Not much longer, hopefully 🤞

Not much longer, hopefully 🤞


The the moooooon! Waiting sucks but it’ll be worth it in the end. 💎🙌🦍🚀🚀🌝


Im already there in my mind.


I need whatever you’re smoking 🦍


Super silver haze from cannabiotix


White Walker OG


Super silver haze is nice. I’ve been all about this white Buffalo lately sativa wise


I call them Silverback haze, cause I'm an Ape 🦍🦍🦍


>Super silver haze from cannabiotix i used to smoke ssh from mr nice when i was 15 bro now its stardawg time


Ape-shiet. The best.


That is the secret


I’m scared the SEC gonna do something that is going to bail citadel out and we never go to the moon. I can HODL as long as needed. But my fear is exactly that nothing happens.


*Too many eyes are watching..* Patience, friends. I hodl for you.


same, king


We'll burn the world down and end corruption if that happens. So they won't take their chances


That's my daily reminder. To the mooooooooon!


I feel this. Last two days have been brutal. Yesterday did 2 full ac installs, worked on property pool, and fixed a leaking/clogged sink. Today was an assload of down acs I had to fix, as well as a handful of other stuff, all in 100°+ weather.


fuck alllllat amc gon set u free


Someone will have to do it. I hope we all remember to continue doing something to give back to others :)


He's gonna buy his own business and be an owner for a change ... Well, that's what I would do. Uncle can't have it all!


I feel *this*. Yesterday, installed 36 2x2's in a foundation wall so I could hang 250sqft drywall. Taped and floated. Now I get to sand the whole thing and paint it. Then I got three apartments to turn before the end of the day.


You guys are the real people. I’m a teacher and if it weren’t for the drive, I would never be in any environment over 74 degrees. For real, in a cosmic and historical way, my hat is off to you.


F all that. All the way raw without lube. I hate drywall. Will do a butterfly patch here and there, but you want nice walls, get someone else to do it. I would rather snake drains and fix acs all day than do drywall. Only 2 acs today, and a turn, but was destroyed. New grout and caulking in both bathrooms, had to cut out and redo bathroom ceiling sections, new doors, cut out and fix around windows, rebuild most of the drawers and cabinetry, and more. two of us took the whole day, and still some things left. windows need another sanding and possible skim coat, paint and rehang blinds, and some miscellaneous stuff.


Dude! I’m sorry…retired military here! I know what the heat can do. Thank you for your hard work and dedication! I know it’s not much but to me having a working AC is a God send! When this thing pops, I honestly hope you hit it big! Thanks for what you do!


I actually enjoy it, and I make enough so my wife only works part time, but pretty soon gonna be too old for this shit. I will definitely quit my job when this moons, but may just go to the "poor" areas of my city and fix peoples stuff for a heavily discounted/sliding scale fee. This heat is just a motherfucker working in it all day.




Thank you for your service!


Retired MilitAry in the house 🏠


Seesh, I respect that!


I feel ya!! Iron worker who’s always stuck outside. Drink those fluids boys🤘


Im currently unemployed, bought 500 shares of amc with my savings. Im either going to really shock my family in a few months or continue being a loser. 🦍


Nice amount of shares.


thanks, but it only cost me nearly everything in my bank account lol \~\_\~U


That's a lot of hope. Definitely hodl'ing for you... I would still get a punch in the stomach even if it hit big with a "YOU DID WHAT WITH ALL OUR SAVINGS??!!" Brave brah!


I'm hodling for you! Aaaahhh my spell check actually suggested *hodling* that's freakin hilarious!


thanks same, hodl!


If you think it's going to such a high price, why not just balance the amount of shares you have with the savings, that way you would win out no matter what.


not sure what you mean..




How do they feel?






Mine have been moist and hot for last few days.


Same! Humidity sucks in Texas!


Your telling me! One step out the door and my balls are immediately drenched in sweat.


When people ask me about the humidity in Texas, I always tell them that all they need is a straw and they could drink the air.


Dude, ya take a shower down here, walk outside and you need another. I hate it when people throw parties in summertime and act like people enjoy sitting outside in 100 degree temps.


Get some ball deodorant, I did, and that shit rocks.


