I’m a gm mercy main. You got this king


I'm a mercy one trick, not the best at the game but still managed to hit plat, so she is still viable, especially since her mobility has been improved.


Yes she's viable. Will it be easy to main Mercy? No, but in higher ranks she does bring so much more than, say, Moira who has zero utility. The higher up in rank you go the more important it is to be useful outside of raw numbers in heals and damage.


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Most of the time she’s more viable than Moira is at higher ranks. I’m not sure where you pulled Moira from, also I’m confused by you asking about pro league? Are you implying you’ll be joining that? Cause if you do you should have so many hours that this won’t even be a question a tenth of the way through your overwatch journey. Plus, pro meta is often very much more restrictive than even super high ranks, where you can often situationally play nearly every hero aside from maybe doom fist or junker queen, and even then there are some onetricks. But yes, onetricking mercy is not the fastest way to climb. Sometimes she’s just subpar for the team comp when you get to, let’s say diamond+.