I’ll probably have a family by that time


I'll be retired by then. Nice.


I’ll probably be dead.


Just another excuse for me to stave off death.


I mean, with the way things are going, we'll all probably be dead.


Maybe it will be a nuclear apocalypse. Very immersive, Todd.


Graphics will be lit


Lol exactly


Just don't name any of your children 'Shaun'.


I’m gonna go even further and name them “father”


Imagine later your wife saying "Father, this is your dad."


My family will have left me by then


Lucky you, I’ll probably be dead by then.


I'll buy it for my child's graduation. They haven't been born or even started gestating yet.


I'll buy it for my son's graduation. I happen to be 7 years old, and never once had a conversation with a woman


Quite articulate though. Good on you, youngster!


Without a woman's distraction, there are no limits to what a man can achieve. Then we hit puberty and it is all downhill from there.


I guess that explains why I’ve been distracted most of my life…


Oog ug sandwich? *scratches butt*


Ah Tah!


> never once had a conversation with a woman Stay on this site and that’ll never change.


I’ll buy it for my grandson as a retirement present. I am a fetus.


I've got my money ready for October 23, 2077, its gonna be a memorable day I'm sure.


If nukes occur, I won't give a shit on that date because I'll either be very old or dead. If I end up as an elderly ghoul, I'm gonna to be very pissed off.


I'd be 84 and only one person In the last 5 generations of my family has lived passed 60 so I think I'm in the clear for not having to deal with it


You can just reload.


Uh oh. Due to a bug, your last few auto and manual saves are corrupted. The only one available is from way back in 2020.


Wouldn't mind that at all. Chance to do shit better.


I hope I survive to see this game on the date of my 88th birthday :D


I'm just amazed how you know that your child, who isn't due to be born for atleast another 5 years, isn't going to graduate until they're atleast 35.


And they're not even in a relationship yet!


I'll be buying it for my nephew's kid, my nephew is currently 2.


We have a lot of patience.


Oof! I'll be turning 55 in August, by the time Fallout 5 releases, I will probably be older than Old Longfellow, and need VATS just to hit the damned toilet bowl peeing....


Does it ever specify how old Old Longfellow is? Because I imagine life expectancy has tanked, especially in Far Harbor.


Not to my knowledge, but judging from his white hair and beard, and his somewhat gravely voice, I'm guessing late 60's to early 70's.


I'd guess uearly 60s with some city miles.


ill be entering late 30s by the time F5 comes out. i get that we're excited to know that the next fallout is confirmed to be developed after ES6 , but the fact that we could be looking to wait for at least 10+ years for a fallout sequel is very depressing. im still hopium for a remake/remaster of older titles , or new vegas 2 (if the rumour is true at all) , but still though it sucks to wait this long and f76 is not my cup of tea.


Unsubbing til 2030, see you guys later 😎


We will be watching your career with great interest


Optimistic one arent you


Remind Me! 10 Years


You're coming back for the 10 year countdown? Smart.


2076 to be safe. They're gonna milk TES6 so hard that it makes Skyrim look malnourished.


If we consider optimistic, in my opinion, scenario in which TES VI releases 4 years after Starfield, and Fallout 5 follows similar trend then we're looking at 2031, maybe 2030 if things go extremely well, release or something along those lines.


I'm glad I'll be able to enjoy TES 6 in the retirement home, and thankfully my grandchildren can experience fallout 5.


So between 2025-2030


No I’m certain TES6 is slated for 2025-2027, I could see Fallout 5 between 2029-2032


Kind of mad that the time between Fallout 4 and 5 could be 14 years then, more than Fallout 2 to 3


Still not as bad as the gap between Skyrim to ES6 will probably end up being. Fucking longer gap from Skyrim to ES6 than Daggerfall to Skyrim.


wow think of the technological leap


He said ES6 is in pre-production, no way it is out in 3 years.