Nut butter!! Gotta be anti-perspirant and it def does the job!


This was definitely me today driving back home. Boss was being a douche and micromanaging all day. I just imagined telling him to f*** off, I'm out. Smiled the rest of the way home 😎


This is the way! Hang in there!


Thanks. No way I'm paper handing. We got this. And you too!!


Patience is a virtue but millions in the bank buys a yacht you can name Virtue so hurry the fk up already!


Fuck yachts, other investments to keep the money rolling.


I live in Florida. Bahamas are just 3 hrs 👉 that way and you cant get there by car. A yacht can cover both mobility and housing. Plus you get to eat dinner every night watching the sundown over water. Yeah that's my happy place.


I put in my two weeks notice today. Fuck this miserable trade. Moass or not i shouldn’t be working a job that wreaks havoc on my mental health. Going back to college. Edited for grammar and to let people know not to go into tool and die making.


I called in twice for shift back to back then the next day just didn’t show up, three years of miserable work with absolutely no gratitude from management. Went to my union said what i needed to say and the company cut me a cheque for $11,000 so i wouldn’t turn it into a human rights issue. And you already know where i put that $11,000…. AMC.


I wish I had the balls to do that


It's gonna hurt but at the same time it's going to be a big breathe of fresh air, as someone who did the same.


I am getting a settlement in November that will equate to 3 yrs income. Moass or not I’ll be gone in October


Just do it. Honestly.


Every fucking Monday


Look at Mr. Hot Shot over here with his consistent work schedule


Checking in. Shitty schedule. I'm a railroader. 2 hour call to show up at work, day or night, holidays and weekends, no schedule. Then go out of town for 30-40 hours at a time in a hotel away from family till I get called to come back home on another train. Can confirm. Fuckin sucks.


Being single, that doesn't sound incredibly bad. For someone with a family or S.O., not so good.


Two children and a wife. Makes it tough because you can't plan anything. I have no idea what day or time I'll be home. Even off days aren't guaranteed because they can call you in 2 hours prior to it starting (they start at noon daily) and you have to go if the phone rings at 9:55am for 11:55am start time. So I miss the soccer games, dance recitals, birthday parties, etc. All in the name of great pay, sure, but what's it worth in the long run? My family lives a great life but I'm always gone and missing from the family photos. The real fun part is "24hours in the hotel without getting called to work is your off day" and we are obligated to work another 6 trips in a row to earn an unscheduled off day. Like sure, I'm 120 miles from home, in a hotel, no vehicle of my own to do anything, but that's my *off day.* Sorry for the bitching, but I'm sick of the lifestyle. Money's great, really great, benefits are awesome, privatized retirement (the only one in the country. I don't pay social security, I pay into railroad retirement) but the light at the end of the proverbial tunnel has fizzled out after 7 years there. I'm ready to be home and find something else.


120 miles is the length of approximately 386241.6 'Logitech Wireless Keyboard K350s' laid widthwise by each other


Well. Are they the crappy hotels or at least halfway decent?


How else would I fund my degenerate gambling on AMC?


I've always worked in customer service where set schedules are basically unheard of, even for a manager like myself 🤷🏼‍♂️


Fellow manager here! Can't wait to manage nothing but my tendies soon!




Liquid shits because of my anxiety due to working 2 jobs. Enough


Soon the next hashtag or post will be “where/what were you at/doing when MOASS”.


As someone with very vivid memories of where exactly I was for huge life events, I can't wait!


XXX holder since January. My husband has chronic cancer and I work in the school system in a state where COVID is running rampant again. I go back to work next week and masks are optional. I love my husband more than anything in this world and am absolutely terrified of bringing this home to him. The closer we get to the squeeze, the closer I am to keeping him safe. I hold for him and for all of you.


When it happens I'm going to invest in land and property. Pay someone to manage those two things, while I pursue my dream of owning/operating a food truck. Then travel in said truck, making delicious food for the people.




Lol me everyday


At least you don’t have an ugly crying face.


