Hopefully Lyney and Lynette might be a clue to new mechanic


Notice Mihoyo making an event that has unique mechanic, then modify the same mechanic for later patches. (i. E. Bokuso Box to Lumenspine Stone in the Chasm) With the Fungi event and most recent Itto event that you can select any character you want to follow you, this is probably going to be Lyney and Lynett's gameplay: Casting your companion's skill and having one of the twins follow you.


That follow mechanic was also present in the permanent interlude quest in the Chasm, and in both cases the following character had movement limitations (no jumping, no climbing, no leaving a set area). Seems like something they might add in more quests in the future, but I can't really see it becoming a gameplay mechanic from one quest and event worth of testing


Maybe 2-in-1 "tag team" character where burst swaps character and 2 unique skills (1 for each character)... so you need to recharge "burst" to swap to the other one?


Oooh. Like Seele from Honkai! I would definitely pull for that!


That or maybe swap character when hold skill, if press they will use their own unique skill, when use burst they will fight together and pressing their skill will use both of their unique skill at the same time.


They could make it like fighting game "twin" characters, just combos that involve both models.


maybe in some sort of burst... otherwise, having 2 characters out would be probably problematic to code properly


Honestly? After seeing the new upcoming characters on Honkai, it’s possible they’re definitely going to implement the same to them both.


It's not really a new thing the Olenyeva twins also have this mechanic and they were in the game for years. When both twins are in the party Rozaliya's normal attack chain, charge attack and ultimate animation changes to include her twin sister.


Not the Olenyeva twins, I’m referring to Herrscher of Origin, Finality and Truth.


Yeah but it's the same mechanic so it's not really a new thing. But you yeah I really hope the Fontaine characters will use this mechanic, or that they will be a two in one character that switches with burst like Seele.


Oh mind filling me in about those characters?


I imagine they’re talking about how the next three upcoming battlesuits can do a team attack if you have them all in the same party.


Oh that's a cool concept!


Sure but they are all gacha and all require gacha gear. At least one of the is given free for CNY but otherwise everything else is separate gacha. Honkai is not F2P friendly and is Grindy. Most players are gonna only be able to get 1 of the characters or 1 set of gear unless they never rolled for half a year.


" Honkai isn't F2P friendly " this doesn't get mentioned enough. Honkai players act like their game is superior and flaunt how they get so many gems each patch completely neglecting the fact that the meta shakes up so often there. Powercreep is real, some units are straight up obsolete. Meanwhile on Genshin you could smash the hardest content with your DPS that you got 1-2 years ago. Not to mention the fact that you basically gotta gacha for artifacts there lol.


..I love hearing this from a genshin player. It showsr how little they actually understand and play honkai, if at all. Comparable free income for Honkai is significantly higher than Genshin when dealing with repeatable content, bonus event rewards, and basically any source of free revenue. Getting every single character as they come out in Honkai is pretty damn easy, all things considered, getting them to 4/4 immediately is less likely, but just GETTING the S-rank valks? That's not difficult at all in comparison to Genshin, as the soft pity lands at the same point (75 pulls) and there is no 50/50 to fuck you over. Even equips are easier to deal with, since you have guarateed hard pity all over the place in honaki, but in genshin? Those signature weapons will take up to 210 pulls if you're unlucky, just for one, and you need FIVE of them to max that weapon out, while the HARD pity for a 4/4 S-rank's equips can never exceed 200 (with single banner 4x 50 hard pity caps, ands a general average of 110 pulls to 4/4, and the possibility of MUCH less with the wishing wells.) People keep claiming there's a competetive aspect to Honkai missing in Genshin, but that competition is an unrewarding joke. Memorial arena can be full cleared with shitty placements, and the final rewards do not matter. Meanwhile, the abyss has a casual clear and maintain at Agony III, and you lose out on less than a pull per week if you stay in it. or if you get enough of a party to maintain Red Lotus? woo-hoo, you're missing out on all of 40 crystals a week from not reaching Nirvana, whoop de-fucking-do. that's 7 weeks of effort, longer than a patch, for a single fucking pull of return.


Lmao I play both and yeah as much as Honkai seems not f2p friendly (gacha for weapon, stigmata, and the valk themselves) its actually way easier to get than one might think. One patch of grinding and a bit of luck and you can get 4/4 on a character. With a monthly card its even easier.