Jesus fucking christ I'm gonna be in fucking COLLEGE before ES6 comes out


I'll be well into my midlife crisis. I was in high-school when morrowind came out.


Fuck I’m so old


Same. Hey, did you know the 90s were over 20 years ago? Also, anyone have any ideas for a 40th birthday? Asking for me.


>Also, anyone have any ideas for a 40th birthday? Asking for me. Pokemon themed. Why? Because you're 40 years old, and pay your taxes, that's why.


Meanwhile I'm playing Morrowind in High School. Kind of funny how things come full circle like that, eh?


One thing that never changes is UESP.net It helped me out immensely.


Yep, it really is a godsend


All hail UESP.net But in all seriousness, it’s insane to me that I will likely be graduated from college, well into my career, and potentially starting a family by the time a new Fallout game comes out.


Pisses me off that fallout doesn't have na equivalent and I have to be ad spammed to death just to see if I missed a bobblehead lol


jeez so you were what? like 5-6 years old when skyrim came out?


I think I was 7? But yeah, crazy fuckin world


I was in my senior year of high school, and it's still not out. Enjoy the shit out of it when it does come out, because the next one isn't following it for, like, 15 years again.


I hate what Triple A development has become


don't worry I'm pretty sure it hates us just as much


I was in middle school when Skyrim came out. I'm finishing up college now and ES6 is not even close to coming out


Better than celibate college.


Was in high school for new Vegas. College for Fallout 4 Lawyer for starfield. I'll assume attorney for tes 6 Partner for Fallout 5... And thus retired for starfield 2. Yup. Make sense


Lol I guess we're similar age Oblivion: Middle school FO3/FNV/Skyrim: High school ESO/FO4: College Fallout 76: Investment banking analyst TES6: Done with my MBA and will probably be a middle manager somewhere Fallout 5: Hopefully hit Director / C-Suite level. If I ever join Bethesda I'll try to push the timeline for y'all ✌🏻


Shit I was in highschool when FO4 came out. My kid will be in elementary school and I'll be middle aged by the time FO5 releases


... Fuck, I feel old.


...bethesda takes about 3-4 years between release. starfield is the only exception since fallout 3, which 3 took 2 years. now with starfield in 2023, elder scrolls 6 will likely be 2026-2027. fallout 5 by 2030-2031.


Sheeesh. If that’s true, then my child who can’t even read yet will be able to play F05 at only a slightly younger age than I was when I played FO3 at release.


Try 2035-2040


Try 2077, the next installment of the game is just surviving an actual apocalypse. Ultra realism, best graphics yet. And best of all, it's totally free!


Nah, you won't need to wait for 2077 to experience an actual apocalypse. Seems like release date have been sped up significantly.


You may actually be able to play as a skeleton too.


These insane predictions are funny. You really think it will take more time to go from FO76 to FO5 then fallout 1-4 combined? People just throwing out the highest number year they can think of so they are not disappointed.


I honestly don’t believe we’ll get elder scrolls 6 until after 2030.


There’s no way it would take that long. The game will be outdated by that time. There will be new consoles by then and the game will look old. Plus with Microsoft buying Bethesda, there will be pressure/help to push out games at a reasonable rate. I don’t think Microsoft will let a HUGE IP like Fallout go stagnant for 20 years.


2028-2029 seems like a solid estimate. Starfield takes so long partly because they needed to drastically upgrade the engine AND enable it to do new space-y stuff. Conversion of it for TES and Fallout will be easier. It will take a lot of time, but not as much as for Starfield. Therefore I don't expect TES6 and Fo5 to take more than 3 years each.


That's awfully optimistic, even with a portion of Starfield's work being an engine upgrade, games of this size just take longer these days.


Starfield 2023, TES 6... 2026? (being hopeful as there's already a team/teams developing it), Fallout 2029/2030. Fuck, I remember when Starfield/TES6 were announced and we were all (maybe not all, but a bunch of us!) thinking Starfield for 2020 and TES6 for 2023.


