The International Red Cross will not let the Red Cross symbol be part of public domain. Unfortunately all of these can never be added to the game. The medics currently use green crosses for this reason.


Well they can then but with a green cross like they currently have


They should just make it orange it's close enough


I actually like the green cross. Wonder if they could also do a red background with a white cross though. I think that’s what battlefield did.


That's the swiss


Damn forgot about that. Here’s a picture of it in battlefield https://i.imgur.com/ftUCeYc.jpg


Switzerland in the palm of my hand


*me as a red green color blind person* Ah yes, the GREEN crosses we all know so well.


As a colorblind person, didn't even realize they are green. Go ahead and keep making them "green" then.


So just add a weirdly sized English flag right? I’m not a legal guy at all so I’m just wondering how they have jurisdiction of a cross? Or is more so they have a jurisdiction of crosses on helmets for medics in war in particular? Like we couldn’t just add in a cross on the sleeves or something? Anything?


The red cross symbol(and a few others) are under the geneva convention so they're protected symbols. Any country that has signed the geneva convention follows the rules of how the red cross cannot be used outside of its normal uses.


I feel like there are generations of video games that have used the Red Cross to show a medic class. Why now is this a law that must be followed!?


Because before developers either didn’t know or didn’t care. More of them are being respectful of the Red Cross’ wishes now.


So it’s not a law then just like how developers decide to choose whether to add in swastika’s or not.


I believe the reason they probably choose to keep a lot of the Nazi iconography out is to make it marketable to Germany... IIRC they have laws that forbid the display and usage of these in media. Not sure if they have the same rules for the names, but I personally wish they used Wehrmacht instead of just Germany and US Army instead of just US but its just a small detail.


Germany allows them in video games now


Oh in 2018... Interesting. I'm wondering if development was either before this date, or the devs simply chose to avoid the need for any approval. It states if it's appropriate for historical accuracy it is ok, but I'm wondering if part of it for a game like this is that you fight AS the Nazi side, and may cause more controversy, but that is speculation


Well some of the German cosmetics are Falchimjager ones and they were part of the Luftwaffe not the Wehrmacht


Actually the Wermacht is an all encompassing term for the Heer (land forces), kriegsmarine (navy) and luftwaffe (air force).


Fuck I keep forgetting that 😂


It's more complex than that. Countries that signed the Geneva Convention agreed to maintain their own laws in regards to the use of the Red Cross and Red Crescent symbols. So while it's definitely not a violation of the Geneva Convention, it might be a violation of federal laws. However, I'm not sure how these laws apply to video games, or even to individual citizens.


Its always been a law(well since the Geneva Convention was signed) , its just that people believe the symbol is public domain and use it. From the little research i did. It seems sometime in the 2000's the Red Cross took a harder stance on this law,as for why, beats me.


Here’s a old article about it https://kotaku.com/video-games-arent-allowed-to-use-the-red-cross-symbol-1791265328 a lot of companies didn’t really care before but have since changed.


What if we just turned it a little. Couple degrees


Medic in general needs a bit of love from the developers. The two loadout options feel so restrictive for such a non-dominating class.


Could give the revived player full ammo again. Would make it worthwhile to get revived instead of just F-ing out to respawn. Sure, it’s “unrealistic” but not much more than the whole concept of respawning to start with.


Now that'd be a funny buff cuz it would make throwing yourself in front of enemies for a quick death a semi-viable strat. I think just giving Medics an ability to tag friendlies they intend on reviving/healing plus a slight speed boost while moving towards them would be good. Battlefield V had a similar mechanic and it made the role of field Medic much more engaging (that game fucked up tho by making Medics too powerful in combat VS other classes tho so its a tricky balance).


The medic pinging downed players would be great. There’s been too many times I’ve been waiting for a medic who seemed to approaching for him to fuck off in another direction


Made worse when you can see there’s a medic close by but their icon is half off the screen so you can’t tell which direction they are going.


Yeah once you get the 2nd load out there’s nothing really to aim for. Not sure what they could add though? Maybe increase bleed out time while in the presence of a medic?


Hard to say what they could get, unless they add something like a medical tent/node, which, not sure what that could do. At best being in the radius increases the amount of time you can survive being hit before starting the bleed-out?


A triage tent/node could reduce the respawn time of teammates by like 5 seconds for each garrison in its radius maybe? Or even just reduce manpower loss on death


level 6 or 8 Medic should get a loadout similar to the one AT role with the gun emplacement... it could be very light on his own bandages, have a good number of syrettes, and just a sidearm. as his main thing, he would be able to place down a triage tent of some kind that would allow players nearby to like, automatically bandage by standing in the radius, but only once per player like every 5 minutes or something. Perhaps also increase the bleed-out timer substantially of anybody who is incapacitated inside the radius as well, allowing the user or any other medics nearby more time to crawl around and revive people. Upon being revived in the radius, it would automatically apply a bandage to them (if they hadn’t already received that effect in the last 5min). It would just be a medic force-multiplier that might actually enable good frontline medic support to turn the tide of defensive battles. It would be a great defensive utility that could allow the medic to support a dug-in defending force. Guys running around in a trench or craters at Foy could get automatically bandaged while staying within a certain radius. Basically one free bandage every 5 min seems like it wouldn’t wildly throw the balance of the game, but it would make mesic more relevant. it could be something the medic has to build up, and maybe that medic role would get a hammer. or he could place it, and it would require an engineer to actually hammer it up. could cost like, 25 supplies too, and be limited to like, 2 on the map per team at a time or something.


Make this a post


I might try to make some illustrations or something to make it a more appealing post and give a sense of how it would work. Glad you like the idea


Triage tent sounds like a cool concept.


