Average level of the community as of 3+ weeks into wipe

Average level of the community as of 3+ weeks into wipe


I’m 20 but I would probably break down those bracket ranges in the poll right? With how you start needing more xp and more time for the later levels.


Thats why 1-19 is its own section, but once you start getting to higher levels and getting to the later game quests the xp rewards for finishing them increases exponentially so while it seems skewed, there is actually ways to level somewhat quickly later in the progression (until of course you get all of your quests finished) I've been doing my quests consistently to try to power level and the xp you get for certain quests are insanely high. "bullshit" just gave me 20k+ exp, later gunsmith tasks give you a lot, killing the scav bosses and ragman quests give you a lot, etc.


Oh wow that’s a lot higher. I still have Jaegers early quests lying around because I hate woods so I’m still looking at a 3k quest sitting in my tasks


if you need a sherpa for woods lmk! (:




I love woods <3 thats all




They gave him his old AI back , where he can wander in a very large vicinity (grenade rock , violet keycard house and up till the rocks that have a vantage point on the sawmill) Woods is a lovely map




35-40 takes forever, didn't really take me all that long to get to 25-30, but now it's slowed down a *lot*


35-40 took me \*maybe\* 3 days max... As long as you're prioritizing quests that give large amounts of xp it isnt too bad


Guess if you do the right ones, yeah. though a lot of the later tasks me and my brother are on now, are a bit too RNG based to get boss spawns, etc.


Last wipe I left Peacekeepr till last bc I had awful luck with usec kills (like 27 bears before I got 7 usec) so I was doing his shitty starter tasks at like 38 it was painful.


Yeah.. this time it was jaeger that I didn't get to start doing his tasks until level 21 or something stupid. I couldn't find the last emelya, and now the game's fucking throwing them after me. I hate getting stuck levelling traders because of some RNG crap.


Yeah, also once you reach level 20 you can just buy your gunsmith quests and level some levels without even entering a raid


waste of money though, some things are crazy expensive. Like 200k for a grip.


You can barter for ALOT of those items as well, don't forget to uncheck that <3. (saved me 800k on an RSASS)


Well, you can make your own builds, I figured an M4 for gunsmith 4 that would cost 345k from scratch, meanwhile the one on the wiki that most people use requires a suppressor that sells for 400k


Right, but some required parts are MUCH cheaper to get in the 30s when you get peacekeeper and mechanic leveled more


True, but money is not particularly difficult to make once you have played a bit, also there are many parts that people don't even know they can buy cheaper using barter trades, for example the DVL build: 34mm scope mount for 100-150k? I just gave 2 DVDs to Mechanic (L2) for it


Hard part for that one is getting the dvl... or you can buy from skier 3. I sold a FIR DVD for 180k yesterday.


I used the DVL from Punisher 3, DVDs are usually around 10k


Even tho quests give a lot, headshotting a few scavs, one or two player kills and an extract give you arround 8k also. But yeah, quests make it possible to power level


Yeah, I went from 24-26 just turning a few quests in back to back to back. I don't remember seeing that return in the early levels.


Lvl 8. Just got the game at the wipe sale. A lot of scavving, a lot of dicking about, occassional questing. It's fun. No ambition to go Kappa or anything, just having a fun time finding my feet. While being punched in the dick, naturally.


Kappa is impossible for 99% of the playerbase anyway


I wish I had the enjoyment of just playing like that again. I constantly find myself looking for a firefight and just stream rolling quests like a chore.


Yeah I purposely avoid fights cause it’s a foregone conclusion that I’m going to lose.


Run the cheap surefire flashlight on any gun you can. It's like 34 euro from skier and use the 25mm adapter ring and blind people. Save up like 500k -1m and just go on factory so you can get used to getting shot at and pushing people. Once you don't panic I promise you gunfights aren't bad lol


> Once you don't panic I promise you gunfights aren't bad lol This is true, relentless pushing usually wins fights as well as disengaging and moving before shooting again, every time i kill someone its always in the spot they first shot at me from, move and stop sitting still like a chicken playing pekaboos with me.


