It's in custom workouts, at least in mine. Will only show up on the day the workout is scheduled though.


I couldn't find it today, will look again for my next session. It does seem like it's trying to force you down the Zwift training route...which is fair enough but building custom workouts using a tablet is a pain


I dont think its working. Ive added and deleted the TP connector multiple times, but also cant find the workouts anywhere within the Zwift UI.


I couldn't see my TP workout after the latest Zwift update which caused me to miss my workout for that day. After disconnecting my TP account from my Zwift account and then reconnecting them, I can now see my TP workouts each calendar day in Zwift. If I miss a scheduled workout then I just export them from Zwift and manually copy them to my Windows directory for Zwift to identify as a custom workout (I don't have TP Premium to be able to reschedule my calendar workouts)


Works as normal for me.


I’ve had that happen after updates in the past. I created Zwift workouts until they magically reappeared. I think it was about a week for me.