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Lol, if the Titanic sunk in 2021 there'd actually be enough life boats for everyone.


OSHA laws don't exist in this timeline.


Actually, a lot of those laws were put into place because of the Titanic, IIRC. So it's possible.


The important part is that in either timeline we get Billy Zane.


Am I awful for preferring Dead Calm Billy Zane? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ezqM5LZAug0


Honestly prefer his Ansem, Seeker of Darkness. Really hammed up the role and made it more fun compared to Richard Epcar.


I also don't think the whole "women and children" first is still a thing. Look at the Afghan evacuation. I didn't see them really prioritize anyone. They crammed as many as they could on a cargo plane and took off.


Women and children was barely a thing at the time of the titanic. It was actually unusual that the titanic stuck to it


I saw a graph recently and it looked like children were overwhelmingly saved, though there were fewer children by far overall. More women survived than men, but mostly old people and poor people were fucked.


Oh so they just believe anything a movie says. I hope all the Oathkeepers and Proud Boys believe an undercover cop HAS to tell you they're a cop if you ask them.


It was an outlier, and not representative of most maritime disasters, but [the Titanic really _did_ stick to the "women and children first" thing.](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.newscientist.com/article/dn22119-sinking-the-titanic-women-and-children-first-myth/amp/)


Rich people usually got preference. Plenty of poor women in steerage died while wealthy gentlemen got onto boats.


If Titanic sunk in 2021, there'd be a massive bailout for the white star line corporation.


Truest comment so far.


And we'd go to war with Iran over it for some reason.


"It was a false flag operation by Greenpeace and Antifa to sabotage the cruise liner industry."


Actually, there was. To finance their latest liners, the British Government offered to float the cash if Cunard and White Star Line merged


They'd also prioritize families before anything else if I recall


Also prioritise kids in general, but not women over men.


and radar so they wouldn't have crashed in the first plqce


Who cares? there were enough lifeboats on the Cost Concordia.


Costa Concordia was a very different, non comparable disaster.


Conservatives would take the boats for themselves


The rich ones would be taking the boats while telling to the poor ones that there is no iceberg and that the lefties are not allowing them on the boats.


And then complain that the amount of people in said lifeboats we’re suffocating them and infringing on their right to privacy


That assumes they wouldn't just hop on first and take an entire boat for themselves.


"I worked my ass off for this boat!"


I pulled myself up by my bootstraps for this lifeboat.


LMAO ikr 😂😂


That actually kind of happened. In the movie they showed the rich getting on first, and how some boats weren’t even half full before they put them in the water. That’s taken directly from historical accounts.


Oh my God, who could stand to be on a pitiful raft in the cold ocean with a poor?!


Nah, they would claim it's a hoax by Big Lifeboat or some shit


If we’re sinking, then why are we higher up in the air than before? Checkmate liberals.


If water is so dangerous why do we drink it? And we are floating on water but hit ice which is water? It doesn't add up. My uncle was aboard the Maine when it sank and you never heard them sending a pansy SOS.


They’d be the guys who were kicking the ice around on the deck, refusing life jackets and saying things like “well if the ship is sinking then why don’t I currently see any water?”


No, they'd insist the boat wasn't sinking at all.


*ding* (from the intercom system) "Hello passengers, this is your Captain, Ronald Prump. I hope you're all enjoying the greatest cruise ship ever to sail. It is so great because I, your Captain, made it the best cruise ship to ever sail. You may see on your cabin TVs that the the FAKE news media is insisting that our ship is in danger after grazing a tiny piece of ice. This is fake news, I am your captain and I would never hit an iceberg. The tiny bits of water seeping in are being quickly contained and the situation is entirely under control folks. You're all going to be out on the top deck by partying by 5 pm! Worst case we can just scoop out the water with buckets, isn't that right Chief Engineer Gauci? **Egr. Gauci facepalms** Don't worry folks, no matter what the loony left wants you to believe, everything is fine and only put on your lifevest or get in that lifeboat if you really want to because you're a whimpy baby who doesn't believe in me, your Captain"


Which was exactly what happened in real life.


Naw it was all them Limousine Liburls up there in First Class.