Wish I could play like you lol. I avoid fights like the plague and can never seem to get quests done by myself


Questing part is hard. Sometimes I wish I play solo since it's so much easier you just shoot everything. Playing with 2-3 gets hectic alot of the times


Playing solo I tend to play safer, but it seems like certain things are just impossible solo. Going into Kiba, for instance, feels like a death trap without at least 1 other person to watch. I love the freedom of going solo but man another set of eyes is super useful more often than not


I have made myself chill out on pushing through quests and hideout. I wont use the flea to upgrade my hideout so I have been having a great time scrounging for bolts and duct tape. It is so much more fun to have tough goals like that. I have close to 10 mil just from hitting stashes so much looking for random things!


Same, first wipe it took me 3 months to get level 30, noe it takes me 3 weeks, and would be even less if I played every day instead of every other day.


Same. Level 7 and just getting out feels like an accomplishment.


As it should be. Lvl 24 still play like an absolute pussy, hands shaking eyes blurry after a good raid since its so rare for it to happen.


I had 3k hours in Rust and would still get the shakes sometimes. Tarkov for me right now is more shakes for time invested so it gets my vote.


Enjoy this time. I’ve been playing the game for over a year now and I still enjoy it, but the best time I had with this game was when I knew nothing


Stop scaving! Seriously. Bring a gun only into raids and kill scavs, take their shit. Search every stash. Your don't get any exp from scaving. To really get the game to open up, you must unlock flea. You can do it!


Level 43 but only because I had the house to myself for two weeks with no kids or wife. Otherwise I’d be on the 1-20 range


I hit level 40 last night, but i completely understand this. Relatively certain my girlfriend wants to throw my computer out of a window at this point LOL


you still have a gf?!


I can feel my girlfriend’s disdain every time I play


Ive just decided its easier to play when shes not home haha


Hence me only being level 22…


I do the same shit. lmao When she works. EFT When she's not spending the night? EFT When I'm not spending the night? EFT It's late and she's asleep? EFT My gf doesn't really complain tooooo much.


I get up two hours early to get a few raids in, make coffee, and do my morning workout. It is a struggle to get outta bed but worth if for the fun!


The question is not the "still", how the fuck does a tarkov and reddit user get a gf in the first place ?


Quick uppercut and some duct tape


Paired with that username its really dark humor. Me like it.


I could steal some chloroform from the lab, i think i got organic chemistry next semester again


Just level up Charisma? Hello?


You mean the good old +1500% and -1500% chance to find a gf


Well for me its be more funny than ugly


Be more funny than ugly AND you have to leave the house to get to know people


If I wasn't married for 12 years no way I could have kept up a relationship due to tarkov. Kudos she is still around


Damn, gg guys! I hit 35 yesterday, and killed a guy who was 54!


I have a wife and baby and I'm level 13 playing as much as I possibly can without my wife getting annoyed. I'm forced to do lots of scav runs because of time or attention constraints. I quit other games for now too. This game is one of the best games I've ever played and I started my FPS journey in 1998.


You chose to have a wife while playing tarkov?? Bold move. /j


What did you do to them?


To those of you who answered over lvl 50, get some help fam.


It’s just clicking labs buttons for a bit lol


Not as hard as you might think if you farm labs.


Who are the 2 people at 50+ already?? Lol A few days ago pestily was 48 but he’s been playing it almost non stop for 3 weeks.


there are a few people that are above 60 at this point. trey24k is at 64 and smokin is at 66 if i remember correctly. Never underestimate the level of no-life people are willing to go to for EFT lmao.


As long as I’m ahead of Aquafps, I know I’m doing just fine


What's he at right now?


Early 20s I believe.


Saw Pestily last night was about 53. Watching him do tasks though is insane. Just jumps in to reserve, and just sprints to the quest locations and even survives to the end of the raid. Its crazy to watch


DUDE IVE SAID THIS FOR YEARS. If I played one raid the way pestily or landmark plays I’d IMMEDIATELY get one tapped. They run nonstop everywhere yet somehow are able to place people well before the people know where they are. I swear to god it’s like watching a different game when they play


Exactly that xD it's amazing to watch. But my god I wish I could do that and not just get Head, Jaws soon as i run round a corner xD I mean I get that it's it's cause they probably know the map and everything like the back of their hands


>Op · 9h > >there are a few people that are above 60 at this point. trey24k is at 64 and smokin is at 66 if i remember correctly.Never underestimate the level of no-life people are willing to go to for EFT lmao. all about map knowledge and where people like to sit. honestly one of the most dangerous things is a new player that doesnt know wtf they are doing because they always sit in unconventional spots. especially if they have a gun that can actually mess the armor up


Keep in kind Pestily plays on AUS servers (so less players) and he usually starts streaming at 2am local time (so even less players). Half his raids are literally empty.


