tfw someone on reddit called you Winnie the Pooh

tfw someone on reddit called you Winnie the Pooh

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Is this picture for real? When was it taken? What context? It's practically impossible for a top-level government official to be seen out in the public like this.


i think this was taken back in March of 2020, iirc. he was visiting a hospital in Wuhan before Covid was brought under control, hence the distance from others and the mask. he’s just outside of the hospital here, probably waiting for something


Actually, I was asking about why he was all by himself. If he makes a visit to anywhere, even if he doesn't bring his security detail along, he will have at least a few government officials to guide him around.


He's not by himself. He was surrounded by doctors and nurses. They were just practicing social distancing. There was another photo from a different angle.


He was waiting for us... o7 o7 o7 o7 o7 o7


If you look up the original picture he's legit just talking to a bunch of dudes in front of him, the cameraman in the pic OP posted intentionally hid them to make him look alone lel


Indeed! Fun times.


The photo is as real as [these actors](https://www.sohu.com/a/246975744_100161747) being real Chairman Mao.


It’s Shinji Ikari


You mean Xinji Ikari, right?




noooooo Xi! stay away from the hospital and the comatose woman!


I can’t believe XI shut down an entire street just so he can take an afternoon chair nap!😡 this is what communism will bring you if you let it into your country 😤


Let me tell you about why socialism is evil: One day my grand aunt was outside her home and saw Chinazi Emperor for life Xi Jinping. She asked him: "What is a communist like you doing here? Explain yourself, I don't trust people like you." Xi said: "I just need a place to rest, I even brought my own humble chair." Because she's a charitable person she said "We need our outdoor space. No funny business." Xi agreed saying "Don't worry, I only need a little space for myself so I can breathe for a moment." #BUT THEN HE PLACED HIS CHAIR IN THE MIDDLE OF THE SQUARE AND BLOCKED THE ENTIRE TOWN'S TRAFFIC!


Someone get that man a comrade, stat!


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Xi Jinping is finished


he's just like me on god