No. They'd try to sink the lifeboats too claiming those are the real problem


Exactly! “You need to pull yourself up by your life vest straps! My father, before he gave me his company, was way colder than you are right now!”


"If you ask me, the straight, white, wealthy conservative men in lifeboats are the most oppressed group of people in the ocean! Did you hear some of the things those poor Irish from steerage were saying about us as they went under?!"


And sell the remaining seats to the highest bidders.


So it's exactly like it was before? Checks out.


Then cheerfully say: "A high tide raises all boats!" while all of the other people drowned because they had no boats.




Since I started following this sub, it has been mind blowing how many times I say one joke to myself while out in public. It is really, really true. Although now they also have “let’s go Brandon” if you count that as a joke. It is funny, but they sure seem to think it is.


Conservatives: Let's Go Brandon Leftists: Fuck Joe Biden Liberals/Biden Voters: Fuck Joe Biden Why are conservatives so obsessed with being different?


What's the reason that liberals don't like Biden?


Because liberalism is right wing and Biden explicitly pushed the bloating of student loans and the war on drugs. As president he has real authority to change things, but he hasn't done shit. Plus, he's weak sauce pushing for environmental regulations and minimum wage increases.


The amount of authority the President has is insane. Their powers have continuously expanded over the course of a hundred years and after 9/11 their powers went into dangerous, uncharted territory. Reputable Presidential Historians back in the 90s even stated that the only thing preventing a President from becoming a dictator is “decorum.” And we saw just how far Trump pushed those boundaries, and he’s a clown who has the intelligence of a petulant 10 year old brat. But now Biden is pretending he has no power without the full backing of Congress. Dems happily handed over the presidency to Manchin & Sinema. In ‘22 when the Neo-feudalists (GOP) take over the House & Senate, the final 2 years of Biden’s presidency will be sh*t show that’ll make Dems look even weaker and more pathetic than they already are, if that’s even possible. And that will lead to Trump, or one of his henchmen, winning the presidency in 2024. I’m seriously looking into moving out of the U.S. before another era of GOP control of all branches of government descends upon America. I want to be out by January 2025.


This is mostly speculation because I haven't considered myself a liberal for years, but Joe Biden was a terrible candidate. A lot of Americans wanted Bernie, which is why he was winning in the early stages. The DNC wanted Biden, which is why he won the nomination. Most Democrats didn't caucus or primary for him; at the caucus I volunteered at (Iowa), no delegates were sent for Biden.


He was a safe bet conservative Democrat candidate that was needed to *guarantee* a win. If he were a spice, he'd be flour. Yeah liberals voted for him, but we **want** a better candidate.


I mean. I wish this were true, but ultimately Biden won the nomination because he had way, way more American Democrats voting for him. 19 million to Sanders 9.5 million. That's a significantly higher gap than say, Biden to Trump in the general election, and we rightfully make fun of all the Trump people who still claim Trump won. I don't think Biden is a particularly popular Democrat next to say, Obama, but no amount of blaming anyone is going to make up for that huge vote discrepancy. Biden didn't win because the DNC wanted him, he won because Democrats wanted him. Democrats chose him. I wish Americans were more progressive but the fact is that lukewarm neoliberalism sells.


Man it's almost like controlled media can influence the masses during an election cycle.


There's also the factor in how polling places were for the primaries in certain places. As usual college towns were heavily overwhelmed and people had to wait in line significantly longer to get their vote in.


And polls closed with people waiting in line in those places, weirdly Also the general bullshit around Iowa


Sure but that doesn't really explain Biden winning 2 to 1. That's a HUGE win. And, to be frank, it's condescending to pretend these people would all have voted for Sanders then somehow got tricked into voting for Biden. I know these people. They're the "liberal" half of my family and even some of my friends. Lukewarm left-leaning centrist types who think I'm some kind of radical when I talk about universal healthcare and higher wages and giving homes to the homeless and all of that. Lifelong Democrats who like change as long as it's veryyyyyyyyyyyy slow. Family members who will vote Democrat then sit at the table and listen to my racist fucking uncle go on about cops and blacks and why they deserve what they get then gaslight me when I tell them he's a racist because nooooo, racism barely exists nowadays in neoliberal land. They get more mad at me than they do at him. You name it, they're out there. In really large numbers. If we actually had the numbers on the left the political landscape would look significantly different. It is changing, but it's probably going to take awhile.


