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Where’d he get the gun from? Did he have it in the car? I couldn’t see a chance for him to grab it if it was in the car


It was under his seat


Clearly he had it on him and thats part of reason he refused to step out


Probably in his waist line


Either way, bad situation. I’m no legal expert but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the death penalty




> but I wouldn’t be surprised if he gets the death penalty And nothing of value will be lost.


Naw under the seat. You can see him get it in one of the body cam videos.


Regardless, the officers missed it..but I think the Sgt gave him way to many chances


Yeah if you’re going to count down from 3 you don’t back down.


Restraint caused him his life. Fuck being a cop. You're damned if you do and you're damned if you don't.


At one point a cop says,“ he's trying to put it in gear”. I imagine that he was actually getting the gun.


It looked to me like he maybe pulled the officers gun out of his belt. I can't be sure, though.


Unlikely. Cops use retention holsters. You cant just "pull" a gun from one, you have to depress a release in a certain way thats very difficult for someone who isnt the wearer to do with one hand.


Thanks for the input, I wasn't really aware.


Yeah np 👍


It’s not as hard as you think if you are familiar with them.


If you're very, very familiar with the specific holster, you're correct.


[the Sargent died](https://www.foxnews.com/us/tulsa-officer-shot-during-traffic-stop-has-died-police-announce)


You can actually see the moment he died/was shot in the head/instantly loss consciousness. Pretty sure up until then it was shots to the vest, he falls and you see him flailing, then a muzzle flash and his body goes limp (you can see his hand just kind of dangle). Really sad situation.


In the last 10 seconds of the video when it shows the car cam, you can see he shoots the sgt, the unloads on officer #1 and then he turns and put one in the sgts head instantly killing him. Fucking sad. Who wants to die at work.


> he shoots the sgt, the unloads on officer #1 and then he turns and put one in the sgts head instantly killing him. The guy deserves to fry for sure, but he was Billy the Fuckin' Kid with those last four shots.


I noticed that too. I care not to think about it.


His legs go stiff a stick up in the air...


Yeah. And the Sargent says “what the fuck?” As he goes down? This makes me so sad for so many reasons. The Sargent gave that dude SO many chances to change course and he ended up getting shot because of it. Which is so sad. And that little bitch ass dude in the car tried to use “BLM” or “I’m scared” and manipulate the situation then literally shot some dude in cold blood that gave him so many chances to do the right thing. That dude is what’s wrong with people. What a manipulative, calculating person. Wow.


That dude is just evil. To even think shooting at anyone to get yourself out of trouble is selfish evil and dumb.


more like he was executet.. was on the ground, screaming. the perp turned around and just shot him in the head so it seems. like.. why did he not jut leave the car? had he just followed orders.. nothing would have happend exept for a traffic ticket..


They would have searched the car and found a most likely illegal firearm. ​ This is why dude was stalling/playing stupid. ​ Just look at his mug shot.


This is Oklahoma I bet he gets death.


The guy comes off like a complete moron.


His car would have been towed and he knew it. Also they would have found the gun. He was going away and he knew it so he first tried to get them to let him go then killed them.


I imagine these are the types of videos that police watch during their training that puts them on such a defensive when dealing with the public. Are there any LEOs or attorneys who can tell me where they went wrong in this situation?


Couldn't see well from the risidual spray, didn't think/notice him reaching under the seat, took too long to get him out in the first place. Not an leo, but I get to ask them a lot of questions.


They were also distracted by his friend’s car just up the street. That’s when they say “stay in the car.” They’re talking to the guys friend who showed up.


Yup there are training courses around the country where they just show clil after clip like this. The people who run them are the same ones who will be called as an "expert witness" to testify that it's reasonable to shoot someone who flinches because it could end up turning into a situation like this one.


To be fair, it’s easy to get an expert witness who will agree with your side regardless of which side you’re actually on.


Yeah, officers don’t want to end up dead because they hesitated or gave too many chances which is hard to even gauge.


Didn't gain control of suspect and keep an eye on his hands at all times. LE for 7 years.


not a leo, but i suspect.. they did not see him get his gun.


