Anybody else finds the new HUD confusing?

Anybody else finds the new HUD confusing?


I think it's fine apart from the HP display, I always think everyone is low HP


Agreed - and I really love the transparent radar - feels a lot less clunky.


There's only one thing I think is objectively worse/less info is the lack of ammo counter on the spectated player. But honestly I don't really care.


Yes same here!


not really, another thing is: if someone gets kills and dies, we don't see if or how many kills he got


The HUD designer replied on Twitter and said this was unintentional and is fixed now: > * round kills are back in the eliminated player block (they shouldn't have been gone in the first place, my bad) https://twitter.com/tallvlad/status/1412520033104896010 He also said they would make a decision on whether to keep the vertical HP bars before playoffs.




Yeah, this together with the HP bothers me most.


I also miss assists in there, they have kills, deaths in one row, while ADR is one below and no assists.. could maybe put it in the same row, as it feels empty to the right


Yep, same.


Yes, they made a couple adjustments from the initial rollout and I think that's the only issue left to fix as well.




Im not colorblind and still had the same problems as you. The color changes on the K/A/D indicators only. not enough imo


/u/BossmanCG You've probably already seen this feedback but the whole player bar at the bottom should definitely correspond to the color of their team. On CT side the stats are all a lighter blue and are still easy to read against the blue background. We should just have a yellow background color on that bar when spectating a T, IMO


Which is why we did a pass on the color coding for tomorrow 🤓


Hey man! Just wanted to thank you for your hard work and for listening to our feedback!


The color coding for the central bar will be fixed for tomorrow


This was my only suggestion. Dope.


So you are not going to fix the HP display, that everyone dislikes? Okay.....


Yep, the HP part was really confusing, a lot of people complained about the central bar but I understood it for the most part, the hp I kept checking to see if the players were dead hahaha


\+2 am also pretty colorblind and this does confuse me. I however do enjoy the more complex graphics of this new HUD. But i do share your issue.


Second point especially


exactly, its hard to distinguish between T and CT POV.


Exact same problems that I have with it... especially the HP display. I know the players on teams so I can tell which team I’m spectating, but it would be better bad for a new viewer.


PROS: I like that kills and death are shown constantly, not only during stop time. Finally ESL! CONS: Healthbar is kind of hard to read.


Haven't ESL had the kill/death constantly showing for a while now? Can't quite remember but I thought it's been that for for a year at least. Edit: Looks it has not been that long after all.


Don't think its been a year. I'm pretty sure they started implementing it in the [Katowice group stage this year](https://clips.twitch.tv/BovineLightMagpieDatBoi-6ut_vvBpFCmIP-Ms). In the [play-ins, there was no permanent k/d ratio](https://clips.twitch.tv/RefinedElegantOilBigBrother-cdzFxRwhp4B6hm6w).


That was so good! If they fix the hp bar, or they could paint it all over the name/kd etc bar and having it behave like the old it will be perfect.


Ah I see, didn't remember correctly then, thanks.


BLAST has had it for ages and ages now but ESL only started doing it recently, glad they’re finally catching up though!


Flashpoint and Blast had it for a while at least. It is possible ESL could have added it earlier this year perhaps? I’ve mostly watched tier 2/3 events this season.


People saying they hate the new HUD, I think it is pretty good except the HP bars. I remember watching this in valorant matches and still finding it inconvenient to look at the side of the screen just to check what HP a player is. I don't know what cue they got that suggested this was superior to the old system of showing the health of a player. Feels to me like a change made for the sake of change rather than a improvement.


I'm not a fan of the bo3 overview, it looks like the score is 8-8 all the time.


Wow I hadn't noticed this and now I can't unsee it...


I hate you for pointing that out.


“Feels to me like a change made for the sake of change rather than an improvement” - couldn’t have put it more eloquently myself. INNOVATE ESL, not MUTATE.


Yeah having the health bars on the side and a bit of the casters not calling out number of players left alive often, meant that rounds would sometimes end out of nowhere.


They said so you didn’t have to zig zag horizontally to compare health between players.


