Please talk me out of getting the Galaxy Fold 2

Please talk me out of getting the Galaxy Fold 2


Very few people here will talk you out of it. It's the pinnacle of smartphones.


Man, this is exactly why I'm asking the Fold Faithful. If some of you regret your purchase then I know I'm making the wrong decision!


I bought the Fold one on launch day. I queued up for it at 6:30am to make sure I got one. Pretty lucky as they only had 4 delivered. Ordered the 2 online and couldn't be happier after blowing 4k on the best tech available at the moment. Most people I've seen who aren't happy are Apple die hards and I think any Android device is too much of a shift for them rather than the Fold 2 in particular.


I regretted it for the first 20 minutes because I just spent 3000AUD, otherwise, everything about it including the compliments of pulling it out


I bought this piece of shit for the full 2k and it was worth every cent. Sidenote: People are a lot less curious about it as I thought


Yea just adding to this, no one else cares. My friends aren't into tech that much so when I thought they'd want to see it at every opportunity like I look forward to, they just don't. I love the thing though, a joy to hold and behold.


Everyone who sees my phone wants to know more about it fwiw


Possibility of fold 3 around the corner 👀


Really? You think this soon? I wonder how much Samsung would even change only 3 months out.


Tri fold it looks like


I get so confused when people say Tri-fold, wouldn't it be di-fold since the current one folds in one place so the other version could fold in 2 places. (even though I think it won't actually happen within the next 3 years or so).


I really dislike that idea, wouldn’t it take away from a secondary front screen? ZF2’s device formfactor seems the most useful to me.


Look it up, it’s kind of interesting


There's a strong possibility that it will have an S-Pen which equates to a better/stronger folding screen. I expect F3 to look very similar to Fold2 except with the possibility of having an underscreen camera. I absolutely love my Z Fold 2. It's very difficult to go back to using my Note 20 Ultra. That huge screen is such a pleasure to use. Since ZF2 isn't waterproof I use my N20U when snowblowing or keep in the bathroom when showering. Others do not and say (so far) no issues. If you have the money (& 650. is a GREAT trade in value) I wouldn't hesitate... Unless you are interested in an S-Pen, etc. There will always be something new around the corner. That being said, I have **zero** regrets buying the ZF2!




So I used to change phones every few months because I was never satisfied. I came across a used Fold1 and have used it for more than a year. I then recently traded it in for a Zfold2 because I am never going back to anything else. My longest relationship yet.


Nice 😎👍


Preach it. I was a note user and can't go back. I like the keyboard floating so you can move it. No crease as I get paradise in pixels


Reject your reasoning and return to fold


The very fact that you want to be talked out of it is the very reason I think you'll definitely be buying it. The Z Fold 2 is exceptional, but it does have limitations due to the form Factor, lack of accessories etc. Regardless, it's a phone that'll put a smile on your face, it puts a smile on my face every time I unfold it, much like every time I put my foot down on the gas in my car. If you want to smile, get the Z Fold 2.


Do you have to hold it with two hands pretty much all the time when it’s opened


Nope you don't but to safely use it, yes you do.


Exactly. Which it being a $2,000 phone no one is going to be reckless. So it’s only a two handed phone hahah. Might as well just be a tablet then.


It tastes kinda funny..


10/10 would not lick again.




Damn. That explains it. You gotta look yourself in the mirror and ask " Am I ready for this life?" Because it's quite an experience. You won't wanna go back to mediocre after this. 😭😭😭


You came to wrong sub for this question, my dude


Hmmm they do have a reveal event coming up soon... Plus we are already in 2021 and before you know it it will be like june/july, and there are rumors popping up a lot lately about them working on the fold 3 with updated screens that's more durable and pencil support and maybe under display camera... Oh and the fold 3 is rumored to be around the same price as the fold 2... Check out some research on the fold 3 and see if maybe it's worth the wait... 😎👍


Let me try: * It's expensive * It's fragile. Or maybe it isn't - at this price I am over-protective of it. * It's heavy - basically twice as a normal phone. * The screen ratio is awkward. The Outer screen is too tall. The Inner screen is too close to square. It's cool, I can't think of any other phone that's really worth more than $1000. You should be fully aware of its shortcomings and willing to live with them.


I appreciate you answering honestly!! I didn't even consider it's weight.


