Yea, okay Elon Musk

Yea, okay Elon Musk


the fabled purple haired girls who ended the Romanov dynasty and defeated the white army


Don’t forget the fearless blue haired girls who fought back the Japanese and reunited their homeland


eyyy im a blue haired girl lol less goo


Thank you for your service ma'am O7


Real talk, the early kawaii movement was pretty damn punk, as it deliberately opposed laws created to enforce a specific style of writing in schools.


Also, apparently Josef Stalin's granddaughter is an antiques dealer and cosplayer in Oregon.


wait, fr? thats dope


It still is for sure, it has many subcultures and is practiced all around the world


One of my favorite trends has been the Western kawaii men movement, where dudes push back against traditional masculinity by being adorable.


Yes, kawaii is a great vehicle for people to push against harmful ideas like that.


The pink-haired Yugoslav partisan EssJayDubyas who introduced fascists to the joys of cave spelunking.


Joke’s on Elon. Lenin didn’t even have hair.


SJW = Socialist Junta of Workers


the purple haired girl who brought the russians out of an impoverished backwards nation and made it into a space age military and nuclear superpower in 3 decades


I'd watch that anime


Remember, [kawaii girls with big guns were invented by the Communists](https://i.imgur.com/QMFfG5x.jpg)


Curious what it’s translated into


>kawaii girls with big guns were invented by the Communists


TIL how to spell “Kawaii” in Russian


\*laughs in 95 million CPC members*


Don't you know that every chinese person is a cringe sjw?


ghyna GHYNA \*air clawing lib gestures*


Lib gestures 😂


And also being an sjw in China is illegal. I am very smart


But aykshully China is not communist!!!1!1!1!!11!!!11!!


Is it?


Ah yes, I'm sure the motherfucker richer than god himself has a completely unbiased opinion on communism.




I don't think Grimes has or ever will care about communism. She's always been a rich privileged grifter who cares more about hollow rhetoric and aesthetics than actually caring or understanding things.


Maybe, but Art Angels was amazing so oh well lol.




Behind the Bastards did a pretty good two-parter on Musk as a whole. [Here](https://www.iheart.com/podcast/105-behind-the-bastards-29236323/episode/part-one-i-do-not-like-63419860/) is the link to the first episode. If you aren't a podcast person, the tl;dr regarding misogyny comes both from comments he has made and the reporting of people he has dated about his extremely weird, extremely specific demands of control over his partners. One of those women wrote an [article](https://www.marieclaire.com/sex-love/a5380/millionaire-starter-wife/) about the experience which is referenced in the podcast.


I swear another million dollars and he becomes a boomer.


Implying Millenials/Feminists/transfolk/NBs/whoever the last panel is meant to represent does not belong to the working class.


Seriously! Plenty of people who look like that work jobs like the one being shown to the left, and plenty more probably would if there were less discrimination


Nononono. Only white able-bodied cismales with non-dyed hair are the proletariat. /s


And there is plenty of need for other jobs besides ones like the one being shown to the left. We like to fetishize sweaty physical labor but there's more to a modern society than, like, coal mining and steelworking.


But communism is when everyone mines coal for some unknown reason!


I mean sure everybody has a job. But I don’t see much Marxist Leninism in America. Especially Workers. Most Western Radicals are ignorant on things like the Soviet Union to the point where they are afraid to talk to Workers about it.


What actual good does talking to workers about the soviet union cause? Wouldn't it be better to talk to them about unions?


Yeah it won’t really matter. Any lesson learning from things like the Soviet unión, Paris commune, factional disagreements and polemics are more useful for cadre and the further we get from these events the less they will be readily applicable. We are arguably(or for more experienced Marxist already have) come up against the limitations of a lot of Marxist writings already. Capitalism in a lot of ways are the same as a century ago but in more ways it’s not. That is why dialectical materialism is so important cause it keeps us buoyed in reality as is.