That's true. I work nights so I typically play between 8pm and 7am on EU. And there's definitely a noticeable player drop off around the 2-5am mark.


play on oce servers from start of work till i go to sleep, id say 90% of the raids have people slow crouching around not knowing wtf they are doing.


damn, what alternate universe OCE servers are you on? mine is usually full of sweats


No idea, i only play customs and i kill about 5-6 avg players on the bridges per game and only see someone with a m4 if customs extract isnt there so iuno, must be alternate universe, labs is fucking dead too which is nice but being nerfed its pointless unless xp farming.


Streamers literally play on different servers than everyone else. He's playing the game on easy mode.


I mean… It’s not weird to get good at something if you do it day in and day out from 9 to 5. It really isn’t that big of a conspiracy lmao.


I'm 53 currently. Once I unlocked Collector I just started farming Labs personally and helping friends with their quests.


Interesting results so far, I almost wonder if the community on this subreddit are people that are more into the game (hence browsing the subreddit as we are now) resulting in the average level to be a bit higher than the actual average. ​ either way, keep it going!


Almost certainly the average level of people enthusiastic enough to be on a game's subreddit is higher than the overall playerbase.


I browse reddit while my screen display "waiting for players" for 5 min


Literally what I’m doing right now 4:30 mins in


This is a voluntary response poll and by its nature will tell you nothing about the actual average level of Tarkov players or their distribution.


Exactly. Only seen by people who browse the subreddit, only takes into account people who go out of their way to vote in it. I would imagine the results skew rather on the high side in terms of level.


Yeah, I wish BSG would just show us the level distributions because they clearly have this data.


Most of the people I killed or killed me are between 10 and 20. People above that bracket are still pretty rare so I'm guessing that even more people are in that 1-19 bracket.


I'm level 34 but I am pretty burned out. Having had Kappa effectively put out of reach of 95%+ of the already small number people who previously could get it makes the goal of completing all the tasks feel empty. Turning in collector was a really cool achievement, but now that's not just the top of the mountain. It's the oasis across the endless desert of exp grinding AFTER you climb you the mountain. Having Kappa put that far out has put things in perspective for me. It feels like everything that BSG tries to add to the game is just added for the sake of having it. It doesn't feel like there's an honest attempt to make the first iteration of anything have substance and purpose. It's always just chucked into the cauldron and then we're told "in the future this will be more interesting, remember that it's a beta you idiot." This applies to the weight system, gun jamming, and basically all the soft skills. Everything is so fragmented, lacking direction, and lacking the features to make players do something specific. Combine all that with BSG's (and specifically Nikita's) extremely defensive stance when it comes to criticism, I think I'm about finished with EFT. This game is undoubtedly one of the coolest concepts I've seen in recent years, but it's becoming more and more of a grind, and frustrating in all the ways I've previously mentioned. I understand that there are some real bad apples out there saying some incredibly awful stuff to the team at BSG, but that simply cannot translate into them treating all criticism like it's hatred.


I sell every collector item i find because I do NOT intend on getting Kappa this wipe, but I'm still grinding my quests for the XP so hitting lvl 42 comes a bit more easily. I definitely understand where you're coming from though


I'm level 30 and most of the quest left are killing bosses, killing PMC in shit gear, farming keys that never spawn for me or run Reserve, where i spawn in the same place 90% of times. Game is actually quite bad if you aren't madly in love with Tarkov PvP or can't reach Kappa.


