Two weeks of playing finally did it, really happy!

Two weeks of playing finally did it, really happy!


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He's awesome. Gratz ! Dont stop till he's 7star. Keep it up !


Thanks! I’ve never played before so it’s really confusing but after a couple YouTube vids I’ve got the basics down! Working towards the Revans


Nice one ! I'd start with jkr first. He should be the faster farm. Also...dr requires malak to take away a major weakness to the team. You also want to have a 5th for dr's squad. Cant go wrong with sith empire trooper, but some ppl choose marauder (altho you're making the squad more dependant on speed). Start saving up guild event tokens (GET) until you have about 70k banked. Malak needs those to get to 7star after you unlock him. Maybe [this](https://swgohcopyright1983.wordpress.com/) helps. You'll find a bunch of stuff about malak under routes, for when you get to that stage. Part of his event can be a lil tricky if you dont know the strat. Happy hunting !


Not OP but thank you for the Malak guide! It took me so long to get JKR (farm those old republic shards early!) that I had kinda given up hope on another leggo


No worries. Keep plugging away. A dr/malak squad is really cool !


Thanks for the advice! And the Malak guide! Working on farming the characters needed for the jkr quests atm.


Cool ! Do you have the fleet nodes unlocked for basti/jolee/Z ? That makes it a lot faster, but not to worry if you dont. I'd farm basti & jolee at the same time and then start with Z when the first one of those finishes. Mission & t3 are just gonna be one after the other on cantina. If you give the basti/jolee/Z nodes a refresh every day, you'll cut the farm time in half. Dunno how your crystals are doing, cause energy refreshes are super handy ofc. Energy refreshes let you spend more energy on gear farms for your jkr squad.


Nice. I restarted about 3 months back and got similar results. If you keep it up you’ll be making great progress in No time.


Watch AhnaldT101 on YT, has a great F2P series and helps a lot! Also the most entertaining stream I’ve ever seen.


Wow that’s pretty quick, you’re progressing well


Damn, they did make his character model a lot better than when I unlocked him. What other character models have they redone?


Yeah they updated his model, I think right about the same time they reoworked Vader and released Jedi knight luke


You did in two weeks what a few years ago took me months, I’m happy for you and all other new players! Congrats!


Well done! I got my 7 star Palp earlier this week. Now to Thrawn...


In stuck on the 6 star thrawn. Which means in really far away from 7... Sigh. Very close to 6 though.


honestly the difference between the 6* and 7* node isn't huge, they're both heavily rng dependent but as long as you have g8 7* phoenix with decent mods and all abilities maxed besides zetas you'll get it after a few attempts - and of course, don't use sabine


I was about to start grinding for a Phoenix team, what’s the issue with Sabine? Is she just worse than anyone else would be?


I think normally you would do Sabine instead of zeb. But zeb is like the most important part for his stun on Auto.


yeah zeb is huge for stunning thrawn and plus the stagger debuff too. i don't use sabine but pretty much every guide i used back then suggested not using sabine. i don't think she's a bad character, just not good for that particular event


the main thing is, no matter how hopeless it seems do NOT zeta your phoenix, i almost did and i'm glad I didn't. it'll be a huge waste and you only occasionally use them in territory wars


OK cool I got them at g8 but I'm level 73 or something so not full level abilities yet. Good to note though thanks. I'll look more into it soon also about the mods setup


I’ve been playing the game for a while and he’s easily one of my most used characters


I've been grinding SEE since September with a slight detour for Bando (yeah that was worth it :( All that's left is a couple relic 7 grinds. It's the worst.


Work on getting 7 stars he's a great lead especially with a jacked up vader.


Wow! Nice work!