Only if the missiles guidance system can guide it to the carrier. Which means the carrier has to be in a known position. Carriers engage from far away and stay out of radar contact most of the time.


No, they are not literally ducks of any kind.


Well carriers (the entire carrier group in fact) have something called CIWS whose purpose is to shoot down incoming missiles But yeah, with advances in anti-ship missiles, it has been touted that huge surface ships will become obsolete


Ciws is for last line of defense, any incoming missiles would first be attempted to be intercepted with missiles


Hypersonic, not supersonic. Supersonic anti-ship missiles predate cruise missiles by decades. And hypersonic missiles are not impossible to intercept, just believed to be more difficult to intercept. That is debatable considering you don't actually know the capabilities of the US Navy's missile defence system. However, I will leave you with something to think about... Intercepting the missile is **not** the primary defense against anti-ship missiles. Naval ships have power plants that can supply electricity to a small city. That gives them a lot of room to play against a missile whose electronics package weighs less than 50lbs.


Nothing is impossible to deflect. Supersonic missiles arent even hard. We can and have intercepted objects travelling at orbital velocity- 16,000mph or Mach 22.


Hypersonic missiles are difficult to shoot down supersonic missiles can be destroyed. Missiles have a limited range and hitting power, in order to destroy something as large as a carrier you need a massive warhead and the carrier is surrounded by a protective screen of other ships which will shoot down most missiles and aircraft or ships firing on the carrier. So you need a very big missile which is likely to be easier to track and destroy as you get plenty of warning it is on its way the only way to do it is to swamp the fleet with lots of missiles and hope that one gets through, in general that will only be a major nation and would result in a major war with the USA.