I'm sure it's already been said but holy shit, the audio design is brilliant

I'm sure it's already been said but holy shit, the audio design is brilliant


The one thing that basically sold me on the game was the sound alone, sounds crazy but I play a ton of games and sound design just isn't that great. Playing this it feels original and refreshing, battle royale without the concern of a gas cloud or something pushing you in but there's still serious consequences to the game. Overall the game itself is a masterpiece in my opinion, needs a few tweaks and fixes but hey, a game that has such brilliant sound and good graphics and gameplay you can't go wrong.


Rainbow Six Siege made a step even further. In 99% of games sounds good through walls, but in Siege it bounces. The enemy might be straight at the other side of the wall, but you will hear his noise on your right since the sound is coming from the door, and it also affects the surface's material (sound propagation is different with wood and concrete). And if you also add the destruction mechanics that Siege offers changing the sound paths every moment... Profit.


Sieges sound is just amazing. The sheer fact that you can kind of guess where somebody is in the room next to you THROUGH the door, not through the wall like in other games, is crazy. There's a video about their sound system on YouTube that explains how it works. Sure it's not perfect but it's miles ahead of all the other games on the market. Sound is such an underdeveloped aspect of games it's baffling to me that everybody is pretty much just focused on graphics. Maybe with the new dedicated sound chips on the new consoles we'll see some development there.


Seige's game design is amazing it's just a shame they destroyed their setting/immersion with ridiculous cosmetics. Meanwhile Hunt is very careful about upholding their world and they've done an absolutely brilliant job at it. Even the joke skins are "in-world" and make sense for Louisiana for the time period. I really appreciate how much effort they put in without going to the lazy route of adding muppet skins or ridiculously stupid looking cosplay operators. Hunt feels like a far more "mature" game compared to Rainbow in this sense. I really wish somebody would come out with a high quality tactical shooter that actually had an ounce of authenticity(visually speaking) in it.


Give it time ;) But in all seriousness - Siege has been out for a few more years than Hunt. I only tried Sige briefly so correct me if I'm wrong, but most of the time games start out with a look/plan but over time may drift away because it's just easier (and likely more profitable) to just make meme/jokey things to add. Pretty soon, it's hats, masks, clown shoes, bedazzled pants, alien costumes, etc, etc. It may sound like blasphemy to many hunters, but it also wouldn't surprise me one bit that if someone had madea mod for Hunt that added all those things that it'd turn out ot be very popular. And popular = $.


Yeah but if it were a mod we would meme it. I would hate if it was official though.


>Give it time ;) Been playing since Early Access, almost three years! They've done very well so far. Siege was already goof-balled up by this time in it's lifecycle.


I like Insurgency Sandstorm. Ground Branch is pretty good, but kinda low budget and still in development. I've heard Zero Hour is good but haven't tried it, it does look good though. Ready or Not looks to be great, whenever that releases. I actually like Due Process a lot, but it has a sort of cartoony look to it (Think old Namco arcade games from the 90's or something like Virtua Cop). It's really fun though and the game mode that is in currently is basically like the bomb defusal in Siege.


I play Seige and was a fan of it, I still play but all honesty I don't enjoy the game as much, the sounds in it are awful in my opinion and half the time just because someone shoots a gun it drowns out footsteps of people who are right next to you. I see no point in the way they design their sounding, especially for a game as competitive as Seige. Just my opinion though.


I can agree at some degree that their sound design isn't perfect neither, for sure, but I think your example isn't the best. In every game I used gunshooting to move around sneakily because it's so intense that your can't hear nearly anything else. It can be applied to real life and most shooter games.


As someone who cam from Tarkov I was absolutely impressed by the sound design in Hunt


yeah. Dont get me wrong Tarkov is an interesting concept and i love the gameplay loop behind it but... the directional audio is just dogshit


No worries, the technical state of Tarkov is terrible and as someone who enjoys these kinda games, Hunt feels sooo much better. Sure there are bugs too but in comparison to Tarkov, Hunt absolutely excels.


I love Tarkovs concept but there are soooo many weird balancing choices and the gunplay kinda sucks. I am hopeful it will get similar polish as Hunt with time. I mean both could use some server polish though.


Tarkov will never get there unfortunately, the game has been out for so long and the level of technical debt in that game is incredible


Idk i heard the lead dev say that he dislikes metas, and i remember not that long ago Hunt was was similar to tarkov in the way that certain guns were objecively better and all.


Yeah, whoever decided hearing was an rpg style skill needs to rethink some things.


Same with recoil control. I recall reading, though, that part of that particular design choice was because Nikita (the Head of Battlestar Games) doesn't like having to use his mouse to control recoil so I doubt it will go away any time soon


Yeah the sound is absolutely fantastic! You can even hear if they are above or below you! It is even possivle to hear where a bullet from a silenced gun is coming from! :O More than often i get hitmarkers just by taking pot shots through walls or in a bush just by sound! :D


Beyond that everything you do that you can hear, other players can hear. Hear someone inhale ready to stab you when you come round the corner etc


This is just so very wrong. Standing completely still and opening the map is silent.


You can't hear yourself standing still and I'm not sure about the map.


I think they were making a joke, those are the two things that make no noise. Standing still and opening the map.


Can we praise the fly/mosquito noises? They’re so real I instinctively want to swat at my neck at least once a game.