Was going to comment but this is exactly what I was going to say. Be aware of the trade-offs. Little things like cases become a big deal. If you put it in your pocket you will notice the size and weight. Depending on your free cash you may find yourself changing your habits because it is so expensive and relatively fragile. And damn it that's screen is actually addictive.


It's really heavy. I swapped from S20 plus, would I do it again? Not sure. Also not overly impressed with the indoor camera performance. It's cool though.


It's not that heavy. Super manageable one handed, unless you don't work out, like at all.


So what you're saying is...I can get swole if I get a Z Fold 2?


Nope, just achieve normal strength. Its a phone, not a weight.


It is to big for one hand to hold it when it’s opened


Then why do I use it one handed? And I have average hands. Plus, tablet mode is not really meant to be used one handed... What tablet do you know that people use with one hand?


Well that’s it’s limitation forsure. Is you have to use two hands. And when using the front screen, it’s to tall and skinny. So you pretty much have to open every time you use it. So you can only use the device with two hands. Which sucks


Except, it isn't. I use the phone single handed and closed running around at work all the time. Its perfect for one handed use. I then open it when I stop and need to view documents on a larger scale or sit down to relax. Its literally why a person buys this phone. A phone and tablet in one. What did you expect, a one handed tablet? There isnt, and will never be such a thing... I also dont need to use two hands when its open. I can use one to navigate just fine and my thumb or other hand to select things as needed. How small are your hands?


Lol the number one complaint about this phone is how small the front screen is, and how open it requires two hands. Which is why the Samsung S20 and iPhone 12 Pro Max were still above it on the best smart phone list this year. But I get what you’re saying, obviously there can’t be a tablet type phone you can only use with one hand. I think it’s really cool and even am considering getting it. Just hate to lose the “it just works” features of iOS


It's is a little heavy but considering the screen size, it's about right... S20 is 6 oz, S20+ 6.5 oz, S20 Ultra 8 oz, Fold2 10 oz.


That $650 is pretty bad for trade in value. I just got my fold 2 and they gave me $800 for my note10+. Check with carriers, att is offering $700 off with trade towards a fold2.


Wow you're not kidding. That is an exceptional trade in value. I can't even get $500 on eBay or Swappa for my almost perfect S20 though. Unfortunately it looks like Samsung might still have the best trade in value for me.


my two biggest gripes: - 1 hand usage is impossible/very uncomfortable! outer screen, way too thick. inner screen, way too wide. - the size of the outer screen. that thing is way too narrow and much lower quality than the inner screen. honestly, i'd just not use it at all, just cover it up.. i think this is where a rollable phone screen would be better; make default screen big enough to match like s20+ screen, and roll wider to be like a tablet..


I also bought it because it was cool and i like new tech but now I'm stuck with it. Can't go back to a normal screen phone anymore and this thing is a beast. Yes, there are things that can be improved, but when you scroll through reddit on this gorgeous monstrous display, you can never regret this purchase. The only thing I can perhaps say to talk you out of it (well, kinda) is to wait for fold 3, which is rumored to be released early this year.


I bought it...felt guilty that I bought it and took it back. after a week I missed it so much I re-bought it. So no talking out from me...get it. it is awesome!


BRO... DON'T!!!!!! IT'S THE LAW OF DIMISHING RETURNS. I sold my sexy aura note 10+ to get the fold 1. Loved it and then samsung bated me into this. OK so I got this and for the first week, I could not even take it off my couch or bed as I was scared to damage it.. It's too dam nice of a phone. Roll the clock forward... This as a daily driver when you are doing life things.... I'm sorry.. It's a pain it the ass. With my note I would be checking emails while taking out the garbage, loading stuff in my trunk, etc. With the f2, I can't tell you all of that has come to and end... And I use a flip case where I can pinky hold it and it still flaps around like a mailed in vote. You want to do something nice for yourself? Buy a used note 20 ultra and another cool tech gadget like.... Wifi enable USB stick, a 4k portable 15" USB monitor or a AI operated penis pump. Give in... And you will have that same moment of "fold floppiness" where you say ro yourself.... "wtf am I doing"


Honestly, waiting for a fold3 will turn into a "wait for a fold 4" argument. This is one of the best phones I've ever owned. It's an emulation beast, the foldable screen is amazingly beautiful, the build quality is phenomenal. I've seen some people say to buy a fold 1, but I see it as too far of a step back. The front screen is tiny, the folding screen cameras are intrusive, and the fold one has suffered from hinge issues. Just go for it! I will say the ONLY thing that would say could he a benefit of the fold 3 would be having an SD slot, and an S Pen.