Yes I want the all white cammo on PHL.


White camo would be awesome


i mean something for medics would make sense. something else to drive others to not only play it, but play it correctly


Medics needs a 3rd loadout, no weapons but if you get killed, your killer takes +30 seconds respawn. You know, Geneva Suggestion simulation type


What about a slight increase in running speed with a load out that has no primary weapon?


>Medics needs a 3rd loadout, no weapons but if you get killed, your killer takes +30 seconds respawn. You know, Geneva Suggestion simulation type Very nice gameplay idea, but it would not fit well with current game. Mainly because you cannot differentiate between loadouts by looking only at character model.


Hence the big white shirt with and cross on, like on the top pictures.


That's a great idea.


You mean target practice?


I do love the idea, but I also can't help but think that it would make you a walking target 🤣


Something like the middle right would be awesome, imo I don’t like white on the character because it makes you stick out more and you become the primary target of any engagement


Although I agree with you I also like wearing the colours with pride, kinda the same way a Officer wears a officers hat which also makes them a bigger target. The British Paratroopers took the camouflage further by have a green/brown Medics armband https://i.imgur.com/wmEoy6t.jpg


Literally last night my bf kept taking out the other teams medic because he had the white medic hat on. Someone called me out once to change my helmet because I was attracting too much attention.


they need something.


Would love to see more customization options... That's it. Just in general.


Medics need something new so people will start wanting to use the class more often


You want to be a easy target for enemy snipers






He said yes


played 1000 hours so far and got lvl 10 on most of the main classes. not even played medic once


soldiers were marked such as to be easily distinguishable on a battlefield to NOT be shot at. We kill medics with impunity in this game. So im failing to see the logic here.


I love how the bottom right medic helmet has a bullet hole near the swastika lol


I think that’s an air hole but it would be best if it was a bullet.


I shoot medics in white hats first.


I wish they would remove medics from the game.


Tell us that the next time you're in Kursk and some Goose-stepper with an machine gun in the grass is mowing you and your comrades down because you spawn on a garrison standing up, and there's no one with a white patch on his arm lying prone behind it with a needle full of morphine at the ready.


So you can get revived and immediately be pinned or die a second time to that machine gunner?


No - so one can become revived and *stay down like a human with a brain* and crawl to better cover, or if possible throw grenades of any kind along with the other revived riflemen into the field where said machine gunner is.


They make these things called OPs and garrisons that I typically use even when their is a medic nearby.


Ah, yes - because those never become impossible to spawn on when a point is being overrun with enemies, do they?


Honestly monoespecial did a great vid on why medics are objectively bad. I suggest watching it.


Red Cross - no weapon


Curious, is it frowned upon in game to shoot a medic?


No lmao


Didn't think so. Lol. But you never know, some people take games way to serious.


who's gonna catch you?


This stuff is cool when your enemy cares about the Geneva Convention


Germans desperately need camo variants for their uniforms such as peadots


Damn. Crusaders be everywhere


"Men! It's a medic, don't shoot!" \*gets stabbed by a longsword\* "what th!...:" **"FOR THE GRACE, FOR THE MIGHT OF OUR LORD!.."**


Ah good. They will be easier to spot so we can shoot them lmao


It would be neato.... until people realize we dont follow the geneva convention and just target the the medics. And then like.... next to no one would really use it except on foy.


Read that the Germans stopped wearing them on the Eastern Front for this exact reason as the soviets didn’t follow the convention.


Same with americans in the pacific, japan targeted american medics and Corpsmen.


Hell let loose would turn in a warcrime simulator, like 50 points if you hit the cross of the chest, 100 points iif you hiit the white helment


You do realise there’s already a white helmet with a cross ingame if you play the American medic?


True, don't misinterpret me, i don't think is a bad idea. But you got to admit that the idea of a guy running in the open with a white coat and a red cross in midle of the chest is funny


I tried searching for it there but couldn’t find it. I’m sure there’s a clip in band of brothers that talks about how the medic Eugene just keeps appearing while everyone else is hunkered down in fox holes near Foy.


All good! I agree which is why people have the choice to wear it or not like the current white medic helmet that’s in the game. A good medic should not be seen though by using smokes and staying low down behind their team regardless of what they are wearing.


Some suggestions/thoughts 1. Medics can drag downed friendly players. Give this a 10-20 second time before medic gets tired and has to rest. Like when holding your aim with the shift key. 2. Downed players yell "Medic!" once when they go down. (Voice effect) I'm on the fence about this one tbh. 3. Revive Marker is easier to see/find when you're not looking directly at it. 4. Unable to give up if there is a medic within 20 meters of you. Or increase respawn timer for giving up when a medic is nearby. 5. Triage system. You can aim at downed players (revive icon) and declare triage. System would tell the downed player if a medic is on the way and assign them a number based on how many players the medic has tagged, basically making a queue to be revived as the medic works their way up their list. Medics can declare players that are to far away or unsafe to get to "dead" which allows the player regardless of distance to "give up". If the medic dies, it informs the downed players and they can respawn. If the medic moves to far away from a player they have triaged, it clears and the player can respawn. 6. I saw someone else suggest this, but give medics a slight movement speed increase if they don't have a primary weapon. 7. Increase of speed when applying bandages.


Why not add giant targets to the commanders as well


I'd wear the last helmet and force everyone to confess their unconditional love for the fuhrer before I revive them


You are already next to useless in this game, because most of the time people just don't wait for you, and this camo makes you even more of a target


Ah yes, I too want to run around with a huge target literally painted on my chest surrounded by all white. Fantastic idea


Don’t wear it then


Please, we don't need more people playing medics