Yeah, it's definitely unfortunate. I appreciate that they at least tried to tackle some issues with changes like the increased scarcity of high-pen ammo, but as things are playing out it looks like that change is actually working against their intentions, which I suppose is to be expected at this stage. Cash strapped players now have extremely limited options to deal with class 6 armor, and are fighting people using that armor alongside top-tier ammo they are crafting and buying from traders since they are level 40-42+. Nothing's changed except there are fewer mid level players running an M4 with M855A1. Maybe that's healthier at the end of the day, but given everything else it smells off to me. Armor balance, ammo balance, movement, loot distribution, weapon recoil, the price of weapon attachments, etc. All of these things are still in a state where they have tons of room for improvement, and basically none of it ever moves forward. It's exhausting and frustrating.


When did you stop playing games for fun and start playing them for some sort of achievement? You can't put Kappa on a resume but everyone here who complains about Kappa act like it was the only goal, the only thing holding the game together. That's really odd to me. The game is challenging which is rewarding and fun. It makes for very good moments with friends that can be remembered. Whose gonna get nostalgic about Kappa? No one... were gonna get nostalgic about all the crazy things that happen in this game. Kappa makes no difference to the game imo.


When did you decide that both of those things cannot co-exist? Reading your comment was an unpleasant experience. You're being narrow-minded, assuming, and being aggressive.


What things are you referring to? Cause Kappa being a goal was set by you. I have several friends whose goals have never been Kappa and they play and have fun. You made your own goal Kappa and now that it's out of reach you feel like the game isn't worth it anymore. In reality Kappa made 0 difference to the game so it shouldn't be any less fun now... change your goal if you have to have one to enjoy yourself.


Playing for fun and achievement?


Do you realize that this decision was only for the sake of money? If you can't get kappa, you'll go for the paid secure container


Yeah, Im also super burnt out. Ive got most quests done, except jaeger. He's level 1 because all other quests give negative rep. Fuck that. Really fuck you BSG, Im not going to get EOD and Id rather put your game down. I had to hold on to completing 4 quests so I can get upgrade hideout. Fuck BSG and their utter greed.


Saw Smokin_ in my lobby last night at lvl *sixty fuckin six* my god man lmao


Level 19 EOD with no stash space left just trying to get the last 4k XP to sell it all


This community is not even close to representing average player though.


you may not be wrong. If anything, I would assume that the average player is even lower level than this poll implies.


This wipe has been much slower. Level 15 at the moment. I have 1 year old so I don't have much time for playing.


I’d say kids are more important than tarkov


You are absolutely right! :)


I got to level 16 really quickly, but it has been a slog since then. I am currently level 18, but missing some key hideout upgrades. (2 saline for medstation & hunting matches for heating) I also don't have the key for Golden Swag so I haven't been able to start Peacekeeper's questline. The level 20 flea requirement has really slowed me down.


I love this game and have played for many wipes. Every wipe in the past I would rush to 40 As quick as I can. This time I just can’t do it. I’m so sick of getting my progress reset and doing these tedious quests. I get a lot of joy in playing this game with friends and the questing phase is just best done by yourself.


Honestly I prefer the grind of attempting to level up a lot more than I prefer the grind of attaining roubles once my quests are done. To each their own though :P


Yea in reading this sub it seems like most people like the wipes and I respect that. I just hope they eventually stop doing them or find a way to make us both happy. Otherwise I’ll just need to find another game.


They 100% have said that they plan on getting rid of wipes, but if they are going to do that they'll need to be adding events/daily or weekly quests/other reasons to keep playing the game. for the last few wipes, once i hit 100m with multiple thicc cases and had all of my traders maxed the game just lost its real grit and meaning


Yea I would love to just be done with the quests and then do end game events as I please.


Are people really grind that much for Rubles? Why? For Slick+Top Ammo (or any other reasonable "meta")? Honestly, to me it seems like those are only good if you have skill to back the gear up. I make quick SCAV run and have enough money for my needs. And would have more if i wasn't a crazy hoarders with stash overfilled with trash i'll never use.


Completely agree. Questing was a lot of fun when i first started playing, it was challenging and a great way to learn the ins and outs of tarkov. That was 2 years ago for me. Now its just a pain in the ass where squading up just hinders my ability to get shit done asap. While im experienced and have no trouble playing solo, i prefer playing with a squad. This game has exploded in the last 2 years, and in those 2 years maybe ~2 months have been early wipe gameplay. The vast majority has been late wipe, clearly there is a dedicated player base who dont just play the first 2 weeks of wipe and then give up when they cant win RNG fights anymore. I really like how they jave prolonged early wipe, but i hope they keep in mind the type of gameplay that has exploded this game into the powerhouse it has become.


