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That tweet on the right isn't even thinly-veiled racism, that's full-on Aryan ideology, proudly displayed.


I'm not racist buuut...I believe in the pure white ethnostate of fantasy Europe. Hire fans, lol.


And wanting to fuck a kid.


Damn she really just said “black girl not pretty, make her white.”


That was racist as fuck! I could t believe she said that.


Also, black _child._


Ahh yes, because we ABSOLUTELY know what Angrboda looked liked Me, having taken a few Scandinavian/Early Germanic mythos classes back in college, acting as a narrator: “We do not” Additionally, what part of God of War is trying to sell itself as “official Norse canon?” Because I assure the fuck out of you that a Greek god did not raise the undoing of the Aesir(-Vanir?) people and catalyzing Ragnarök. And that is coming from someone who LOVES GoW2018 And show me Atreus (>!aka Loki!<) being a father to a big ass wolf, a half dead goddess that may or may not also represent bipolarity and a massive realm encompassing serpent if we wanna talk about canon.


I love how you hid the Atreus' second name but then proceeded to tell things related only to >!Loki!<, spoiling it anyway.


Not to dispute the rest of this but there are in game implications that Atreus is Jormungandr’s dad, they’ll probably explain Hel, Fenrir, and Sleipnir with the same “time traveled during Ragnarok” stuff that happened with the world serpent in myth


I’m honestly wondering how they are gonna do Sleipnir.


I hope no one does Sleipnir. Poor horse already has 8 legs. Doesn't need more to deal with ;)


Now, i am not defending any of those racist fuck, but there is no way that norse tribes envisioned Angrboda as a girl of african decent. They were all white, they envisioned their gods based on their surroundings, the vast majority of them didnt even know that black people existed back then.


Kratos WAS an tan skinned Greek before the Gods attached the ashes of his wife and daughter to him for all time. Norse Mythology was usually fairly vague when it came to things like skin color, most physical descriptions focused more on physical build and any notable disfigurements.


If you want to refer to Norse mythology for some reason it's safe to assume that actual norsemen did not imagine their deities as members of a race most of them have never met in their lives (if any of them met any subsaharan africans at all, which is very speculative). This should not be important for a game series which reimagines all aspects of world mythologies extremely loosely. But it's weird to feel the need for justification of casting a black actress and then having this as an argument. Just feeding the trolls at this point.


Well, the Norse were actually pretty well-traveled for the time period- it was fairly common for them to fight in the service of the Byzantines and there's one or two documented cases of dark-skinned vikings. So a lot of them probably would have heard of people with different skin color, but yeah, unlikely for the vast majority of them to have ever met anyone of a different race.


I took a college class about the Norse and there's evidence they went down as far as parts of the middle east. They often ended up with coins and jewelry with Arabic writing as grave goods or in hoards that they never went back for. The Risala written by Ibn Fadlan details his encounter with a group of Norse warriors who's chieftain had just died, so it's definitely not unlikely but since the Norse were largely illiterate at the time we can really go off of writings from other people and items found on the Norse


This is correct, there are several cases of arabic coins and other things found in "gravhauger" in Norway. Now while that is not any conclusive evidence it does give the claim some validity.


Iirc most of the Arabic goods were likely acquired in Constantinople, which was visited pretty often by both Arabs and Norse. With the mediterranean being mostly closed off to them and them being pretty reliant on water for long distance travel its unlikely that many went much further than that


True I forgot about that. They were illiterate but took an interest in Arabic coins because of the writing, but they at least interacted with people who would look very different from them in some fashion


Imagine sailing to another continent without the ability to read. History is crazy


Even if they did I think most of them would imagine the gods to look more like them.


Plus Chris Judge has literally the best voice they could have ever given him, if the original voice actor is out of the question.


Both these people are idiots. Kratos is white because the ashes of his dead family are bonded to his skin.


Right? Everyone is going off about the racist shithead on the right, but get a load of fake gamer guy on the left.


As we all know. Being an annoying fake gamer guy is just as bad as being a white supremacist.


Pretty sure that person is Asian.


Kratos is NOT white. That is his wife’s and child’s ashes on his skin 🤦‍♂️


No way you were getting downvoted 💀💀💀 People are wild


I mean. He is still "white" under those ashes.


wasn't he more tanned skinned or looked more mixed race before the ashes got attached to his skin.


Yeah, he had olive skin. Very Mediterranean like. There's a cinematic showing the ashes of his family getting attached to his skin.


Mediterranean people are still considerd white tho and perceive themselves as white too. Thats coming from a Greek person who knows what we actually consider ourselves as. Unless Americans think they know better , white isnt only blonde and milk white germanic people.


IIRC, Kratos WAS kinda brown-ish Mediterranean, but his skin turned white because of ashes or something


The new kratos voice actor is doing such a good job of recreating the old voice, but much calmer.


Now imagine if Kratos were to [calm up](https://youtu.be/RIIaC5Bj-aE). Christopher Judge is such a good VA for Kratos. He really enjoys voicing him and it definitely shows


Gamers when the characters from mythologies don't look like white generic Hollywood actors/actresses


Gamers aren't racist right?


Both freaking morons.


"I can't believe Kratos is voiced by a black man!" - Greek mythology purist that watched Troy, Clash of the Titans, Immortal, 300, and O Brother, Where Art Thou? While still missing the point that it's all fucking fantasy.


i love hatefuck go-nowhere arguments that exist soley to give the poster clout!!!!