Most people won’t be learned Marxist even post revolution. Most people will just agree with the programs and results over any ideological backing. Of course the dominant ideology of the ruling class is what most people adhere to which is why we have an uphill battle against bourgeoise pessimism. Within socialism then communism the dominant ideology would be one of the ruling class which will be the workers(until communism) so the material improvements would lead to passive marxists.


Yeah lol atleast in the US the working class is majority female, gay, or some kind of racial minority


This is legit posted just because he got divorced lol


He literally is just doing this to spite Grimes lmaoo


He was never married to her. :p


He's high as a fucking kite on that copium






we gotta be more creative and convoluted, otherwise this sub is getting the ban hammer lmao. like what if we just said “we hope elons first rocket ride is a one way trip in the same way many of his failed launches were”?


The next time he goes to space he surely should _Challenger_ his limits


Send all billionares to Mars! Like right now, why wait 300 years till it's terraformed.


He looks like the end result if the main Ant from Antz and that hateful snowman from Frozen were forced to fuck at gunpoint and make a child.


Comrade, I hear that Kalashnikovs are better tool for that.


*in grant theft auto online*


Just keep adding more fillers until he’s just a massive jaw with two little feet sticking out the bottom.


Nothing better than a rich man hating communism.


and his poor fans retweeting and supporting him


God Musk stans are insufferable. Like they really don't understand it is a parasocial relationship


it’s so weird. they come to his support everytime he receives criticism. he doesn’t need any support. he doesnt care about anyone.


Would it genuinely be unethical to assassinate this man? Asking for a friend


If it's unethical, then I don't wanna be ethical


Idk if more posts like this were always here or if I’m just noticing them because someone warned about this sub being next man up for ban hammer when the admins need to both sides the issue when they delete r/nonewnormal or something. No many places to dunk on libs. I def agree with you tho.


Yeah it’s really not tactically useful to think about assassinations nor is it useful for the subreddit’s life


Nonewnormal is already gone, but your point stands without that. I feel like there's some folks being radicalized that really want the violence part of things. I try to view it as an unfortunate and likely inevitable portion of progress, but that doesn't mean it should be joked about or particularly desired.


\*Sigh.\* ok, here's *both sides of the issue*, then: \*No one assassinate Elon Musk\*!!!!!!!111111\* Just take all his money and have him work on one of ~~his~~ *our* factories


Musky wouldn't know how to use a toilet plunger let alone run factory machinery.


I don't think this sub will be next. It's a political sub, whereas no new normal was an anti vax sub.


Not unethical per se, but a tactical blunder nonetheless. This will achieve no structural change, as he will just be replaced by someone else, but will be used as a justification by the ruling class to clamp down on leftist movements, put more cops on the streets, etc... If you are doing this knowing all that, you could argue it's unethical to because you are knowingly setting the stage for an attack on the left, although that would depend on your exact concept of "morality"


I'm that friend.


2014 called they want their "anti-SJW" shit back...


Bit rich [considering this is Elon Musk’s target audience.](https://frinkiac.com/meme/S08E14/674973/m/V2UgYWxsIHJlYWxseSBmdWNraW5nIGhhdGUKV29tZW4=)


I mean not to mention literal kids, he has an army of social media stans who are young & have bought his shit too


>The REAL workers LOVE being exploited, it's only the gays that respect themselves ie manufactured consent direct from a billionaire. wild.


It is truly my hearts wish that the US experience a communist revolution and all the billionaires find themselves completely caught off guard, surprised, and unable to escape the country and are then forced to deal with the consequences of their actions.


Sadly, we may have to come to grips that most of the current capitalists contributing to our world’s many issues will likely never face justice. At the very least, their legacy isn’t as safe.


Self proclaimed socialist, Elon musk


This tweet is in no way related to Grimes's photo with a copy of the communist manifesto, and their prior divorce. Not at all.


This is the kind of meme a 13 year old anti-SJW would post back in 2016. Elon Musk is 50.


He's just feeding his target audiences.


he's not handling the breakup well is he


Ive done construction jobs with girls with pink hair and glasses lol


"Only people of the corret, race gender, orientation and social view are the working class." Isn't that just fascist co-opting?


