Crumpled pieces of paper, protein bar wrappers, and old receipts.


This guy polices.


Unreturned seized licence plates, forms from my rookie year that are no longer used, an abundance of current forms I can't find when I need them, a St Michael prayer card from my super religious aunt, a piece of Amethyst from my super hippy aunt to keep me safe.


I carry two citation books, all the paperwork I’d ever want: miranda/statements/receipts/warnings/parking violations and so on, sanitizers (wipes and liquid), armor all wipes, Advil, tums, heavy gloves, winter hat, impact baton, extra cuffs/zip cuffs, OC (like I’d ever use it. Lol), screwdriver, traffic baton (think flashlight), extra ammunition for all my platforms (pistol, shotgun, rifle, less lethal) and my tomahawk.


Tomahawks are the best hawks.


Our policy allows us to carry nunchucks and one of my partners does in his bag. I don’t think he knows how to actually use them but they’re kind of cool


Why carry the literal worst weapon?


Honestly I think because he could, lol


Trauma bag for MCIs (gloves, 4 TQs, 4 pairs of chest seals, lots of gauze and pressure dressings, trauma shears, sharpie, narcan). Hobble and extra handcuffs. Extra sunglasses and two pairs of clear eye pro. Electronic shooter earmuffs. Extra pens. Multiple charger (can charge three kinds of phones), charging cords for body cam and rifle light. Leatherman and roll of electric tape. Anti-shit my pants pills. Binoculars. Small bottle of lube for guns and handcuffs. Two AR mags. Now that I have a take home car my squad bag is just a place to hold stuff I may need close at hand. I've got shit all over the car.


Lube for “*guns and handcuffs*”. Yeah sure buddy, me too.


Don't kink shame me.




OP - Go ahead and read Rule 10. This is allowed now, since you've said you're not active LE yet. However, once you are, you should follow the link in right hand sidebar and verify.


Will do. Thanks!


My bag has a folder with various paperwork i need, and a clipboard to write on in my car. I keep various NARC kits (field testers for various narcotics), 2 spare handcuffs, a pair of extra large jail transport cuffs, an IFAK, a whole bunch of latex gloves, a spare flash light, spare batteries for optic, weapon lights, flash lights, spare pens, spare note books. PBT I also have a go bag, with bug spray for the summer, hand warmers, rifle mags, pistol mags, some spare shotgun shells, IFAK, gloves, some flex cuffs.




No crayons?


I don't think it's THAT kind of marine environment lol.


You’ll never know where they’ll pop up. Best keep some crayons just in case.


True story, my sergeant carries a small box of crayons in a special pouch on his vest. I remember when I first got hired I noticed the crayons and asked. Apparently he has carried them for years. He said it's for if he ever has to act as a lieutenant he would be prepared.


Obligatory emergency snack pouch, paperwork, cheap dollar store clipboards, extra set of cuffs, zip cuffs, road vest, clorox wipes/spray, extra pens/sharpies, batteries, extra loaded magazine, property bags and a multi tool


I also have a full medical kit attached


Sad about how far down I had to scroll to see snacks. You always gotta have snacks, yo.


Don't buy ANYTHING until you get on the road and get started. Learn what you need as you go. Otherwise, you'll waste money on a bunch of stuff you don't need that just clutter up your car.


Do you mean like a seat organizer or a go bag? If you mean go bag I just keep extra pistol and rifle mags, extra TQ, an IFAK, 2 bottles of water, sunscreen, and some granola bars.


Either works. Anything essential that you’ve found helps to have in hand. Thank you!


6-pack of Bang, amirite?


Spare donuts. Flashlight w/ dead batteries. A couple forms I might need if I get stuck out. A dead pen. Change of clothes. And a little book that I use to keep track of overtime.


Skittles, bang, beef jerky, smarties...


Many of the other posts have done a great job listing items for the patrol bag. I would add you should also keep a plate carrier with rifle plates in your front seat/trunk depending on where you’re allowed to store it. Have some spare AR mags and an IFAK with at least one extra tourniquet (in addition to the one you SHOULD be carrying on your duty belt) on the plate carrier, then you don’t have to worry about grabbing a separate “go-bag” or whatever if you need to jump out on an active scene.


I don’t.


Quick clot, ammo, extra flashlight, Gatorade, Powerbars, raincoat, bug spray, decomp mask, socks


Citation and document clipboards, extra contacts, drop pens, gloves (cold weather, fighting, shooting, nitrile), beanie, sewing kit, simple first aid stuff, binoculars, FLIR, Montreal seasoning, lighter, stapler, criminal and traffic quick references, extra handcuffs, otc meds, hand sanitizer, and a multi tool


Look up donut operator on YouTube. He goes over what you should probably put in the bag in one or two of his videos


I can add dog food and lots of evidence bags.


All my paperwork, extra pens and notepads, foldable clipboard that holds citations and throw-away pens for gross people to use, paper bags for evidence/property, gloves, hand sanitizer, bug spray, medical supplies, alcohol spray, spare flashlight, multi tool, batteries, hand wipes, stickers for kids