I think tucker should go down there and do some eye wittness reporting.


I second this notion.


I third this notion.


I fourth this notion.


Yay, I’m the fifth caller, so I win the concert tickets?


You win a signed tucker Carlson poster. And a ticket to his next comedy show titled “my life as tucker Carlson”


That’s not a prize. That’s a consequence


That's like The Room. It's not supposed to be a comedy


Yay, I’m the fifth caller, so I win the concert tickets?


Send him there..


Non native speaker here: isn't it motion? Thanks.


It is. But notion works as well in this case I suppose






No, fuck that. He's been spoon fed everything his whole life. Put this piece of shit on the ground where actions actually matter.


Anderson Cooper had family money like Tucker and spent like half of the 90s in warzones right next to Russia. Hes even been doing it again in Ukraine.


Met him on a deployment in Afghanistan, he was actually a pretty chill guy for being a rich kid


Clark Kent meeting Bruce Wayne be like


He did and he didn't. He had the family name cache and some inheritance but nothing like Tucker and the Swanson family money which, it's kinda effed up. The Vanderbilts, like most filthy rich hoarding resources families still had something the turn of the last century wealthy people did which was tithe, somewhat for impressions and due to tax loopholes as this was back when the filthy rich still had to pay taxes. The Vanderbilts gave a shit-ton of money for charities to the poors, orphanages (paid to build them) and other concerns to help humanity and stuff that ehhh, I mean, art and education. Tucker and the Swanson family? The only money they give is to SuperPACs that in turn support politicians that make Putin seem like Bernie Sanders. Tucker and his ilk are devoid of a soul or a conscience.


Most people don't remember the show, but I loved Anderson Cooper on The Mole. You got to see a side of him that you don't normally see. He seems like such a nice, chill guy.


With newborn sons. He is sacrificing time he will never get back, that's dedication.


Cause Anderson Cooper is a fucking badass.


Anderson more of a man than any asshole working for fox. And has bigger balls, too.


He has stated in interviews that he didn't inherit anything.


To be fair, that’s the same thing you’d say if you inherited absolutely everything.


One way ticket of course since hell want to stay in that beautifully country, accessorized by Russia


Is not worth much, however, you have just won my Post of the Week Gold Medal with Diamonds.


Did Tucker Carlson rape and killed a girl in 1990?


What if he killed, then raped her, and then covered it up? I'm not saying he did. I'm just asking questions here.


No one said Tucker Carlson didn't rape and kill a girl in 1990?


I’m seeing a lot of people talking about Tucker Carlson raping and murdering people. Why would so many people say that if there was nothing to it?


A lot of people are saying that Tucker Carlson may have raped and murdered people. And you look at this guy, and I don’t know. Maybe?


Good people, on both sides, are saying, why can’t we ask these questions?


I have heard that, at least once! I wonder if it's true. Could he have? Just asking.


Did Tucker Carlson admit to raping and murdering that girl in 1990? I heard he confessed. Just asking.


Did Tucker Carlson have the upper body strength required to rape a girl in 1990? Why can’t we ask these questions?


I wonder, if after he ( allegedly) raped her. I wonder, if he asked her any questions. I mean if he raped her. I don't know, just asking.


I mean it's all alleged, the raping and murder. You know that Tucker Carlson is responsible for. It's all alleged. I wonder if it is actually true? They are only questions.


I heard about this girl who was raped and killed by Tucker Carlson in 1990 from a friend of a friend who read about it in a magazine. Apparently she was only 11 or 12 years old. Why can't we ask more questions?


Ive been reading recently that Tucker Carlson may have committed a murder/rape on an unsuspecting underage girl. Whats to say he doesn't also have child pornography on his computers. Im just asking a question.


Right! That's why you have to ask questions.


They are just asking questions.


He's **never** denied it.


And he refuses to answer any questions about it! What is he trying to hide?


He has the best rapes


Are they referring to something that actually possibly occurred here or just asking questions? I'm just asking a question (I am genuinely curious tho).




That was a LOT


What the fuck I just watch?


Roast of Bob Saget


A roast or a callout?


As a follow up, how many hundreds of young girls did he rape and kill?


Nobody knows! There's never been a full accounting! The lame stream media doesn't want the number to get out


No one has been allowed to dig through his backyard, so no one exactly how many bodies are buried there. Just asking questions!