Well they also said that ES6 is in pre-production. I imagine it’s more of a 2027-2028 game with the next fallout being 5 years after that release


Nah, didn't they use this big gap to play with the background tech? Would hopefully accelerate follow on games in the near future. Maybe


Hopefully. I imagine this big gap between games was mainly down to getting the tech right for all the new features in Starfield, space flight and such. Also perfecting the procedural generation tech for the 1000+ planets well be getting. Because they've had all this time to work on that tech, you would hope that means they can just carry all that over on to the next few games with much shorter gaps than this one.


People who expect 1000’s of planets to explore forget about Mass Effect 2’s exploration mini game.


Also covid too. Definitely slowed shit down. Call me hopefully but I think we get TES in 2026 or early 2027


Yeah, they did the largest overhaul of their engine. They compared it to the jump from Morrowind to Oblivion.


Interesting, didn't catch that. Bodes well


The fact that they made space flight and combat was impressive. I wonder what this new engine will allow for TES and Fallout - I imagine it'll be mostly about scale for those games, as they also seem to have improved their procedural generation.


I can see vehicles being a feature since they figured out how to make space combat work. Think carriages & boats for TES, and cars & Vertibirds for Fallout.


If Iliac Bay is featured prominently in the next game then I think boating would be a major aspect of the game.


If anything, the game could be a far smaller affair due to focusing on a single province instead of a galaxy. Not to downplay the undertaking of course, I'm sure the game itself will have a larger scale than Skyrim (in terms of map size, I doubt we'll see maps as condensed as Washington DC or Boston in the future). But I'm sure that a lot of the work done in Starfield will lend itself for The Elder Scrolls VI and the next Fallout (assuming something is done to tide fans over until Fallout 5), I'll put my money on things like vehicles.


The Outer Worlds did that. It was just okay.


And Fallout 5 in 2032 will use a massively outdated (by then) Starfield era version of the creation engine frankenstein'ed with some modern features, but still running like ass and looking like ass by 2032 standards.


I think preproduction isn't as bad as you think it is. We saw them working on in game environment and character design in the elder scrolls anniversary trailer.


Yeah pre-production just means it’s not their priority project and most people are working on Star field. It’s definitely off of the concept stage at this point and being made slowly, then will kick into gear 100% after Star field is done. Fallout 5 probably already has its basic concept picked.


2026 for ES6 and 2030 for FO5 sounds plenty reasonable especially after the Microsoft acquisition. We need more optimistic reinforcement y’all lol


It's going to be the same thing in the future for people thinking ES6 will come in 2026 and the cycle will continue.


It's exetemely optimistic to expect TES6 out by 2026, their games take about 5 years to make, and they won't go into full production until after Starfield goes gold.


Isn't Starfield the only game they've made that has had an extended development time due to it being a new IP? Their existing IPs have always taken 2 years to develop, including Fallout 4.


what? no 2001 morrowind 2006 oblivion 2008 fallout 3 2011 skyrim 2015 fallout 4 2018 fallout 76 2023 starfield the only time it ever took two years was fallout 3, it's usually 3-5 years between releases so saying tes 6 in 2026/27 is reasonable. Fallout 5 will be 2029-2031 Expecting it before that is only setting yourself up for disappointment.


I feel like Microsoft didnt just spend billions on Bethesda to not add to their development team... at least, thats what I tell myself to go to sleep at night...


Hasn't Todd said in the past that he doesn't want the team to get so big that there are people he doesn't know? I seem to remember him talking about that, wanting it stay a more tight knit group where he at least knows everyone's names.


He has said that in the past but idk if he said that before or after the acquisition by Microsoft. Also he picks and chooses what projects he is in. Him and many original fallout 3 devs didnt like the direction they wanted to take fallout 76 so they worked on Starfield instead... idk anymore. Just want a great solo (or co-op) story based fallout. Not the live service stuff.