Cops weren’t wrong in this situation, guy was a murdering asshole


LEO here and I can tell you what went wrong. They were both reluctant due to the current state of the country and it cost him his life. The Sgt was more afraid of what the media would say if they actually put his hands on him and brought him to the ground. Everyone criticizes our job to the tee without having a minute of LEO experience. Imagine people critiquing your job without never actually having worked or have any experience in your field. That’s what we are dealing with right now and it’s extremely frustrating because it’s not Disney Land out there where you can get social workers and they fully comply. I’m not gonna critique what the officers did and tell you what I would do different because I was not in that situation so I can’t tell you how I would have handled it. All I can say is hold your loved ones because it’s an ugly world.


That question wasn't >Are there any LEOs or attorneys who can tell me what they would do in this situation? The question is >Are there any LEOs or attorneys who can tell me **where they went wrong in this situation**? And since you think they acted differently because of the current climate you should be able to point out what they were doing differently and explain what they should be doing.


Not police, but working as an armed guard transporting high value items and served 6 years. I do get the same usage of force and national firearms training though every year. First off, they should've called in additional units for someone with this sort of history before tazing him and using a paper spray, especially during the night when it's hard to see and with two cars and no lights. It's dark at night on the side of the road with nobody else around. This is the most basic tactical consideration before doing anything else that may affect the officer’s assessment of the situation. Also, after the first tazer & spray deployment it took them way to long to get control and put him on the ground. They gave him too many opportunities to fight back and reach for that weapon when he was sitting on the driver seat. My first reaction when they started grabbing him, was that he grabbed the rookie cop handgun from his belt due to the lack of coordination and losing sight of his hands and being way to close him. Note\* I get that they were waiting for the peper spray but nothing was happening for a good 30+ seconds. I am pretty sure that's exactly when he grabbed the handgun. Also, you don't get your handcuff out unless you have control of the person like the second cop did. You're either going to lose them during the fight and wasting time because you have to store them back. Meanwhile you just have 1 hand available and can't help your partner.


You bet your ass they show these videos. One of the most famous videos shown to essentially all cops in the US is the Dinkheller shooting. Watch that and you will understand why cops can sometimes be on edge with people during normal traffic stops when people exit their car and try to go back in.


> Are there any LEOs or attorneys who can tell me where they went wrong in this situation? I'm neither of these things, but I'm pretty sure the cause of this problem is allowing your whole population to run around with fucking guns.


Outlaw all guns and only the outlaws will have guns..


Except they gave him about 300x more chances than i give my kid. and 500x more than they give black people (from what we've seen)


Oh they get shown straight propganda. Look up "surviving edged weapons"


> surviving edged weapons the fuck does an out of date 80s traiining video have to do with anything?


When did this happen and has he been apprehended yet?


At the end of June. He and another are in custody waiting trail in October.






Don’t think he’d be that lucky. Iirc, murdering a cop is a capital offense. His case won’t go well either considering the fact he took the time to shoot them both when they were on the ground




This is so fucked up. Even more fucked up is his family all over Facebook trying to defend him, you can tell they have enabled him to the point he literally doesn’t believe he ever does anything wrong. Really awful, I feel for the cops family.


I didn’t see the posts from family but I could just tell what a fucking little brat that kid. I knew a kid who would act almost exactly like the murderer in this video. Always making shit hard for himself because it isn’t his way. Probably has some emotional issues.


Not to mention he had to have been a class act to resist mase resist a taze swiftly and effectively pull on 2 officers and then proceed to take clean effective shots after being mased and having extreme pressure


I don't see anyone defend cop-killers. Citizens want accountable cops they don't want dead cops.


Post this in ACAB or whenever the people from chapostraphouse moved to , let me know if you still don’t see people defend cop killers. There are extremists on both sides, and I’d wager you’d find people at the minimum indifferent to this and possibly even openly supportive.


don't need to, just sort to controversial on this post.


"A look into the lengthy history of arrests and criminal charges filed by local law enforcement against the suspect in the killing of Tulsa Police Sgt reveals one striking coincidence. The two had come face to face before. David Anthony Ware’s first arrest as an adult came 14 years ago, on July 13, 2006. Johnson was the arresting officer" Pretty weird man. Crazy video


So same cop keeps harrasing a kid, and the kid finally snaps. Don't feel bad for the cops.


