I would have thought World Metrology Day would have been October 10, you know 10/10 🙂


The Convention of the Metre was signed on 20 May 1875, so World Metrology Day celebrates that date. World Standards Day is celebrated on 14 October. This is the date, in 1946, when representatives from 25 countries met in London and agreed to form an international standards organisation. The US celebrates Metric Week as the week which includes the date 10/10 (or 10/10, European style). The US has its own Standards Day, which is on 23 October, a different date from the one used by the rest of the world. I mentioned this in an email to the author of the [Metric Maven](http://themetricmaven.com/) blog. He replied: "Yes, that is true irony about Standards Day. It's a metaphor for the US."


My comment was more joking than serious but I thank you for the information