"Him and many original fallout 3 devs didnt like the direction they wanted to take fallout 76 so they worked on Starfield instead" I really hope to god that this translates into the game being more like F3 than 76. If it is then I'm gonna fucking love Starfield.


This is the dream for sure.


That does sounds familiar.


A bigger team doesn't mean things necessarily get done faster.


This is true but if organized correctly then maybe..... *takes another snort of copium* Ahhh shhh.... thats good stuff. What were we talking about again?


It does for AC, it's the only way they got one out every year, literally 1k+ devs working on it.


AC also makes minimal changes from game to game.


I do love me some copium too




You right, that was off the top of my head. Regardless expecting their next title in two years will still lead to disappointment.


That’s a fair point honestly. I still kinda doubt it’ll be before 2026 but I’d love to see it


Those were the days


Can they really not do anything to reduce the time between releases. It’ll be like 15 years once this game finally releases.


Bethesda runs BGS like it's still 1997. They only employ a few hundred people according to the Kotaku article earlier this month. They need to hire more people and set up teams that can work in parallel.


Something to blow people's minds. ~100 people worked on Skyrim. ~100 people worked on Fallout 4. They are an EXTREMELY lean team until they expanded like 5 years ago or so. The only big company as lean as Bethesda is probably Gamefreak in the AAA space.


It takes studios with hundreds of devs the same time to make much smaller games. God of War, Last of Us 2 etc all have much larger teams and the scope of the game is much smaller. Bigger dev team doesnt equate to faster dev time because management becomes a big issue the bigger the team gets.


I can agree with that, but I think the problem is that they dont work on many games at once. For a studio that puts out games that sells 8 digit copies, thats very rare.


Yeah, but it is possible. You need GOOD management who can plan things in parallel. Its like, the basic foundation of what a manager does for a project. Its how the rest of the world builds things. Like, how is making software different from a bridge? From a management perspective they do the same things.


But if it takes 9 months to make a baby, why not just have 9 women each do 1 month so we can get baby sooner.


Ok when you compare Gamefreak and Bethesda like that it genuinely puts it into perspective for me, especially considering GF seemingly operates on the polar opposite of BGS in terms of time spent on a release.


But you cannot just multiply the number of developers. They have to be trained first and soak the Bethesda company spirit. You cannot expect a bunch of developers from the outside know how to make a Bethesda game. Too many companies have lost their touch because they expanded fast and lost their mojo. Bethesda doesn't want that and they expand slowly.


They have some job openings for HR, a lot centered on new hires and onboarding. I don’t know if this is common when they start to ramp up a project, but it does suggest a scaling up of operations regardless. Which should mean faster. But I really have no idea what I’m talking about so ymmv.


Wym they work in parallel with the 76 team /s


Microsoft needs to do this


Historically Microsoft has been very hands-off with studios it acquires. Unfortunately this means the only tangible benefit Bethesda gets out of the deal is maybe an increase in funding. Employees don't get the same benefits that Microsoft employees would, and according to the recent Kotaku article were told not to expect them as a result of the acquisition deal. This means Bethesda will continue to be Bethesda, for better or worse.


good. I don't want microsoft to go the EA route and buy up plenty of companies and then fuck them up. i'd rather bethesda keep doing things their own way even if i don't like everything about it now days.


If I'm lucky I'll get to play ES6 by the time I'm 40 and I'll get to play Fallout 5 by the time I retire.


Rumors say Fallout 5 will be so immersive that it's only releasing in 2077.


with the current state of the world fallout 5 might be the most immersive experience yet


Makes sense to me. They wouldn't have skipped over Fallout 5 to do a Starfield 2 first. Anyway, I'll see you all in 2030 when it comes out.


There's going to be a bigger gap between 4 and 5 than there was between 2 and 3. Think about that for a minute.