> Sure but that doesn't really explain Biden winning 2 to 1. Bernie dropped out in April, months before the last state. Shows you how much people wanted him that despite that enough still came out to get him to these numbers.


It’s more accurate to say that Bernie consistently had a massive plurality, but every single time a candidate dropped out, they endorsed Biden because he was “electable”- even candidates like Warren who’s platform was similar to Bernie’s. In fact, community leaders and talking heads REGULARLY said that they preferred Bernie but though Biden was “safer”. At the end the only two viable candidates were Bernie, who had a massive, enthusiastic grassroots campaign, and Biden, who was barely even running at first but had literally *every other DNC candidate’s support, the support of the party, and the support of the media.* I won’t even get into some of the shadier aspects of various primaries, because that shit is more frusterating than it is substantiated, but even the most generous interpretation is that Biden won cause he wasn’t Trump, and only barely, and only because the vast majority of sanders volunteers and supporters bit their tongues and supported Biden after Sanders dropped out, and Sanders didn’t because, despite being extremely popular across nearly every single demographic, despite getting more young people enthused and involved than any candidate in recent memory, he was still, at the end of the day, too “socialist”. That’s another big problem- a large portion of his core base was younger people, and people in poverty- not exactly groups who usually find voting easy. Look at voting conditions on and near college campuses, for instance. The same restrictions that prop up republican election strategies severely hamper grassroots movements, and *even with all of that Bernie was still winning for a long time, and beating every other candidate*.


nah it's mostly because most people are moderate


Valid points but I think there’s more nuance to it than just “Biden had more supporters”. Why is that? I’d guess that because only the DNC supported Democrat wins because they’re backed my the DNC. More money for advertising, campaigning, etc. Hillary was the DNC supported candidate last time and she lost to the Republican candidate, so my guess is that this time people had already seen Bernie lose and were iffy on a round 2. Plus it was in the middle of Covid and he said “we’re in the middle of a global pandemic health crisis, I have a job to do”


A lot of people voted for Biden because of FPTP/strategic voting. I do believe he's correct in saying that more people wanted Bernie (i.e. positive opinion/would've won under other voting standards). The data on that specifically is hard to pin down, but he was ahead/level with Biden at a time when most people's biggest argument against Bernie was that he wasn't popular and they hated Trump. I think the average person would prefer Bernie but thinks that that is unrealistic/impossible.


>I mean. I wish this were true, but ultimately Biden won the nomination because he had way, way more American Democrats voting for him. 19 million to Sanders 9.5 million. That's a significantly higher gap than say, Biden to Trump in the general election, and we rightfully make fun of all the Trump people who still claim Trump won. > >I don't think Biden is a particularly popular Democrat next to say, Obama, but no amount of blaming anyone is going to make up for that huge vote discrepancy. Biden didn't win because the DNC wanted him, he won because Democrats wanted him. Democrats chose him. This. I'm in Illinois and while I voted for Bernie in both primaries of 2016 and 2020, Clinton and Biden won the primaries for IL in both years. Neither of them hacked or influenced it either. Unfortunately, most voters would prefer status quo over someone that's branded as "radical".


it's because he was a moderate, just like most of the US, if you can believe that




Oh but the DNC definitely wanted Biden, or rather, they wanted anyone but Bernie. I think Bernie's defeat can be attributed to a number of factors, from the DNC rather hostile attitude to him, the media smearing him and the fact that, yes, a large portion of the Democrat voters would rather have Biden over Bernie, how they arrived at that conclusion is not easy to explain, but it happened.


Liberals love him. Progressives and regressives hate him.


Because he's a conservative.


Because Biden is a Republican who keeps bending over for the GOP. He won’t stop the filibuster, forgive student debt, try to push universal healthcare or raise the minimum wage. He’s wasted our majority in the senate and the house.


Everything is working as planned. Pelosi & Schumer have succeeded in obeying their donors’ commands.