My 3rd day of really diving into the game (finally have some buddies to teach me the ropes) and I'm level 10


nice, the first experiences with tarkov are definitely the most intense and emotionally draining you can have, enjoy it now before you start to hate the game 🤣


haha i've been getting abnormally lucky (~90% extraction rate right now and completing a task each time). i'm expecting it to all go to shit, but i'm not really an angry person. i can accept all the bad that comes with the rare good in this game :)


These results surprised me. I just hit level 23, and I thought the majority of players were ahead of me. I don’t have much time to play, only 5-10 hours a week. I will say I have been pretty lucky this wipe. I’ve been finding everything easily, and my survival rate is higher than it’s ever been. Once you learn to stack quests, you can level up pretty fast.


I'm level 37, but my marriage is barely holding on, so progression is slowing down.


Level 32, didn’t have a lot of time early wipe to play and only one of my friends has been playing but I don’t like the squad he runs with so all we’ve done is swap keys.


Lvl 3 pmc lvl 8 scav. I'm not touching my pmc this wipe AT ALL. (Lvl 3 from therapist first task and examine things from traders and scav raids) I got shit to do and grinding for kappa or tasks just to WIPE for a 6th time is a hard pass for me. Scaving is fun, scav gameplay needs more substance though.


I'm gonna be upfront, if you're over 40, you need to chill out and do some other things. Also people need to turn their volume down when playing this game ur gonna get tinnitus.


some people enjoy grinding in video games. I dont think it's fair to say what is an acceptable level of moderation for something unless of course we're talking about something that is actually detrimental to someones health


I think there is a level that is unacceptable, I've played games my whole life man. If you're pumping 5+ hours of eft every day, you need to take a step back and do some other activities. I see people in here saying they're literally ignoring their significant others. It's important to have some balance and to find some fulfillment or attempt to find fulfillment from more than just one source.


lol I'm going to keep it civil because this entire string of comments has actually been pretty positive and wholesome and i don't want to ruin that, but what people choose to do with their time/lives is entirely up to them and if the consequences end up being rough for them then that is their business. Some people are no-lifes/neckbeards and they fully embrace that, so if thats what someone wants to do with their time that is completely up to them as it ultimately doesn't affect me in the slightest, ya know?


That's fair. It is their choice and it is their life. I just want people to have more than one or two facets of their life that they can experience and not let themselves get swallowed up by one thing. Ultimately, that isn't my job or place though, as you say. Just want people to be aware.


I mean I completely agree that like.. it isn't the healthiest thing to do and can actually negatively impact your life in various ways... But assuming that someone knows that it can put a strain on their relationships/level of self maintenance/amount of sleep they get and still chooses to do it it's sort of in their hands at that point 🤣 ​ Of course you're completely right in that it isn't the healthiest thing btw, its just one of those things that people are going to do regardless. WoW actually caused a shitload of break-ups/divorces if I remember correctly lmao


For sure, most cases where it would be a problem its probably doomed to happen. I would like people to just consider on fringe cases, where if you're in a situation where you said you'd go for a walk together but you wanna do one more raid, just go for the walk. Take the break. Sometimes I think generally normal people just need to hear it sometimes, especially if they're in a weird spot or feel a semi-addictive state taking hold. I remember when I first got into final fantasy 14 5-6 years ago in my senior year of undergrad, I completely stopped doing my work for a month and put in 300 hours in that time. I thankfully had a moment where I was like what the actual fuck am I doing, and quit. Just want people to be aware that may be happening to them. But like ya say, if they are aware and it's still their choice, then so be it. Fair points.


I have 51 games played this wipe average of like 2 games a day and I'm level 20 and I'm dog shit at this game I'm just very efficient with my raids!


Im 27, but I havnt played Tarkov much since I hit 25 last week


I’m in somewhat of a similar boat I played a lot trying to hit level 20 and as soon as I did I slowed down playing a lot and took a break.


