arianne and Ponta are just CGI in some shots. About as much CGI as Arifureta had on the main characters, which might not bother most people.


To be fair, it uses decent CGI and at right spots, so that it is not that noticeable. Also did you see that ending??? That's some good CGI I should say.


it actually does. its only noticable in certain movement shots, like 'oh, that was cgi!' and it makes sense cause it reduces cost when it suffices. that use of CGI i totally dont mind


This has been a thing with DAL, too, for the action sequences, with variable results (as in genuinely variable, last episode it was done very cleverly). > which might not bother most people. Tends not to bother me that much! I'm more concerned about the dearth of skele-puns in the show.


It’s fun and entertaining, but I can’t help but get that “budget” feeling when watching it. Lots of cutaway action scenes and static feeling fights. And the plot just doesn’t seem to be progressing enough. But yes, it’s fun and the characters are what drives it for me.


Well you are entering LN 3 of 9 at this point in the show so of that progress isn't enough you might not be happy with the rest of the series.


I thought it was just going to be comedy and I was really shocked by the opening scene. But this really set the tone of the show. Yeah it's pretty goofy, but underneath that it's a pretty serious story about political intrigue and ripping the heart out of the slave trade.


They keep using attempted rape as a plot device. I believe in at least 3 of the the first 5 episodes (really think 4) someone was about to rape something and MC steps in and goes "HO HO EVIL DOER" and saves the day.


Yeah, the anime industry seems to have a problem with hack writers who couldn't write a good conflict to save their lives. Not all shows have this problem obviously, but the industry seems to really under value good writing and banks on the animation and voice acting making people overlook it. If they want to have a "turn your brain off an enjoy it" kind of show, the bad guys should just kidnap puppies or something. It would not lower the writing quality of the show, but it would give the bad guys all the seriousness the rest of the show treats them with. I suppose that wouldn't solve the problem of "we want the MC to kill people with no remorse, but not look like the bad guy, but we also don't want to have to think about things at all".


Yeah. The worst part about the "rape as a plot device" is that they really lean into the showing it part and really gloss over the trauma part. They always make a point to rip off the women's clothes and show their bodies first. It's one of those things where the animation really makes it seem like a fantasy more than a crime. It's super sus. Like, if you want to add grit, human trafficking is plenty gritty as is. But stupidest of all is that after the bandits have been slain, the women are all doe-eyed and happy.


Damnit I was late to reply to this. The writer of redo of healer (rape as a plot device: the anime) basically did it the best IN ANOTHER SERIES. Reincarnated as an aristocrat handled the rape and attempt rape very expertly by basically showing none of it and focusing on the before and after. Who knew.


Not every single anime has to be groundbreaking and amazingly well thought out. Sometimes a silly, fun, show is nice. It's something I can turn my brain off to and enjoy. This is why I welcome all these isekai shows. Most are just ridiculous and fun. It's simple to enjoy it. Of course, there will always be haters. People trying to compare everything to the likes of Overlord and AOT. More power to them if they don't like it, but some people are way too hard on shows. Not everything needs to be on the level of Death Note and such. Just try to enjoy the dumb fun. That's what I do.


>Sometimes a silly, fun, show is nice. It's something I can turn my brain off to and enjoy. This. Skeleton Knight and Otome Game have been that for me this season and I've been greatly enjoying both.


Some people try to force anime to be art, when it's just entertainment. Just like there's a wide variety of tv shows/movies ranging from esoteric art to reality tv, such is there room for a wide variety of anime.


I feel like most people doesn’t really ‘hate’ it. It just a fine to decent show that a lot of people who watched it doesn’t really rave or recommend it much anywhere. In comparison to Otome game in same season which is also silly fun, no brain show that made people talked about more. Or Birdie wing that has way smaller audience than skeleton knight but their fan raved about it a ton.


If people don't hold themselves to some standard, they'll open the floodgates for low quality trash. It's what had ruined mainstream games and movies nowadays.


The issue is that quality is relative. Would Lucky Star count as low quality because of its low production value and non-standard story structure? I work as a game designer and I don't think we should hold all of gaming up to the standard of our "best" games, I really would not like every game to try being The Last of Us 2. Quirky, sometimes flawed indie games are fun too :D


The anime has a bunch of cut content and fan service. The LN goes into more depth, has more intrigue, and takes itself slightly more seriously. Would recommend the LNs.