Joe Biden is about as liberal as Miracle Whip.


Miracle Whip: The Nathan Bedford Forrest of Condiments. It is known.


He's so "moderate" that Reagan would have liked him. There is no true left in the US. True leftists want someone like Bernie Sanders.


He had a huge, sweeping infrastructure bill that could have changed so much and it was just a $1T throwaway money sink for nothing. It will fix nothing.


I don’t see how an analog of, ‘fuck joe biden’ could possibly qualify as a joke. I mean, I get that the assume gender/attack helicopter are also shitty jokes, but at least they might almost sorta qualify. The right doesn’t know how to be funny; they just know how to be mean spirited.


In social comedy, punching down isn’t funny, and conservatives prefer preserving traditional hierarchies. To them it doesn’t seem as much like punching down because it’s “place putting” humour. So social identities which they see as rising illegitimately, seeking equal recognition, are targets for place-putting humour. Punching down isn’t funny, but punching-out is. When you’re in an in-group, making fun of people in an out-group counts as humour. Conservatives mark in/out group boundaries really sharply, so drawing attention to the peculiarities of our groups is almost instantly funny. This inherently limits the range of the humour to the in-group. Ridicule elevates the in-group/self relative to the outer. It exposes the value according to which the other is lowered and self is raised. If you think existing social hierarchies are better than allowing new social identities to seek equal dignity, ridicule explodes a place-putting value. It’s going to be racist, sexist, homophobic, transphobic, or reactionary in general. You reveal your own smallness/provincialism, and are mean in that it’s punch-down humour, in the eyes of audiences outside your own reference group. If you think equity-seeking is legitimate and traditional social hierarchies are not, your humour more consistently and more clearly punches up. If you aren’t perturbed by peculiarities that define different social subcultures and you make fun of people who are, that humour isolates traditionals, and everyone outside their group can appreciate the humour. It has much more range. The most ingenious manipulator of these differences between conservative humour and broader humour was Stephen Colbert’s fake conservative pundit character on The Daily Show and the Colbert Report. It was a parody of a conservative who agreed the the exposed differences that make conservatives laugh are funny, in a way that exposed the narrowness of such characters to broader audiences. But by affectionately overdoing the narrowness, shallowness and lack of self-awareness of the character (so the character’s pretensions were comically exposed) the character’s limitations were funny even to conservatives. Both liberals and conservatives found him funny. The character was of someone in mass media news/opinion who who obviously clueless. That affirms a conservative value because they see all media but their own that way. It affirmed a liberal value because we view the limitations all media but conservative media that way. Right wing humour is never going to be as funny as everyday humour or left wing humour because as soon as you stray from inside the right wing bubble of assumption, ring wing humour is exposed as punching down. It’s mean/sadistic. The cruelty is the point. It what makes it funny to the in-group. It’s not that left-wing humour uses different mechanisms to skewer its targets, it’s that it more accurately identifies who needs to be taken down, and by how many notches. Also, the right wing catches itself up in hypocrisy more visibly because it tries to use democratic language to lionize an anti-democratic culture. It’s involved in constant doublespeak. The left is caught up constantly in the paradox of tolerance. We cannot tolerate the a society that tolerates movements that would or have institutionalized intolerance. So that seems hypocritical to the right, but it’s not. The left also gets caught up in hypocrisy as a governing coalition because the moneyed elites capture institutions and get their way no matter who’s in power, making progressive campaigners into visible liars. The left excoriates their own when this happens, mercilessly, but the right still points to this as a “gotcha”. That seems a bit dumb from the outside because the perfidy of those politicians is a BIPOC racy we’re always already satirizing. Memes are supposed to circulate widely, and be picked up and reshaped widely. Narrow in-group humour can’t, very well. to;dr the right can’t meme


I'm gonna be honest. Watching people who insist they aren't in a cult chant "LGBFJB" (Let's Go Brandon Fuck Joe Biden) over and over again has been pretty funny to me in a nervous laughter kinda way. So it is funny, but unintentionally so and not for the reasons they think it is.


Read that as "Let's go fuck Brandon, Joe Biden!"


>It is funny, but they sure seem to think it is. yes.