He views himsef as the great Tesla. He’s really Edison.


"The American working class is exclusively white men in manufacturing, construction, and fossil fuel extraction" is the take that probably bothers me the most, in terms of how frequently I encounter it.


this dude could buy an island and have his every whim attended to 24/7 but instead decides to spend his time being le epic reddit gentlesir


Why do they always use a picture of an ironworker?


Bro I swear socialism's popularity at universities is due to them nutty professors being out of touch. It sure can't have anything to do with any concerted efforts to scam poorly educated workers out of their union memberships


The bottom right picture is the last thing the royals saw in the Ipatiev basement


elon musk [target audience:](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQk2rFSWWPAAP6NON2nfk-xmX-JVK_tooxGsQ&usqp=CAU) [actual audience:](https://i.kym-cdn.com/entries/icons/facebook/000/035/152/cover16.jpg)


He's just angry at his ex-wife


https://twitter.com/marxmidwest/status/1450913804565598215?s=21 lol


*me and the 46 percent of Americans that support socialism*


Dude had to run away to Texas lol


Apparently you're no longer working class if you have dyed hair


Dude's taking the breakup poorly I see


he saw the photo of grimes reading marx and he wants to get her angry


She just did that “as a joke”


Capitalism |Target audience : Picture of the planet Earth | Actual audience : Picture of the planet Earth | Beneficiary : Picture of Elon Musk and other capitalists Socialism | Target audience : Picture of the planet Earth | Actual audience : Picture of the planet Earth | Beneficiary : Picture of the planet Earth


I mean if we're talking about a lot of "communists" in the west then... kinda?


Why is the person on the right not a worker?


A lot of Communist understanding in western society subserved to liberalism (ofc not everyone but).


There's absolutely a bunch of revisionism and liberalism amongst settler communists in the US, but again, what makes the person on the right a liberal or revisionist?


White men are liberals.


Is communism only supposed to be for white men? Because that’s what this meme is saying. In reality the working class has far more women and POC than white men.


What how do you derive that conclusion from the picture? Isn’t it implying that “communists” are filed with radlibs instead of actual working class people? She’s literally a white woman caricature of a radlib (not that we know if she actually is but).


*stares in German Institute of Sexual Research*


Bro should just call her.


lol he's mad cause Grimes was "caught" "reading" the manifesto lolol


Didn't Elon say he was a Socialist? Lmao


Haha… socialism is targeted at workers, and yet, it only attracts people… with dyed hair..? Maybe it’s the glasses… I wear glasses… so I guess that’s the “joke”.


This is actually outrageously accurate.


communism's actual audience is Grimes?


Lmao I mean if you've had the misfortune of entering a leftist anything in the USA this isn't the worst thing musk has tweeted


Okay but hear me out... Tell me you didn't look exactly like the person in the bottom right when you typed "Yea, okay Elon Musk" and I'll tell you that you're wrong


You know something is good when a piece of shit criticizes it.


“Ha ha video games and memes! He’s just like one of us! Me and him would be friends :) also communism bad and stupid.” - the dorks that eat this shit up probably


Thats because he had a kid with a performative liberal who likes to pretend theyre a socialist


Still mo clue why someone who dies their hair instantly makes them not able to be a communist? Can we put Elon musk and Jeff bozo on the coconut island?


I'm a lib and I hate that muskrat and his fans. His sub is cancer.


Damn I can’t believe they found a photo of you lmao


Is that Grimes on the lower right?


Jokes on him, I was a leftie when I was a college student and a groundskeeper part time. I was a leftie when I was a healthcare worker during COVIDs beginnings. I’m one now that I’m a teacher, too.


You can smell his fear through these tweets


I mean communism is for everyone (except the bourgeois) so he’s not wrong.


Purple hair feminist girl bad!!! Is this 2016 all over again? Damn elon musk is such a boomer


The break ups going well it seems


Huh, I never thought Brazilians were CoD's target audience.