If I could go back in time, I don't think I'd buy the fold 2 again. It's just too expensive and while yes it's a great phone, there are still drawbacks (which any phone has). You can look at my pros/cons here: [Thought's on Fold 2 after 2.5 months](https://www.reddit.com/r/GalaxyFold/comments/kh0np7/thoughts_on_fold_2_after_25_months/ggmxn7z/?context=3) In my opinion, it really comes more down to whether or not you're willing to throw money away because you like new tech that much. I love new tech, but the 2000 asking price really is pretty insane. It's a phone after all. If the money doesn't really matter and you just want to play with the new tech, have at it! If you're putting a ton of expectations on the device to really redefine your phone usage and make you completely satisfied for a long time, I'd be hesitant. While a great phone, it is still just a phone and isn't going to change your life all that much.


It doesn't have a stylus which the Fold 3 will have. There did I win?


It also has half the storage of the previous Fold.


Never used the damn stylus even when I had them..


It's good for some stuff. I like to use it on my 1941 space shooting game.


If you are on the fence, wait for the supposedly better fold 3.


All my friends kept saying I was in my honeymoon phase.. ordered day one.. and love this phone more.. and more and more and more and more and......


I have my Fold 2 four months now (from pre-orders), and every time I still unfold it I experience that WOW factor. The honeymoon faze is still not over... Yes narrow external display, but you get used to it pretty fast, and very much worth the sacrifice once you unfold your mini-tablet from your pocket.


One and only reason, aspect ratio is absolutely terrible for watching video content because of huge abnoxious black bars or horribly cropped. I won't be buying another fold until they fix this. Bonus - the camera Glass will break because it's flush with the bump, mine broke after 6 days - stupid design


Galaxy fold for 650£ refurbished or better wait for a z folf 2 like for a 1000? Thanks


Actually not a bad idea. At least that way if the Fold 3 comes out and it's not a big improvement, I can still get the Fold 2 for half price!


I was thinking the same but hard to wait till summer for fold 3 to come out :D i want to fold something now :D


Do you all have to be using two hands at all times to hold it when it’s open?


I preordered the phone as soon as it was available in Australia and I've got to say, it's incredible. BUT in hindsight, I wouldn't get it again. Its kinda weird cause I don't regret getting my fold at all. But there's a slight sour note at the back of my mind knowing that I dropped 2k AUD to replace my note 10 plus that was already more than enough. So...ya, its an amazing phone but no, it's not worth it if you already phone that still works for you.


Do it.


You came to the wrong hood mayne...hurry up and make the purchase


No comment from me. Love this thing and can't see myself going back to slab phones.


I regret... getting a customized hinge because of the added 3 weeks for waiting. Don't regret this phone though! Love it. Just wish more apps were optimized for full screen viewing .


I was in the same position. Pulled the trigger and haven't looked back...


I absolutely love mine but if you want only the negatives... 1) battery is mediocre at best - a heavy user probably can't go all day without topping off 2) the screen isn't as fragile as people indicate... But it still requires a little extra TLC compared to a traditional phone That's all I got.


Do it. You can get mint ones on swappa for 1400 or less. Sell your phone on swappa and get that 650


Too soon. I usually wait for 2 years before getting a new phone even if I could afford getting one every month. 😅 I was supposed to wait for the S21 but got the Fold 2 6 months earlier than my supposed 2 years waiting period due to gadget lust. Haha. Maybe wait for the S21 to know which one you like better.


This is the worst phone I've owned. People are always bothering me about it. I'm scared to just use my phone in public as a random someone may just give me a stupid grin or look at me and whisper to their friends. It's annoying because I have to use the smaller outside screen to get a high quality selfie and I cannot stand the fact that I just can't relate to "normal" phones any more. I had a friend tell me he got an iPhone 12 a week after it launched, I didn't even care and I love technology! It's terrible because I can't even go half a day without wasting at least 5 minutes looking at my phone and folding and unfolding it even though I've had it since launch.