I don't think that's it at all.


crazy times to be alive


Fuck that piece of trash.


sooooo... death penalty?


In Oklahoma? Absolutely.


we can only hope


Hope this piece of shit enjoys his injection


Injection naw firing squad


Rope is a lot cheaper than ammo and it can be reused.


This is the stuff that will make life worse for ALL of us....


Yea like I’m watching this and it’s all terrible. The cops were in the right, and this fuck head just murdered them. Policing has to be about trust with law enforcement and the community, this situation is just a fucking murderer who makes public relations tense.


This is what the police have been telling people - they ***can't*** trust the criminals they interact with to act reasonably and like decent people.


Oh ffs, this isn't something that happens often at all. Being a cop isn't even close to one of the more dangerous jobs in the US. Sure, this is probably a lot more emotionally harrowing than someone dying at a regular job from some kind of fuck up in safety guidelines being broken, but this shit barely happens. The only way I see this becoming more frequent is from people that absolutely hate cops due to their behavior as of late.


> Being a cop isn't even close to one of the more dangerous jobs in the US. It's the 18th (apparently) but in no other job do you have people actually out to deliberately harm you.




What are you talking about? Delivery people get fucked up and killed more often than cops do. Do you think the teenage guy bringing your pizza should be as scared of some fat fuck opening the door too fast, and responding with lethal force? "I'm sorry officer, he was coming for the double pepperoni at such speed that I had no choice but to defend myself!" Being a cop is not that dangerous, especially not dangerous enough to be expecting people to be ready to kill you at any time.


But what's the alternative? Shooting innocents because their pinky finger flinched? There should always be evolving protocols on how to effectively deal with potentially dangerous suspects, as this would have helped the police officers in this video, but some professions come with a inherent risk that can never be fully avoided. Their need for safety shouldn't be above the well being of the general population.


> Shooting innocents because their pinky finger flinched? Complying with reasonable police directions would be a good start. People can't even agree with that.


Did both officers die ?


One of them did. The last shot was to his head.


Son of Bitch. He was so cordial with that POS.


Right? Was being patient, explaining step by step what was happening and why, and giving fair and clear instructions and warnings. The SGT was actually doing what we want cops to do, and now theres one less good cop.


Holy shit, what a devil


[news article](https://www.foxnews.com/us/2-police-officers-shot-in-oklahoma)


This happened in my hometown. After this happened, during the funeral procession a woman pulled out in front of the motorcycle cops at the front injuring 3. All because this shit stick felt like killing cops cause he didn’t want his fucking car towed.


Was that accidental or purposeful on that woman's part?




How do some of these stupid videos get 20k upvotes but this doesn’t


3 hours in and it's already nearing the top of the subreddit. Personally I think it also might be because people don't like watching someone get shot/killed, so they don't click the video and don't upvote it. There's even a specific rule in the sidebar about this subreddit not being /r/watchpeopledie


I guess. There is a guy jumping train tracks with 3k likes at 5 hours. It’s not even a freak out lol


Which is arguably more suitable for the sub considering it takes place in a relatively busy metro area, instead of 3 guys in the middle of nowhere at night. At the very least, it's a video that's 1/10th the length and much more easily digestible.


This undermines the blm narrative and people wouldnt want that.


Cause redditors wants to disband the police. This video being on top won't fit the acab narrative reddit has been pushing.




People freak out at burger king all the the too and that gets more upvotes


It's reddit. Reddit leans to the left and videos like these kill the anti-police narrative that has been brewing for months.


This has nothing to do with leaning left or right. It does nothing about the anti-police narrative, policing in this country is a massive problem that doesn't mean reddit and everyone "left leaning" as you say wants cops to die. People want bad cops held accountable and not rehired, people want police unions that make it impossible to act on bad cops to be disassembled. Anyone worth listening to is going to say what happened in this video is horrible. The cops were in the right here. It doesn't make all the times the cops were wrong now acceptable. This isn't hard to comprehend.




I definitely expected it to be the friend that fired.


