I don't think the governor is saying that expecting potential tourists to listen or even know about his statements. He's saying it for us to hear.


A friend of mine cancelled their trip which was on two weeks. The message is working but add op says, it might be swapping out nicer people for less desirable visitors.


Less desirable are coming here. My friends work as waiters/waitresses, they say the tips aren't as good and many are asking to take things back as saying, "can you take this back...I'm just not feeling it." How can you not be feeling it if you already ate half the plate? Customer is always right huh? Its happening more often than before.


There was a segment on this, yesterday I think?, where they interviewed tourists in LA who were all like "yeah, we understand, totally, but we're still coming. we'll wear masks and be respectful, but we're not cancelling our trip." It does feel more like a gesture than anything he \*really\* believes is gonna happen or significantly affect our situation.


For what it’s worth the Governor’s words made it on the news here in SoCal today. It stood out in my household because I have a trip planned in 2 weeks.


True. It's nothing more than "Look! I'm doing something!" even though it's nothing at all.


I was supposed to fly to Hawaii for vacation tomorrow but ended up canceling my trip after seeing what your governor said (I had been thinking about it for a week anyway while tracking your COVID stats). My state's wedding Facebook group is full of brides who have just canceled their honeymoons as well.


I’m cancelling my trip in 2 weeks


>tourists who don’t care or listen According to some in the hospitality industry, those types of tourist are already here.


Being annoyed at the people you have to service is not uncommon, especially to people who are working non-career based jobs. I spent all of my adult life working with bitchers, they will always make up a certain amount of the workforce.


Are you saying there isn’t a large amount of rude and entitled tourists, but rather just staff that likes to bitch about their job?


Yes; I would say there are not a large amount of rule and entitled tourists as a percentage, especially when compared to entitled residents. I've spent half my career servicing tourists and the other half servicing residents. Tourists have always been way nicer and easier to deal with. Also, none of the people I work with currently, most who spend most of their working day with our visitors complain like people on this sub do. They have had zero issues with our current crop of visitors and are thankful to be working again. As mentioned, I've worked with people who just complain because they hate their job or having servicing anyone. There's just a lot of people who are bad for any customer facing role because they are one straw away from cracking, people who think pride has any place in a customer facing job. Those people exist and they complain loudly creating an outsized representation. Edit: I'd like to also mention, there's going to be a noticeable difference between American visitors and Japanese visitors which many people are used to. You can literally shove a Japanese visitor and they will apologize to **you.** And, in the past, I have worked with people that do things like cuss or say fucked up shit around non-English speaking tourists thinking they won't understand. Those workers, the minute they start treating the American visitors like they treat the Japanese ones, yeah, suddenly you have rude tourists. Americans will stand up for themselves and they will complain and so you just have to provide proper customer service to begin with. They will see attitude and attitude back. It doesn't make them rude, it makes them us.


It sounds like you're excusing tourist for any bad behavior that an individual will exhibit which is ludicrous. Just like how you generalize workplaces based off of your own experience saying that there will always be bitchers, people will generalize tourists based off of theirs. You also seem to imply that the attitude towards the tourist is coming from the worker as a general rule. I'll admit I've never worked in the tourist industry but through my work I interact with a ton. Most are not bad in any way except for the seemingly rude behavior like not being aware of their surrounding or simply not caring that they're in your path without so much as a courtesy 'sorry'. The workers I mentioned were talking about much more entitled tourist being here than ever before with 'karen' type of behavior.


>It sounds like you're excusing tourist for any bad behavior that an individual will exhibit which is ludicrous. No, I said that there are plenty of shitty workers that have a low threshold for what they think is rude and they will be loud. Obviously random people can also find anykine behavior rude too. That's super common as well; plenty people don't understand the culture differences. >The workers I mentioned were talking about much more entitled tourist being here than ever before with 'karen' type of behavior. And what I'm saying is that doesn't reflect the experience of myself or my coworkers who interact with tourists. Obviously my opinions are going to be based on my observations and my interpretations of that. I'm stating that here because there are a lot of people who don't get to interact with this tourists and I think many people, including yourself, are misrepresenting them.


Okay. And I'm saying that your experience alone doesn't speak for everyone. This is why the word Haole is banned on this sub and everyone points fingers at each other. One person's experience doesn't mean that it's another's. I'll agree that when it comes to customer service, the employee can often determine the outcome of any situation and choose to take home with them any emotional baggage or not. Some are more stoic than others. Some are more quick to draw conclusions. Some choose to make it a about the group that they interact with instead of the individual. The thing is, stereotypes arise. Again, this is based on the individual. I've heard stories where tourist will come up to a local family and make a motion of bringing food to their mouth with a spoon or fork. They assumed they didn't speak English possibly based off an earlier experience. If they were smart like you, they would never have assumed any stance on that matter. I'm not arguing with you that the fault is solely on the tourist. I'm saying that it that shitty tourist exist and some have pointed out that their experiences are saying that it's more prevalent. In fact it's not just here. Apparently in tourist spots on the mainland it's been noticed.