I like to play at night and bugs are attracted to my gaming room by the light, so sometimes a fkin scary ass bug pops up and starts frantically flying around and making attempts on my life while I'm playing a permadeath game and can't pause it or quit. ​ The in-game buzz noises have spooked me many times.


Like I said in the OP the team responsible for the ambient audio did an outstanding job


100% true EXCEPT that one part of the idle duck audio that sounds like footsteps


Lmao fuck that one duck in particular


That seems intentional. I feel like there are multiple sound cues that are similar to other sounds as a way to keep suspense up and to add a bit of skill in the ability to discern the small differences between them. I feel like it makes it rewarding when you learn them and makes the slower parts of the game more suspenseful.


It s true. For me Is the sound of the leeches of Meathead, similar to light steps on muds


When you're killing assassin and he enrages. I don't care how white the icon is, still makes me paranoid af.


Hunt has the best sound system in multiplayer games The details are impressive


The sound design in this game spoiled other games for me. not gonna lie


I cannot play other FPS because Hunt's audio and the strategic elements that audio provides. Everything else seems like a flat reaction time test after Hunt Also, it seems more real to life. When hunting i generally hear the dear before seeing it if its in the woods.


Yeah, this game has by far the best stereo audio I've ever seen. Pretty impressive for only 2 channels. I wish they fixed verticality a bit. It can be hard to tell if footsteps are above you or on the same level in a building.


What headphones do you use? I've never had a problem with audio verticality, personally


Right now HyperX Cloud Orbit S, but I've had this problem with all 3 headphones I tried. It's mostly footsteps on wood if they are very close (like me sitting outside a multi-story compound). Sometimes it's hard to tell what floor they're on especially because the steps are loud af.


Honestly as a stereo headphone pleb (Corsair hs60 haptic) I'm really impressed by the directional audio


>Time to hunker down. You spelled run straight at them dick swinging wrong


I struggle to learn stuff. Weapon names, compounds, monsters... I forget it almost instantly. But the audio I do not have to learn shit... I know exactly when somebody is shooting near or far, walking on a tin roof or splashing through water. It is fantastic.


I *HATE* the sound design in Hunt; Not because of how good it is, but for how *bad* everything else sounds in comparison.


I agree that it is pretty good (better than most games) but it does get a bit messy when there's too many sounds going at the same time.


What do you mean by messy?


Difficult to discern one sound from another, when there's too much going on. Sound can't handle too many thing at once, meaning some sounds just cut out, rather than being audible. Plus it gets a bit distorted when there's lots of load sounds at once.


Haven't noticed that myself. I'll liste. Out for it next time.


Tell you what, it’s thousand times better than ”The Cycle:Frontier” that’s for sure.


I honestly thought this was an offbrand Chinese knockoff of Hunt or something based on the name but that game actually looks super interesting. Is it any good?


Played one of my best games yesterday. I typically go back and watch the gameplay using the geforce game capture (just to see my mistakes and what I can work on) when I rewatched that gameplay, it blew my mind how good the audio is in the game. In the moment you don't realize how you're reacting to sounds. But re-watching, I noticed how even small noises (glass, cans, mud, and a grunt from falling) can give you easy kills. This game is top notch for sure.


Been playing since early access, I think, and just this weekend I was marveling at the low boomy bass grumbles of the meathead. Incredibly clean low ends and the directionality was bone chilling as I tried to sneak by it.


Yeah the audio is brilliant...especially in locations that are below ground...


Does anyone have any tips for knowing whether someone is above or below you? For example, sometimes inside or around a house or structure I can hear footsteps but I don’t know what floor they are on and sometimes this is my undoing. Thought that dude was on the second floor with me… turns out he’s on the roof.


Its amazing and one of the few games where I turn the volume up in tricky situation to ensure I hear every single of those fine details, even if the volume hurts my ears. Just the fact that, almost every sound has reason for it, is amazing.


Even after 2200ish hours I am still in love with the sound. The headshot squelch alone. Everytime.


yeah, the hitmarker sounds in general are rather satisfying


It is really good, which is why it is so much more frustrating when it doesn’t work.


Being able to track somebody's location through walls using sound cues is something that no other game has done as well as Hunt. It's so amazing


I can't even go back to tarkov or other shooters I used to enjoy because the sound is so shit in them. Hunt is one of my first fps that I really on sound almost morr than sight. It really is in a league of its own.


You'll get better the more you play too. Once you know the compounds inside and out and know all the broken glass spots. You hear it go off. Bang shoot through the wall at head height and get called a hacker.


Hunt vets play by ear, sight is for the weak.


And those headshots ! Have you ever heard something more sattisfying ?


Going from an all out gun fight to sudden silence while knee deep in bogwater makes you hear all sorts of sounds as the bayou slowly comes back to life. It's pretty excellent.


I compare this game with every new game i play and it's just... jesus


The VERY first thing I noticed when I first played this game for the first time was the SOUND! OH my God! It's incredible. I have a blind cousin and after a few rounds I had him put on my headset and I just walked around and he could tell if I was walking through wheat fields or just foliage, if I was crossing over wood planks or a bridge over water, he could even hear how deep the water was I was moving through! I am still in shock they haven't won multiple awards for sound design alone!


For me it was that I wanted a (non Rockstar) multiplayer game in the Wild West, and Hunt was even better, as it mixes that with a dark setting Bloodborne-like.




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