It's way more natural than looking at the extreme sides of the screen, with the old HUD you could literally tell the HP of the player without having to directly look at it


From the day they announced the HUD, I was skeptical about the vertical HP bar, now after a day of watching games with it, I don't like it. They claimed in the post that it was easier to know the status of every player's HP at a glance, but this is just very confusing. I don't find it clear at all and for comparing HP. Horizontal bars were much better to read. Rest of the HUD is great so far.


Apart from hp bar and removed assists it is better IMO.


For me except from HP bar everything else is fine.


Then why'd you make this whole meme if all you found confusing was the HP bar?


What he's pointing out is only the HP bar issue - aka the only thing he has a problem with.


Thank you!


They wanted to add more K/D/A and ADR info, which IMO they needed to add to keep up with other TO's HUD improvements.


I only have problem with the vertical HP bar. Now I feel everyone's HP is low and if I've to check then I've to look carefully and miss out some of the action.


yeah it's for sure a little harder to read due to the size change. I personally feel that the stats inclusion is more important and we'll get used to the new HP bar. That being said, I wouldn't be opposed to them making making the tiles taller so the bar is slightly bigger, it's definitely a little too short for an HP bar.


I feel like it wouldn't be too drastic a change to go back to a horizontal HP bar without changing any of the new UI elements


I was thinking the same. So hard to see the hp left.


I'll admit I chuckled a bit when I read the psychopath label, #unexpected 10/10. Jokes aside, we didn't put this out just for the sake of it. As explained in the [**initial reveal**](https://www.reddit.com/r/GlobalOffensive/comments/od4tov/tags_columns_and_rotated_health_bars_how_the_esl/), we felt that the vertical HP bars were a good fit with the overall column oriented layout that we were going for. And we knew full well that this would be by far the most contested change, but at the same time, we're not married to the idea. Right now we're waiting for the "dust to settle" to draw some conclusions and if at the end of the day it turns out this isn't the way to go, we can always revert to the horizontal bars. It wouldn't be the first time an idea we had didn't pan out *quite* like we hoped it would.


One thing that I definitely would like back is the indicator of who picked which map, which unless I am blind, I do not see anymore. The new transparent map does feel a lot more streamlined, but it'd still like to have that info somewhere on the screen. I think some tournament organizers have it at the very top where you guys have the tournament name and stage listed instead.


The series map panel that comes up during freezetime in the top-right corner holds that information


> it'd still like to have that info somewhere on the screen Definitely would help. It only needs to be a single, very small, team icon on the map.


nah they only show it for alittle bit during a pause or something, who picked the map.


This is a great response to feedback with great explanation of the process. One thing i'd like to note as a negative about the new layout however is the fact that it's harder to quickly glance at the players and see how many are alive and the HP of the players, due to the fact that it's so edge drawn.


The HP bars feel like something that was thought up in a conference room by a bunch of people trying to sell a product that they wouldn't buy themselves. Even after 3 or 4 games, it was still way to confusing so I just shut it off. Do you know if there is like a german stream or something that doesn't have this overlay that I can watch?


Were you genuinely so confused by vertical health bars that the stream became unwatchable?


I agree, it is something new with those HP bars and we just need to get comfortable with it so let's give it a try. But how about those "Kills in Round" indicator, we only see poizon with 2 kills in the new layout in this picture but 4 of the enemies are dead. Is it possible to indicate the kills on dead people too? I really like the addition of the ADR stat, keep up the good work!


The round kills will be back as of today, they weren't supposed to be missing in the first place


Definitely, right now nobody knows whether the vertical hp bars are just worse or if we aren't used to them. However, you should add assists back.


It works better during actual gameplay than I would have anticipated but the two main things that have been pointed to already are the health bar design and the maps-won-counter at the top. It should be easy to adjust to the colors, different row and column design but the HP bars need some tweaks, whereas the maps-won-counter is a tiny inconvenience. Love the transparency and communication you put into place with these changes!


Yeah personally I think the changes are all great except for the vertical hp bar. But you never know until you try. Otherwise it's a much improved HUD.