My significant other is a Brandon and pretty much my whole family are hyperconservatives and racist Trumpets. I was saddened, but not surprised, when I got to check off "Family member uses my significant other as the subject of a Let's Go Brandon comment" on my Racist Family Thanksgiving Bingo card. Weirdly, it was the one uncle I've always considered to be not a total fuckin' maroon.




They hate communism, but sure love sharing one joke.


They’re very concerned that the woman they harass might have had a penis at some point.


*a bigger penis


I mean the guys who harass women/men they wanna screw aren't well endowed anyway


Regulations would make sure that the boat had enough life boats to accommodate the passengers... They don't like those though.


"Im a transman, dont mind me. Please, take my wife, who also happens to be trans, and my child." - Good ending (sad cuz Titanic, but good cuz woman and child are safe and without the one joke stuff)


"What the fuck? Dude. There is enough space for all of you on this boat. Why the hell would we have less spaces on the safety boats, than passengers on the big boat?"


If the Titanic sank in 2021 you'd think they'd have enough lifeboats.


Imagine glorifying a situation where working class people categorically were left to drown


That's what I never understood about this analogy. What are we saying the takeaway is from this? Cis men deserve to die more than cis women? Trans women are abusing their gender to avoid drowning? There really aren't that many special privileges given to women.


They're not going that deep. They just look at events from the past, whether it be from movies or real life, where gender was a key factor in how things went down and pretend lefties would be offended by someone calling them a man or woman without asking first.


What they're saying is, if it happened today cis men would lie to get onto a boat. Which is what happened in the movie anyway so I'm not sure what the difference is.


If it lives in their heads rent free much longer it'll be able to claim squatters' rights


Guess I can expect there to be 2022 edition and every year after wards of this joke from 2016. Conservatives complain that comedy is dying and then end up using the same tired old material over and over again.


Comedy is alive and well but satire is dying because there's no position outrageous enough to be satire anymore, whatever you pick as the extreme has got dedicated adherents.


Let’s try that again: If the Titanic sunk in 2021: “Iceberg, right ahead!” “FaKe NeWs! The boat isn’t sinking. The cold water is a hoax. Now they’re forcing boats on us, tyranny!”


If the titanic sunk today, 40% of the people on board would be cutting off the lifeboats and screaming at people that icebergs are a hoax and the fact that people want to escape is LITERALLY the plot of 1984.


And they would lock the lower classes in the lower decks again just because fuck em that's why.


Or they would drop the boats before they were full so they can escape and justify it with "well if you were in my position you would do the same"


It’s been a long time since I saw the film but doesn’t his actual response pretty much amount to fuck you, I’m rich? Because that’s on brand for modern conservatives.


Didn't he grab a random child and lie about being a single parent to get onto the boat because it was women and children only? Wasn't he supposed to be the manly man who immediately dropped all pretence to being a manly man when his life was on the line? Way to take a scene that is calling you out and turn it into *one joke*.


No-one has ever had a problem with others assuming their gender. It's when that assumption is wrong, and corrected, and you *keep* treating them in the incorrect way that there's a problem.


They really do have only two trans "jokes": did you assume my gender, and I identify as \[ridiculous thing\]. They're had years to come up with a new one and they keep disappointing us.


I mean this is the perfect analogy though. The hubris in thinking nothing can go wrong, being improperly prepared for crisis, individuals of insurmountable arrogance on both sides (of the right-vs.-center-right divide) guiding us through dangerous waters, only to have disaster strike. But let's focus on whether or not Uncle Tammy has a dick or not, as opposed to our dwindling human rights, access to clean water and air, availability of food that provides something more than calories, and the fucking global pandemic that we can't even get to endemic status because there's such a disparity in global resources and interconnectedness of global economies, not to mention the large majority of people who think their immune system is the Titanic and thus unsinkable.


Something something natural hierarchies


Conservatives are hung up on it because they’ll never pass up an opportunity to mock and alienate people who aren’t exactly like them.


did we ever do the 'did you assume my gender' or did they make that up? because i only ever did it to make fun of conservatives for doing it but i never remember it being done unironically


Anti-SJWs started it to mock people on Tumblr


They’re obsessed with it because it works. It’s simple and memeable, seems semi-joking but it’s masked hate and it riles up the idiot base. It’s absolutely perfect for online disinformation.


do they really just remake this meme every year? I was already seeing it in fucking 2017


This is one of those posts that is so hard to upvote


I know right.