While I've found the anime close enough to the spirit of the LNs to casually check in on the episodes the quality of the show definitely doesn't do anything to draw in a LN reader.


Yeah the show is making the LN look more like generic trash with no merit. The show is fun in its own way but it probably won't do LN sales any favors.


I thought it would use the skeleton gimmick a bit more but it’s basically an afterthought in the show. And it’s mostly just a basic isekai


It isn't though. Recent episodes he found out [spoiler] >!he is cursed and that's why he looks like a skeleton.!< I would imagine if this gets another season, him being a skeleton would have more focus.


> skeleton gimmick What exactly would they do with it that wouldn't become cloyingly annoying and criticized for being a one-joke thing? Even Overlord doesn't do anything with "looks like a skeletal lich".


I would like to see more moments where he reveals he's a skeleton and people accept it because he's a good guy They could also do a gag where he disguises himself as a corpse, because you know, skeleton So far the fact the he is a skeleton has had very little significance to the plot, and I would have liked to see more of it.


> They could also do a gag where he disguises himself as a corpse, because you know, skeleton Yes, more moments like that would help give the show a more unique identity. Having bony thin arms is also quite useful in worlds with bars as a security measure. Plus, if skeletons are meant to produce fear, a man who has no problem slicing people in two should have no problems terrorizing them. They don't even have the bone and skeleton related puns that one might expect from its light hearted tone.


I feel like they accomplish as much as they need to with the occasional silly moment, and the repeated-just-as-often-as-needed "SKELETONNNNN!" cries of surprise from Ariane.


They are 12 episodes. "repeated-just-as-often-as-needed" only in 3 of them.


Yeah, I meant it's a funny joke because it's always been in unexpected situations and it throws her for a loop. They don't overplay it to the point it gets tiresome every time they meet up again.


One joke is better than no jokes if you're trying to be comedic, but you can actually do one joke really well. Sakamoto Desu ga?, One Punch Man, and Kaguya-sama: Love is War could all be described as shows with "just one joke", but they manage to do something with it. As much as I like isekai as a genre (even if I don't seem to like most of the shows these days), it has a massive problem with introducing plot elements and doing basically nothing with them. This show is the king of un(der)utilized plot elements.


> but you can actually do one joke really well Sure, but it has to be a premise that lends to open-endedness to be done in that manner like the ones you've given as examples. Underestimated underdog or teenage romantic tension is much more vague and easy to write endless scenarios for than "ok you're a skeleton".


If "Underestimated underdog" was you describing OPM, I was referring to "Worlds most powerful hero wins every fight without trying, but never gets any credit" being the one joke, and with Kaguya I meant "Both MCs have a crush on each other, but they don't want to be the one to admit it so must trick the other into doing so"; those aren't really vague. I would say that those shows using such a specific plot point for humor so many times, and still pulling it off, demonstrates a level of skill not possessed by the writer of Skeleton Knight. Also, the issue with Skeleton Knight is that once the MC covers his face, the issue of being a skeleton just disappears; he also just has a normally functioning body under an illusion. There are plenty of jokes that can come out of the premise of "This guy is a skeleton, and he doesn't want people to find out", but the writer is too unskilled to figure that out. I also want to say that my first post did a really bad job of making my point, but I'm actually defending "one joke" shows. Having a multitude of jokes centered around a core plot element can be done really well, and it adds to a sense of cohesion in the show. Actual "one joke" issues arise from let's say the same punch line being repeated, it's more complex than that but I've rambled enough.


> but I'm actually defending "one joke" I didn't interpret your post as criticizing them. My response is more of the fact that "one joke" shows and premises require much more vague open-endedness than the specificity that Skeleton Knight allows. It's also a very narrow line between what's comedic to what's annoying - ie Cautious Hero vs Full Dive, both written by the same author. >those aren't really vague I say they are vague because they are vague. They allow vague scenarios and setups that can go any which way. There's nothing specific about two awkward teenagers and Kaguya's spectrum is as broad as your imagination allows. But "I don't want you to see my face" is specific. The concepts and one jokes of OPM, Kaguya are based in the imagination and are situations arising from understanding. Skeleton Knight is limited to physicality. The same way a stand up comedian like Carlin has endless amounts of material, a comedian like Carrot Top is limited.


