I'm no fan of Krasner but if your key witness refuses to testify then withdrawal may be the right answer.


Idk about this individual case, But im waiting for Season 2 of Philly DA.... [https://www.pbs.org/independentlens/documentaries/philly-da/](https://www.pbs.org/independentlens/documentaries/philly-da/)


Remember that ten year period where people could say the area around Temple wasn’t that bad with a straight face?


I live off campus. It’s really bad right now.


That was the case 20 years ago when I went to school in center city, the Area around Temple at that time was always known as a shit hole. Good to see that's still the same


I've never heard anyone say the area around temple was a nice place.


PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- An arrest warrant has been issued in connection with the murder of a Temple University student. Police say Latif Williams, 17, is wanted for murder in the death of 21-year-old Samuel Collington of Prospect Park, Delaware County on Sunday during an apparent robbery near the North Philadelphia campus. According to the district attorney's office, Williams was arrested and charged earlier this year for a gunpoint carjacking. "However, a key witness for the Commonwealth did not appear in court, forcing our office to withdraw the case at that time. That incident, which took place in August, remains under active investigation, and our office continues to pursue accountability for that crime," a spokesperson said. No one was injured in the August incident. According to police, Collington had just parked his mother's SUV on Sunday afternoon near the 2200 block of N. Park Avenue after returning from Thanksgiving at his family's home. Authorities said while he was unloading his things, a suspected robber snuck up on him and a struggle ensued. According to police, Collington was shot in the chest and back. He was taken to Temple University Hospital where he died of his injuries. Molly Collington, Samuel's mother, told Action News her son wanted to make a difference in the world after he graduated. "Our son was, and is, our hero and this senseless act crushes us," she said. "In his honor, we will do everything to make sure there is justice for Sam," she said. The 21-year-old was a political science major who was set to graduate from Temple in just weeks. His mother said he was a history buff and planned to help people by becoming a lawyer or politician. On Tuesday night, Temple University announced it would be increasing its campus safety force by 50%. A safety forum for parents, students, and community members will be held on Thursday at 5 p.m. Edit: The suspect has since turned himself in to police


They have hired 1 part time security guard bring the total to 3. Boom 50%


Temple actually has a gigantic police department. I mean it’s legitimately huge.


Largest campus police in the country


How's that bail reform going?


This has no relevance to what happened here


The bigger issue is lack of cooperating witnesses. This is the primary reason so many charges are dropped. Normally with vehicle theft the suspects get arrested when the vehicle is recovered. The victim has their car back and they no longer care about anything else. To them it's not worth it to show up to court when they have their car back. When someone shoplifts the store doesn't come to court since they've either recovered their property or written it off. If someone is assaulted the perp goes to jail that night, problem solved. Credit card stolen? Bank reimburses you, no loss to you. Until there is more of an incentive for victims and witnesses to show up to court, DAs dismissing serious charges will continue.


Arrest the DA!