I love the round edges design. Just on time to win11.


I would also like it when hp bars were to revert to horizontal, that adr goes in line with k/d and assists are added back. I think all the stats in one line would fit, below it the hp bar, and above it the name and equipment of a player


My only thing is the team names is kind of weird. Like, Team Spirit was “TS” but Team Vitality was “VIT”. And every team has been capitalized, except Faze, which has the alternating as seen above… and they’re the only team I recall seeing as four characters. I think they’re trying to go for more of a pro sports style thing where you may see the Boston Red Sox vs the New York Yankees stylized as BOS v NYY but having it be TS for Spirit and not TV for Vitality was inconsistent.


8-8 every round. I hate the damn map win counter...


Lol i thought i was only one seeing 8-8 haha


I always think that everyone is low HP


The HP display is terrible imo


I mean, I’m at a loss for words. Look, as a prominent TO in my region & generally a purveyor of exposing eSports to a more regional & “curious” audience- the last thing I care for is pointing people in the direction of “commercial” CSGO as a reference point, only to have the wealth of information they’re immediately exposed to be displayed differently. To put it more simply, you have football / soccer / baseball scores / stats represented in the same way each game outside some team-specific logos attached, regardless of what network, stadium, conference, etc. This was entirely unnecessary & I simply can’t watch it anymore, by way of ultimately not “muscle memory” finding the information I need to make the game instantly engaging & sensible for me. I’ll throw BLAST a bone here as, they have evolved the viewers experience by adjusting their HUD in certain ways, but developer-defined core spectator information stayed “core”. This has to be a colossal rationalization by a team who likely had to justify their budget during the pandemic, or maybe in a more realistic explanation: “had nothing better to do”. To each their own, I guess. I hope I don’t have to see this HUD 75 feet tall when I attend the next US event. This isn’t a “remove all buttons from our design!” Steve Jobs moment no matter how many sprinkles are on it. Give us what we love and need, not… whatever this turned out to be.


You're just not use to it yet. I remember couple years ago, when the "Normal Hud" first came out, I wasn't too fond of it either.


Everytime I look at the HUD I think they 20 hp for some reason


As everyone has already said, GREAT except for the vertical HP. I think if they just keep everything same and make hp horizontal it'd do wonders


I think it is fine. We will probably end up liking it more, but people just dont like change. The old one looked quite old.


It's not really about change, don't fix something that ain't broken. Having a small vertical bar like that makes it objectively harder / takes more time to figure out the hp. With the HUD that 99.9% of TO's use, I can keep my eyes on the action and see with my peripheral vision the hp of all the players immediately, here I gotta stare at each team's tiny vertical bars and potentially miss out on the action. I think we can all agree the hp on players is a very important information for the viewers.


You're goddamn right my friend!


disagree. often times i'd think only 1 or 2 people are left just to see that one dude has like 5 hp and i couldn't see because his entire bar is gone. this is a LOT easier to read


I mean if someone died in the old HUD a giant skull would appear on their HP bar and it wouldn't show a HP amount anymore. Not sure how you were constantly missing that enough for it to be a problem but okay


True, hadn't thought about this, but this has definitely happened to me


This happened to me a lot and this new healthbar system fixed it, I never had issue glancing at health during the games with this new system and I never had issue knowing who was alive and who was dead either. People just need to get used to the new system and they'll be able to read the health in their periphery just as easily as they used to.


That's a stupid take imo. Any HUD "works" but without change it will literally never improve and we will be stuck with an ancient HUD. Except for the HP issue this hud is a lot better and once they fix that we will have a better hud than before which is a good thing.


Why would it be a stupid take? My only grievance is with the hp (which you seem to agree), everything else is great.


I think people are too keen to jump on the hate for it, it’s obviously gonna take some time to adjust, so just wait and see in a few weeks


Yeah I don't mind it, I think they could change the background color so it doesn't blend with the CT health bars though.