I think I do though 😅😭


It's taking super long and holding through everything. Hopefully it moon soon, im getting tired of being patient but I know it'll pay off. To the moon


So far this week I have worked 36.5 hours. Fucking let’s moon already


Dear fucking Christ I hope it's not much longer. I was standing at the window watching the storm, huge gusts of wind are whipping the leaves back and forth, and all of a sudden a massive branch lands on my fucking car. Windows shattered, huge gaping dent in the roof, and rain absolutely pouring in. I just lost my job. I just got liability insurance to save on cost (idiot), so I don't think it's covered. I just walked to the bedroom and layed down. I'm done. Wake me up when the MOASS happens.


please please please please please please please please please squeeze


Working from home I still be like this waking up and going in the other room. I don’t even have pants on 😂


Hahahaha! Fuck yea it sucks! But ima wait. To the moon baby!!!! 🚀🚀🚀 🚀 🌙🌙🌙


It’s okay. Patience is bitter but the rewards are out if this world


Every week now


That’s me Going into AMZN everyday.. Just hoping to Launch so I won’t have to buy so many god damn Kleenex


Every damn day ugh lol


You guys have a car?


Yeah but no gas money because I spend it all on AMC. Luckily I live uphill from work, so I just throw her in neutral and coast on down 😂


No doubt we are traveling at turtle speed🐢 to the moon... in the meanwhile find a hobby, read a book, start your business to drown out the wait time😇


I like my job, like 80% of the time haha! I just want those tendies so I can buy myself a decent sized house and maybe another one and stick it on rent! That would be life-changing for me and my family. Anything else will be a bonus.


I feel this in my bones


Oh my god. After the day I just had…… this is so fucking relevant


Literally can’t focus at work anymore. My boss knows I have amc, but thinks I’m just a dumbass. His mind is going to be blown when I leave. He thinks I need this job more than anything.


Doesn’t it incur less taxes if you own the stock longer tho? Dragging it out is probably doin me a favor…


I had a hard day as well.......on the Golf Course (which I intend to buy when MOASS!). Free rounds for all APE card holders 🦍🦍🦍💎💎💎


I like my job and wont quit it. I maybe reduce some hours so i work 20Hours/Week. AMC to the freaking Sun! 🚀🚀🌝 > 🚀🚀☀️


Finally someone else who likes their job! I like mine too and am blessed to work with a great group of people (including the owners) at a small company. That said, I still want to get some combination farm / woodland / with creeks and/or lake and build a house that is completely off-grid. Nice to dream sometimes.


I’m in an Uber going to work right now. Yesterday was an unmitigated disaster at work and my heart feels like it’s going to burst from anxiety. I’m still holding though.


I understand this post. Landscaper in the great white ND. You think it would be cool here but it’s been hotter than Africa this year. Weeks of 90-100 degrees with 75% humidity. Come on winter or moass. I would take either right now.


Baby steps


More like how i look in the shower...


That's $700k today and tomorrow, $801k on Monday.


I'm a peacock, you got to let me fly!!!


Lmaooo facts!! And I only work 2 days a week all summer 🤣🤣🤣


AMC - APE MOONING CLUB..... Soon we will go to mooooon!!!!!


Nothing worth having comes easy. HODL


That was me this morning.


My God no kidding! I keep hoping for layoff (ain't going to happen) until it squeezes! {sighs}


Lol I feel this post but I've been dancy since I invested. I know I'm getting mine soon


To the Moon




Seeing the price hit 8,000 and I know my house will be payed off. Once we hit that number it's all profits baby!!!


Literally me.


Lmao can totally relate to that !


More time to get some more shares! Once it pops it pops.


Every day




Lol gogo amc


Same. Same. But it’s worth the wait!


This is 100% me this morning 😂😂


Def me today


This gives me ALL the feels... DAMN. But, the MOON IS NEAR... but that job tho is nearest for now... I go and use it to buy more #AMC - that's the only thing that gets me to work. Fo reals.


Wtf why not enjoy your last job ever ?? Just chill , do well there and vibe


Just a meme. I'm fortunate to not hate my job. I'll actually be buying the business by the end of the year, with or without MOASS.


just be patient, your stragle will come to an end unexpectedly,no one of us know for the meantime, we need to hodl 😊😊


This is exactly me! 😂😂😂👍🏻


Not only does it refuse to hit $500K but it refuses to hit $80.


