That's not how light works.


This is the universe where lightsabers are possible


Flat wars: the last Jedi


Truth be told, that’s not how gravity works either


Or normal brains


I think most flat earthers say gravity isn't real.


What? Explain.


Due to gravity, anything with enough mass will tend to collapse on itself and into a ball-like structure. Therefore, a flat planet, or a square planet, or anything other than a sphere or spheroid, cannot possibly exist if not for a very very brief time before it collapses.


How can two spheres orbit eachother above a flat plane without also interacting gravitationally with the same plane they orbit above? What is keeping them from crashing into the earth? Or the earth crashing into them? Especially at the scale this map shows. The sun would have to be tiny enough to only illuminate half of the earth, which would mean the earth is more massive and has a much larger gravity. The sun would have to have such a high velocity/speed to escape the pull from the earth that the day/night cycle would be ridiculously faster, and run the risk of yeeting itself off into space. As well, this map supposes that the moon and the sun are always opposite one another, kind of like a top or a fidget spinner, I guess, to keep them orbiting above the flat plane. But how many times has the moon been in the same sky as the sun? This model also means that the moon would only ever be in the same phase, because it’s always in the same orientation to the sun. If you argue the phases of the moon are caused by its rotation, then why don’t we see the sides or back of the moon?


Is the moon also a disk or a sphere in this model? To show only the same side, the moon must rotate synchronized as the moon does, but in this case aren't we looking at the south pole of the moon. Or is the moon kinda rolling in a weird pattern? And how can he reflect the sunlight, when the sun only shines downward?


I think we’re asking the right kind of questions if it’s poking this many holes in the flat-earth model.


And so on and on and on.. Please explain seasons, the tide, eclipses, moonphases, gravity, the equilibrium of gravitytational pull and centrifugal forces to moon and sun.. And dear God... The longitudinal distances on the southern hemisphere..


[That's not how _any_ of this works](https://c.tenor.com/lNtsYIUtRbgAAAAC/thats-not-how-this-works-thats-not-how-any-of-this-works.gif)


Yes it does, on a globe.




Sorry, explain how light works? Maybe an experiment would help. Draw a circle on the ground. Get a flashlight. Turn the flashlight on and point it down at the circle. Have a friend mark on the circle where the light didn't reach...


Imagine being so desperate that you actually believed this.


It's almost like someone might build and illegally launch a rocket to show proof of this theory's validity. Wouldn't that be wild?


Didn't that bloke die after his rocket crashed? I remember reading about this once.


He sure did. Its crazy the lengths some people go for some things.


Pretty sure the guy didn’t actually believe in any of that flat earth crap. He just used it as an ruse to get money from the flat earth crowd for his true passion in launching himself with rockets.


The gene pool will surely not miss him lol


He had already reproduced.


Imagine being so desperate that you actually believe this, then you build a steam powered rocket with a dozen of your drunk friends, shoot yourself up hundreds of meters into the air and die after your parachute inevitably fails and you crash into the dirt.


I swear the whole Flat Earth was probably started by a dry sarcastic joke someone posted on the internet once that people took as serious.


I like how this implies that Antarctica literally encompasses the whole of earth, and therefore there is no South Pole, but a South Circumference


I believe they call it the ice wall or something like that


> South circumference Ah yes, four directional south.


How do eclipses happen with this


The government/aliens \s


Wow, I didn’t realize the sun and moon are a binary system…


How does this explain seeing the moon and the sun at the same time? Check mate flatearthers, gotcha there




Or the seasons. If the flat earth model were true we would live in a constant equinox phase.


Or why the poles have 6 months of light / darkness


Can anyone explain why it is Autumn (Fall) here in Melbourne, in the south-east of Australia, but it is Spring in North America and Europe?


Simple, Australia isn’t real


Using the flat earth model? you can't. On a sphere it's because the two hemispheres north and south of the equator tilt towards the sun at opposite times of the year.


Most flat earthers don't believe Australia exists and it's a conspiracy with millions of people lying about it. Same way flights in the southern hemisphere don't match with their predictions, I've heard some claim that they drug people and they awake thinking less time has passed (and they somehow never notice that an entire day has disappeared from their life.)


Don't forget that any crew of ocean-going vessels and all aircraft pilots of the entire world are "in" on the conspiracy and therefore never talk about nonexistant horizons or ice walls or other stuff "they" hide from us.


Yeah I don't recall that part of my pilot training. And I've never, to my knowledge, loaded and activated the gas tanks for part of the chem trail spraying.


That's just because of the thought control chip messing with your memories.




Nevermind all those times you can see the Moon during the day...


...and if the earth were flat, then the sun, using this model, would cast light across the entire disc. It's the lack of thought given to gravity that makes me smile.


An upside of a flat earth is that it sidesteps the debate over the best projection system!


The only correct answer to the projection debate is dymaxion and I will die on this hill


Nobody is dumb enough to really believe this.


Oh, sweet summer child. You overestimate humanity.


En contraire


Don't give them ideas


Genuinely curious how seasons are supposed to work here


I’m this model prudoe bay Alaska gets 19 hours of sun a day every day.


Do they know that the Moon is up during the day sometimes?


Why is the sun and the moon is a ball i toght they also should have been flat


And sun and moon eclipses are just regular maintenance


It's when the flying saucer comes in between them and the viewer before they change bulbs.


On top of all the other things wrong with this that have already been pointed out, the sun and moon are not always diametrically opposed to one another. How does this model explain moon phases, or why I can see the moon in the sky during the daytime? Actually, don't answer that because I really don't care about flat-earthers' delusional fantasies.


Calling it a model is generous.


I have a friend who is a born-again Christian, believes that the earth is flat, doesn't believe in gravity, believes in aliens, vampires, Medusa, greek Gods, 33 levels of illuminati, and almost anything else that people have made up. He's 34 years old and works as a dishwasher in a restaurant in downtown Manhattan.


Do they think the Sun is the size of the moon?




If the moon reached it's zenith at midnight, if there were no seasons or tides, if there were no solar or lunar eclipses, if the moon weren't visible during the day for half the month, if the Earth's magnetic field didn't work the way it does, if the Greeks hadn't made those observations about shadows in different places 2,300 years ago... this would still be wrong.


\*Possibly hollow\*


Mick Horn cross the world from pole to pole, how can he manage that in that model ? :)


So how does it happen when I see the moon and the sun at the same time. Often. How would they explain that?


Good thing the sun raises and sets in the same point in the sky year round.


How do we know that the northern hemisphere is the ‘center’ of the disk?


Lol, that's pretty cool


Try the same but for the northern winter solstice....


So are you saying it never gets dark at the North Pole? Because it does. 🧐


lol. That explains a northern hemisphere summer. what about a southern hemisphere summer? \*Reality crashes\*


Yin Yang