Nah, I don't think so. The show is getting low scores in reviews because it's sending mixed signals all the time, as do poorly written series. You have this super serious plot: racism, an enslaved race, rape almost every episode like they have a rape quota or something, children crying, women being eaten alive, abandoned corpses of sick slaves left to rot in a dungeon cell, etc. But it's like it's not happening. The characters keep goofing around as if they were in a generic middle school slice of life and not committing mass homicide to save victims of abuse. Tsukimichi is much better despite having similar goofiness because the protagonist has emotions that last longer than 20 seconds. Shinchou Yuusha takes a more pragmatic approach and the goofiness comes from how ridiculous the situations get, not from the characters lazying around while the world is in danger and they have the power to save people. This series is just: the protag acts like a generic gaming streamer and the heroine like a big tiddy elf heroine, and the story just goes exactly the same aimless "defeat bad guys with un-earned OP-ness" way you'd expect, and everything that doesn't go like this feels like a half-assed attempt by the author to convince the audience and perhaps himself that the story isn't generic like the other stories, no sir, because the MC is... a skeleton, or because he [Skeleton Knight] >!couldn't beat a sword master in a sword duel once!<.


It has a lot of things going for it but got a bit boring for me


Your opinion about it being like OPM is exactly how I took it. It's isekai Saitama who is having fun instead of bored.


I think the interactions Arc has are what make the show. Times like when the elf climbs through the window then he just teleports. Or his buff ninja buddy that instantly became a bro. Even his meeting of the furry eared ninja. He has this wild excitement of a child, which I think is one of the most accurate portrayal of a character who’s been isekaid. I’m always confused why people want to go back to a world where they’re nothing. A good example is Arifureta. Hajime can become a God. All he wants is to go back to his shitty world.


A show that's about light hearted fun really should not have as much rape with as little care for the topic as it does. It makes the tone feel like it's all over the place for no reason. There's a good bit to enjoy about the show, but also some moments where I was just like, what the actual fuck


I dont really care for a grand story. Im up for an overpowered character being goofy and shit. Im even ok if it had a bit of bad animation as long as it's fun like Tatoeba last dunegon BUT skeleton knight almost failed in every way possible. People are comparing this to overlord but it's more like how not to summon a demon lord but more mediocre. Almost every fucking struggle in the show has fucking sexual harrasment involve lmao. Im starting to think the author had a fetish for that shit. Skeleton knight's character is the most uninspired and confused character Ive encountered for a while now. First few episodes, he's a bootleg version of momon but he completely scratched that idea almost immediately and sticked to a bootleg version of Brook. Side characters are bland as fuck and so predictable. They dont even react appropriately to whatever bs skeleton knight is doing. There was nothing fun about this in my opinion. I had no expectations when I started this and was bored almost immediately.


Its generic. That's what it truly is. There is nothing depressingly bad about it nor applause worthy about it either. It fits in the criteria of a good time waster. As long as you don't have any expectations going into it you can enjoy it as it is. I won't really recommend it as a show worth watching, but recommend it as a boredom repellant instead


slavery and sex trafficking is a huge part of almost every single episode. it takes every opportunity to show every attractive slave, chained up in a suggestive pose, or blushing cutely. half the time those slaves are about to be... used poorly. and it is all played as a kinky fun joke.... even when they find a bile of slave bodies the tension gets released by getting a characters butt stuck in a window or some other tasteless joke. i like that every episode is a simple low stakes adventure in a fantasy world, there should be more isakai, or just anime that do that. But making a 'low stakes' adventure focus on slavery, racism and sex trafficking, is really tasteless, because slavery and sex trafficking and racism.... are not low stakes. Making those things into kinky scenes and into jokes is kinda gross and that is all the main plot is. Skeleton knight wants to say: hey its kinda hot to chain up and mind control these elf girls! but then excuses itself from the bad look of that by having the main character save them in a weird rescue fantasy.


Pretty much on point, this show could have been the Lendale of the season if it removed all those elements, why try to be campy and fun if all conflicts are created by themes that are incompatible with the mood the show tries to set. That is one of the main reasons it's so low rated and hardly watched in the sub.


These two comments really hit the nail on the head. The show is completely devoid of tonal consistency, and nobody involved in making it seems aware of this fact. The show has no idea what it wants to be, and there is nothing about it that demonstrates any skill involved in the creation/depiction of the story. A competent show could have handled the darker elements well, or stuck with the light hearted tone consistently, and maybe it's even possible to join all the elements together into something that isn't a total shitshow, but they didn't do that here.