OK. Listen don't buy the fold 2. Hold of to the fold 3, but it be 100% the wait. The fold 3 leaks look way better and what is circulating around the air about it is amazing. How the cameras be better under screen display camera better battery and its thinner. It be worth the wait the fold 2 is amazing and its got good features but if you want a device all in one I would 100% recommend the wait


keep your s20 and get the first fold to test the waters first. you can get it cheap nowadays and you could make it your tablet slash phone when needed. so you still have your s20 and have a new tablet lol..sorry more expense on your part I know.


DONT DO IT! WAIT a little longer for the FOLD 3!


No! I left an immaculate s20 ultra for the same reason... best thing I ever done.


Can't say enough good things about it. Also using the glap game controller with it .... flawless


I was hesitating myself. I could've bought galaxy fold 1st gen for 650£ refurbished but thought maybe wait for a deal for z fold 2 in the future. What is your opinions on this? Thanks.


The only thing that can stop you from getting the Fold 2 is.... the... Fold 3. Later lol


I have the fold 2. I bought the note 20 ultra and returned it for the fold. I love the idea and the software. This phone is just too heavy right now. I'm going to the note 21ultra (if there is one) or maybe even an lg v60 dual screen. This phone is just too thick right now and I _deeply_ regret getting it. Also I cracked my front screen _months_ ago. I am finally getting a screen replacement on the 18th from the los Angeles Samsung store because they finally got a replacement screen in the mail. Once replaced I'm considering doing a trade for a note 20 ultra.


If you like to hate your phone, this is not the phone for you.


I had an S20+. Sold it and bought an iPhone because I didn't like the S20+. Now I have a Fold 2. It's very cumbersome because of its size and weight. The outer display is too narrow so it hinders typing, and typically when you're out and about, you don't open the phone too much because you have only one free hand. Instagram is broken on both displays. Posting stories is a pain. No good cases that offer full protection without adding extra bulk. With a case on, it's impossible to do swipe gestures on the outer screen. Don't buy it. There's nothing to Fold can do that your S20 can't. I've used my Fold for a month now. What I can say is, when you're home doing nothing, the Fold is epic. It's a lot like an iPad. But when you're out and about trying to get stuff done, it becomes a liability. It's not as versatile as a candy bar phone. And about being good when you're home on the couch, a proper tablet has a much bigger display, so might as well h just use that.


This is a great answer. Even the people that love the phone said it's very heavy and occasionally cumbersome. I'm definitely waiting to at least see what the Fold 3 is. Maybe it will be lighter and have a slightly wider exterior display. Honestly if they just made the Fold as short and wide as the S20...it would be perfect.


The aspect ratio is weird. It will not be a satisfying video streaming device.


Just ordered mine. Coming in hot on Wednesday! Going in from my note 10+


As the main phone "NO". Too big, fragile, heavy, and usable for multiple quick actions. Suppose you use it as a productivity/media device, then "YES". When outside my house, I Bluetooth tether it to my cell phone and use it only when necessary. When I'm home, or at the office, it's on wifi and fantastic. My Pixel 4a is great for replaying quickly, taking calls, and using out in public like at a store, gym, taking a walk, or the beach. As a phone replacement, it's not that practical.


Don't do it, small front screen....


The first person that says to you "holy shit is that that new folding phone?!", will make the $2,000 every bit worth it. The sheer obvious jealousy you can see building inside them as you show it to them, also it makes it worth it.


I was in a hospital last week. A fucking hot nurse came up to me. She's like omg is that the Fold? I then proceed to show how cool it is. She said cool thanks then left me hanging.


I like this phone and find the tech great. But it’s so hard to go to android from iOS. You lose so many amazing and just work features


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Bring back Samsung Sam


Stop spamming me with your stupid commercials About your garbage phones. Washer and dryer, great, TV’s, great, phones - trash.


Coming from Apple iPhone 11 pro max, last Android I had was a S9, this thing is the best phone I've owned hands down.


My fold 2 is shipping right now. I would wait for fold 3 but i got the fold 2 for half price i couldnt resist. Ordered the mystic black blue hinge and it only took 3 weeks. Fold 3 woulda been nice but i dont wanna wait another 4 months.


Wow half price?? How did you manage that?


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