*Tucker Carlson raped and killed an underage girl in the 1990s. There have been several other incidents reported of Tucker Carlson raping and murdering underage girls. We honestly have no idea how many girls Tucker Carlson raped and murdered. Many in various circles are aware and have evidence Tucker Carlson partied with Jeffery Epstein, who accidentally murdered himself with someone else's hands.* If you use italics it's the equivalent and stating something as a question. I'm just asking questions about what is known regarding *Tucker Carlson's pedophilia, rape, and murder of underage girls.*


It's hard to say. Could it even be thousands of young girls he raped and killed? Could Tucker Carlson be history's most prolific rapist and murderer of young girls? I just feel like this is an important question to ask.


i wish it was a call in show so we can call his ass and ask him questions that he can't answer just like the shit questions he spews on his "show".


Yeah we need to ask him if he raped and murdered a girl in the 90s. Just asking the question. If he didn't, then he should just deny it and move on, right?


I heard that Tucker Carlson raped and killed a girl. I'm not saying this is true. People talking about it and I'm just asking questions. We shouldn't be afraid to ask questions about Tucker Carlson raping and killing a girl.


So far, I've heard it from two unrelated sources that Tucker Carlson, raped and killed a girl and then covered it up. At this point everyone should be asking themselves if Tucker Carlson raped and killed a girl.


It seems like I'm hearing about it more and more. There must be something going on. Otherwise, why would there be so many questions without an appropriate response?


I'm a third source and I'm not sure that he didn't rape and murder a girl. Can we get some verification on this topic, or is he going to ignore these simple and easy questions? What is he hiding?


Two separate sources?! Checks out.


Why isn’t the media talking about this? Why is Fox News, the FBI or Homeland Security suppressing this from the news?


1. Trust me bro 2. Anonymous redditor. *you son of a bitch, I'm in*


The source I heard it from was that it was an under-aged boy. Maybe saying it was a girl was part of the cover-up?


This definitely makes more sense. I heard someone speculate that the boy wore a bowtie and Tucker kept it as a memento. How sick would that be, if it happened? Which it did, according to several people.


Definitely a boy. Wearing a bow tie. Who kept asking, “why Tuck, why? I’m just asking, why?”.


Lots of people are asking these questions. It's not just you. I've seen others bring up the same questions.


The more time goes on the more posts I see about Tucker Carlson raping and killing a young girl then trying to cover it up. Its all over the internet. People are asking so many questions about this. We need some answers here. When did Tucker Carlson rape and kill that young girl and where did he commit this heinous crime? We need answers to these questions!


I mean, are people arguing against the fact that young girls aren't raped and killed? Isn't someone is doing it? Is it possible that I've heard that people who are ashamed of how their family made a fortune act out in violent, antisocial ways?


A big alpha male approached me with tears in his eyes…. Did Tucker…?


"**SIR**...Did Tucker...?"




One? I heard it was a baker's dozen. And I've also heard he slaughters a baby for breakfast every morning, and asks Satan to bless his feast before he dines. I don't say I believe this, mind, but it's a possibility. We have to ask questions. People need to know!


Smart people are telling me. LOTS of people are saying this. and Tucker has not denied it.


What if Tucker Carlson likes to suck off billy goats ? I’m not saying he does, but he’s never denied it, and being a chupacabra would be consistent with everything else we know about him. I’d just like him to clarify this matter by stating definitively one way or another whether he sucks off billy goats or not.


Wow why would so many people be saying Tucker Carlson raped and killed someone in 1990? Why would they be saying it if it wasn't true? I don't know, I'm just asking questions.


Did he kill and rape a girl in 1990? Why can't we ask these questions?


Lots of people are saying that Tucker cut off his penis after he raped a girl in 1990. Then he had a vagina created. We don’t know if this is true, but if he would submit to a medical exam it might help clear up this issue.


I've heard people, very important people, people in the know, have said they have evidence of Tucker Carlson as a serial predator in the 90s including gruesome photos of Tucker Carlson rapist being filmed, without question Tucker Carson raping and murdering underage girls. On very good authority, people in the know, have seen and even fucked Tucker's new vagina which, apparently is very small, but so have been the dicks of the people he's let fuck him, mostly Moscow Mitch and Donald Trump. This is what I've heard, which raises questions. I'm not saying its a definitive fact rapist Tucker Carlson raped underaged girls and Tucker Carlson covered up his rapes and murders but this is stories I've heard about him.


I don't know, but recently I saw a lot of people asking that same question. Now I obviously can't say with absolute certainty that Tucker Carlson raped and killed a girl in 1990, but there has been speculation about it that can't be ignored.