Damn, TIL I don’t have a career.


true that my brother


Be glad to, already cancelled twice last year. However, without an official declaration and policy, I'd be losing thousands of dollars in room and airlines. So kind of stuck with Ige's half in half out messaging...


Gov should think wisely before declaring to tourists not to come. It will not deter the “bad” or unruly tourists because the smart, nicer people tend to adhere to such requests. The tourists are not the ones filling up the hospital beds. I know several locals who refuse the vaccination yet blame the tourists. If he really wants to stop visitors he will have to do a lockdown. 😩


>By asking people not to come we are simply trading out good courteous tourists, the ones who follow mandates and even suggestions to keep us all safe, for tourists who don’t care or listen and will pick up the discounted rooms and plane tickets left over from those who decided to cancel. Daily passenger counts have decreased since Ige asked people to not come. [https://dbedt.hawaii.gov/visitor/daily-passenger-counts/](https://dbedt.hawaii.gov/visitor/daily-passenger-counts/) While it is possible that passenger counts have decreased for a reason unrelated to Ige saying "don't come," it seems the most likely explanation is that people have postponed their trip and, contrary to what you have written, those seats have not been replaced. Ige was also on the news today where he straight out said that his request for people not to come has been effective: [https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/video/2021/08/26/governor-says-hawaiis-digital-vaccine-pass-could-be-ready-by-labor-day/](https://www.hawaiinewsnow.com/video/2021/08/26/governor-says-hawaiis-digital-vaccine-pass-could-be-ready-by-labor-day/) (jump to the 2:12 mark) Ige also said that daily visitor counts went down from 30,000 to 22,000.


This is also around the time when tourism starts to dip. We only have domestic tourism right now, and schools are starting up. Granted, I’m sure a handful of people are listening, but here’s the issue… what happens financially if tourism were to plummet? What kind of unemployment securities are in place? Health and well-being are incredibly important, but so are finances of the individuals presumably affected.


based on [2019 stats](https://www.hawaiitourismauthority.org/media/3663/hta-tourism-econ-impact-fact-sheet-august-2019.pdf), the tourism industry employs over 200K Hawaiians which is about 15% of the population (counting children - [26% of population](https://acl.gov/sites/default/files/programs/2016-11/Hawaii.pdf))...its understandable that they took a big hit during the pandemic and lock down, tourism is about [23%](https://www.hawaiipublicradio.org/business-news/2020-04-10/experts-77-of-hawaiis-economy-isnt-tourism-policymakers-can-take-steps-to-reopen-it) of the economy.


> tourism industry employs over 200K **Hawaiians** FYI: https://www.britannica.com/topic/Hawaiian


Exactly, so if a quarter of the island suddenly doesn’t get paid, that’s a really bad situation. There needs to be something in place for them


Tourism in Hawaii typically drops off around this time, Ige is just biding his time to make it to labor day most likely, which is when domestic tourist season ends, and he can take more drastic measures without ruining the economy.


Most likely \^this


If you read what he actually said, he seemed to be making the point that Hawaii likely won't be the experience they're expecting, not necessarily that they're going to make the problem worse. He's just warning them of the potential impact of upcoming restrictions on their experience.


Your point is a good one, but this is a numbers game. Pleasant tourists may also need to be rescued and airlifted to a hospital that is above capacity. Having fewer people who need to be hospitalized or require medical assistance helps hospitals maintain services and reduces the burden on medical workers. Additionally, fewer people = less potential covid spread in general. The most well-intentioned guests might eat in a few restaurants with asymptomatic covid and increase spread exponentially. And this isn't only meant to benefit Hawaii and locals: many people who are canceling are doing so because they do not want to wait 3 hours for a restaurant reservation or risk covid on the long-haul flights over and back or perhaps be denied crucial medical care when the hospitals are overflowing. So in a sense, the "good" tourists are canceling for their own reasons already.


Those are very valid points and I appreciate the thoughtful reply. My point hinges on the premise that Ige asking people not to come isn’t going to significantly reduce the amount of people coming long term. So if it does, then you are absolutely right.


That's very fair; we need data on this and we're not sure how to much to make of the correlation between Ige's statement and the decreased arrivals we've seen lately, vs covid and seasonality affecting them, among many other variables. And then there's the other argument you made which is an excellent one: if the "good" tourists cancel, airline ticket prices and hotel prices will drop, and we'll start seeing an influx of budget tourists who want to travel during the worst part of the pandemic (for Hawaii at least). My argument above doesn't take that into account and assumes only a general decrease of tourists, which maybe is unrealistic.


You are missing the point. Our islands have limited hospital capacity. COVID 19 cases are at their highest. Governor Ige is pointing out this problem to visitors. Right now Hawaii is not a safe place to visit.