Yes, please


Driving to my stupid job to earn more money to pump Into meme stocks so I can retire early


So I am curious to this whole AMC thing. Are we legitimately hoping for 500k per share on AMC because that sounds rediculous to me. But I am also not aware of the whole story behind AMC and have had their stock for over 2 years now. Just never sold


Plenty of DD all over thus sub to answer your question 😊


It me…


I'm really starting to worry that it might not. I don't mean that as FUD or "you guys are wrong", I mean that I never really knew just how much control the hedgies and those in power had. Reading into all of this and seeing everything you guys post has really changed how I see things on the news or when a company makes an announcement. Like in my head, if the government came in and saved them I wouldn't even be shocked at this point cause evidently the government and the hedgies are all basically one in the same in terms of policy it seems


For the peasant apes like myself who only own xx shares, what is the expected/potential moon? I don't really care because I love the company but it would be nice to let the wifes boyfriend know.


those of you who think anything near $100,000 is possible, you seriously must be the dumbest fucking people on earth. I want you all to make a lot of money. I want the hedge funds to fucking bleed out of every goddamn pore, but when I hear this kind of talk I think you seriously you are some stupid motherfuckers. Just do the damn math. Half a billion shares* $100,000 = fifty trillion dollars. That is twice the entire gross domestic product of the United States. "The financial position of the United States includes assets of at least $269.6 trillion (1576% of GDP) and debts of $145.8 trillion (852% of GDP) to produce a net worth of at least $123.8 trillion (723% of GDP) as of Q1 2014." So apparently some of you think AMC will be worth half as much as the entire financial position of the entire goddamn United States. The largest hedge fund on Earth is about 150 billion dollars. If you took every dollar from them, 500000 shares would mean a share price of $300. I'm sure there might be other hedge funds involved, but the point is, you can't get blood out of a turnip. You can't get money that people don't have. There are legal Protections in place to prevent something like this, and they have lawyers and there's this thing called bankruptcy. If you ever get back to $100 per share, you should take it. You should have taken it as $77. This is not GameStop which has a much smaller float. I'll even go out on a limb and say $300 is not out of the realm of impossibility cuz there's other hedge funds involved. But do you really think any hedge fund is just going to hold on until their entire portfolio is evaporated? All I'm saying is protect your portfolio protect your families protect your profits, don't go along with some group think, thinking that you're going to stick it to the man even worse, and then you end up just losing your ass. If you would have all sold at $77 you definitely would have fucking stuck it to the Man. Because the only way it went up that high is some of those assholes covered. Now they're just shorting it back down, making money on the way down. Honestly they have high frequency trading and sophisticated algorithms and their losses will be temporary you will never beat these assholes. When you run it back up there will always be somebody to short it back down. It never ends. But when you can take a stock that used to be a dollar and sell it for $77, by any means, I would call that a fucking win.


It’s going to hit 500k?? Really?


I’ve been changing oil in 90-100 degree weather. I feel this.


Take deep breaths. HODL. Take more deep breaths. Never read that Friday Hopium about "wait 'til next week folks!" All we do is HODL.




This hits home hard


Ha! My alarm just went off…I’m pretty sure that’s me in the pic


For real


Shit that me because it refuses to go over 100


I feel it in my soul. Lol. Heinz ketchup for my Mayo(good things come to those who wait)


Fo’ real….. I feel the same way!


I know this feeling all too well. 😩


Every got damn morning


HAHAH... YEH. Tell me about it. I don't hate my job, but I would like for once something I have hoped for to pay off.


Shit...my old ass aint going anywhere...except to and from my boring job so I can keep buying dips


I truly feel this meme


Im actually feeling this. I need this change in my life. I could be so much more then what i am.


Hits me in the feels


A watched kettle never boils. Just forget about it and pretend it doesn’t exist and it’ll happen. Never fails. The institutions seem to be behaving like January will be the squeeze.


Fuck that. I'm enjoying every single minute of the ride!


It has already hit above 8K .. Just that Kenny & his cronies are manipulating the shit out of AMC. Its about time they get fucked.