Liberal brainrot at it's finest. Communism is when you achieve "innocent-less" society.

Liberal brainrot at it's finest. Communism is when you achieve "innocent-less" society.


A lot of racial undertones with the way they drew Mao and polpot


Racism 🤝 Anticommunism/capitalism


It's like that meme, except both the arms are white


Honestly surprised they didnt include the usual racist winnie the pooh yellow the do for xi


I have seen this same meme long before the racist pooh thing started. Its probably not there just because it wasnt a thing at the time. I can bet that if this was made today they would have painted Mao a shade of severe jaundice yellow


It’s true. Lenin, Stalin, and the others just got up one day, decided that they had nothing better to do, and went around massacring millions of [innocents](https://i.imgur.com/tB1A3dR.png) for the lulz. Blblblblblblblblblbl!


Not only that, but you can be sure Lenin and Stalin himself literally killed every single one by themselves! Don't you know? This is how it goes in a totalitarian regime, I've read 1984, so I have basically a Ph.D in russian history and historiography! On a more serious note, Stalin is surely a controversial figure among the left, but if there is one thing that will make everyone sing the internationale is to see the Red Army crossing the vistula river and taking Berlin. God damn, what a marvelous machine at killing nazis the U.S.S.R was!




Add another 200 million to the counter


Imagine how many children and grandchildren those Nazis would have had if they’d had their Lebensraum full of Lebensborn babies. We can add at least another 1.5 billion by now right?


Somewhere Stephane Courtois is taking furious notes for the next edition of the Black Book


I mean, we gotta, just to be on the safe side


B... But I thought it was muh America that killed the most Nazis :'( /s


Woah, I’ve never seen this before. As someone with a Jewish parent, I’m quite familiar with what this refers to, the supposed “crimes” of my *Elders*. I know a lot about what these writings influenced/how they originated in Tsar Russia but have had an *incredible* lifespan (as far as conspiracy shit goes).   Do you have any writings about specifically what you posted/things I could google to learn more about this? I find it incredibly interesting. The Protocols have always been the “original” conspiracy theory in relation to my life, so I’ve found the history surrounding it and it’s believers/adherents fascinating, but I seem to have overlooked this bit of history, and would love to know more


https://archive.org/stream/TheHoaxers/page/n196/mode/1up https://archive.org/stream/HumanRightsInTheSovietUnion/page/n52/mode/1up


Ugh and nobody with a brain on the left is fucking claiming pol pot, I wish they’d cut that shit out


It was the communists of Vietnam that bled and died to defeat the Khmer Rouge.


With the CIA backing Pol Pot. Funny how that works.


[Wow, they actually did](https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Allegations_of_United_States_support_for_the_Khmer_Rouge)


But yuo see, those are allegations, you can’t prove it!1!


I don't know shit about Pol Pot. But Lenin, Stalin and Mao's victims were kinda asking for it.


Pol Pot was a fucking terrible person and does not fit here at all. The Khmer Rouge was a legit mass killing of plenty of poor and innocent people. And of course, had some funding from the good ol cia!




This was downvoted, but it's true. Mao at the end of his life kinda sucked. Doesn't mean we can't learn anything from what he did earlier in life, but we need to contend with what he did later.


And the Vietnamese communists fought against them.




You're buying into nazi propaganda. Look at the people peddling this narrative in ukraine now. They're the same who hate jews, gays and women. They're liars.


Yes but it wasn't some intentional effort to starve them, although it was still terrible and major incompetence and negligence on the part of the USSR.


we’re talking 4 million dead in one year specifically because of stalin’s policies. im not a capitalism defender but i feel like its safe to call those people his victims. i really wish other leftists wouldn’t just brush it off as natural causes.


It was natural causes exacerbated by government mishandling of the famine


No one is saying he did nothing wrong there but it was not an engineered famine, it could have been avoided or at least reduced but it was not "created to kill people". Just like Churchill's bengal famine was bad but there is also quotes of him saying he wanted to bomb the Indians and pretty much referring to them.as the n-word. So there is a big difference between the two. Cause Churchill has a history of oppressing specifically Indians and putting his contempt for them on record which gives precedence to his actions.