He might have. What if is too easy. But why is it only supposed to ever be used only in support of the RW PC ways ? lol


🎶 *How many roads must we drive our trucks down, to find how many girls Fucker Carlson raped and killed in 1990* 🎶


“Did Tucker Carlson Rape and Murder an Underaged Girl in 1990? A Lot of Redditors Are Asking That Question”


Whether he knows it or realizes it, he is a Russian asset.


No rational actor would be this deep in Russia's ass at this point without kompromat. They have something on him and he knows they have something on him.


Or he could just be a fucking traitorous cunt.


Nah, one hundred percent catering to inflaming the wing nuts and giving the fringe just enough ammunition to keep the crazies going enough for that portion of the Republican party that outright want a fascist dictatorship (as opposed to the rest who may want the equivalent but manage to convince themselves that they're only being anti-democratic for the good of the country) can ensure that they will support only the most extreme positions. As long as they keep that 1/3 of the party firmly ensconced in their own manufactured unreality they can dictate to the rest who need that 1/3 to get elected. It is absolutely deliberate and has fuck all to do with Russia.


It’s because his head is up Trump’s ass, and since Biden is Anti-Putin, Tucker must be Pro-Putin. This is all about fealty to Trump.


Tucker has been a white supremacist and (duh) deeply racist since at least college. No blackmail necessary--he's a true-believer.


I've been reading a lot of comments about Tucker Carlson raping and murdering a girl in 1990 so I wonder if it could be that? Just asking the question!


it could be these allegations im hearing about that he raped and killed a ten year old girl in 1990. he has never denied it.


Everybody's TOLD it to him a thousand times in the last few weeks. He refuses to accept it. I think the Kremlin had someone do an Inception on him. He thinks it's all his own idea & that he's *not* being manipulated. As usual, it's those who think they are free who are the most utterly enslaved of all. Carlson thinks he's free and he just loooves Putin *so damned much!!*


The Koch family have ginormous investments in Russia, including the development of some of the more difficult oil and gas assets. The Koch family have long been in bed with Rupert Murdoch. All of this spin is so Koch industries doesn't have to abandon its assets and investments. Dumb. Fucking. Greed.


Tucker did a segment about US business investors who had interests in Russia losing everything, and blaming Biden for screwing over American citizens


If you were a spy, and someone said "this guy is a spy!", Would you A. Roll over and admit you were a spy, or B. Say "I am not a spy".


That's also possible. I don't know that we'll ever know the truth there, one way or the other.


I think old Tucker falls into the same category as a lot of his good friends including the orange Cheeto. Pretty sure that the ol Kremlin has a lot of incriminating videos and information on many, many people. I'm guessing old Tucker might be one of those many people.


He knows. He just doesn't care. He just wants money, country means nothing to this man. He would happily set up shop anywhere if they let him continue to spout BS and get paid for it.


If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck...


It's the power of suggestion man, It's like if I said, "Hey, what if we went to Popeyes for dinner"...and then we go. Guess what, it wasn't her idea, it was mine. Carlson = I like giving bad ideas to subjective folks.


What if Tucker Carlson was having sex with his male classmates at the boarding school in Switzerland? What if he was kicked out because he was caught offering oral and anal sex to anyone 7 everyone? What if his wife is just a cover? Who knows if it's true - iM jUsT aSkInG qUeStIoNs.


I can see why Russ considers Tucker Carlson a Russian asset


Tucker Carlson is disgusting.


Nazis should ve used this tactic during their trials.


I get that it would be a slippery slope, but there really need to be laws banning intentionally reporting falsehoods (or doing whatever the heck Tucker Carlson does).


there are such laws, but Tucker got around them when his OWN lawyer argued in court that "no reasonable sane person would watch Tucker's show and think it was news" or "entertainment not news despite the Fox NEWS label".


Shouldn’t the passed decade prove that nearly half the nation does consider it news and that there should be a change? Anything not considered news should have a banner with a disclaimer that shows up every other minute to say this is “entertainment” and not “news”


"What if I'm a fucking moron? Just asking..."


There's no way he actually said these things. Is there?


>There's no way he actually said these things. Is there? I used to ask myself this every day I'd see some outlandish thing attributed to Trump thinking there's no way anyone is that stupid. And...every goddamn time...he was. And then it branched out to others within the GOP. And then it branched out to the people on Fox News. I have yet to see them misquoted or taken out of context. So if history is to believed, he definitely said these things. I would hope not because it's insane and idiotic to even think this but it's Tucker. He's been basically working for Russian interests since the invasion began.