And then they wonder why cops react the way they do when people resist......


The amount of people throwing up the useless statistic that it's the 18th most dangerous job, a statistic which takes into account every office worker employed by a police department. Try telling that to a cop arresting a violent criminal. Far to many keyboard warriors out here


All those men have families and friends that will grieve for the rest of their lives. Because one man didn’t want his car towed.


Sounded like he was a felon illegally possessing a firearm. He was going back to prison.


Now he’s probably going to the chair. What a fucking idiot.


Right, good point, I never thought of previous. I’m from Ireland and this kind of thing happens very rarely.


Bruh footage like this makes me extremely fucking angry


And people wonder why police officers are so trigger happy


Anyone know if these officers survived?


One killed, one currently on hospital recovering.


Scumbag should have been tazed right away. These cops aren’t your fucking dad, you don’t get to argue with them for 10 minutes about what you don’t want to do.


They did taze him eventually and the guy was still able to resist. Maybe they should have hit him again with the tazor? And sprayed him more? It's just such a tough situation because you can tell the officers didn't want to hurt the guy. But in this case it would have been the right move


This is the problem with every single fucking "THE COP MURDERED HIM" situation. There are so many examples like this that cops have to be fearful, police brutality in that area will now go through the roof because this one bastard. Police give an inch, criminals take a mile and everyone pays.


I’m reminded of a similar incident but with a different outcome: Deven Guilford. Pulled over for a minor infraction, kid argues with the cop like he’s yelling at his dad (?!) escalates to a physical altercation, kid gets shot and killed.


>There are so many examples like this that cops have to be fearful, There really isn't. Getting killed as a cop is pretty rare, and is not even close to one of the more dangerous jobs in the US.


It's less rare than a cop killing an unarmed person.


Patrol officer/deputy is ranked at the 18th most dangerous job in the US https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.usatoday.com/amp/38832907




Hard watching them grab at his arms and head there’s no way you can move a man this way


Poor training.


What a fucking piece of shit


Way to turn a minor civil issue into a life sentence. What a fucking piece of shit moron.


Really didn't have anything to do with the car being impounded, or at least played a very small role. The bigger problem was the illegal firearm he had concealed under his seat. If the police impounded the car, they were going to find the gun. Felon didn't want to get caught in possession of a (likely stolen) firearm.


Still, he would've gotten a couple years and now he's getting the death sentence.


He was such a dumbfuck though. He should've just agreed to have his car impounded and hope they aren't looking under his seat for a gun, and maybe get off.


LOL, if only reality was like that.


Some time back I was listening to a podcast on tasers, I will try and find it again. But, they stated that due to lawsuits and deaths that Tasers have been engineered down and seem now to do more harm than good. While good for pain compliance they no longer seem to work against those really agitated or mental.


That build up was tense and the gun shots were out of nowhere. Sucks that the situation had to end so poorly.


Did Matt ever help him tho?


Yep. Came and picked him up and is now being charged with accessory to murder.


This should be NSFL. Last 3 seconds of this video is an execution and its fairly obvious. Yikes


The 2nd amendment is a pandora's box we didn't know was being opened. Police are getting killed like this, so they have to approach every situation like this could happen. Their fear is what makes them trigger happy and unarmed people end up dead.


Did they survive?


Seems like this could've been handled better, terrible loss of life.


almost threw up


And people wonder why cops are so on edge.... this is a hard job with extreme hazards that cannot be overlooked. I sincerely hope that the drive of that car, that murderous useless piece of human garbage, suffers immensely before he dies and is quickly forgotten like the insignificant person he clearly was.


Lol being a garbage man is twice as dangerous stfu


Its situations like this that give cops the mentality that everyone is trying to kill them. This is an extremely rare incident. And very unfortunate. But cops need to realize that people aren't just trying to kill them all the time.


Statistically being a police officer is not even in the top 10 most dangerous jobs in the US. More cops have died from covid this year than all other causes of death, including murder. Being a cop is more dangerous than being an accountant for example, but statistically safer than being a pizza delivery driver in terms of getting killed on duty.


