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Next you going to tell me Darth Vader is voiced by a black guy


If you complained about lando being played by a black man and how unrealistic that is, then yes I would.


Ummm Darth Vader is played by that guy from Little Italy r/woosh much?




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Man, God of War has been political this whole time and we didn't even know. That's just good writing.


Take notes!


🎶🎶🎶it’s been (political) all along 💃💃💃🎶🎶🎶


I’ll be takin those notes


Wandavision reference? Wandavision is from the MCU, MCU is in Fortnite. Fortnite reference???


What’s next?! You’re gonna tell me Ramza from FF Tactics is voiced by Phil Lamar?!




We hardly have the time to walk through Phil Lamar’s filmography.


Man I hope that game gets a re-release I've heard so many good things about it.


Whoa. So the series was political from the beginning? Smdh my damn head 🤦‍♂️


Wait til you find out wahmen are in the game.


Jaffa kree!


Wtf he stole the voice role from a hardworking white person or whatever.


I was really sad that TC Carson did not return as kratos, his voice made the character iconic


He’s just as manly as Kratos himself.


uj/ Kratos himself is not white. He's ash white because he is cursed to wear the ashes of his loved ones but in flashbacks he is very obviously not white.


I actually brought that up in another comment section and said that. Adding that Mediterraneans from that time period are effectively middle eastern. And that his whiteness is from the ashes of his family.... they said Greeks are still white lmao I don't know if I'd go so far as to say it was an excuse to whitewash him though. Especially since they do show him before being ashed up.


I am Greek and,let me tell you: we are and consider ourselves white, tanned , but white nonetheless. Also, how on earth were ancient Greeks middle eastern back then my guy. They didnt even come from there they descended from the northern regions.


uj/ Not a bs excuse to whitewash him it looks badass and more god-like to have that unique skin colour that no human has and also it looks cool with the red


Exactly. "bs excuse to whitewash him". They show his flashbacks to when he had brown skin constantly throughout the series lol. Him having white ashy skin is a huge burden on him.


I think there was an interview where they confirmed the ashes would fade or dissappear over time.. I can't wait for the reaction if the next game has him back to his normal skin colour (porbaby not as ghost of sparta is iconic)


People saw it in the trailers to 4 that the ashes look like they're fading and falling off. People asked and Santa Monica eventually said yeah they are. Im thinking they're gonna do a huge time jump between 5 and 6 and Kratos will look basically normal again with some very minimal white ash on him. Unfortunately thats probably where were gonna see him last


Well yea! Him lasting without burdens is good not unfortunate. :D


Ughhh the jawline in that second picture gives me life.


I actually really liked the original voice and was skeptical when they changed the voice actor but they’re both great and actually suit kratos’s character perfectly.


Kyle mutherfucking barker esq. Voicing Kratos will never not blow my fucking mind.


Gamers don't care about voice talent they just care about what they see.


Uh no, I'm pretty sure he was voices by skinny white, elf features, blond haired, blue eyed Troy Baker


Wow u just made this sub political smh my head


My man aged in reverse holy shit




Most people don't give a shit about race in video games... that's why there are about a dozen posts with a combined thousands upon thousands of upvotes and hundreds if not thousands of comments. If they made the entirety of the norse pantheon black I would understand. Making a single character black in 5 video games over two decades is far from "black washing". Since everyone is now an expert on norse mythology or uses the logic of sticking strictly to norse mythology, please explain to me where the fictional spartan named Kratos kills a Greek God of War then moves to to Midgard to fight norse Gods. Are you also aware that Kratos is only white because of the ashes of his family cursed and bound to his skin? Are you aware that vikings had African wives and mixed children who went on to become viking warriors themselves?


Whitewashing is steeped in cultural erasure and is focused round changing things to be more appealing to the dominate culture. The "reverse" will never be as problematic because the entire power dynamic becomes different, and it's no longer an action taken by the culturally dominant group. They are really only similar on the most shallow of levels, completely ignoring the nuance beneath the surface. If they made the Norse pantheon black, it would be a quirk, but no-on will believe its an accurate representation of the mythology, because there's plenty of more "faithful" depictions out there. A few decades of historical dramas set in medieval Europe with an all-white cast due to societal segregation has led people to actually believe Europe history is all pasty white when in reality that was far from the case


Now your gonna tell me halo has been political all along


smh, should have been Don Cheadle


/uj Teal'c looks weird with hair. He looks weird without hair but he looks weird with hair too


Why was I not aware kratos is voiced by gigachad


Yo is that the bald dude from Stargate?


Christopher Judge aka Teal'c, indeed.


Post this on a g*mer subreddit and see how they react