"fAcEiT aC iS gOoD" - Smooya: "in faceit premium queue all germans are cheaters" (0:09)

"fAcEiT aC iS gOoD" - Smooya: "in faceit premium queue all germans are cheaters" (0:09)


the german amateur and semi pro scene is a clusterfuck of self serving cunts and cheaters, it's *really* bad, used to be in it a few years ago. that's probably also the reason why there's practically no new german talent coming to the pro scene.


This sub is overrun with denialists. Hard truth: Pros cheat like crazy.


it's also full of silver scrubs that have no idea what they are talking about. there's cheating at the pro level, yes. but the shit posted here is mostly conspiracy bullshit with no bearing whatsoever.


When will you people learn not to link Twitch clips ...


German guy here and i can agree with it. We got really much cheater and toxic players around. Most time we blame others sadly.


Faceit ac IS good, compared to uh, vac sadly there are weirdos that will try get past anything if it means they get their cheating fix


Any hardware cheat is undetectable anyway...


maybe currently undetected, but no cheat is **undetectable**


Nah the main one that everyone was using with Screamers has been detectable by Faceit atleast (not ESEA) for a long time now via TLP Attacks to unmasked spoofed devices. You need a different more expensive DMA device that can handle those requests or else faceit can easily see them.


Well clearly something else is available at the moment. Every single pug I play has multiple stolen / boosted keydrop accounts VERY blatantly aimbotting and having way too many infos out of nowhere


When I read this I'm just confused, as someone deeply embeded with devs who do work for leagues there is nothing widespread nor cheap for Faceit AC/ESEA. People are paying hundreds of euros/dollars per month if they are lucky to get access. Some are even paying thousands for custom work. One of the well known devs just had a few of his methods go down for the way movement was done for aim assist. Not dev does actual snapping aimbots for faceit and survives.


that coming from smooya who played a certain time with a full cheating line up in esea xd what a clown lmao


Nice you took my clip from Reddit and reposted it here... WELL DONE :)


"fAcEiT aC iS gOoD" - said by a person who has know knowledge of faceit anticheat or their manual analysis capabilities


Faceit ac is good, anyone saying it's not is incredibly ignorant.


Faceit is good in the context that it’s better than MM which is like saying I would rather play in mud rather than shit yes it’s a lot better but there are still a fair number of cheaters it’s not perfect people are always able to get around anti-cheat


no ac is perfect


Obv, but that doesn't make it bad ac, it's good ac but obviously not perfect.


Agreed it’s still definitely not perfect as some people think it is


It's a solid anticheat. People are simply fucked in the head and would circumvent anything that gets put up anyway.


Just try to find a cheat coder for Faceit AC. It's almost impossible if you don't know anyone in the cheating scene. All of them are private. Then you have VAC where cheats are not only public and free, you can get them from github. So yes, Faceit AC does a really good job at preventing hackers in your games.


Yes but when ure to 3-4k elo the amount of players with 1500 hrs in cs prem que Who does 40 bombs it’s just not right with only 500 games and new accs trying to cheat Their way into fplc


Youre underestimating the amount of cheaters with this kind of logic. Yeah, maybe cheaters are 20 to 1 in faceit (5%) but thats still a huge mean average to account for in affected gameplay. Compare this to the 20% rate in MM. Yeah, it is better but it makes the entire platform still suspect.


> 20 to 1 in faceit (5%) if you don't play at <30 games where you don't need faceit ac to run then you won't get any cheaters in your games. I'm at 2000+ games on faceit and I've gotten the notification for a cheater in my games maybe once or twice.


What a load of bullshit. Just do a few google searches and you'll find how wrong you are


Ladies and gentlemen, I present you the irony in its purest form