Same here, flea was something to work towards and after that it's Kappa, with that being impossible it's caused me to play a lot less


Does seem like unlocking the flea later gave people more of a sense of accomplishment but i guess that could also result in some feeling like their work is done


Yeah kinda, I grinded super hard to get 20. Then got kinda burnt out of tarkov


I honestly felt like I achieved something when I hit 20 this wipe. It was also a big relief to get there and be able to progress my hideout faster.


I'd love to see as many responses to this as possible for genuine curiosity. Would be cool if the mods would pin this to give it as much visibility as possible.


That's why i initially commented, to both express how the results could be slightly skewed and initiate conversation to get this to the top. Not sure how we'd get the mods to pin it though :P


Just in it for the ride till the fleamarket meta hits. Not rushing quests just playing some fun non sweaty woods. Has been a blast so far. Just hit 15 i think


In 14 but its high season and im working all day


33 myself. Slowed down post 25ish. Will not be going for Kappa (never have). I do like having the traders at LL4 for cheaper gun building so that + money are usually my "end game" goals aside from having fun PvPing along with my friends.


Just hit 35 this morning :D


I’ve been hoarding since the start of the wipe, approaching My 4th scav case and I just hit lvl 19. Can’t wait to flood the market and buy op stuff .


Don't expect to get the same money as you did for that stuff last wipe.


Yeah and to add on to this most people aren't 20 or higher yet so most items you cashed in on last wipe are still really cheap on the flea market


That was my thought too. I’ve been keeping tabs on prices in the market, I’m only saving stuff that will sell for 3-4x on the market vs the traders. Thanks.


I must say though, good armour atm on the flea is relatively cheap. Slicks going for 250k instead of the usual what, 800k they went for last time I played…? Don’t rip me to shreds if I’m wrong though.


That’s right, you can run slick + altyn for 400k. Don’t bother wasting the 200k to insure it though haha


I’m 40, only like two raids away from 41, and I’m already tired and burnt out because I feel like I didn’t even over play, just did the quests and they give so much exp(and I farm raiders on reserve a lot) so I leveled up quick and have 40m rubles already, just game is getting boring, and I feel alot of players have left this wipe already due to way more hackers, flea unlock at 20, and no kappa till 71, people are like wtf is the point


The name of the poll is very confusing. Am I answering what my level is or what my best guess at the average level of all players is? I’m guessing I’m supposed to answer what my level is but the poll name suggests otherwise.


Lol... the post is requesting everyone to answer their own personal level so that we can all have an idea of what the average is, for curiosities sake.


I play with a large group of people (\~35 actives) and we have 3 or 4 of us in the 30's, 10 or so players in the 20's and the rest below 19. All of this dictated by the amount of time they all have to play. We tend to crush quests together pretty well, so when someone hasn't played in a few days and gets a few hours to play we'll gang up and grind their quests for the little time they have to play.


Level 12 and slowly taking my time. Still ratting around while my stash is completely full. My M4A1 is still the same from the start of wipe, kitted out with whatever gun mods I can find in raid. Got it back twice already from insurance.


Level 29 for a week now since I stopped playing. Burned myself out


I hit 40 last wipe and stopped, and reached about level 11 this wipe and stopped too. There is almost no new content worth starting over for. Also, no flea market is awesome and makes me realize how much I dislike the game with the flea dictating the loot meta


Level 25, could’ve been around 30-35, but I haven’t been playing daily and a lot of runs have been focused on not solely questing but rather some money making.


currently level 13. 4th wipe. My duo partner is burned out and kinda thinks this is his worst wipe. I kinda of agree. I really want scav karma to work but I think its too punishing right now. Not punishing in a fun way, but with the numbers the way they are its too easy to track down over time and way to hard to track up. Like I can hardly fine PMCs on my scav runs lately. level 20 flea market is also a good idea that just came at a bad time for me. Would have been cool on wipe 2 or 3 but I just like kinda lost the tarkov magic and would really like to use the flea now. Overall I think that was a good idea for level 20. Just not for me at the current time. Jams I don't have a problem with. Died twice because of it but not a big deal. I do think it needs an overhaul though. Certain things like the accuracy loss on certain guns just doesn't make sense. Oh and the cost of things gives me a headache. Like the differences in the price of armor vs class or just guns. Makes me feel crazy but thats an ehh problem.