Chatacter in genshin are usable at c0 with any weapons, prob at like 80% efficiency. You might as well not pull in hpnkai if you cant guarabtee both the char and the weapon


If you can't get the weapon, yeah. the difference is you've got a relatively good chance of getting the weapon in a single 10 pull with Honkai (best chance of anything in the item pool, actually, because it's literally the most common 4\* in the pool @ 2.5% total, and 1/6 of the entire 4\* list.), while Genshin kinda laughs at anyone attempting the same. And that only applies to characters released with immediately PRI-ARMable weapons. If they don't have that, there ARE still other options in a LOT of cases.


Herrscher of Origin is free although it's limited time and event based. Also I'm pretty sure her equip gacha has some sort of extra discount or smething. Bruhnya and Kiana are both gacha tho which is depressing.


HoO equip banner has a 50% return for the first 80 pulls. so every 10 pull gives you 5 weapon banner tickets to make it pretty darn easy to get her gear. for a max of 40. The only time we seem to get this specific banner type is as a not-apology for a double new valkyrie patch because they know it's uinreasonable even with the assist.


Sounds sick


I was thinking they might swap between each other. Bonus points if they have different elements.


A lot of people might not like this idea but what if lyney and Lynette are like the traveler, where u can choose which one of the two you want


Unpopular possibility, you can only get the opposite gendered one of the twins. (It'll never happen, they'd lose too much money, but I bbet you it popped up in meetings as an "idea")


Maybe a new weapon type? Once upon a time I thought they'll add "gauntlets" or something like that for martial artist-like characters but it now seems that Catalysts will be used for that. Also great-axes seem like they'd just be re-skinned claymores (like how we have both spears and halberds as "polearms") and I'm not sure that dual-wielding swords will feel any different than regular swords >!given that dual-wielding combat is already in the game with Childe and soon Alhaitham.!< so... Maybe guns? The Fatui already have them, so why not? They could be to ranged weapons what Claymores are to melee - slow attacks, powerful hits.


Inb4 Heizou was teasing melee brawlers all along.


Guns might just be catalyst tbh, with Klee already using bomb and all that. Also lot of catalyst users don't care about attacking using their actual catalysts.


what i would give for a tall mommy in a suit w akimbo pistols good lord


That's literally how i imagine Arlecchino


one can only hope


Ah, Samir from Tower of Fantasy. Truly the one and only hottie that makes me play that game every few months.


Bows are already ranged weapons with slow attack and powerfull hits. Guns will never be useable by players other than possibly as an elemental skill/burst.


That only applies to the charged CAs of bows, everything else is fast


Need them to add balrog from dmc5 into genshin plz.


Aside from reworking reactions like crystallize. I think the next step they're trying to take has already started with Nilou. Her bountiful cores are like normal dendro cores but stronger, can't hyperbloom/burgeon and explode faster. Changing the reactions themselves with new characters would create new teams that don't simply powercreep the old characters. It might have restrictions like Nilou's dendro+hydro only teams but I'm still looking forward to HYV adding more of them.


I think burning might get a rework with dehya which is great for Ganyu


Plot twist, they pull a Nilou and say Dendro Pyro only


Klee finally gets to have a good Burning team!


if dehya can't provide more buffs than either bennett, kazuha, or zhongli, then burnmelt with nahida might still be better


It's not that hard to do, just add "with two pyro and dendro in team burning can crit" and that's a buff Kazuha and ZL together can't provide.


This is the way to 'rework' Geo too. They're never going to actually rework an entire element. But they could add individual characters that, for example, give offensive buffs from Geo shards. Or turn Geo constructs into time bombs that explode for huge damage. Or have constructs that indirectly react with other elements, the way DMC's flower does


They already partially did that iirc gorou interacts with crystallize shields but I forget how specifically Also there's always unlimited potential with artifact sets, especially supportive ones.


Gorou attracts crystalize shards for some time to you so you don't have to pick up the crystal yourself, it comes near and autoshields you iirc.


yep, he does that with his ult


Eh, in Geo's case, the crystallize reaction itself needs a buff. Hamfisting that "buff" into a character is as likely to work as convincing people Archaic Petra is any good. AP should double down on what's already there, not provide what should have been there (shields increasing the damage of their matching element.) Nilou works because she's designed around depending on a Dendro+Hydro team. She's compensating for taking limited reaction options but the base reaction she's expanding upon is already solid in its own right. Crystallized shields don't feel as sufficiently realized as dendro reactions.