No country is utopian


Juche win again.


Hey Obama watcha doin? Hey bush watcha doin? Hey Pinochet whatcha doin?




Gallipoli looks nice this time of year.


Or how about Bengal?


Nah, but you see, they export their atrocities so they don’t count. ~~Just ignore all the PoC and Poor who are brutalized every day in America~~


khmer rouge was actually shit tho i thought


I don't think anyone on here is defending it


They weren't communist. The Vietnamese army that destroyed them were.


"communism has never been tried" is libshit


It has been tried and it was glorious


Damn, they didn’t even bother to research the name of the Khmer Rouge’s secret police (the Santebal). They just straight up slapped Khmer Rouge on there. But yeah, the Khmer Rouge were definitely fucked up. The Salvation Front established by Vietnam were the real communists.


So by what standard has capitalism succeeded relative to ML states? Do no innocents die in the US by agents of the state? Was there not nationwide rioting to protest this very thing? Do people not die on the daily from exposure to elements, hunger, preventable disease? What about the extraction of resources from and labor exploitation of less capitalist societies? I’m honestly not a fan of authoritarianism but this shit is ridiculous. The CCP has a large prison system for re-education of suspected terroristic ties? Does the US not have a huge prison system that profits from slave labor of inmates and is disproportionately filled with black and other minority groups? If these fucks want to feel so morally superior they best take a good hard look what lies beneath the surface of the material wealth they love so much more than the conditions of their fellow man. US steel and concrete are not on which it is built; it’s built on slavery, wage slavery, dispossession of indigenous people, unnecessary suffering, and blood.


Liberalism prevailed over feudalism completely bloodlessly. Robespierre just debated the nobles and counterrevolutionaries so hard, their heads fell off.


I love how they resemble every victim as innocents. While I can’t speak to everyone that was killed as being necessarily an enemy of the communist movement, there’s no way of saying that they were all purely innocent either. This is some propaganda shit right here.


Killing royalty in a revolution is good and just as long as white people are killing them in the name of capitalism


People acting like this didnt happen during the age of colonialism


Their idea of these states does not even compare to the colonialist states they made. Belgium has people zoos in 1960s. Few things will ever compare to capitalist colonisation


literally no principled communist likes Pol Pot


No communist should like pol pot. They aren't communists, they are just deranged.


Famous innocent white guards and their innocent white terror


And the poor, poor Nazis killed while invading the Soviet Union ...


The edit of this meme is way better


what's the edit?




And it was glorious




i remember the "epig trolling" version of this


what was it?


Reading Capital and my translation cites Smith so far it’s just commodities. It was in the philosophy section and I’m just skimming so idk lol I’m more of a Friedman guy but not sure where the emphasis on 🏳️‍⚧️ is from in the neolib sub


revisionism and western propaganda


lenin, stalin, and mao weren't perfect but putting them with pol pot literally makes no sense whatsoever


quick someone edit this to replace the word "innocents" with who they actually killed [landlords for mao, nazis for stalin, innocents for pol pot]




o7 thank you for your service


yw, just sharing what I've found


Poor innocent landlords


Communism is when you find people who have never done anything against the communist movement and shooting them to own the libs.


"Innocent" Tsarists; "Innocent" Nazis; "Innocent" Landlords; "Innocent"-- oh those guys actually were innocent.


Hmm yes innocents such as Nazis, fascists,criminals,tyrants,landlords(and actual innocents because for some reason they included khmer rouge here..)


Why shouldnt we tear down counter revolutionaries


The first fucking paragraph of the Wikipedia article for communism explains that it's a stateless society. No country has ever claimed to have achieved communism. If it did, it would no longer be a country. They only claim to have achieved socialism, which is the theoretical stepping stone towards communism.


At least for Mao and Lenin "innocents" is doing alot of heavy lifting here.


Is this sub just rage bait?


I have to take a break from this sub from time to time because of how anger inducing these libs are


Why not make it permanent?