What's your lucky weapon?

What's your lucky weapon?


UMP-45. After a raid on shoreline where me and a buddy ran trash gear, (cheap bags and rigs, low level armor if any, cheap guns) I'm convinced it is my lucky gun. We were just trying to run around the map so he could do some quests regarding finding Sanitar's surgery kit and opthalmoscope. Unfortunately, we got pinched into the Pier Office Building by a 3 man, no way out. It's debatable as to how experienced this 3 man was compared to me and my buddy who have played for about 4 wipes now, but something is up when you kill 3 level 20+ players that were running AKMS and GZHEL armor with a UMP holding FMJ ammo and a silenced Kedr. Seriously, me holding that gun in my hands had me dodge every bullet, eat like 3 grenades, save my buddy from death, and dump 4 mags before killing 2 of those 3 guys. The Pier Office Building is hard to push, but with the amount of grenades those guys had? You gotta be either really overconfident, blind, or something else to let some dude with a stock UMP dump a 25 round mag of FMJ into your ULACH before you react. The highest geared of the 3 had a full GZHEL and ULACH, once I killed him and checked his loot, his helmet had 0.8 HP and his armor was 34. How lucky I must have been to land my sprays without getting destroyed.


UMP! For me it’s the slower rate of fire. I find I can aim-correct well. It works far better than I would have thought!


Very much so! If only the good ammo just wasn't so expensive for what it is, and there was a bit more mod capability. Not even a supressor? C'mon.


I could definitely user more mods. But similar to the MDR, it’s pretty good out of the box with maybe a sight and a foregrip. I can appreciate the ease of that I’m willing to spend a lot of my gear budget on good ammo. At least it doesn’t churn through it like the vector


Haha, the vector. With 30 rounders being almost 40k, it eats ammo even faster now.


It actually fires too fast for me to aim-correct. I’m just throwing roubles wildly hah!


Gotta admit, it's pretty satisfying to shoot regardless! Same goes for the UMP.


Huh? .45 AP is some of the cheapest and best ammo in the game. It's absolutely worth using.


Best, maybe. It is very good. Cheap? Maybe we've got different ideas of cheap, but last time I took a look, it wasn't far from 900 roubles for a bullet. If I'm paying that much, I'd want to invest in a bullet I know works well, like BT or SNB.


Peacekeeper unlocks it at LL3 where it is only $3.50.


Oh wow, guess I forgot to even think about dealers. Guess it's a bit more viable after I get some rep for him!


This is a big part of my push for peacekeeper, cheaper access!


I didn't bother doing Spa Tour for many patches. I've almost finished Wet Job because of this reason haha.


45 AP is the only SMG AP ammo you can still buy from the trader, not including AS-VAL + SP-6 since it's more of a main-hand playerkiller than a budget SMG that you'd throw on as a secondary when sniping, or something similar. Although, now that I think about it, 9x18 PMM and PBM are both available, \*almost\* as good as AP 6.3, but you have to run them in a KLIN, not the KEDR, and thus can't suppress/mod the gun. But it's often overlooked and is a solid budget secondary.


Same but with any of the aks, I can usually correct my aim after the first shot and get an easy headshot or stay on target for face shields or chest. The low rate of fire really offsets the usually higher recoil.


Yes to this! The lower rates of fire really work for me. More time-to-kill, but I can keep my bullets on target. It works and I’ll take it


Yeah I love the ump. So glad that it is a bit modable now. Wish you could put a silencer on it though!


How is it more moddable now than when it was introduced?


I had the assumption that I couldn’t put a light when it first was introduced. Might be wrong my bad. Haven’t played that weapon when I was introduced much.


Ah ok. Thought I'd missed something.




Yeah, that is the general consensus! And on-paper I agree. But, it’s working? My performance in-raid has been fantastic with it despite dogshitness


Yeah, it is a very, very bad gun considering fire rate and ammo.


I am not saying your considerations are in any way shape or form wrong, but we often like to judge guns in a vacuum where specific playstyles people choose can make some of those stats more or less important. Generally there is def something to high rate of fire and high pen ammo since it seems the most versatile to me, but I like the idea of going with "off meta" guns depending on the objective for the raid and play accordingly - I used a VPO 215 bolt action with monstrum 2x scope on woods for a jaeger quest and ended up killing a 3 man squad, not saying it makes the gun amazing but knowing a guns strengths and weaknesses can def make you more successfull than treating everything like an HK or mutant I guess.


I completely agree. I should have added on that it does depend. If you fit the playstyle of the gun and play towards the strengths of whatever you use, anything can be a decent gun at the least. As for the VPO-215, I think it's quite underrated.


Not saying you are one of those players but many people run into somebodies face and try to clear them up by brute force - which can work with full autos with good ammo. Just kinda dislike if people try to use every gun like that and if it doesn't work claim it sucks. VPO 215 is actually pretty usable with 366 TKM AP-M, that round is a sleeper anyways since it can one tap everything up to tier 4 armor to the chest consistently with 90 flesh damage and the chance at level 5 is still decent. Probably stronger to put it into a semi auto VPO 209 but you get the idea!