If the Titanic sunk in modern times, Not only would there have been faster rescue, but the rule of Women and children first wouldn't be present. Also the whole "did you just assume my gender" thing barely exists as a fading memory. If you misgender someone they usually won't take offense to it, and will instead provide their pronouns for you to use. If you continue to misgender them, you will be corrected, and subsequently if they believe you are acting with malice then yeah they might not put up with your shit. This old joke hasn't been relevant since that was kind of established, and even then it was never really a problem. As a trans individual myself I know that I never took part in harassing someone for getting my gender wrong at first. It's a desperate pot shot.




Ooo, thank you! New sub to follow!


If a cruise ship sank any time after 1912: "It's OK, you don't have to wait for women and children because we have enough lifeboats for everyone."


I want to make a movie one for one like the titanic except it's set in the modern times, so when it hits the iceberg and starts to sink everyone just.... gets on the boats. And lives. Because there is enough boats. THEN A CRAZY OLD LADY WOULDNT THROW A PRICELESS NECKLACE INTO THE SEA THAT A MAN HAS LITERALLY SPENT HIS ENTIRE LIFE SEARCHING FOR.


I saw that film when I was 12 and thought "why didn't the old lady sell the necklace and invest in houses? Her whole extended family could have houses forever!". Poor people with parents who rent have different priorities I guess.


I have never heard someone say “Did you assume my gender?” as much as conservatives.


Conservatives are the only people I've ever heard say it.


A great many self-styled conservatives are hung up on millennia-old notions that a few grams of visible tissue between your legs defines who and what you are as a person at a very fundamental level. Related to this is the equally ancient and ignorant notion that 'men' and 'women' are all but different species of humans, with little or no overlap. Just look to the attitudes towards women from more conservative religious spheres for clear examples of that. So modern scientifically informed concepts about sex and gender -- and especially the distinction between the two -- run counter to what they 'know' and believe, and what they base a great deal of their entire worldview on. They literally do not understand it, and so it seems crazy and looney to them, entirely unreal, some kind of weird made-up bullshit that can't possibly be true, and can never make any sense to them. In the minds of many or most conservatives, gender diversity is as nuts as thinking you're Abraham Lincoln. (Never mind that the facts and truth of science have little to do with political views, and certainly are not affected by them. Modern 'conservatives' are rarely conservative at all, and historical conservatives such as Teddy Roosevelt would detest their ways of thinking and understanding.) I won't say they **can't** understand it. They **can**. But they don't **allow** themselves to, because doing so would inescapably require also dismantling more than a few other ideas that are very important to them. They are often emotionally invested in those ideas, and that makes it much harder to be open-minded about them. So they tend to be locked in to this mindset, and this kind of cheap and cheesy mockery is a way to defend that.


Yet another thing they found to be mad at


Because their tiny brains still can't process something that they make a bigger deal out of than actual transgender people.


Small dick energy?


Average dick energy


Usually it is because that is what the author would do and they assume everyone else would too


Brother in law loves to use the "this is 2021, did you just assume my rave??" Granted he is a white passing mexican/native american but still


Lacks an ad on the bottom for a Facebook page with a name like Patriot Humor or something like that


Why are conservatives so obsessed with this?


Gender identity literally has zero effect on them. These asses are on the wrong side of history but can't die out soon enough.


It’s because they literally have nothing else to complain about..they imagine weird scenarios in their head and get offended at it, then make memes as if it’s common knowledge..then other conservatives see that meme and get pissed off and on and on and on


It’s because they like to dehumanise the most vulnerable and least threatening groups first. If they can succeed in making LGBTIQA people an acceptable target of abuse, they can get more people to swallow the next lie about the next group.


"If the titanic sank in 2021" "Lifeboat tickets: $47,000"


They have a second joke now: “let’s go Brandon”. It’s even less funny.