What if Tuck The Fuck sexually assaults rodents? What if he claims their his children? What if he’s caught in the act and then blames Hannity? I’m not saying any of this is tru, I’m just asking the questions. Why can’t we ask these questions?


What if all these missing and trafficked children are victims of Tucker Carlson? Maybe he likes to diddle little kids. Especially boys. I'm not saying he does, but it's a question we should be asking.


What if Tucker Carlson molests little boys? There is at least as much evidence that Tucker Carlson molests little boys as there is for just about anything that he says, especially when it comes to Russia. I'm not saying it's true that Tucker Carlson molests little boys, but I'm also not saying that it isn't true.


You have every right in the world to ask those and any other questions you want to ask! "Is the hypotenuse the same as a vest with no sleeves? Why is Steve? Can narwhals simper? Why are the heads of all my nails on the opposite end?" Go on! Ask away! You also have every right in the world to prove yourself a complete fool.


You can ask questions, but is it possible to frame them in a way that is not also an accusation? Asking for a friend...


News organizations aren’t supposed to ask questions. They are supposed to provide facts. Great idea for a news story. Go answer your own question, and provide video evidence of the answer.


Tucker should just be parted out for organ donation.


And you know, if the Russians weren't actually in the fucking country killing people maybe there wouldn't be a need to even ask the stupid question. Dumb fucker Tucker.


Because they are ridiculous and really show that you are stupid.


What if tuck is a Russian agent? What if he's a serial murderer? What if he's wearing a bra and lace panties each night on his show? I'm not saying he is, but can we at least ask?


I’m just asking questions: why is Tucker Carlson still on television, who is stupid enough to believe what he says, and is there anyone left who still thinks he is not a Russian asset?


And that, ladies and gentlemen, is what passes for a thought leader in today's republican party.


Gaslighter extraordinaire


Yeah, but suggest there’s a child molesting ring under a pizza restaurant and we’ll just run with that idea like crazy


I do have to admit a bit of schadenfreude, watching them eat their own.


It scares me as a European that this man gets so much attention in the US. It also scares me that the likely republican candidate, who might just become president again, is an putin-asset who tried to overturn an election and drive a wedge in between America and its allies.


That's how he gets away with influencing his Dumb-Dump Trumpster audience. Classic propaganda ploy for the righty masses.




This is also literally how they spoofed these segments in Netflix's Death to 2021.


Sounds like Sandy Hook all over. Instead of a sweaty boozed up Alex Jones you get Captain Constipation face Carlson.


Did he really say this??


Tucker is terrible, but it's FoxNews, their advertisers, and the people that watch it are the enablers. If someone cut out Tucker because he became unprofitable, some new deplorable would just pop up in his place.


This is totally why China will end up buying Tucker Carlson and Fox when they invade Taiwan.


"Why can't we ask these (silly) questions ? " But you did just ask those baseless questions. Who is stopping you from doing so here, in America ? But could you in Big Brother Putin's Russia where his optional war can't be called what it is ? So do you really want answers or just to sow more what-if-isms and so more division ? Next !!!


You always have great questions Tuck if only we had something like a multi billion dollar media giant to ask experts those questions… you know like the “news” station you work for. This may make me sound old but back in my day Fox News had the integrity to find experts that at least had the decency to lie to my face….


Tucker will soon suspect if the sky is blue, just asking questions.


Pretty sure journalists are supposed to answer questions, not ask them.


Tucker you’ve admitted you lie on tv, you say you don’t like to but you lie, you also spread misinformation and mistruths, why? I am just asking the question, why can’t we ask these questions? Me: I know he’ll just lie about lying


How much is putin paying him is my only question at this point.


You asked why your silly questions can't be asked? The questions are idiotic, and you still work for a grocery store tabloid company. Such a pitiful life...


I’ll dead ass leave to the EU if this fuck runs for president


Why are these people so dumb


There is a suggestion to every thing in the news these day that propaganda is being used. Though I personally believe that this comment is wrong.


Tucker JAQing off.


There aren't rubles enough to make me say this shit.


Because you're not asking them in good faith and you know it isn't asking questions. Yiure supposed to ask questions and then have the answers since that's what a journalist do. Or youre so deeply incompetent that you shouldn't be anywhere near a TV. Pick one Tucker.


What if Tucker Carlson was a Russian puppet?


Because there is such a thing as a dumb question and these ones qualify


What if Ukraine has something like the Mossad or FSB or CIA that assassinates people with influence they use against Ukrainian interests? I'm just asking. I can just ask right?