The idea is how to shake up the meta without changing existing mechanics, not looking for changes to be made, valid or not.


Imagine zhongli pillar infuses with electro and gives extra energy particles… pogU


Perhaps a new interesting reactions with physical reaction. Like making shatter more interesting or interaction between physical and burning or physical and Dendro cores


Nah, there shouldn't really be physical reactions, but there should be some benefit to using physical, like applying bleeds, some form of energy leech or sundering DEF. Something for EM to scale on. At least, I figure if they're not going to address artifact RNG (at least improving falt values or removing them entirely,) the least they could do is make all stats worthwhile for everything.


Yeah that's probably good bet. They've been pretty careful about powercreep since Ganyu but gacha games tend to fall into that trap eventually.


Sometimes I forget Ganyu was the epitome of a broken dps. Now she's kinda like Diluc, who was the epitome of dps but became meh except Ganyu didn't become bad, just not the best anymore either.


Diluc didn't become bad either. The dps loss from going with him instead of other pyros is a few %.


True. He also has a higher aoe DPS than almost any other pyro unit. So for instances with a lot of enemies he can actually still beat out Hu Tao in dmg. Niche, but he's a solid choice.


Not really, you're still limited by the amount of hydro you can output. If diluc isn't vaping his damage ain't gonna be great either, even if he's hitting 5 mobs at the same time. Diluc just beats tao in ease of use and comfort, but he'll never come close in terms of raw performance.


I don't think you understand how easy it is to out damage someone with aoe lol. Even if Diluc only did 25% of Hu Tao's dmg per hit, he would outdmg her against 5 enemies every single time. That's just how math works... Diluc doesn't do that much less dmg than Hu Tao, he averages like 25k+ on NA. So if he can hit more enemies than Hu Tao, he can very easily surpass her in total dmg. It's the same reason Yoimiya can do insane dmg, yet gets outdmged by even 4 stars if there are 2 enemies. Hu Tao will always clear bosses and big enemies faster, but Diluc can wipe an entire room of small enemies in a fraction of the time Hu Tao would take. Moreover, he has 100% uptime, Hu Tao doesn't. Meaning he has more time to do the dmg than she does. Hu Tao is better for the most part by like 3-5% total dmg. In aoe situations with more than 2 enemies she will have lower dmg than he does though.


Except you have to be comparing diluc vaping vs 1-3 targets and doing raw pyro damage vs the rest (which is seriously not impressive considering even his vaped damage isn't impressive to begin with), against tao doing 80k+ vapes on 1-3 targets. Not to mention her burst being way stronger than diluc's and also aoe (against, hydro uptime issues on multiple targets. Diluc's burst is several small hits, not all of which will be vaped and even the vape damage deals significantly less damage vs tao's one big burst that deals way more damage). >Moreover, he has 100% uptime, Hu Tao doesn't. Meaning he has more time to do the dmg than she does. Hutao has 100% uptime as well. Your imaginary 100% uptime for diluc doesn't take into account the fact that you're gonna be swapping out anyway for buffs and whatnot, same with hutao. >Hu Tao is better for the most part by like 3-5% total dmg. What limp dick tao are you comparing to what roided diluc? 3-5% total damage???? Jesus even running tao's most gimped comp with double cryo (kaeya/rosaria + diona) my tao destroys my diluc by a fucking mile. I'm gonna be real honest with you, literally everything you said tells me you're just feelscrafting here and haven't even tried these two characters yourself. Hell, you don't even take into account the fact that diluc is VERY reliant on benny buff and he has issues with mobs moving out of benny's Q, especially since he's a claymore. Let me put it this way: even with benny buffs and slower animation, diluc's normal attacks and E do like, 70-80% of hutao's CA. Add in all the other issues like hitlag, mobs moving out of the circle, tao having faster animation, vape consistency etc etc. and diluc gets diffed hard.


maybe he lost 5050 to diluc in hutao banner and still coping about it


Doubt it, his words tell me he's never used diluc. Or maybe never actually looked at his gameplay when playing diluc? In his mind he seems to think diluc's doing broad slashes that hit 3+ enemies easily when in reality you'd be lucky to hit 2 at a time and usually any mob small enough to allow you to hit 2-3 of them with one NA/E are usually small enough to get yeeted away after one hit, preventing any follow-up attacks. He seems to think that diluc's range is much wider than tao and his damage is not much less, but in reality it's actually tao's range that isn't much less than diluc's and that tao's damage is much more than his as well. Diluc isn't XL, his aoe range is actually very small so his damage doesn't scale linearly like XL does (not to mention it only works with XL because of childe, xq wouldn't allow her to vape on multiple targets either). Tao isn't yoi either, her CA and especially her ult gives her sufficient AoE damage. Any mobs that can give tao trouble for lacking in AoE would also be problematic for diluc, such as current 12-3 since the dogs get yeeted all over the fucking place.


