Anonymous Reports

Anonymous Reports


I would take time to consider what you're about to do. Make sure you know 100% what's going on because you're about to effect people's lives. Your anonymous tip can get someone unnecessarily hurt or in trouble just like this guy in this [video](https://youtu.be/YqFw1hKB8bk). Police, in general, are stupid and more prone to hurt someone and violate someone's rights when they've done nothing wrong. Mind your own business or get 100% of the facts before sending your tip. Also, if you wish to make a complaint on a staff member go to the [Office of compliance & integrity hotline](https://compliance.fiu.edu/hotline/)


Fitting username


Jsut send a tip if they live in a dorm to the RA, however how suspicious you saying because if its not really school related they probably wont take it too seriously as sort of f'ed up it is to say that.


Thank you. Can we send anonymous tips? It’s not school related but it has to do with things happening on campus.


You can report them to the [Behavioral Intervention Team](https://studentaffairs.fiu.edu/get-support/dean-of-students/behavioral-intervention-team/index.php). Reports can be anonymous.


The FIU Police dept has a "[Silent Witness" form](https://police.fiu.edu/silent-witness/). Not all fields need to be filled out and it keeps you anonymous -




I wouldn’t have made the post if it wasn’t something serious…