This. I like the show just not those awkward moments where they rely on rape to show who the bad guys are and how bad they are.


OP, not sure why you are trying to justify this super average isekai (I heard the LNs are much better), when you are going to forget about it in 6 months. And you can't seriously claim it be "goofy, entertaining and light-hearted fun" when the whole story is about rescuing slaves and/or sexual abuse victims (while sexualizing them in the process as shown by the first five minutes of the show).


In my opinion, simply because it touches on some dark topics it does not mean the show itself is serious in nature. It is more about how it treats said topics, and as far as treatment goes, it is just about a do-good hero resucing people in need without any form of moral complications.


“Touches on some dark topics” Meanwhile the series literally opens with attempted r*pe in less than 5 seconds


Respectfully decline


If the near rape and other horrible things denziens of the world do wasnt so gleefully shown to us then I imagine I could really like the show. I wish there was a nicer version for me but there isnt. Even all the previews for the show make it their number 1 thing to show you so I never got past the first 2 seconds in investigating the show. So I made do reading the ANN weekly reviews.


While it's been one of my favorites that I look forward to watching every week, I can also kind of understand why not many people watch it. There is a lot of sexualization, whether it be the cold open the first few minutes, every villain to Ariane, all the slavers, or when they murdered the princess. It's a little alienating since people who expect a fun fantasy romp may assume it's \*those\* types of anime from the first few minutes while people who are expecting \*those\* types of anime may be disappointed by the fun fantasy romp segments. In turn, it feels the target audience is for people who for some reason want both, which is a smaller subsection of the viewerbase. Case in point, the only reason I started watching was seeing clips on Youtube of Arc being a dork after the fact, but I'm sure I would have been offput if I just dived straight into episode 1. I do my best to look away from those segments, but I feel like they are unnecessary to include in the first place. Also for people who care about visuals, the switch between 3D CG and traditional 2D art is really noticeable. It doesn't hurt my enjoyment of the show, but even as someone who doesn't usually notice these things, it's reaaaaallly obvious at points. Lastly, while I would have liked more of Arc just enjoying his fantasy adventures, I also see the need to introduce a driving force for the plot forward by trying to dismantly the slavery ring. Compared to something like Leadale, while I enjoyed both, the latter felt a bit more meandering at times because of the lack of immediacy in its conflict. Again, I just wish there was less sexualization, since it's already clear to see in other ways how evil the villains are. Overall, to me I see it as an issue of subjective vs objective metrics, with the latter being what I assume is more impactful to scoring to most. And based off the visual and the flipflops in tone, it's rather understandable. As said before though, it's one of my favorites this season despite everything, and I think it's perfectly okay as such, since not every work needs to be a masterpiece to be enjoyable.


I recommend just not watching or reading reviews about ANYTHING unless it's about a series possibly being suggested to you. If a synopsis or key visual interests you, give the series a try. If you think you'll enjoy it, keep watching. If you aren't, drop it. Simple as that. No need to get some kind of worthless gratification from a stranger whos brain is completely different from yours. The faster you do this, the more media you'll enjoy.


Also PelleK


I like Skeleton Knight in Another World, but I feel it is underrated by community because I enjoyed every episode for now and I think it could be in top 10 of spring season.


Sadly, the number of user reviews means that it will likely never get a recognition worthy of its merits. Likely as a result of either the overly strong opening or the generic title.


Just so you know, it’s “entertain”, not “entretain”. Only correcting because you said it twice, so I’m assuming it’s not a typo


o shit, correcting. thamks.


I recommend this anime simply because the OP soundtrack singer is Pellek and the way they draw boobs is godly.


When is see the last image I can't get that laugh out of my head haha or mwahahahahahaha


The biggest reason I picked it up was because the MC has Veldoras VA from slime and his laugh is addictive


Yes, I love his laugh too!


I watched this show, just because i saw the cover and thought i looked cool. This and Spy x Family and probably the only two anime's I've TRULY enjoyed this season. It's definitely worth a watch. I look forward to it every week now.


Watch the OP....if that doesn't get you it's probably not for you.


I watched two episodes and the first one was decent but the second was *painfully* generic. I like the op because PelleK sings it but uhhhh I dunno about continuing the show.


It's a fun show


It’s very fun to watch and the intro song/animation pumps me up so much. if I ever start working out again that song will be first on my playlist.


Ains on vacation has a good charm to him that is funny and wholesome at the same time.