Offensive crystallization.. kinda like Nilou blooming.. but with crystallize.. makes building EM geo worth wild.


I want Geo Klee that utilize crystals as bombs.


I hope it's Alice, with the explosion matching the infused crystals' elements. Bonus points if she blows em up with a sassy snap


they could always add whatever element dain is supposed to be. and maybe closer to endgame we'd have characters with the light element like what the twins are theorized to have.


Every Archon has a Gimmick, Venti's Cc, Zhongli's indestructible Sheild, Raiden's Energy, Nahida's Dendro Reaction.. with Focalor the Hydro Archon I'm guessing it'll be about Prolonging Buff Duration? Nahida's Shrine if Maya and Wanderer's Passive is kind of a Hint to that.


Hm...lets give Focalors some Dio-power then


So it's the same type of stand as The World


Hm, on second thought I would actually prefer Ayato to have such an ability for his burst, simply to Cast it with the voiceline of "Kamisato-ryuu: za warudo". But putting Jokes aside: We could realize such an ability by completely removing enemies stagger resistance, freezing them, and giving Focalors a ton of atk speed, an extra weapon for the exact time where the enemies are Frozen, and the full party gets a ton of CD reduction. But this is why I am Not employed at Mihoyo to Design characters, because this would be OP as shit


Dendro unlocked the potential of older characters like Lisa, Keqing and Barbara. Although these characters always were fine/good they got a huge boost in power when combined with the right team. I think maybe we will see something that makes units that didn't benefit from dendro like Amber, C0 Noelle, Qiqi etc more powerful and versatile as well.


Metal or alchemical reactions? I feel like the whole Khaenri'ah storyline is leading to some sort of scientific element. Even the Sumeru storyline showed the power of scientific advancements within Teyvat.


How about burgeon amber with Venti (amburger)


New weapon type, Geo rework and maybe give a new body type to other characters. I would love to see Mounts and diving mechanic as well


Diving is a good bet. There's an NPC in port Ormos considering going to Fontaine to get a diving license, and mentioning that water might be different there.


i would very much love a shield bearer and a greataxe


Candace is crying rn


and so am i, because she is the only 4 star i currently don't have


**Cavalry Captain:** *Did someone said "mounts"? Finally...it's now my time to shine!*


Something for movement would be great, like the grappling hook in tower of fantasy


Geo doesn't need a rework, crystallize shields just needs to increase elemental damage (additional damage scaled on a % of a crystallized shield's max HP?) Geo is the "tank" of the group, with a theme of increasing character damage, while anemo exploits what damage (aura) is already there. A new weapon type would have to fill a niche. I'm sure they have a few ideas just in case they feel the current weapon options have too many options (how many 5 stars can you shove crit rate/damage onto, really?) Elemental melee can be covered with catalysts for that matter, which is the niche I'd have placed shields/fists as weapons.


Well, changing cristalize is a rework in itself. What they should do is, well, both the elemental damage bonus based on the element absorbed, or be able to weaponize it as if they were Dendro Cores, exploding and doing the elemental damage asociated with the crystal shard.


Going forward i think differemt reactions will be locked behind new units. Just look at nilou it made basic bloom into a insane reaction. Imagine a pyro unit that would make overload be just as powerfull.


Give overload +X% damage bonuses and now its knocks enemies TOWARDS you rather than AWAY


Would love to see Delusions being playable.


Maybe they work like xiao in his story quest where they drain health but if you damage enemy you regain health or the more you hit consecutively it does more damage?


Mechanics rewarding agressive gameplay are always fun imo


My only reservation with Delusion is how they would handle the quest to explain it's gameplay introduction when the Traveler's experience with it has been anything but positive


Someone invents Delusion 2.0 that has little to no long term side effects. Traveler is given one but they refuse to use it (the last QoL device that was handed to them for free resulted in a bad time). Later, they fight a strong for that is immune to everything but the Delusion’s element. Traveler is forced to use it, and they see it’s not harmful. They begin regularly using it.


