Unfortunately, I have not felt real happiness in such a long time. I am still fighting a 12 year addiction. Nevertheless, I remember, the joy real sports and real friends give.


You can do it! You can beat the addiction!


*one day?*


Everyone starts at day one!


Dude most of us come here to seek support, it’s expected to find people like that here.


Support? You dont need no damn support. You got a streak of 94 days you got a good thing going on here. And it was just a joke so dont get butt hurt about it.


Actually this should be like 20 days, I just forgot to update it


That sucks, and I'm sorry.


I feel you man. Porn fucked up my entire life and I can't even look at friends or people in general the same way I used to back as a kid due to social anxiety. I was a pretty outgoing kid and enjoyed life, just casually playing games giving no shits about school or any of that. Now I'm just conflicted with everything.


What made you to watch porn. What made you to get addicted in some sense. It's inability to put on work where you need to. Stay motivated amd focus on your goal. It's not porn it's you who is ruining yourself. And it's you who has the power not to. It's all silly thing. Don't give in and start writing a journal through this journey. Write down daily jow you feeling. Appreciate yourself for minor achievement. Remember small small steps takes you ahead . Never underestimate your power and don't identify yourself as addict. Everyday is a new day. You are bigger than these habits. Meditate and realise your true self. This is just a game you have played now, you can change it's rules at your will. Stay strong cause you are.


Also there might be something in your life that might have stressed you up. Work on that and don't take unnecessary stress. Start thinking positively and do great stuffs


porn addiction is a brain parasite I can't explain it differently, you can starve it out by not watching porn but you will however never forget what you have seen and must learn to be responsible with life by filling your time with positive stuff


Certainly disappointing, but I guess it's the truth. Rn, I only want to be as happy as I was before, ik it's impractical but that's what I want. Hope you get happier too.


it's just a part of learning to overcome what weakens us and to fight for our improvement. Porn certainly is one of the most dangerous threats to us humans nowadays, but if we learn to control it with our willpower, great rewards will be waiting on the other side. No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell


Addiction is the progressive narrowing of the things that bring you joy. -Andrew Huberman


Porn is probably one of the biggest problems we are facing. We have to help each other overcome this addiction and stop the cycle for our future or current children.


Honestly I feel the same way. I'm 16 and I feel this about my childhood from 4 - 12.




Wow. That's heavy. A great post.


I think about this all the time


yes, you are correct the sense of security we used to feel when we were kids was amazing, we used to be focussed in multiple things, but after this filth of internet, we are nothing, but interested in this fuking novelty of PMO, and a large amount of a dopamine hits, yes its always comes to our mind what if? we were never in these kinds of things then, would it be different ??? we are constantly asking these question to ourselves.


I saw my childhood photo, I was looking so innocent, full of life. I wept at how far I have gone deviating from my true essence.


I do share this feeling. It was awesome when I could be in my room by myself playing an awesome videogame or watching my favourite cartoon without struggling with the urges of pausing that which made me happy to watch porn instead ... even when I didn't really feel like masturbating but just because if I didn't I would feel stressed. Addiction sucks man. Porn is a freaking drug.


Ben 10🥺


Something else for me to cry about, yeah?


If I could go back in time and confront the bastard that introduced me to porn, I would break his fucking jawbone and watch him choke on his teeth.


I mean don’t actually do that if you find out who it was 😅


Addiction destroys every single bit of ambitions left inside you.


My childhood was pretty miserable, I guess I got hooked on porn for escape but it robbed me of the happiness that was to come. The happiest period of my life is now. As an aside, I would say don't feel bad that you missed out on a normal happy life. Hardship makes you strong, and the fight to overcome this will make you mentally strong. Many people who live happy lives crumble as soon as their easy predictable world falls apart. I think we're really fortunate in that we have the mental and emotional tools to endure hardship and to persevere through difficulties to achieve our goals. We have been afflicted with one of the most pernicious and destructive forces to afflict man in history. It is designed to target us on a deep and primal level, a place in our minds that we should have no access to or power over, and then use that to deprive us of the very strength we need to overcome it. And yet we must do it, for our own good and the good of everybody around us, our families, friends, communities. And just think what a great opportunity that is: to have been chosen for this task. To journey deep into the darkest recesses of the human psyche and overcome the demons that lurk there; like Herakles descent into Hades or Jesus into Hell. And when you ascend from that place, what darkness then can overcome you?


This is tragic, but why were you doing physics at "10 or something"


I'm an Asian, lol


You're not in this alone. I too had same issue for about 7 years. Atleast recognizing to ourselves we had a problem is the first step of our recovery. Bravo to your efforts.


Double that. And I am wondering about that.


I can relate. I think back to how happy social and enjoyable life was when I was younger. Before pmo stripped away self confidence and damaged self esteem. But it’s all good we’ll be back💪