I fucking wish, but Putin would be the first person in a gulag if there was a soviet reunion


Yes but the sheer amount of ignorance surrounding any and all things related to Marxism is bewildering. I can talk to 10 people and guarantee that zero of them have any education or semblance of a coherent thought on the subject.






You could singlehandedly power Russia with the energy created from Lenin spinning in his grave watching Putin rule Russia


There is a shred of legitimacy to what they are saying. For political reasons Putin talks a lot about how the greatest geopolitical tragedy of the 20th century was the fall of the ussr and how he wants to bring that glory back to Russia. Unfortunately he is a ruthless capitalist and has no intention of reviving the ussr.


If only putin was as based as libs claim him to be


You are all super duper incorrect. Everybody knows that after the fall of the Soviet Union the last communists smuggled Stalin’s giant spoon back to the Ukraine in a pizza hut stuffed crust box and buried the spoon in the well of souls that you can only find with a headpiece of Lenin atop a staff of Marx in a secret map room. Putin has the head piece and the staff, its only a matter of time before he locates the spoon. If Putin gets the spoon you *know* it’ll inspire the Soviets to just re-emerge like that Simpsons episode. Obviously it has nothing to do with commerce, sea access, ports, and pipelines supplying gas to most of Europe, nope, its all about the symbolshevism.


Damn, I need to brush up on my theory


Just a reminder that Donbass voted to secede.


Russia understander has logged in.


When you get your history from the Simpsons


So let me get this straight, Putin wants to restore a state that would immediately arrest him and his capitalist cronies?


I wish Putin was this cool


I don't know what I find most frustrating about this screenshots, the comment itself or the fact that there are more than 200 people that agree with it. Probably the latter.


God i wish that were true