>but statistically safer than being a pizza delivery driver in terms of getting killed on duty. Clearly pizza delivery guys need to be carrying, and if someone opens the door too fast, they have a right to blast the mofo. "I feared for my life, he was coming at the double pepperoni, sir!"




There are pretty much only two metrics that people look at to determine safety. Fatal injuries and non-fatal injuries. Being a cop isn’t very high in either. And you should look to see if being a cop in other countries without such strict “officer safety tactics” is more or less dangerous as well. I think you’d be surprised.


>this is a hard job with extreme hazards that cannot be overlooked. No, no it really isn't. Being a cop is not very hazardous at all, it's far from being one of the most dangerous jobs in the US.




I was browsing through the comments thinking, huh, not a single use of the word “animal”, then I clicked on the article. Yep, he’s white.


Kinda what I was thinking. If he was black, how many chances would those cops have given him?


None, he would've been shot, and the body cams would've malfunctioned, of course.


Wait, the dude getting arrested shot? I thought matt pulled up and got out of the car...... Thought he shot


Poor Officers, gave that waste of life so many chances to comply only only to be shot down by coward druggie loser, to bad they didn’t have the death by firing squad I’d volunteer.


10 minutes of incompetence.




This is what happens to good, patient cops who are slow to shoot and give the benefit of the doubt. There is real evil out there and we need good people to shield us from it. Fuck everyone who drops ACAB in this sub or anywhere else. There are good cops, they just don’t last as long as the bad ones. God bless them.


Bullshit. This is an extremely rare situation. What happens to the good cops is they get fired or otherwise forced into retirement.


I agree with that actually. The good cops need support and praise, not to be lumped in with the bad.


Man that's scary.


Its so hard to watch this stuff man, the fear in that last scream just give me shivers.


Someone gave this the Faith In Humanity Restored award btw


And they scared of the black people...


Those police officers didn't deserve that. This is what they fear at every stop. They are heros for wearing body cameras. Why are the less lethal weapons unable to control him? They shouldn't have to take risks like that.


I'm curious, in this situation, why is it that they don't just back off and wait for back up officers to come? If he doesn't want to leave the car, he's a now a bigger threat....best to just back up and wait? Why try to aggressively grab the guy out when you can tell he's becoming more desperate?


He didn't see that he was armed. Waiting for more officers could allow the suspect to flee or use the vehicle as a deadly weapon. A high speed Pursuit could put innocent lives a danger




And citizens still have guns...


That's why you can't let people back to their vehicles.


People gotta understand that cops are human too. Just because they have a blue uniform doesn’t mean ya have the right to turn them into a damn honey comb








> Police don't need to be reformed/defunded, they are a product of a society that has such soft firearm laws and so many guns in circulation. Which is the bad thing in general, but of course no one wants to talk about gun laws ever. School shootings, people demand that no one speaks badly about gun laws because everyone is too emotional and 2a nutjobs thinks this will translate into harsher restrictions, then nothing happens even when we go months later without the next mass shooting. Cops are always assuming everyone they see has a gun and will use it on them, even if it's just a wallet in their hands.


The guy also probably would've been less likely to resort to lethal violence if he knew his life wasn't practically over if they discovered the most likely illegal firearm in his car. Europeans may have some cucky sentence lengths that rarely hit a decade for some atrocious acts, but I have a feeling in general those lower sentences prevent a lot of situations like these. Plus they seem to be more about rehabilitation than US prisons.


What a moron.. I hope he doesn't get the death penalty, but gets to spend the next 50 years of his life in an isolation cell staring at the wall.


Pretty sure murdering an officer of the law is a capital offense. Especially of the footage of him purposely making an effort to get a kill shot on both of them while they’re on the ground


I know but letting him suffer until the end of his life sounds more appropiate and is more in line with my moral ideas. I don't thirst for blood, but punishment. if you'd offer me being shot in the head or sitting in an isolation cell for the rest of my life (considering I still have 50 years to go on average), I'd 100% chose execution instead of the mental torture that isolation + shitty food + being treated like shit is.


Wtf. Who shot the cops?


The Driver


Thanks. I can never tell it happens so quick


Did you close your eyes for 10 minutes after pressing play?


The shooting happens so quickly.