The Traveler doesn't even need a Delusion though. They can just go and use the Elements as is.


that someone could be the "good" Dottore clone


The harbingers seem to be able to use delusions just fine. Maybe the use a different kind of a delusion that a playable character can then use in the future.


It seem like people here forgot about cooldown reduction existence,they can release artifact that give cdr bonus,cdr actually very overpower,I tried them in test server and with 100% you can use skill forever (which the artifact will probably only give around 50% or less though)


CDR would be nice but what about 5 star Gambler?


5 star Gambler sounds in incredibly exciting. I'd slave away in that domain for weeks.


Double Guoba meta here we come, triple Guoba if we get sac polearm


I wish they could add something like QTE from Honkai.


I just started Honkai, and qte is extremely satisfying to use, and I can see it being used to balance some characters


I don’t play Honkai, what’s qte?


It’s like an ability when you swap into a character. For an example, say x characters qte is triggered when y character uses a burst, x characters icon will start flashing, and if you swap to them while the icon flashes, a special ability is triggered, eg doing damage, or inflicting debuffs.


Wouldn't say no to matrix dodge either tbh. Or any other effects that trigger on properly timed dodge.


Time slow is definitely being saved for a future characters kit


How would that work in coop?


It wouldn't affect players


In Honkai qte is action entering of character. Character instead of just appearing on field, perform an action that let gather more energy or perform a combo


It's short for Quick time Events. It's like a button you press reactively to activate skills. In honkai it lights up to indicate it is active.


Maybe one day a character with an A2 passive that causes them to smack down when they’re not on the field for 10 seconds


I feel like they're due for a new weapon by next year


I bet they add dual weapons


Or they just make it like a kit, like Tartaglia. I'm surprised he's still the only one with dual weapons since he was released way back in 2020


Heizou dual wields those hands


Idk if people observed closely but if u watch the 2.7 Archon Quest cutscene that involved Yelan, Xiao and the others, there was a scene wherein Yanfei and Yelan coordinated for a Vaporize like style burst. It looked cool for the cutscene but if they did something like that as gameplay, it could unlock new synergies and combos


Probably some sort of light/dark/shadow/omni/space/time element for when we go to Khaenri'ah, probably introduced via Dainsleif or Pierro.


I expect so too, but that is years away. Think there won't be any major additions for several years?


Adding in new elements is hard. At minimum stuff like this won’t happen until after we leave Teyvat


I don’t think so. We’ll see Nilou like characters for other elements. Weapon swaps like Childe. More original catalyst users (a different fighting style for each other element like Heizou would be cool). Summons/Puppets etc (it’s hard to ignore the shroom event). We might get chibi guys as well.


Fontaine: diving Natlan: bathing Snezhnaya: freezing Khaenri'ah: suffering Celestia: dying


>Natlan: bathing 😳😳😳😳


I bet there would be lv 100 with new skills for all characters (hopefully)


I think this is the most likely answer for a few reasons. For one, we have the small crumbs of a potential PRI-ARM/Weapon ascension already in the game (See this post: [https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin\_Impact/comments/vybpc5/was\_checking\_out\_someones\_ayaka\_build\_and\_the/](https://www.reddit.com/r/Genshin_Impact/comments/vybpc5/was_checking_out_someones_ayaka_build_and_the/) ) for what I'm talking about. Not only that, but level 90 in general just feels kinda weird to stop at, 99 or 100 would make way more sense to me. Talents can already go past 13 and have data up to 15, if I'm remembering right, which could definitely just be futureproofing for Tartaglia-themed skills, but could just as easily make 16 for that after unlocking more levels. Would also be an amazing way to buff older characters. I think they might have held back on it for now for that very reason. It's important to remember that Honkai and Genshin teams are different, but there's still similarities between the games, so I'll bring it up anyway: Honkai did something really, really similar to this around a similar time in its lifespan (if my memory serves, I wasn't actually there for the dropping of these mechanics). Namely they introduced augmentations to older characters, essentially reworking them, and the PRI-ARM system which gave new skills to weapons. As it stands, the jump from 80-90 isn't really even worth it. A level 90-100 Ascension that gives you an extra skill would round out the system nicely and make that grind actually worthwhile. But I think they kept it for later because it's a great way to cash out on nostalgia and bring back old favourites without writing out the new stars (because then they'll be the old favourites and get their return to form too). For example, Diluc has that useless charged attack passive on him right now, and there are tons of things that kinda imply they didn't really know how Genshin's meta was going to play out. So maybe they saved these 90-100 ascensions for characters and weapons to simultaneously bring back older characters into the light, make more money, and also so they'd have more information to use in the creation of these skills.