They really only have one joke.


has any trans person ever actually said that


Nope. At least not seriously


Am trans, can confirm no one says this kinda stuff.


never have I ever heard a trans or gnc person say ''did you just assume my gender.'' like ever. but whatever i suppose it would be too much to come up with new jokes.


Remember when the concordia sunk and the captain was the first one to get tf out there? Good times


Something something helicopter


well, I guess if it sank today there would be enough ships for everyone.


Because they can't overtly hate the gays like they used to so now they go after the next marginalized demographic they can get away with hating publically.


Can this meme from 2016 die already? It was funny at first, now it's just dump


Most of the guys who laugh at this meme would call the iceberg "fake news" and cite the stern being in the air as proof that the ship wasn't sinking.


How can you treat people with the appropriate level of respect if you dont know their sex?


There was a time when I found those funny. I'm glad I evolved and that's not the case anymore


I've seen this meme in 2018, 2019, 2020 and now the cycle is complete again.


i hate how i thought this was funny when i was 14


Conservatives have been in a tissy for almost a decade now over a phrase no one has ever seriously said.


I think they really like categories, especially binary ones. Changes in a system of categorisation that applies to them, forms the cornerstone of much of their ideology & changes that binary into a spectrum is hitting em in several places all at once. They could adapt their to new information, but that wouldn't be very conservative would it?


It's very easy to point out somebody that is different and in their opinions lesser than. Bullies are always going to stick to the same MO.


Also if the titanic sank in 2021 they would ha e enough boats for everyone.


They're terrified of things they don't understand, so rather than try to understand accept or ignore it they have to obsessively reassure themselves they are better than it by making fun of it


Society if conservatives were as afraid of COVID as they are of genders https://www.google.com/search?q=utopia+meme+template&rlz=1CDGOYI_enUS725US726&hl=en-US&prmd=invx&sxsrf=AOaemvLYcA0jopxHXpS44QYmpzxqmE1neg:1637976355683&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjFsNK2sbf0AhUthXIEHeIaBjkQ_AUoAXoECAIQAQ&biw=375&bih=553&dpr=3#imgrc=MQtJqAIs4N2bUM


lol 😂😂😂


It’s because they don’t actually have real problems in life so they have to invent fake ones


But some men *did* dress up like women to get on the lifeboats.


Conservatives would say the company isn't at fault because the people paid to be there and "knew what they were getting into"


If the Titanic sank(sic) in 2021 (already assuming there wouldn’t be enough life boats aboard, which is now a requirement for such a vessel) they wouldn’t be allowed to discriminate specifically against men, so the whole point is moot.


If the Titanic sank in 2021, everyone would go down because “they have rights”.


The only time I ever get exposure to this "culture war" is from the conservatives who can't stop talking about it, as they claim they hate hearing about it.


Conservatives would claim that the Titanic sinking was a hoax. Lmao.


This is 2017 shit


the death of comedy right there folks.


“bUT saNTan Is ThE aUtHOr oF ConFusiON rEad It iN ThE BiBLe!!”


Best part of this is the guy in the meme got on the life boat anyway by lying his way on. What difference does it make what lie he makes? It's not like he now suddenly has a loophole that can get him onto the life boat.


I don't understand why they find it so triggering that we don't value ppl based on their genitals.


Well why not just women and men? Children would be more liabilities at that point.


"Icebergs aren't real. Lifeboats don't work, I can swim and the water isn't even that cold. Lifejackets are for sheeple."


Cam we just assume that since cis people don't think about gender...all of the conservatives that are hung up on trans people are closeted.


How would they figure out which child to rape? I mean different religions rape either boys, girls or both. If the gender is an issue, the monks and nuns going to have a hard time figuring out which child to rape. 👌


What's even more hilarious is that without a doubt if they were on the boat they would try and use that excuse to get on a boat.




He’s obviously a man pretending to be a woman to get on the boat. 😂🤣😂 The dude has to let him get in the boat now or he’ll be cancelled by the woke mob. 😂🤣😂 Let’s go Brandon! 😂🤣😂😅


I remember seeing this like 5 years ago. I used to think that “did you assume my gender” was funny. Thankfully, I’ve grown up since then.


What arent they hung up on?