I dont know why every TO thinks not only that they need their own custom spectator hud just for that season, but also that in making it they also need to reinvent the wheel. How about they just reskin the default hud and leave it at that, stop moving shit around just for the sake of it. Also stop changing the team colors. We know what CT blue is and what T yellow is supposed to look like. Yet here ESL makes it TF2 Blu team blue and beer piss yellow. Just stick with the defined colors, its not hard.


I think it’s much cleaner 😎


Yeah, because some information is missing lol


No it’s not.


Only thing missing are assists…unless I’m missing something?


It's really annoying. I can't really see a benefit to add this extra bar, it just makes it much harder to figure out the hp left on the players. PS : the rest is great


Yep. Always thought they nailed it with the design before. This is just way harder to read what hp


Its really annoying. The worst part is that other tos will have the standard healthbars, so our brains will be constantly switching between the huds. The reason they made it like that is due to them trying to stand out, viewers experience was pushed aside.


yeah it’s pretty weird


I think it's super nice and clean just not used to it. But the HP Bar is kinda weird i have to admit


something about the ui looks not finished, flashpoint had much better use of colors


When they're showing a players perspective, the HUD for the player in the center of the screen needs to change colour based upon the team they are on. (CT/T) Having it as blue at all times confuses the fuck out of me, and would be super confusing for someone who is new to CS, and doesn't know which teams each player plays for.


Player HP is confusing the most.


My biggest issues are assists not showing up and the vertical health bars, though hopefully I will become used to the health bars eventually.


“Psychopath” I love it.




Where’s the bullet counter?


For me i think everyone is at 20hp till i look at the health and that i cant immediately tell which team a person is on


Worst hud ever


It's completely shit, can't see health or utility.


Yh its pretty bad


Its just low level PS job, and obviously the person who made it doesn't know what UX means. There are many problems with this HUD


thats what i want to say


Yea I'm not a fan of the HP bar in the new HUD. Everything else is fine.


Regarding HP I totally see your point.


All the hype just for a shittier hud with ADR.


Nah. I'm actually used to random ESL bullshittery. Blast > ESL anyways so.....


I like the new one


It was at first but then just adapted to it. Health bars need to be changed.


It improves the readability of the player names though


It looks completely fine, and you'll get over it


One thing am a fan of the new HUD is you can see how many kills each player has and deaths and their ADR and the modernized style


Its better expect hp tbh


Yes! Thank you for saying this


the HP is really hard to see. it looks much better in the upper screenshot.




Yes, the HP has absolutly no sense. It was the best HUD but for some reason they changed it. Lets Hope they change it back.


The health bars are fucking terrible. Too hard to compare health drops when say a nice nade lands and takes out 30plus HP from 3 people. Everything else seems clean so far. If you are going to fuck with HUDs, at least have 3 different versions with each one running on a different stream to A / B / C testing them like we do in web development


I dont think its that bad, i got used to it after one match. Looks way cleaner


I hate it. Just why


Don’t fix something that isn’t broken


honestly im fine with it.


That’s confusing? Looks clean to me. Good change after years of the same.


Player with low hp and a dead man is almost the same


HP bar was confusing at first but I think it's a good change cuz we don't really need an hp indicator to take up so much space in the hud.


The bottom one is the better one. You get more information and stats.


I actually love the HP bars like this.


I didn't find it confusing at all. Even the HP display was fine for me. I watched a couple of games and didn't even register the HUD had changed THAT much. I quite like it, I never found myself misreading anything.


Oh boy I miss the old HUD so much!


If theyre spectating a T the bar with their name below their gun needs to be Yellow. It staying blue no matter the person theyre spectating is confusing me


It looks a lot clunkier that's for sure. And like I've seen in the comments, the new HP thing is bugging me.


My only real issue is the "won the round" notification is tiny and out of the way, so I'm like "it's okay they clutch thi-oh wait they're all dead"




Don't really like the design but can get used to it. I just wish they kept the map info (previous, current, next as well as who picked what).


It's still there, top-right corner during freezetimes


Trying to include waaaay too much info on both these HUDs.