Microsoft *really* need to consolidate a dev team solely for Fallout projects like they did for Halo (343) and Gears (Coalition). This shit is so demoralizing as a fan. EDIT: while Vault-Tec Entertainment is still a distant dream, it’s worth noting that inXile is **right there**, have a similar claim to Fallout as Obsidian, and seems to have been very quiet since Wasteland 3 came out. They also have some experience with action fare alongside their RPGs. So…Phil and Brian, what are you fellas up to over there??


Absolutely agree, Bethesda is just holding the franchise hostage right now. Fallout is too valuable and loved to be left lying on Todd's kitchen table.


I want people to play it on my funeral.


ESVI is still in pre-production, with full-development likely not starting until Starfield is released, which might still be a year away. Who knows how long ESVI will actually take, but probably a 4-5 year minimum wait after Starfield. Then Fallout 5 would theoretically start development. We won’t see Fallout 5 until 2032 at the earliest. If Starfield is a huge success, then *Starfield 2* would be a few years away from that. Rinse, lather, repeat. Either Bethesda grows a second development team or Fallout gets a new developer. I heavily applaud Bethesda for wanting to do something outside of Fallout and Elder Scrolls. Developers and creative talents in general should always want to grow. But that shouldn’t come at the expense of IPs being dormant for 15 years at a time.


I think the most likely change is that, with the Microsoft acquisition, we see another studio handling spin-off games and/or remakes between the big releases. There have been some rumors about Obsidian potentially working on another Fallout title and/or inXile remaking the early Fallout and Elder Scrolls games, and there is some precedent already with Obsidian making New Vegas, the Austin studio tackling Fallout 76, and Zenimax Online doing ESO. I think this kind of thing may be a way to bridge the gap between BGS's ever-growing production schedules and the addition of a third franchise (Starfield) to their lineup. But I don't see them fundamentally changing their infamously small team structure or handing off mainline game development to another studio unless something fundamentally changes about Bethesda's fortunes or Microsoft breaks their precedent and takes a much more hands-on approach to managing their studios.


> here have been some rumors about Obsidian potentially working on another Fallout title Lol there are no credible rumors of that all, just people on forums who want it to happen. Obsidian is busy with their own stuff, they don't have time to take over Fallout. Especially when they already have their own Fallout clone


We’re all gonna have to take turns playing it in the retirement home.


Fallout 5 is already being developed by NATO with partners from China Russia Iran North Korea and Mother Nature.


oh my god I'm old and I'm only going to get older


TES VI and Starfield were announced in 2018, like wtf it took me less time to graduate from university than it took them to publish Starfield. I bet that by the time fallout 5 is released WWIV would have already begun.


Announcement in 2018... 2019 devolpment... 2020 PLAGUE.... 2021 PLAGUE... 2022 We are here. Considering the 2 years of plague, we're making great progress.


Son... You think the plague ended in 2022? Its just beginning.


See you all in 2035!


Fallout 7 releasing 7/7/77 Still using a modified version of the creation engine, and still requires a mod to run properly at over 60fps.


Nice! Finally something to do in pension.


So, I'll be dead before it's released, is that what you're saying Todd?


Based on previous releases, it should be out by 2031.


I'm about the same age as Todd. I've been playing game since they were invented. For the first time in my life, I'm afraid I might die before I get to play a game I look forward to play.


Psyched for starfield, should def hold me over till fallout


Oooh! Sounds like I should clear my calender!


Damn I’ll be in my 40s by then.


I mean it was very obvious that they were busy and it would come out after Elder Scrolls VI, this isn't a surprise.


Please give Obsidian another go at it. Then it might release before 203X..


Obsidian is busy as hell. Even if we forget about Grounded and Pentiment, due to them being smaller games, they're still in development of The Outer Worlds 2 and Avowed. The latter which apparently went through some reboots and changed directors pretty recently. No way they're gonna touch Fallout.


