There’s always something special to me about these headlines. The imperialist core is expected to read “our hegemony is depriving [country] of water/food/medicine” and still be angry at other countries for not partaking in that siege.


It works though. The average person has been poisoned by government propaganda, MSM, & Hollywood for their whole life. It's fertile ground for unscrupulous media and the establishment figures that back them. The masses lap this shit up. I'll bet most, if not all the people I know IRL, even though they see themselves as good people, would agree with the premise of this article 100% and would want somebody to be punished for daring to sell water pumps to Russia, even if the sale happened before Russia was under sanctions.


The Deutsche Welle (DW) is an odd media outlet. They'll often tell you a ton of information that makes a case for the very thing they're attacking. How can anyone that isn't brainwashed see this is a problem? Only by seeing Russia the state and the people as adversaries that need to suffer can you wrap your head around the contents and angle of this piece. They talk about how most of Crimea's water came from the Dnieper and Kyiv, and how the majority of Crimea's urban citizens don't have access to said water ever since the peninsula was annexed by Russia. And then they start blaming the very people and companies that are supplying the innocent people of Crimea with water. Madness.


It always amazes me when western imperialists insist that they're the good guys and that they are the ones who care about the poor people of Crimea, meanwhile they sanction Crimea and dammed up the water supply causing a water crisis.


god, anything but fucking WATER. how fucking EVIL of them to PROVIDE WATER TO PEOPLE. sanctions are the cruelest, most sadistic fucking thing the west does to anyone that doesn't play by their rules. oh, you won't let us exploit your people, steal your resources, and ruin your country? welp, too bad for you, buckaroo, let's cause a fucking water crisis and then not let you import any water. your people are dying of thirst because of you! swear to fucking god we need to glass washington


I wish the EU would sink into the ocean.