Little kids are always high

Little kids are always high


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Me and my best friend came to the conclusion that babies are always high years ago. Its cool to see that other people think like us lol


Maybe that’s why we can only remember back to toddler years, we were too high to remember anything before that


So coming of age is when the highs wearing off and we turn into assholes


My wife just told me I was nuts the other day for thinking this.


I've often said that I feel like a kid again when I'm high. My philosophy: THC "mutes" something in us that caused us to stop being kids. I call that thing "social conditioning". Thanks for coming to my TedTalk.


Lsd turns it off completely and throws it in the trash for ya lol. Reconnected me with the kid I was before puberty and now I feel like a whole person again


I've never done LSD myself, but I feel I got there myself after experiencing enough weed-induced nirvanas. I personally interpreted those nirvanas in a very real way, more than just a euphoric drug-trip; meaning I've learned to apply what I've learned full-time, even when sober. I began to realize that child-me knew what was up, then society and religion came along and told me I wasn't good enough without *their* intervention. Truth is I was born whole, and I resent the religion I was raised in for conditioning me to believe different, to believe myself as inferior without their influence in my life. I used to be overly self-conscious about my image and what others thought of me to the point that it was crippling and I didn't do the things I wanted, out of fear of my own projected fears of what others might think of me. Now IDGAF what others think about what I like to do. Now I'll gladly read my Star Wars book in public.


Damn I really wish I had coins to give you an award. This is some real shit right here


Are you really whole if you still harbor resentment where you could hold compassion? Just a thought


I can still resent the things that continually hurt people. Being whole doesn't mean being okay with the continuation of bullshit. Childhood indoctrination is one of those things.


Fuck yes preach dude


I don't think it would be a good thing to be okay with it. I think mostly it's just a semantic thing where I'm interpreting resentment as something inherently bad. Things like jealousy, revenge, shame, etc. come to mind. There is an incredible need for change that I think we both agree on, but maybe I just took what you meant as something to mean that you are harboring something dark towards these people rather than a sympathetic desire to change things which cause the same suffering which you have felt. I think that's noble and is aimed at a higher good. God, I sound preachy. Uhh basically that's cool, glad you have solid beliefs, based, I latched onto specific language and yeah childhood indoctrination big bad.


No worries. It sounds like you get what I mean 👍


There's a form of therapy called "age regression therapy", where TL;DR you make-believe that you're a kid again. Kinda like giving yourself "another chance" at childhood. People try to lump it in with a bunch of sexual weirdness, but it's actually a super effective therapy. I've done a little bit of this while high, and it's been amazing. My grown-up brain just shuts down and I'm suddenly 6 years old without a care in the world.




Also their brains aren't as developed as ours, or just at a different stage


When I was on shrooms I felt like a little kid being amazed by every little thing I saw and running around feeling so free bc I could do whatever I wanted


Yeah its a good ass feeling. Moving in ways you didnt know you could


I feel like this too


Agreed. Sometimes when I get stoned I feel like a child again. For example, I will pick up a big ruler and pretend it's a sword. Or I'll roleplay as a wizard. Lol


yea man its one of the best feelings when you feel like a kid again


[there’s some science behind that highdea! ](https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.wsj.com/amp/articles/for-babies-life-may-be-a-trip-1531932587)


When I first smoked weed I was like “this is what being stoned is?? I’ve felt like this before.” I really do think getting stoned takes you back to a more childlike state and I definitely remember the feeling from when I was little, no one around me smoked- I grew up in a very religious environment so there’s no chance of me actually being stoned when I was a child.


I clicked on this thinking you meant kids always seem high when you’re really high lmao


well technically...


My roommate and I had this theory as well which is why we never had a reaction to kids being such shameless entertainers (entertainment can be subjective right?)


Doesn't it feel like life is supposed to be that way though?


I’ve thought this and always wondered what would happen if you smoked as a little kid? Adult mode?


They turn into a baby? Idk haha


I had a theory that when you did psychedelics the more you did the further back you regressed and if you regressed far enough you go pre-birth and enter the spirit realm.


I’ve been coming back to this exact thought for the past two weeks after some heavy nostalgia and feeling like I’m having a lot of childhood related deja-vu while high. It reminds me of the way I saw the world when I was a little kid, and even just going to the store was a fucking adventure


I also once thought of this. I'm glad I'm not alone


Richard Pryor said it best, “There’s only three kinds of people that tell the truth: little kids, drunks, and the pissed off.”


When you’re a child you feel insane amounts of pure bliss because of all the new experiences filling up your life that has only just begun. Maybe the bliss is what you’re talking about.


When I first tried acid I was 100% convinced that this is how kids saw things lmao


I’m always high, i just like getting higher


Its simple man, when we are children we have more endorphins naturally flowing thru our brains. Thats why we feel more. As we age, those come less and less. Science.