Why Obsidian? Pretty much everyone that worked on New Vegas is gone


Mainly the writers (John Gonzalez and Chris Avellone) that are gone. On the other hand, here's what could suggest that Obsidian could still make a good Fallout. - Josh Sawyer (the director of New Vegas) is still there - Tim Cain and Leonard Boyarsky (two of the main dudes that largely contributed to FO1/2) joined Obsidian after NV. - If you want to be more optimistic, they can get assistance from Brian Fargo (studio head of inXile, and executive producer of FO1/2) - No time constraints and no worry of budget that plagued New Vegas and most of Obsidian's time


Because they have Tim Cain and Josh Sawyer


They're the most qualified people to do it who work for Microsoft? Them and Inxile. There's still a bunch of people from New Vegas still there. There's a lot of people who worked on Fallout 1+2 who work at Obsidian. The only real big miss is Gonzalez. I wish he'd come back as a contractor. Chris Avellone said he'd come back as a contractor. The only real argument against Obsidian is that they're super busy with their projects for probably the next 5 years.


> Chris Avellone said he'd come back as a contractor. Chris Avellone also said he's won't work at Obsidian's [senior management changes](https://www.thegamer.com/obsidian-chris-avellone-wont-work-senior-management/) again. So it'll be a fat chance before we see him work with Obsidian again.


This is just stupid, Microsoft should step in and let someone else develop Fallout, they own the IP now, why sit on a cash cow when you own some incredible studios


Bethesda have full control over what happens to their IPs, so that's not gonna happen.


Do they have a studio available that can do it justice? Obsidian is busy.


Microsoft generally doesn't micromanage their studios like that. That said, there have been rumors about either Obsidian or inXile being involved in either new spinoff games or remakes of older titles, which seems at least plausible. Maybe not AAA mainline releases, but side projects of some type to keep BGS's major franchises in the public eye while waiting for the next major installment.


That's why I want Obsidian to make fallout,not because I think Obsidian good and Bethesda bad.Because we won't have fallout until 2033-35


People keep saying this and clearly don't understand Obsidian has already moved on from Fallout. I have no idea whether they'd be interested in doing it (I know a number of the people who worked on FONV no longer work there) but they have at least two games to finish before they could even consider it, so it's not like handing it off to them gets Fallout 5 made faster. Games are taking substantially longer to make than they did 10-15 years ago.


Bet! I can't wait for all the games coming. I've waited so long for a new BGS title.




Release in what? 10-15 years? Probably Todd’s last game if he retires around then. Such a shame they take so long to put these games out.


I will enjoy watching my grandchildren play when I'm a ghost haunting my house.




#[Crab Rave]


I'm so stupid xD the way I read your post made me think that somehow the elder scrolls series would connect with the fallout franchise and that F5 would be a sequel to TES6 and I spend an entire minute figuring why that doesn't make sense


Lmao at people thinking we'll see Fallout 5 release before 2030. Although I hope you guys are more correct than my assumption.


Ahhh, gonna be based on the ES6 engine for sure. Classic Bethesda


See ya'll in 20 years


This is great news for my children's children.




I’ll have something to play when I retire in 40 years


Just confirming, what most people already knew. Fallout 5 is very far away. Its a next gen game.


fifteen years from now is going to be cool I guess.


So in 15 years, got it.


Cant way to play this with my friends in the retirement home gaming room!


Link to the interview with Todd Howard, so you don't have to find it. [Link](https://youtu.be/Z8gEVK9NpnI?t=19509)


Sooo about 20 years from now


ES6 coming 2045 Fallout 5 coming 2077.


Games are getting really depressing now huh


I can’t believe i will wait 10+ years to be disappointed


Hey fellow people in their late 20s, you excited to know we’ll be halfway through our 30s when it comes out? Isn’t that neat?


Yeah…we won’t get fallout 5 for like 10 years I’d bet