Wtf is wrong with your simple mind @tuckercarlson


what of Tucker Carlson diddles litter boys, what if he blows them while finger banging a dead cat. I'm just asking questions


What if Tucker Carlson is Putin's bitch and ordered to say such things? What if Tucker Carlson actually likes being Putin's bitch? I'm just asking questions here.


And you'd think the FCC would have something to say about someone JAQing off on TV!


What if a group of Argentinian ninja-dolphins planted the bodies?!? I don't know why the media isn't coving this...


Tucker is sowing doubt just like him and Fox Entertainment did for the election. Putin is still using Tucker and Fox Entertainment. Must be some really good blackmail info in those stolen emails.


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I'll answer them for you. In a nutshell, you're asking questions that you won't like the answers to, so you don't try to answer them. 1/. They weren't 2/. They're not. 3/. They didn't. 4/. Because contrary to the oft stated aphorism; there are stupid questions. Why not ask the questions and report the answers instead of being a Putin fanboy?


You can ask it, you just did. It also happens to be a dumbass question.


Did Tucker blow Putin on his Russian vacation? Inquiring minds want to know!


Yeah , completely forget about that fact that these people lost their lives in a senseless war.


I think they'll over all lose some Followers by ~~Asking~~ Claiming that BS. Otherwise, a lot of people need to confront their "Human friendly" position they took during Covid.... We're funked, aren't we?


Is there video of this?


Tucker is a disgusting meat puppet. Not asking questions. Just stating facts.


He’s a pig.


I’ll take “how to say I’m a holocaust denier without saying I’m a holocaust denier” for $500 Alex


It's called JAQ-ing. No, I am not kidding.


Where is Will Smith when you really need him?


Did he actually say this or is this satire? Sounds true but I don't watch Fox news


What could make a person, who doesn’t even have to work, come on television to ask most vile, hateful, ignorant, misleading, and polarizing questions? That’s my question.


What if Tucker Carlson is forced to spew Russian propaganda because putin has kompromat of Tucker molesting kids? What if Tucker likes to rape little boys, and pushing the kremlin’s agenda is the only way that he can keep it a secret? It seems like we should be asking these questions because that would be a pretty big deal if it’s true.


Why you asking all them questions, asking all them questions, making statements, assuming?




Just watched him laughing psychotically on account of Victor Orbon getting reelected


Shocked he’s still above ground


You are supposed to ask these questions before your report on it... You know, like a journalist...


Did tuckers mother never love him and abandon him to go bang dudes across the world? Yes, not a question, this definitely happened


I love how these outrage merchants always ask, "wHy cAnT wE dO tHiS tHiNg", while constantly doing that thing over and over and over. Yes, Cucker Tarlson, you most certainly ***can*** ask those questions. You've ***been*** asking those questions ever since they put your insipid, perpetually confused face in front of a camera. It's just that those questions are fucking stupid, and your only goal in asking them is to sow fear, doubt, and anger in the minds of your audience.


What if Tucker Carlson was a Russian asset, bought and paid for by Putin and his cronies? What if he's been groomed for years for this moment? What if the Russians have kompromat on him and are threatening to release it if he doesn't toe the line? What if he and Trump are collaborating to stage a coup in the United States? I'm just asking questions. Why can't I ask these questions?


Hey, we can all ask questions, Right?, so my obvious question is... why the fuck would you ask if dead bodies were staged. I mean for anyone that can read above a fourth grade level, you should be aware that Russia took the concept of psyops and ran it up to the hilt. Maria Butina, may she never be forgotten!!!


I think this fucking traitor should be in prison. Now. Please.


He can ask these questions. He can also instantly betray himself as a completely immoral, right-wing nut job.




What if Tucker is a Russian asset? Just asking questions


I wonder if he( Tucker Carlson) is actually a piece of shit? I look at this guy and, I don't know for sure. Could be, maybe?


I don't know, Tucker Carlson is he a rapist? Is it ok to ask that?


For the same reason we don't yell fire in a crowded theater


The questions aren't inherently harmful. The context they are presented in is. Asking hypothetical questions with grave implications on a massive public forum causes harm. This is going to be picked up by the propagandists and used to protect those responsible.


What if our own president tried to overthrow the largest election loss in the history of our country? What if our (now) ex president was stroking the cock of a murderous dictator? What if large groups of his supporters still blindly followed him?


What of Tucker Carlson sympathizes with Jeffrey Epstein? What if he is in his little black book and went to the island? What if he has been q pedophile this whole time? I'm not saying he is, I'm just asking questions? Why can't we ask questions?