Exactly! I have been playing gacha games for 10 years and most of them also implement ways to improve older characters (most of the time raising the cap level, adding new skills and using new rare materials for the new system)


Oh god, book farming. I just got my first 10/10/10 level 90 character (no, i definitely am not a Raiden simp, what gave you that idea) and now i am broke. Farming books and mora would become hell if they add level 100 characters


This could be interesting, maybe the lvl 90/100 ascension would require an item like crowns for talents, so you could only lvl 100 a certain number of characters and would have to choose which ones carefully.


That sounds awful


I hope this never happens


There already is talent lvl 15 data in game. Almost guaranteed to happen.


I think they’re saving that for event boons and a future character who has a passive like Childe but for skills.


Don’t some people have passive talents etc that boosts talents? I thought that’s the reason that data existed - otherwise they’d have to make level 16+ data.


Tartaglia has a passive that boosts your (normal/charged/plunge) talent by +1, which then caps out at 11 right now. As far as I know, nobody else has anything like that.


80/90 --> 90 is a 3% damage increase, on average. There better be a really good reward or special ascension stat (or same ascension stat increased threefold) that would make it worth while. Talents would be so much more expensive - lvl9 is 450k mora, and lvl10 is 700k.


Transformative reactions like swirl or bloom reactions would get a huuuuge buff, since those directly depend on the character’s Level and EM.


Yeah and half of the units that have been released since 2.1 don't just scale off ATK. Levelling to 90 makes so much more sense now than ever before since every Hydro and Geo unit released scales off HP (except for Ayato kinda) and DEF. The only character that strictly wanted ATK was Shenhe


Some actual permanent combat content. Horde mode, Labyrinth Warriors, increased world level and harder domain level. Just anything permanent, so we can at least use the combat. New weapon type should probably come out sometime in Fontaine? Could shake things up depending on how different it feels. We can assume Dain will bring a new element. I'm thinking he will come earlier than expected but still not for a awhile (Pure copium).


More coop combat content would be nice too. For an ARPG, this game is seriously lacking focus on combat. I want an excuse to showcase the characters I spent weeks and months finetuning. My favorite part of this game is gathering with my friends to tackle the weekly bosses. We get to show off to each other what units we were working on.


The best thing they can do is add a new combat mode with co op.


Stop, you’re giving me anxiety 😢 >!\s!<


Maybe some kind of coop castle defense? Like a more advanced leyline defense with more fortification that requires strategy and survival? It could provide minor rewards, maybe a small amount of weekly or monthly points on the battlepass?


Underwater combat mechanics in fontaine.


It’s probably going to be a vehicle like the Waverider rather than actual fighting underwater. Hopefully it at least changes how it works based on who you have crewing it.


Please no. Underwater or full 3D traversal doesn’t work in 99% of games. Especially in a mobile gacha game when movement is already fairly stiff and limited. I like the idea in theory, though.


Tower of fantasy is doing it.


And people have been highly critical of it since it’s not underwater combat, it’s just normal combat under water. Also, I don’t generally think, ‘Tower of Fantasy is doing it, so it must be a great idea’. Genshin’s combat is also very flat and relies upon burst radiuses. Enemies also move around considerably. Whiffing a burst or being too high for a skill would be mind-numbingly unappealing; there are reasons why devs generally stay away from full 3D combat.


Doubt it. Based on glitches, we know the way water physics work that there is nothing underwater. Sure there are set pieces but the physics underwater is the same above. The water line is where the border is and has drown property, while if you can glitch past that line. You can walk on the sea floor until you hit the map edge where the floor has no collision.


Wow that would basically be like a whole new game assuming each weapon type works differently. Might make Hydro characters a bit jealous though.


Alter reactions like what Nilou could. e.g. Overload+character talent become explosion that does higher damage and stance break.