34 - went hard and burnt out a little still playing a lot but usually day on day off break.


This is my 3rd wipe and I made it to around level 28.. for whatever reason the game doesn’t feel the same and I’ve been getting dunked on during every gunfight.. I’m thinking of taking a break and waiting to see what next wipe brings


i quit at level 22 the quests are boring and after getting a red key card and selling it all there is left to do is TDM with 6 minute matchmaking and extra steps


to each their own, but the game is far from over at lvl 22 for me. ​ At level 22 i'm still forced to pay 100,000 for a fortis shift grip... seems a bit absurd to me lol


Lvl 8. Have not played in over two weeks due to serious loss of motivation to grind all the early quests again.


im so jealous of all the people whose lives dont keep them from getting to play consistently...


Just respawn.


Level 23 and I thought that was high.


I’m around level 43 but I took some days off to play other games. Finished sbh and setup those took some time. My friends that play are in the 35-38 range


Level 3? It's my second wipe, and I can't bring myself to grind this game again, especially now with flea @ 20. Alpha container sucks too.


I'm level 29 , 3rd wipe , and am surprised to see that many of you ahead of me when I've put in so many hours allready , completing tasks almost every raid with a high of 4 in one raid . Yall are nuts and to the hacky bois here I hope you choke yourself a little too hard next time you jerk off and wake up in hell you pieces of shit


Level 10 I think was putting in a hour or two everydY after work for bout a week... I like the flea market change but also don't at the same time.. they should have it open at 5 or 10 but verry limited to things like first aid and barter items for the traders barters


Lvl 16 here. After a good start this wipe my past 10 raids have been a complete crap show. Dead quickly everytime before I could earn much in the way of xp. At this point I just want to get to lvl 20 so I can finally make some room in my stash and mess around. Kind of feeling burnt out tbh.


Lv 17, im loving this wipe. The changes to the flea made it 10 times better.


First wipe, almost level 21. I don't know if people like grindy games but this is best and most tedious grindy looter/shooter.


Lv 21, i would be higher but the amount of obvious cheaters i meet is way too high so i just gave up until bsg does something about it.


I’m only lvl 11 and can only play 1-3 hours a night if I’m feeling up to it 😅


Level 33 after not playing for 4 days though.


50lvl how


Big boys got 30 last night


I'm 21 but I started 6 days ago and this is my first wipe 😂


Can't be arsed to grind to level 20


after the Kappa level change I'm not playing it. That was my wipely goal and I just don't appreciate having grind 15 levels just to unlock the quest. Imagine having the items ready and having to wait 15 levels.


30 but I worked away without access to my pc for 2 weeks ( made 29 by day 5 )


Lol im only 19 and started on wipe day


Hit level 40 today, one of 175 of us. I should go outside....


Starting playing just a few days after the last Wipe. Only level 6 still lol


average level of reddit poll: 1-19. Lmao, fuck y'all are some casuals. Which is fine and cool, but damn you guys talk yourselves up and suggest a metric ass ton amount of changes every day on here to be made to the game. For a playerbase that doesn't even have access to flea y'all sure are a large voice in the room.


For the next poll, include a "sitting this wipe out" option.


My bitch ass is still 16. 54%wr, haven't played alot




Helped me realize that I'm actually ahead right now and I can slow down.


I'm level 12 and have yet to find a syringe to work on finishing my first therapist task.


Havent played alot this wipe only first few days.. an lvl 3 or 4


If you're struggling to level every time you kill a scav just tap their bodies, don't even need to loot just get the XP for touching them without searching.


37, im a degen


This is the first time I'll hit level 20 more than likely. I normally just meme around between money runs to fund my stupidity. 16 is the highest level I've hit before but this time I have a lot more focus on tasks and doing things to level up. Its much less enjoyable.


Level 2 because I can't go into a raid for more than 5 minutes without "anti-cheat connection failed" which promptly quits me out the game


So glad to see that I’m not the only one that is still below level 20.


Level 8, this is my first wipe and i really want to unlock flea market.. but i keep dying alot as pmc lol


31, play a few hours every day. mostly focused on quests. 3rd wipe so pretty much know most of the quests