beyond parody

beyond parody


Keeping up with the Kims


I’d actually watch that one


except it’d be seeping with imperialist lies about how the “dynasty” eats the flesh of newborn babies or something


I’d still watch it


VICE is prolly the closest thing we’ve got to this, we could pitch this series to them


MOM! Kim Yo-Jong killed me again! Ask her to bring you back, leave me out of this


Yeah, he looks healthier. The geopolitical consequence is that the west can't make his death up again.


or just mock him


Breaking: Shocking News about North Korean plot to undermine our tasteless jokes uncovered


Isn't fat shaming a thing in the US already?


yes, and the exact same people who call themselves ‘body positive’ turn around and make fun of kim or trump or whoever for their weight, because it’s not fat-shaming if it’s about the people i don’t like :)


Its sad. Originally, the body positive mouvement was demanding basic respect for plus sized people especially in the medical field. Doctors are more neglectful of larger patients. And, in the us, being fat is a symptom of poverty. So you have this combination of neglect and financial instability.


the us is a public health disaster, and it’s no wonder. they don’t give a shit about the obesity epidemic (which was directly caused by food companies). in america, what’s considered ‘healthy’ is whatever they’re trying to sell you on, and that’s part of why we have this shitty diet culture in the first place. if you peel back the layers, the fundamental problem is *always* capitalism.


> the us is a ~~public health~~ disaster. there you go


You are underestimating the MSM [Kim Jong-un: apparent weight loss prompts speculation over North Korean leader’s health](https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/jun/09/kim-jong-un-apparent-weight-loss-prompts-speculation-over-north-korean-leaders-health)


Please be wary that your praxis doesn’t stray into Fatphobia, sweetie


ah yes, just like how there is an economic crisis every time Kim Jong Un cuts his hair


okay but you dont understand see, each strand of kim jong uns hair possesses juche's radioactive properties, so when he cuts it they can use the excess to make more nukes!


They are the first ingredient required for Juche necromancy.


Lets be honest comrades, we all support him becoming healthier.


Unfortunately being obese once can have lasting consequences


But living healthily will have last benefits.


Better to be obese and lose weight than to stay obese though


Really? That sucks.


I’m pretty sure it’s only for adults though, meaning people under 18 (maybe) won’t have consequences so if you guys ever get obesity, don’t worry you can quickly lose weight and not worry about it again


What consequences exactly?


Dunno if you can find a full list but anything related to organ failure and blood clotting. It's not that you are gonna suffer from it guaranteed, but people that were obese at some point still retain a higher risk of succumbing to an illness prematurely. The most common are heart and vascular related as far as I know, but it probably also depends on what type of damage you dealt your body. You don't just get obese unless you have some condition and you can also get obese by various means if you will


For starters you get a higher risk of getting plenty of cancers, including ones you'd think have nothing to do with your weight or body fat. Other major consequences are cardiovascular, obesity significantly shortens life expectancy


We can’t make as many fat jokes about Kim Jong-Un - and that could have geopolitical consequences.


Good,kimmy should lose more weight,its much healthier.He must live long enough to unite korea


South Korea is a corporatist hellhole anyway


“Hardbody Kim Jong Un is summer ready. Could that spell disaster for the rest of the world?” -Western Media “There’s no mistake about it, this is a threat from the dictator. He is saying to the UN and the rest of the world’s leaders, “ you jelly? you meat gazin’ ?” How are soft, pasty leaders like Macron and Biden supposed to lead when the North Korean dictator is so flagrantly body shaming them?” - Someone from the CIA probably


Zyzz resurrected using Juche necromancy


This article is filler. It's garbage. There's no meat to it. It's National Enquirer level. How is the Washington Post still fooling liberals into thinking it's some kind of useful source of news? [article](https://archive.ph/CCyoG) They quoted one person in this article, a US official, who spoke to NK News which is not a North Korean news site, it's a State Department cutout news site. Then they quoted another US official based in Washington. That's it. Zero research on the ground.


Writing US propaganda pieces must be the cushiest job in the world, no responsibilities or expectations, just shit out whatever you can think of in 20 min and call it a day


The extreme anti-intellectualism in america shows how advanced the decline of america is across the board. Some people underestimate how american decline will continue accelerating because they fail to account for it. Mainstream stupidity and anti-intellectualism (a cult-like behavior on a national level, with qanon level losers in charge of the asylum) create a positive feedback with incompetence, as problems are shrugged off through more propaganda or not even acknowledged to begin with. This desperate behavior where regime stooges pump out ever increasing amounts of deranged propaganda to try to cover up reality, or to explain how the regime's inferiority is not inferiority is typical of late-stage decline regimes. The only long-lasting effect is exacerbating their own decline. When future historians look back at american decline, looking at the deranged, desperate screams from propaganda outlets like the new york times, washington post, etc. will prove useful.




I just got a scoop! Stop the presses!






this is what happens when your entire political philosophy revolves around brunch


Rent free


We have moved on from Juche necromancy it’s all about Juche keto now.


juche diet best diet


Eat the rich, they're keto.


I'm happy that he's taking care of himself, we need him for as long as possible to realize the dream of Kim-Il Sung: A united socialist Korea.




