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Love that he lost. Don’t love the fact that he lost because of pictures of him doing gay shit with his cousin. Doing stuff like that with a cousin (even as a joke) is very off-putting but probably shouldn’t make the top 10 reasons why he’s unfit to be in politics.


I don’t think that was it… but whatever helps the man lose


I hear you but I hope it was more the hypocrisy of all his actions. He brought a gun into the airport multiple times, caught driving while suspended multiple times all while touting law and order. He also did the ultimate nono and spoke about what Republicans do behind closed doors. You are very right about what you said though as well. He paid a much bigger price among his parties voters for being pictured doing "gay shit with his cousin" instead of the hypocrisy of acting rabidly homophobic and having said pictures taken.


I’m trying to find a German word that means shadenfreude so intense that it results in sexual climax.




You can have the swedish word for it, which is basically the same: skadeglädje Now go out there mx worldwide, and climax in several languages!




That about a climax is IMO something with origin in the english language, so there is no word in german because german will include the english phrase in such a case, so sorry, I don't think there is a word. I may be wrong though...


The Fox News article pointed out that he has had "a series of missteps"


His next job will be working for them so they don’t need to push it too hard.


I kind of see him going to OnlyFans route next


I guess that would depend on his personal ambitions......


A series of missteps happens in a game of sport or a detailed process. This ass clown managed to embarrass a political party that has had no sense of shame in 6 plus years. I mean think about the things the Republican party has said "eh....that's acceptable" to since 2016 and realize that this guy changed that to the same people clutching their pearls in horror. He is a special kind of dumbass.


It is more horrifing since it took him be associated to possibly being gay to do it. A group that the GOP basicly wants exterminated.


This. He's horrible in so many real ways, but being gay was what they weren't ok with. Sigh. Edit: I hope he's super bitter about all this and vindictive


I disagree. There are many ethical boundaries within the modern GOP which a member cannot cross. This can be confusing for outside observers as some behaviours are perfectly acceptable, such as pandering to hate groups, supporting treason, or open anti-Semitism. But there are rules, and gay sex (on camera), cross dressing (on camera), spilling the beans on the cocaine orgies, or failing to pretend that a foetus the size of an peach pit in the uterus of a 12 year old rape victim is exactly the same as a viable, wanted baby are strictly forbidden.


You perfectly encapsulated the experience that was Cawthorn.


"Mis-rolls" is more like it.


Does anyone know anything about the guy that beat him


He's a Republikkkan. What more do we need to know?


Very true, I assume he’s just as bad as Jordan, cawthorn, green, gaetz, and boebert until I learn otherwise


Doubt he's any better, and if anything he's probably more shrewd than Maddie boy.


Low bar.


I'm assuming he's never face-fucked his cousin.


Or he did but didn’t record it.


Strong assumptions here considering the pool of talent.


He said he's ready to reinstate Trump policies. He's another fascist Trumper; if he's better than Cawthorne, it's like how it's better to be hit by an empty semi truck than a full one.


Apparently he wants to get back to "Trump-era policies" and wants to "take the gavel out of pelosi's hand"


Better at high fives




Well, at least he can console himself in his cousin’s warm embrace.




And now he'll become fox news' latest contributor


after breaking the first rule of coke-orgy club? kinda doubtful. fox news collaborated with his blackmailers already. he's no longer in the in-group.


Again, there is no faster way to convince me that an accusation is true than to do a complete 180 to drag your accuser through the mud. If they hadn't turned on him I would've assumed it was just typical alt-right bluster, hating on the "RINO's" and "the establishment". Now I think it's probably real.


I mean they basically just gave him the ability to go full time on the grifter circuit


So can we arrest this mfer next time he “forgets” and tries to board a plane with a loaded pistol in his carryon? It’s great this asshole is gone. But given the GQP they’ve already picked somebody worse to fill his spot.


‘Political stumbles’


Great, so now he'll be replaced by a Republican who might actually be able to create or pass legislation. That's not actually the improvement people imagine it to be. Quite the opposite, really.


It was going to be shit with Cawthorn in office. It will be at least as bad with the other Republican candidate.


Hey Madison, shut your fucking face, cousin fucker Shut your fucking face, cousin fucker


This is not that great a win. He still had a significant portion of the votes and was not swept away by any means.


Too bad, so sad Go fuck yourself, boy


Now please fade into oblivion and go work in a car dealership like the good lord intended.


By every account I have read, he is simply a horrible human being and this gives me joy.


Okay but consider this: he says old guard republicans invited him to cocaine orgies. Instantly he goes from republican golden child to hated, and every week some new dirt on him gets released. I mean, who had all this dirt? It wasn't the Democrats. The dirt is all real, it's not like they made it up, but who knew all this stuff? There's no faster way to convince me that what he's saying is true than to have the entire Republican party drag him through the mud for it. Plus it further reinforces the whole "every accusation is an admission" thing, since it's pretty close to what they accused the Democrats of.


Omerta. He went against the "family", as Paul Ryan put it.


That's good. I don't think he would do well in a runoff.




Fitting end to a fucking loser


what's wrong with Madison specifically? like is he an exceptionally bad Republican or is it just the clips? edit: my confusion mostly comes from this being a primary, so it's not like a Republican lost a seat, he just isn't running the Republican seat, if anything it would've been better if he'd won since he'd probably lose to whoever he ran against with all the clips


He has the integrity of wet toilet paper and the intellect of a pebble.


yea, a Republican, I still don't see like what he specifically has done, besides he brings guns to airports alot


he talked about the republican coke-orgy club. so they spilled all the kompromat they had on him.


yea, that's why Republicans don't like him, I'm asking why leftists don't


He was knonw sexual assaultist in his college, lied about his education, pretended to be going to the paralympics, and lied that his friend who actually saved his life in the car accident abandoned him to die publicly.


ah, now there's a good reason to not like him. thank you


Happy Happy Joy Joy!


heh. stumbles


This actually scares me a bit. It shows how strong the GOP is when one of their own steps out of line.




Important to note that his influence doesn't stem from a position in government but his position in a culture of protrumpism. Just like now, how Trump seems more powerful and influential out of office than he did when he was in. Trumpism is growing more under Biden and this has to be acknowledged as the larger problem. Not electing him is just politics but the culture behind his political ideologies remains engrained and firm in society.




Can't believe he actually conceded. I would have thought he'd start his own little stop the steal movement.


Can someone do an out of the loop for me? I heard he was a piece of shit but wasnt he trying to blackmail people while also doing cocaine and preaching family values bs?


schadensplooge? jizenfreude?


Please tell us who invited you to the orgies Maddy. Let it all out.


So when does the Cawthorn-Carlson hour of power show debut?


My $$ is on suicide, he had nothing going before this. He's totally peaked and has no future. I give it ~18 months