I really wanna see them add some sort of land transport, maybe some sort of car or horses that we can drive around (so they have excuses to add mario kart sort of mini games, time trials for those that want have no coop, racing game for those that wants coop, or add horses so they can change Kaeya passive to horse riding) but in reality I think they might just add more characters that based on Nilou designs, character that changes how a reaction works


Perhaps specialised character-based reactions, ala Nilou.


I have always been waiting for the release of a dual element character. I hope they also have an important role in the story


something to do with Geo aka piss colored physical damage


Old character upgrade with double element like what we saw with Kazuha in the story. For example Amber getting Fire Dendro double is element. I think there was an ingame dialog about an ongoing research about it. Possible weapons with active skills.


Forgot the obvious a character with combat pet.


I think they'll go back to geo and take advantage of the geo construct resonance. They probably won't rework the crystallize mechanic because that sounds like a lot of work and balancing, they'll probably introduce new geo characters that make lots of geo constructs like geo mc and those that makes pulsing geo constructs like zhongli's dong.


I would love if in Natlan we get a pyro character that insta-dashes to overloaded enemies, could easily open up many new team compositions. Starting to think this fits Dehya thematically as well…


i think we’re seeing trials of it occurring with recent events of the mushrooms attacking and playable characters now following you around. meaning? the rest of your team being on the field as the same time as you, so it’ll be like co-op but with AI. would make it so you’d have to think about how to make your team more survivable to makeup for the fact that the AI controlled characters will get damage. shield impact inbound


Diving of course


I think there will be a geo Nilou on the way to make Crystalize good.


That's just a bandaid on the issue. The last thing any one should want is a gimmick tied to a limited character to make geo's only reaction useable. No thanks.


New weapon types


Aerial fight. With scaramuccia being hoyoverse's first attempt to this


I hope they overhaul the traveller somehow, in lore they can use all the elements at once I'd like the gameplay to reflect that


I hope they introduce light and dark/shadow element ..


Probably awakening for old characters


They could do Augment Core system like from Honkai. That would provide use for older characters and give them a way to change the meta up. It could also fit into another suggestion that was posted here about dual visions.


there are definitely gonna be more than seven elements considering dainsleif is gonna be playable and honestly i dont think theyre ever gonna add new weapon types. even if they do though i dont really feel like its a major gameplay mechanic because it basically just means new normal attacks and charged attacks and more weapons to get. dual element characters seems like a possibility in the far future as it seems mihoyo doesnt wanna do that just yet as the only two candidates that could wield multiple elements, dont. with the teaser of lyney and lynette though we might either have some dual attack thing similar to the olenyeva twins in honkai or theyre two characters in one.




Also acceptable.


Geo crystallize character. Hopefully an ojou sama


Would love new weapon type, new talents or alt version of characters. Your last point is 100% happening. We will see characters that ignore weapon type completely or use them uniquely


There was a rumour about Fontaine having underwater/diving mechanics. Maybe they can have the elements react differently in the environment? Say pyro has no reactions underwater but electro and cryo get unique reactions? Sometime like bubbles when using anemo, or Geo making flying/swimming enemies sink and grounded.


Its hard to come up with these past huge updates cuz 2.0 we got our very first nation map update (so big hype) 3.0 got new nation + new element (so bigger hype) theres been a rumor that 4.0 will introduce underwater gameay so maybe we could get underwater fights ( alternative skill set for some characters )


Sadly i dont think we 'll have a a new big mechanic, Hoyoverse forget Genshin is a action rpg first, now it is more a visual novel or a collection of minigames.


Pets are next


My uncle works at Nintendo so i know it will happen in the following order: geo rework > new weapon either dual daggers, fists, hammer or rifle > new element either light/dark or cosmos/abyss


Nothing they said there will be nothing of that sort of thing + there is no endgame so it really doesn't matter They gave up on combat now u get wallbreaker


Light element and dark element. I think we got a hint from the omni element from TCG.


i hope they update older characters first (yes i want my off-field klee burst)


I think double element for each new character they gonna release. We still miss 3 region AND celestia so we talk a 3 year span of game. The rumors also say the ar will be increased by 70 once Fontaine is released and so on till the end. I also think delusions will be a big part of the new mechanism.


Could y'all please leave geo as is, it's nice to have an element that doesn't need reactions at all to work and has synergies with itself.