Wait I don’t look like that








True in America, but to generalize like that is a little misleading.


Some of the most ardent organizers/collectivists I know are blue collar farm laborers though


Do you really think that most communists are working class?


In my experience most of the anti-capitalists I know are working class yes. None of them are independently wealthy/living on passive income


Are they professionals or part of the labor aristocracy? Do they identify with the broad masses or do they hate them?


Ag workers and labor organizers and urban gardeners. Avg hard working people.


So you actually think that is the majority of self-identified communists in this country?


Are only white men working class?




It's not true anywhere. The person on the right is just as much a worker as the person on the left.


Maybe. But they don't represent the masses of workers.


Neither does the worker on the left. Workers are those who subsist by selling their labor. Class is defined by how someone relates to production, it's not an appearance package.


…. Why?


Because most of the American working class is just regular people, not freaks like that.


This is super fucking weird. What defines a "regular" person and why would the person in the picture be a "freak"? There is no stereotype of a typical worker... that is literally the opposite of class consciousness.


A regular person is a regular person. Go to any American workplace and that's what I'm talking about.


sounding a bit fashy here, guy


I guess if appealing to the broad masses is inherently fash, then I'm a fash.


ok, try - right now, without avoiding the question - to describe a "regular person" to me. What sorts of traits do (not don't) they have?


There are plenty of women in American workplaces. There are plenty of workers that look like the girl in the meme.


A negligible percentage.




All I will say is that the person has brightly dyed hair and drawn-on eyebrows, which aren't too unusual out in the post-industrial world; a lot of retail and service workers look like that. There is a stereotype, no doubt derived from class-divisive propaganda, saying that working class people never look like that. That look is stereotypically associated with cancel culture crazed twitterati wokester radlibs who can't understand things like nuance or context and aspire to the professional managerial class in the form of high-ranking non-profit or corporate HR positions instead of actual working people. That being said, I really wish that all stereotypes would die already and that people would stop enabling them so we can build class solidarity. It is annoying when talking to people outside left spaces and they think "the left" means liberals.




No, that isn't his point. Grimes divorced from him, so he's mocking them. What you mean with "Western Radicals" are **also** a part of the proletariat.


Wtf lmao. Almost every person is a worker, talk to someone on the street or the internet about communism and they’re probably a worker. Just because someone isn’t engaged in manual labor doesn’t mean they’re not a part of the working class, hell if my current job didn’t have at least some hope for earning me more money id rather be making coffee in a shop with AC or some shit.


I definitly talk to other workers about leftism all the time tf are you talking about? One of my friends is a diehard Marxist working for americorps Also we both have brown hair




you, sir, win the internet today. le epic reddit bacon




If a white working class doesn't care for the liberation of every worker then they will be crushed by the workers who do




This is a bad take. Mobilizing/educating the lumpenprole is important and necessary.


I agree, but we also have to be very careful to avoid any kind of tailism. It’s a tricky balance to strike.


Tailism? Is it a typo perhaps or would you mind educating me on the meaning of that word?


The term "tailism" refers to an approach where we drop down to the level of reactionaries and try to nudge them forward from behind on their own terms




They weren't making a normative claim, but a descriptive conditional claim: if/then


Doesn't really address what the root comment is saying, regardless.


I agree with your fundamental point 100%; however, are you going to dispute the claim that an uncooperative white working class will be crushed by the majority?


Not disputing that at all lmao. I feel like making an effort to educated said white working class first would be more effective, which is what the root comment is ultimately saying (my interpretation). DarthTater skipped the whole "potential ally" piece.


>I feel like making an effort to educated said white working class first would be more effective More effective than what?




>As an example (even though I'm 100% pro-LGBT+), instead of saying "trans healthcare now and if you disagree your a transphobe" why not say "free healthcare for everyone" and if it's for everyone we can't exclude trans people because that would be unfair. this has the same energy as "all men are created equal"


yeah, transphobes will just not include in healthcare what trans people need


where? what 'left'? and what messaging?