Agree 100%


This show was as vanilla and boring as it gets tbh.


This show is like the failed abortion of Overlord and Goblin Slayer that for some crazy reason thought it could improve its ideas with a light hearted tone, and it can't even pull that off well. It is a tonally incoherent and completely unoriginal shitshow. I useually don't judge people for their taste, but if this review isn't some sick joke (i.e. "wouldn't it be funny if I tricked people into watching trash") you need to learn more about anime or media in general. Your opinion is bad and you should feel bad!


Now, I am no media expert (I fear my cred is as a game designer), but fun things are fun.


That is a lazy opinion, some people find torturing small animals to death fun, and we call them sociopaths; that was an intentionally over the top comparison, but the main point stands. If you want to be a nihilist, I can't stop you, but it doesn't make sense to give a review while simultaneously claiming that there are no standards by which things can be measured. You wrote your post framed by the idea that the poor critical reception to this show is due, at least in part, to people not having proper expectations going into the show. You imply the existence of standards by which this show is good, but reject the existence of standards by which this show is trash. You also completly leave out the valid complants of the people who hate the show. If you want to be honest, you'd mention that people hate the show for its haphazard and gratuitous use of slavery and attempted rape, and say that you just aren't bothered by them. You instead hide the actual reasons people hate the show, and basically blame it on them just not getting it. Your post should have just been "The show is trash, and so is my taste, but if you like garbage shows this one might be for you too". My problem isn't with your enjoyment of the show, it is with you presenting your review as some kind of alternate (and superior) perspective on the show.


Where do I watch this?


First of all it's on crunchyroll, but if u go to [because.moe](http://because.moe) you won't ever need to ask this again, provided you live in North America (or have a VPN for N.A.)


Thank you


Fuck them critics, it’s so good


For me its the best isekai of the season.


Hands down my favorite updating anime right now.


Yes its a guilty pleasure kind of show


Show fucking slaps


Manga was pretty decent never checked out the anime but overlord fandom was mighty salty once it came out it's prob pretty decent like the manga but people are judging it by the cover and letting their opinion be clouded by prejudice while watching.


Who asked for ur opinion?


My brother in christ, this is the internet, we are all yelling into the void


A recurring criticism that I do not understand. The protagonist is not the main actor in the story. This anime is the Ariane's story, the MC just accompanies her Personally I like it, it is a simple and fun anime, but it still suffers from the lack of direction of the author when he wrote the web-novel. He was just throwing in ideas as he came up with them and it shows..


I enjoy every episode. I don’t go by pro reviewers, I check them out myself, and read recommendations from regular anime fans.


overlord season 4 🤮


I loved the opening so much I ended up picking it up as a read as well


I like it. I actually find it more enjoyable than Overlord which gets pretty boring and repetitive after season 1.


i like arc but all the other chars and the plot suck ass. also too much fucked up shit going on there, but that's expected of LNs i guess


>a wonderful evil laugh Great performance as usual by Tomoaki Maeno (the lucky guy who married Mikako Komatsu).


It’s because this anime got made and Skeleton Couldn’t Protect the Dungeon did not.


I was reading the manga and I thought it was great


I love it so far, doubt that’ll change. I do think the first episodes darker aspects were a strange addition seeing the rest of the show but somehow I just wasn’t worried by it before I saw the rest. Wasn’t like Goblin Slayer, thankfully, never did finish that show. Which is extremely rare for me because I finish almost any anime I start regardless how much I like it and especially anything in fantasy/action/adventure genre, but for several reasons I didn’t, a particularly strong one is my distaste for grape scenes.


For anyone who tries it but isn't feeling it it picks up when the female main character shows up. I was going to drop it at first but I look forward to it each week now.


Imagine how much they saved on the animation budget by having Arc's mouth covered by the helmet 90% of the time.


I've never seen this anime or Manga so my first thought of it was "Oh shit! Papyrus was issekaid and became a badass knight!"


I read the manga for this, I like it a lot. I was really sad about the poor critic reviews because I actually think it was decent.


I might check it out. After bingeing Arifureta I've been looking for something that would be as fun to me. My main concern after hearing that it was a lighthearted show was that the MC would be somewhat of a bland goody two shoes, which... You know, that's not necessarily a bad thing, but I tend to prefer characters that aren't wholly good.


I don't like overlord and didn't expect to find it here either.Its just boring as fuck.The only good episode was the tenth and it gone back to being shit again.