Patrol fishing pole?




Tangle it up and leave it in neglected in a pile somewhere?


No policy...yet. When I went through the academy they told us don't make policy and don't make case law. Making a net policy night be a good exception.




Please do this. I want to see a body cam video of someone beaching a boat to run after a suspect and ending the pursuit by throwing a giant fishing net on them


Heck, I'm not even LE, but *all* of my former CJ professors hammered home the idea that you do *not* want people studying a supreme court case with your name on it lol. Win or lose, you're probably still in prison for a good chunk of time...


Net Neutrality!


You guys have the 240 right?


That’s TxDPS that has the 240s on boats.


“On the boat” McNulty?


Most patrol officers have one or the other. My agency all officers are issued rifles and less lethal shotguns aka bean bag shotguns. Occasionally some agencies in the area do not have any long guns due to funding but officers can carry personal rifles when approved and qualified appropriately.


every week the cops play a game of heads up seven up and the loser gets the shotgun, the rest get rifles.


You laugh but one agency I know of was not far off from that. Rifles were given out as they were recieved. They eventually secured the funding to get enough rifles by trading the old shotguns, and grants.


Most patrol officers have AR15s today, no shotgun.


The officers where I work as a non-sworn employee wish that were the case… they’re still all stuck with shotguns.


Says you! 😎


Bummer for you. A deputy and youe agency doesnt issue a rifle? SMH


They do both but its been forever since they hosted a "class" for the rifle


I have a Ar and Benelli M4


Every patrol officer in my old department (who could pass the qualification test) was issued an AR-15. You could also request a shotgun if you wanted and they'd put you through a couple day class to get you qualified on that. ​ Now in my current department I'm the only one who has a rifle in my car. My Sgt runs a shotgun. (course, there are three full time guys in my current department compared to the 500+ in my old one so... there's that)


Is small town better than mid size or nah?


There's pros and cons like with everything. I personally think something a bit bigger would be preferable. Something between 50 to 100 officers, rather than three. But that's a personal preference


Depends on the department. Some you have to buy your own, some you are issued. Rifles now are extremely commonplace either way, shotguns still popular but not as ubiquitous as days past.


My agency will issue a rifle but they’re garbage (literal M16A2s with the giggle switch disabled). Everyone who carries a rifle on patrol uses their own. Range master has to approve non-issued rifles. Shotguns aren’t issued or carried.


I carry both on duty. I have a shotgun up front with me and a mp-5 semi/full auto in the trunk. For my department you don’t have to be a supervisor to carry a rifle or shotgun.


That’s a machine gun /s


Close but no cigar huh?


One department I worked for part-time had old M16s with burst fire in the squads. The other department I worked for full-time had ARs and non-lethal shotguns in every squad.


Everyone in my department has both a rifle and shotgun between the seats


Everyone has a rifle and a shotgun at mine.


Everyone around here is issued rifles but I don't think anyone carries shotguns. The federal boys nearby have the big big big stuff.


The officers on patrol at my department are only issued shotguns. No patrol rifles. Now certain units DO get rifles… just not patrol. (I’m a non-sworn/civilian employee for an agency)


Every patrol officer is issued a rifle. I have a shotgun (by choice) and a rifle issued to me.


There are about 18,000 different agencies in the US and about 18,000 answers to this question.


Every LEO that uses a patrol car has them to use


Some get issued some don’t . I use my personal rifle which is a LWRC with a flashlight and optic .


It’s diff everywhere. I’ve worked with depts that issued long guns to all patrol, or you could check out a shotgun, or could buy and carry your own carbine, or it was only supervisors (which is always the biggest headscratcher bc Sarge is usually cracking out somewhere and not answering his radio), or seen depts where it was only SWAT.


I've got both. Though sometimes the rifle I'm issued is from the Vietnam war era and might have a warped barrel that can't shoot straight. Or I get a 12g that has seen more action than Pamela Anderson.


This will depend on the department. My first department anyone could have a patrol rifle or shotgun you just had to buy it and qualify it. My second, only swat had rifles, everyone else had shotguns. Current, we have both just need to qualify on it. I would not work for a department that bans patrol from using rifles. Whether it’s barricaded Gunman, shooting scenes, or a possible active shooter, there is zero reason to not allow road patrol to have a rifle. It’s downright moronic


I have a shotgun in the cab with me and an M4 carbine in the trunk.


I really preferred having a shotgun instead of a rifle. Just racking it usually stops any resistance.


That really has worked for me anytime presence didn't.


Got rid of our lethal shotty program for reasons. If you can qualify with the patrol rifle you get a patrol rifle. We're gonna go suppressed patrol rifles here in a hot minute, which will be sweet. Got some expensive ass AR-15 platform rifles too, we're also the only department I'm told running these rifles for the patrol officer so I won't say what brand.