You are also missing his point. By saying that, Ige simply relegated a bunch of rooms and flights to the bargain hunters. Bargain hunters are usually the worst of the tourists and are the least likely to listen to any types of restrictions or mandates. Additionally, may I repeat that a majority of our infections are coming from our own residents and not from tourists?


My hotel price has gone up since I booked it in may I wish this was the case lol


There is no way of really knowing if tourist test positive in the islands with the system in place now. Say a tourist test positive in Honolulu tomorow, but that tourist is from Idaho. Well guess what that positive test that the tourist took in Hawaii counts towards that tourists States covid 19 count. So there is no way of knowing! The system is fuc$3d!


There really isn’t a consistent way of knowing if tourists test positive upon returning to the mainland without trusting that there is some sort of contact tracing process on their end to keep us informed. There are, however, plenty of ways to know that local residents are returning from the mainland with Covid, withholding their results and opting to quarantine, then spreading it throughout their close circles. Our current surge is the fault of the Hawaii residents, not the tourists.


How can you track tourist who test positive here in Hawaii?


For one, you’d have to test them here in Hawaii. That would then initiate our contact tracing measures , resulting in evidence that there is a nonresident outbreak source. If not tested here, then you’d have to trust whatever contact tracing system that might or might not be in place in their resident state.


So where do I find the information for travel related cases in Hawaii?


Are those hospitals full of tourists, or residents?


Full of unvaccinated residents.


If a tourist gets sick or gets into a car accident or almost drowns, maybe they'd not enjoy getting shitty care because our hospitals are overwhelmed.


I think very few people plan to not go on vacation somewhere because they may drown or get into a car accident. That is not a fear I have on a daily basis, even on a remote camping trip.


We have a trip for a conference planned for December. We may cancel my husband’s stuff because he has a chronic illness that requires hospitalization if it happens to flare up. He’s vaccinated and been fine so far, but the lack of ICU beds in an emergency is scaring me.


Well, yes, because most people expect a compentent medical system. Instead, in Hawaii right now, you'll find an overwhelmed medical system so if you do have a problem, you will have a bigger problem.


Hawaiian Airlines is basically giving away free tickets right now, so it’s not gonna slow down unless he starts restricting flights


Which he doesn't have the authority to do. Travel isn't the issue. The unvaccinated are.


Yep! That's why I didn't say that travel was the issue in my comment :) I just meant the volume of visitors as it's definitely a challenge for reasons outside of covid during these times. Still, the rise of FloriBama shirt wearing tourists and the decrease in airfares to Hawaii directly correlate. Covid or nah, lots of trash tourists coming through who think the islands are just another playground.


Tourists seem to like getting hurt on hikes or while swimming here so now might not be the best time for them to visit (since the hospitals are getting full).


we have trash tourists coming. so many people claiming how they can't get vaccinated, don't want to wear masks + shitty anti-vaxx locals. at this point, open everything up and let people die because people won't change. i gave up months ago. i'm vaccinated, going to get my booster soon. selfish people are going to ruin it for the immunocompromised and children. we always talked about wanting to improve the planet, well, planet is going to be fine. i can't wait until huge amounts of the population are dead so i can enjoy being around less people.


It’s not that I don’t care. It’s that the Airbnb won’t refund me. I’m a teacher, I don’t make a lot of money and I saved like hell for a long time for this trip. I’d happily take my refund and wait a year to go. But I’m not about to just lose 2000 like that.


This is our situation right now so i feel you


That's not a reason for people to not cancel. It's a reason for people to not be jerks. The point of the message from Gov. Ige was to lower tourist numbers at least a bit, as well as make it more apparent to them that they should be prepared for things to not be ideal here.


>It's a reason for people to not be jerks. Shouldn't that be an everyday thing? why only when traveling.... Jerks will be jerks, entitled azzholes will be entitled azzholes...going to Hawaii won't change that.... Being frugal does not translate to being an azzhole either ...


You make an interesting point. I hadn’t considered that.


Fair point. Sucks for industry workers.


Found the Econ grad!


Visitors welcome on maui! Summers over way less people here. Tourisms all we got.


What do you say to people worried about further lockdowns/restrictions/beaches closing/etc? If you can’t be sure this won’t happen how can you tell people it’s still a good idea to go? We have a trip scheduled to leave next week… on the fence but leaning against going and taking some loss despite being vaccinated so not really “the problem.” Don’t want to risk getting there and something like inter-island travel being restricted or beaches closing etc.


It’s your right as a citizen to be able to go to Hawai’i


It's your right as a citizen to crop dust the food court but that doesn't make it polite or considerate.


Wtf is this?


This post brought to you by the HTA


Are you a public health expert? No? Then keep your opinions to yourself


OP makes a valid point, this is Reddit and he’s expressed his opinion that a pretty good number of people agree with in this community Just be glad OP isn’t spouting even worse opinions and so called “facts” that started and have gotten progressively worse since this pandemic started. (Yes I’m looking at you f*cking anti-vaccine/anti-maskers!)