They should move the ad at the very bottom so it doesn't raise everything else


i want to see the map picks!




i liked it except hp and map. map is really distracting


Came to say this, it's just not appealing and distracting.


I wish they kept the old hud and added stats of a player kd and adr


The old one was absolute trash. Couldn't see k/d of people who's not being spectated


It’s alright, I’m happy as long as I don’t have to look at BLASTs HUD. That one is really bad


most important stats are worse now. less important stats are better.


Give me a couple games with the new hud to get used to the hp bar. I feel like it’s something you simply get used to that might be for the better


Change. It has to happen. If we kept the same shit from 2012, this would be trash. I like it.


Give the new HP bar some time to get used to it. The only reason a lot of people are uncomfortable with it is because we're so used to the old style.


One thing I didn't like with the old one, is when a T is selected with around mid-HP, you get a bit confused on if he's full health or not as the selection "effect" is to make the left half red.


Yeah it’s pretty bad. Idk why they change shit that isn’t broken


I think horizontal hp bar and its perfect. So hard to see hp bar. And it doesnt really indicate when a player gets a sick nade or collat or something and you see the larger horizontal bars turn red and drop a shitload


You can see the player name clearly what is nice


I really don't mind it besides the HP display


The player boxes are too big.


Why can’t the corner graphic when it shows maps picked just say map, picked by, result like before?


Yes, I can't tell at a glance how many players are alive and what their HP is. Only started to watch CS matches today again (also started betting again). And I wasn't sure if this was done specifically for Cologne.


It takes up too much of the screen tbh


When they asked for feedback everything was all nice and dandy. Not a single complaint about it. I for one liked the Hp hud. Was happy to see it during play ins. Now suddenly everyone’s complaining about it? After they gave us so much time to give our input,


I don't get why they have to have such messy looking huds it's so unpleasing. I'm more annoyed about the idea of player cams and half the players have it pointing at the top of their forehead. So fun for the viewers


it was a bit confusing at first but after like 15 minutes i got used to it.


The last thing I would do, if even possible, would be to allow viewers (if they chose) to watch in the res + crosshair they play with


I feel like for the HP display if they added the HP bar for the team on the left, on the right. And the team on the right, on the left it would look better. Cause we're used to HP draining being horizontal so we're just immediately gonna assume everyone is 1HP. Rather if the HP was the way I put it, we would look at it and immediately register it as vertical.


I really like the hud, it's quite unique and looks good, Gonna take some time to get used to the hp but i think it's cool


Even the hud is getting oversimplification smh


Yea i was getting mixed up on the matches i was watching. The sizing on names could be upped a bit or some sort of picture


I really like how we can see the frags at all times. But that's just me


It feels too cluttered in my opinion. Money and ADR should only be shown at the beginning of every round, and then disappear to make the player bar smaller (On the sides, not the center focused player). Same with total kills and deaths, we don't need to see those stats during the round, only at the beginning and end of each round. As for the vertical HP bar, I don't think it's any better or worse, it's just different.


Needs assists. Sucks to need to swap between tabs just to see the stats. There is space for it. I really hope it was an oversite and not a decision.


I need to watch a few more games before I can determine if the HP bars are confusing because I'm so used to horizontal, or if it's because it's actually confusing. Aside from hp the HUD is cool.




Idm it


We're used to horizontal HP bar, I am having difficulties keeping up because it's vertical now.


Change it pls


We'll get used to it. Don't be an ant.


Visual indicator of players health in the new UI is horrible. Its really bad on mobile and takes to long to read even on my 52" TV.


After someone gets a kill a 1 appears where normaly you wouldsee the hp nulber so after they make 1 kill im like sure buth hes 1 hp untill i take a closer look.


how can iget this ?


idm that something different is being tried for the health boxes but the radar is trash


I really like it, the t side HP bars could use a more vivid colour. Like the blast magenta but I think I'll get used to that.


Also when transitioning between players irl and ingame they transition with a white flash. Feels like im getting flashed when the transition isnt the intel one


I cant really find the section where they show who picked which map


Csgo pro games are a bit confusing already, imagine watching a game like that...