Update: I can now only hear the radio and not the other game noises…(Engines, Button Clicks, etc.)


Are you using Voicemeeter by any chance?


No??? Don’t know what that is…


Is there a fix for this if I am? I can't use my buttkicker with vatsim because it randomly stops the vatsim audio output.


There is I don't remember the exact rules it was the main reason I got rid of my butt kicker for some base shakers basically you have to duplicate the audio chanel so that it's coming back to the system instead of just going to your but shaker


I’m not sure I don’t use Buttkicker but I sometimes have issues with the audio stopping from vPilot when my VR headset goes to sleep. It’s a punish but if I go to settings in vPilot, Audio and cycle the outputs back it seems to work again.


I have the a similar issue, seems to happen with my Bluetooth headset more often. I lose all vpilot audio and aircraft specific sounds, in game sounds such as music and menu remain unaffected. It seems quite sporadic so I can never exactly recreate the conditions to cause it, but it's definitely linked to the Bluetooth and or mic setup. Dodgy driver maybe, it's just off the aircraft sounds disappear and not the menu and music.