My boy Kim’s famished after all those comas and telepathic power transfers (and of course, Coma inducing telepathic power transfers). He’s gatta hit the gym to make up loss gains


Literally just late on their propaganda quota


Kim has diabetes, my moms has it too and I can say second hand it seems really hard to live a healthy lifestyle with that. Good on it.


If Kim didnt eat ALL the food in DPRK, where is it?


Guess Stalin ate it


The grim reality of it is even worse. The... people ate it, they ate all of it, every week they eat a week's worth of food, it's truly gruesome, who do they think they are?! Not even paying Evil Omni-Corp^^TM for their basic sustenance. On a totally unrelated note, you think CNN are hiring?


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korea reunifies when he hits a low enough bmi


Slim Jong Un




“What???? Kim worked out and didnt eat all the food in Nort gorea????? Nooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!” -libs


I’m sorry, but… Post title: “beyond parody” Article title: “Kim Jong Un appears to have lost some weight — and that could have geopolitical consequences” lmao wtf this is legitimately one of the funniest website/Reddit post headline combinations I’ve seen. On a more serious note, I’m glad he’s on a healthier path so he won’t be at risk for any health issues in the future. It’s inspiring to know he’s always putting the people of North Korea first in order to lead the country to prosperity as long as he can.


Congrats on the weight loss, king.


"Feu de tout bois."


he looks really good in this picture


The geopolitical consequences of Kim Jong Un buying a Wii Fit


Do people actually take this shit seriously




Kim: I'm going on a diet [What the west thinks is going to happen](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQaafNForNs&t=110s)


I lold


Kim Jong Un is ready for a hot Juche summer


This is extremely serious! Kim Jong Un losing weight means that significant number of journalists and internet posters will lose their topic of fat-shaming Kim Jong Un. Jobless and topic-less, it will be extremely easy for the CIA to recruit them for their propaganda campaigns. Beware of the incoming increase of Lib Cringes comrades!


When K-pop fans become DPRK-pop fans, the west will fall


Normal people: oh nice he looks good These fuckers, for whatever reason:


He is slowly unveiling his true form to the world. I predict that in 100 years he'll reveal to us that he is an actual necromancer, and his relatives were all just clones of him.


He is literally Kim Il-sung reborn in a juche secret lab.


Kim Jong Un experiencing caloric DEPRIVATION as situation in North Korea turns DIRE


1. take american aggressor out to a romantic dinner 2. turn on the charm and make him fall in love 3. ghost him like imperialist dog he is and then spread salacious rumor about sex organ 4. juche stuff 5. reunification i call it operation Dont Screw the Pooch


omg Kim Jong-underweight when??!?!!?!?


irrefutable proof that gommumism no food


eating all food in entire ebil North Korea and still underweight smh


“Kim starves because of gommunism”


Comrad Supreme Leader will living longer than ever 😍


It's gonna be Kin Jong Un summer!


what great man theory does to a mf


he probably saw that one thirsty fan art of him being super skinny and muscular and he was like 'o shit thats a good idea'


So according to the mainstream press: Kim gains weight - he's having a good life with his folks starve Kim loses weight - geopolitical consequences DPRK folks sad - Proof that DPRK is a totalitarian hell-hole DPRK folks happy - They are paid to stage a scene ​ And you have plenty of vids of Youtubers visiting DPRK and supposedly confirming how horrible things are while the comments sections are full of people with saviour complexes wishing to "rescue" the DPRK people. Pardon me, but DPRK has free housing, healthcare and education. ​ Jordan Peterson recently interviewed Yeonmi Park on the topic of tyranny and totalitarianism. Needless to say, I'm not watching it. Also, Peterson blames everything he views as wrong with the West on "cultural Marxism". WTF does Karl Marx have to do with the far-left's identity politics nonsense?


Just an Amerikan news outlet having a completely normal one.


If he became skinny and looked like a kpop boy would the west crumble?


I read the article and it's just the washington post saying that since he's losing weight he might (big asterisk) have new health conditions and could be "deteriorating." They really are just baseless claims made to tarnish his image no matter what


“Now we can’t use the myth that he is the only one who gets to eat in NK and that’s why he’s fat.” -Western media


Yo boy lookin nice with it tho


“Kim Jong Un, now swole, collapses global economy”


Unrelated, but does anyone know how Kim is as a leader? In general and compared to his father and grandfather?


He looking good. I remember seeing a thin photo shop if Kim and he looked amazing to be honest.


Since the demise of USSR western propaganda really let themselves go: from powerhouse with hollywood in their pockets https://www.theatlantic.com/entertainment/archive/2016/07/operation-tinseltown-how-the-cia-manipulates-hollywood/491138/ to sniffing Kim's farts. The joke is still on those who actually gulp this crap though.


The Onion dies in envy


"What's his weight today? Let's look at the chart. Okay, today, we tell the media bad news. If his weight was just a little bit higher, the chart would have said good news."


What are you saying? They're just complimenting his slick stature


They hate to see a girlboss winning


President Xi ate a burger today, which could lead to increasing interest in the west and accelerate the Chinese take over efforts.


What's next? He cleaned his teeth, let's watch out for war?


Are we going to body shaming now .


You seem to be missing the point. It isn’t this sub that is body shaming.


So we are really going to body shaming.


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