Fair point


I mean, this IS kinda funny.


Isn't women and children first sexist? If we want to be equal to men, we need to take part in the negative stuff that guys have to do. Which includes but is not limited to registering for the draft, combat duty and no preferential treatment in an evacuation.


Even if the "women and children first" rule were truly a thing (it wasn't, the [Titanic was a special case](https://historyofyesterday.com/no-women-and-children-first-rule-was-never-a-real-thing-c783c308fb47)) you have to remember that it wasn't *women* who instituted that rule. How many rules and laws do you think were made by women in those days? I'm sure if you asked those women the vast majority of them would have preferred to keep their family unit together, especially considering that a poor family without the breadwinner is as good as thrown out to sea in a new country at the turn of the century. There were very few options for single mothers in those days and a HUGE stigma attached to it. So turning this into an "if women want equal rights they need to be willing to take the bad with the good" argument is kind of disingenuous here.


Seriously, how often does this dilemma/topic/quandary happen in your day to day life?


That was years ago too. I don’t even hear this from liberals anymore yet they still keep using it


>I don’t understand why conservatives are so hung up on this. Insecurity. They're terrified they might be attracted to someone with the same bits. It's soooo scary! I guess.


If the titanic sunk in 2021: We don't need to worry about your gender or age because we have plenty of lifeboats for everyone!


They can't wrap their heads around complex sex and gender issues, so they reduce them down to this unfunny joke.


So honestly I'm pretty liberal, but after going to school with a few Trans people we got to talking about it, they personally (not saying all Trans people do but these two did) acknowledged that their brain just didn't agree with their body. I'm just curious why we are trying solely to treat it with surgery and not medication like with depression or a bi-polar condition Really not trying to induce hate or anything, I'm genuinely curious if anyone would like to talk about this?


Are you asking why we aren’t trying to get their gender to match their genitals rather than vice versa? If so, I am pretty sure historically they have tried to “treat” it in all sorts of unhealthy ways including medication, shock “therapy”, conversion “therapy”, to name a few. The history of the gender binary is much more recent than the long history of folks who have lived outside of it. But gender is not a binary and trans folks are not a monolith. People experience various levels of gender dysmorphia so may or may not care about surgery. There are a lot of things trans folks do outside of surgery, most notably hormone treatment. Also there are plenty of folks comfortable existing outside of the binary construct and living more gender flex or gender fluid lives. As with most things, surgery is not for everyone, but the people it is for it helps more than I can express in words. I have several friends that wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for their surgeries.


> I'm just curious why we are trying solely to treat it with surgery Solely? Less than half of transgender people get gender confirming surgery of any sort, and something like 1/10th get genital surgery. [Source](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6626314/) > and not medication Hormone replacement therapy is medication. And [here](https://news.cornell.edu/stories/2018/04/analysis-finds-strong-consensus-effectiveness-gender-transition-treatment) is an article about the effectiveness of gender transition generally. 93% of the studies included in this analysis found gender transition effective, with the rest being only mixed or inconclusive results.


Thank you for being helpful and not just downvoting me, I'll take a look 😊


"No sir, I would have assumed your gender was *dipshit."*


This is the same exact meme from 2016.... the epitome of onejoke lmao


One Joke. Also - in this scene, didn't he just basically grab a random child and use her to guilt his way into the lifeboat?


I don’t understand them, other than the horrible policy, they take such weirdly hard positions on tiny issues. My conservative brother HATES trans people and tofu like so much if you bring either up he gets in a bad mood. I really don’t understand why he feels it affects him lol


He probably sees the existence of these things as an attack on the cornerstones of his existence. If other people are doing things differently but he's doing it the "correct" way than they must be different out of malice & spite towards the people living their lives correctly. "It's just like the war on Christmas! It's hate is what it is I won't be bullied by some coastal elite!" I laugh like a donkey when these people bring up freedom of choice. Guys, you're so dead set on their being 1 divinely ordained (or fox endorsed, same diff) way to do and experience everything that animal based protein makes you mad because you see it as what, rebellion against god's plan or some shit? Where's the internal consistency of your beliefs superchief?! Where's your freedom of choice now?