Dual element is cool but have you ever thought of uber weapons? Genshin characters have 3 problems that i wish hoyo could solve without relying alot on 5 star weapons, the ascension stats and the normal attacks wether they have bad scaling or downright awful for other reasons. Say you have built venti or klee, they were newly introduced characters and you pumped alot of resources into them, over time newer characters get released that have better qol over these 2 but you want to keep using them, newer weapons get released but regardless of how much you try to improve them you cant meet a minimum requirement for the meta, what i hope for hoyo to introduce is some weapons that can be attached to characters that give them huge advantage in battle and can alter their attacks or even roles with cost of multiple boss materials and can't be shared because they are too powerful, only 2 uber weapons can be active in party at time.


i see what you're saying but i feel like you're forgetting 1) mihoyo is trying real hard to curb powercreep and 2) no old character is unusable in the current meta (maybe diluc...) so a "weapon that boost a character" is both against mihoyo's intended philosophy *and* not actually needed. But i totally understand wanting your old faves to be uber strong.


this is just my farfetched wishlist that i know would never happen, but on top of my head i could think of special environments that enables modifier ability (limited by area/hour/other conditions). like those ley lines disorder thingies, but much more expansive and streamlined, and with mechanics like FFX's sphere system. unique pieces for each elemental and/or reactions that adds/subtracts multiplier, add effects, or even modify it altogether. resulting in effects like someone mentioned here, offensive crystallization, or maybe ICD modifier, or gravity modifier, timed melt/vape nuke, etc


I always wondered if they will implement a new weapon type eventually.


Artifact sets that imbues weapons with elements for x duration. Would allow for new team setups.




I would love some geo reactions but MAN Dual Element characters would be so so so awesome


Dual elements would probably be a gimmick of a specific character rather than a whole new mechanic. I think we may see an update to physical damage, so far there's 2 physical DPS characters, neither of which have dedicated supports despite PHYS damage being a potential artifact stat since release. Mainly I think it would probably be centered around Eula and her usefulness as the first 5* PHYS and because Cryo was completely neglected in terms of Dendro reactions.


WL9/10 as fully optional with no extra rewards. I just want to use my characters in overworld without face rolling everything.


A6 passive. They can use this to balance some characters without "buffing" or "nerfing" their existing kits.


I think elemental weapons from Fontaine might become a thing. We have the Dragonspine line of weapons which have additional bonuses against cryo-applied targets, but what about weapons that apply an element separate from the characters that wield them? You've got all sorts of examples from enemies in the world already. Or character getting delusions and running double element or boosting the character in a significant way for their current element. Running a type A delusion gives the character's skill and burst a second elemental type, allowing it to react with itself. Running a type B delusion makes the element you've got stronger, giving you +3 (max 15) to all of your talent levels. Delusions are a guaranteed drop from the first weekly boss you fight in a given week and are a low drop rate drop from all subsequent weekly bosses, but you know, gacha is gacha and you never know what you're going to get when one does drop.


Nilou's skill set where she takes bloom and "enhances it" seems to be a new idea Hoyoverse is experimenting with. I do expect to see more of those skill sets in new characters in the future because the restrictions they put on Nilou also incentivize people to get specific units for her, which is a typical marketing strategy of many gacha games to get people to pull/spend.


Since Fontaine is next and it's the nation of hydro, I'm wondering if there'll be an update to the swimming mechanics or maybe even some area where we can dive underwater.


the time we reach snezhnaya, cryo superconduct + shatter reaction, will get improvement. wonder why albedo burst increase EM if it isn't for shatter. so I think superconduct, phys dmg, geo + cryo gameplay will be the next thing. a little lore theory, on why dendro and electro buff each other? if you take a look at slime on archive list, they stand beside each other and their desin kinda mirror each other (2 types of form). as with cyro slime and geo slime they got the same connection.


Hopefully a new weapon. Some dual blades would be cool.


Hope Geo cc reaction rework


Geo 2: Return of Rocky


I would like to see the day when Genshin introduces mounts.


Omni element


Maybe dual elements, skill breakthrough where lvl 100 either augments the passive and skills, or give new skills for the player to choose. For now the harbingers were very inovative, childe having dual weapons and scaramouche having the ability to fly while wasting a different stamina.


Partner/Frienship Attacks like Suikoden has them would be maybe something to give "not really liked meta chars atm a new boost (imagine Eula and Amber together in party make some really nice Kombo or Ult, would boost them both again towards meta). And we have tons of Chars who has shown friendship towards each other. (mb even a trio attack or quad attack).