Also, Kratos IS black (or heavily dark skinned). His skin was stained with the ashes of his family, but it’s a disfiguration, not a genetic thing.


Yeah, he wouldn’t be considered “black” but just an olive skinned greek. Both of his parents were “white”


Greeks are Black? Didnt know that.


Kratos is white just tanned. Unless you want to tell me that greeks are black.


*Martin Bernal stirs in his grave*


Kratos is a demigod. He is born Spartan Greek. His parents are dieties. His ethnicity is demigod. His skin colour is olive/tanned.


Just now learned that me as a Greek am actually black


They are not even hiding the rasicm anymore


people talk about the 2 new God of war games like the other games never existed and i think that's hilarious


the last main GoW game before 4 was 3 and that was in 2010, most people have only played GoW 4 which is sadly the only one really commonly available, besides 3 being released on ps4 most of the series is trapped on the ps3/vita which is a problem in general for older series' getting newer more popular entries. not to mention, GoW 4 is generally speaking more widely appealing to the average contemporary player. the old style of GoW is hardcore, high difficulty hack-and-slashes with puzzle solving and epic storytelling. i'm not saying one style of GoW is better or worse, just different. I dont think it helps theres this common notion that GoW 4 is more "mature" than the older games, which isnt true and basically confirms the only thing those people remember from GoW was kratos ripping people apart and the sex QTEs.


Wait till doofus on the right finds out what Loki in Norse mythology was really into


Op learns gamers can be STUPID STUPID


oh no, its not like he is cursed to wear the ashes of his old family as a punishment or anyhting smhh


Kind of hard to argue Kratos is white at all when he's only ever been played by black people


Yes, because they’re actors. You know, that job where they pretend to be someone else.


I could be wrong, but I vividly remember people raising a stink when they found out the black doctor and I think Apu were voiced by white men. Honestly I think it's just dumb for people to get mad over something so mundane.


And would you describe Kratos's performance as "the whitest man to ever white man"? Because I certainly wouldn't.


I mean, his performance isn't really "racial," at least not in a sense I can gather. He's a Greek dude who's not white and not black. He's, y'know...Greek. Mediterranean. Spartan, if we wanna get really specific.


Greeks are considered white in modern Europe. Though that racial dynamic didnt exist in the tine periods that inspired GoW so it doesnt really influence his character


It's less that Greeks are considered white and more that white isn't really a relevant category in Europe these days.


It's still relevant but not as much as it is in America on account of how being white alone isnt enough to put you in the majority group if your family is from another country


What are you talking about 💀 what's that supposed to mean dawg


That's what the tweet on the left said...


Tweet was clearly not talking about the performance but about how he literally looks white


But they are talking about voice acting too.


Is Kratos' voice acting performance black?


He's voiced by a black guy. Idk what you want me to say.


“Newsflash Zeus: what you did was really out of line!”


Yeah like his skin is literally white but he's clearly not ethnically white like white people irl. I don't know exactly what "race" he is but I will say if he said the n word I wouldn't think much of it


Dude he’s Greek, kratos is white


If you’d played the games you’d know for a fact that Kratos isn’t white, he’s olive skinned


Olive skinned people from Mediterranean countries are considered white


I have played all the games. I know about god of war probably more than you. I know he was olive skinned before had the ashes put on him, but he still was white. Do you think every light brown person is a Mexican?


No correlation whatsoever In that case he’s tan, not white


Lmao then what race is he??


He’s Greek, like… what do you want Kratos to be white so bad??? That’s really weird bro


Greeks are considered white in Europe. Why do you want Greeks to not be white?




My guy I’m just confused with your logic, simple questions don’t mean I’m being weird about it Why do you want kratos to not be white so bad? That’s really weird bro.


He is RACIALLY white, but ETHNICALLY Greek. Do you now know the difference my guy? Why dont yall ask a Greek guy if Greeks considers themselves white, and talk complete bs for them? As a Greek let me twll you that Greeks and our Mediterranean pals consider oursleves white. Being tanned doesnt make us non white. I swear, Anericans get offended for others, and never bother to ask the peoples in question about their views.


Do you think all Greeks are white?






Lol how


google the greek freak it'll blow your dang mind


There's a difference between being from Greece and being ethnically greek. Like Cleopatra was from Egypt, but she was ethnically greek


Greeks are considered white in Europe


Let me tell you as a Greek myself, we identify as white and i think thats what matters the most. Tanned white isnt non white. Also, there is no "ethically white" as there is no "ethnically black" either. People from kenya are ethically differnt than people from Somalia, despite both of them being black. The same goes for a Portuguese and Swedish person. They are both racially white but ethnically completely different.


I've never played a single God of War game and even I know that Kratos isn't white


are you talking about his origins or the same thing the tweet is saying?


According to the leaks Abgrboda will lead directly into the sequel...where her race makes complete sense...but of course this isn't about race though... The problem isn't the voice actor. Kratos was a dark skinned character who has the ashes of his family covered on him, that's his backstory. People's problem with Abgrboda is because she's black.


Kratos isn't white tho. You can tell these chuds never played the games.


He's Greek. Maybe in America thats not considered white but in Europe it is unless you're one of those 'only pure nordic aryans are white' nazis


A lot of people overseas seem to think that white people can't be tanned. This comment section is proof of that.




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