I do get the idea, and you aren't wrong saying some guns don't work well being used up front. Some guns are made for it, being bold and brash, like the M4, and others belong in the trash for that category, like any bolt action unless you really know your movement and hipfire. .366 AP is a gamble for me, as at times it destroyed people running decent armor, and at other times it's like I was shooting pellets at people wearing class 4 armor or weaker. There's no denying it is strong, though.


Mp5. Poor man's Chad gun. That controlled recoil lets me land the chest to head shots so easily. Also cheap enough I can rekit it to way I like without crying about losing it like I do with other guns. I don't have gear fear, I have petty 'I just gave them X gear' remorse. Its weird that I care more that the asshole that killed me got something good from killing me, than actually losing it (e.g if I didn't insure it and lost it to an AI scav, I wouldn't bat an eye).


This is mine as well. Cheap silencer and cheap high capacity magazines are other nice bonuses


Mines sks. I always sneak around nice and slow and get one shots on ppl. I try switching to a faster gun and I start to play different and I'm no good


I finally took an sks out and suddenly felt like the game made more sense. I've gone three PMC raids with the same crappy sks and it always does me good.


I run it almost exclusively until I am rich.


I tend to find I get lucky with the sv-98 if we're talking pmc kills relatively consistently. I play super slow and end up basically merging in with the pscavs. Otherwise the M9 with a reflex. It's insanely fun for me. I'm thinking about making the jump to the m1911 though since it isn't as expensive as the last time I looked at it


If you're comfortable with the m9 I would advise against using the m1911, the jump in caliber means higher recoil and lower mag capacity and you can have trouble dealing with the change


Esp with the 10 round internal mag you usually position very intentionally knowing that spam firing a few shots will require extensive top loading :D


This wipe the shotguns i built for punisher. They are raking in millions on reserve now and always come back minus the sight+silencer


Ah.. maybe this is why Jaeger's Muzzle brake is sold out more often.


I am doing shooter born in heaven with shotguns this wipe, fun little challenge imo!


Surprisingly this wipe so far I've had my best runs with the ASK-74U. Not one single clue why that's working so well for me, but I'm having the most consecutive survived raids with it than any other gun (still pre-flea market however), and am actively engaging in PVP with it as well.


Prapor's AKS-74U comes with a mag of ~~BT~~ BP, I think


BP actually, buy that's better than ps for sure.


Ah yeah, that's right


Yeah, first mag. After that it's all PS for me


if you chain craft the 74n, it gives a full mag of bp each time too. Can even take the stock and handguard off to make a new 74n each time, assuming you got weapon parts stocked. easily done picking up scav .366 vpos to break down.


Oh I didn't think of that! Thank you for that one


M700, most enjoyable sound and satisfaction after a clean snipe may it be up close and personal or from afar. Raids with a unmodded m700 apart from a vudu or barris gives the thrill of the hunt. Remember, always move when your cover has been made.


Do you carry a pistol or secondary with you for close encounters ?


I like the look of the hogue stock but the ergo is dogshit and you can only stay scoped for 2 seconds


Strangely enough, an M700 with the Burris scope on it. I got two from scav raids and I’ve just been using those and I’ve gone through 14 raids and only lost 1. Yet when I take in an M4 or a good AK, it might last a raid or two lmao


i used to make this same mistake; the durability penalty of scav guns really fucks up long range bolties in terms of accuracy!


Honestly if you look at the accuracy of the M700, even when it’s less than 50, it’s still got ~0.7 MOA. Longest kill I’ve gotten with them so far is about 190m. But it hasn’t given me an issue yet. The mosin, however, is fucking trash at low durability


perhaps, but i found on long range sniping you dont really wanna fuck with any distortion; you usually only get one shot in anyway..


Oh yeah, I’d say any shots over 200m you probably want a fresh gun


i just grab the scope n stuff off the gun and buy a fresh one, and dependingn on spawn in reserve insurance scam it in a bush although i must confess; ive lost so many that i hid incredibly well that i think ive just been feeding the radar rats with snipers hahah


Don’t have the flea yet so I can’t buy new ones :/ honestly I’ve been loving bolt guns this wipe for some reason. Before the mosin nerf I liked to use them but since the nerf, I haven’t really touched any bolt actions. It’s sooo satisfying to kill players with them tho


its the best! so you didnt notice accuracy issues w m700s? i kept missing w scavved ones and rhen saw slushpuppy doing a video on it with really confirmed my fears


I personally didn’t have any issues, no. Both of the ones I’ve used have been in the 50-65 durability range. I went to woods yesterday and sniped a player in lumber mill from the sniper rock. It was like 140 meters or so I think. Got him in the head. Killed a PMC from ~100 meters shortly after that. Maybe I’m just lucky 🤷🏻‍♂️ I’ve also been using SP and M61 for reference


I haven't really found any crazy shit, but I love me a decent AK-103. Only a week in and it's always been my go to weapon.


The AK-103 always treats me well. Sniping, close quarters spraying, it can do it all. I can’t wait to get my hands on the Mutant too since it sounds like a straight upgrade


Ah man, me neither. Just need to grind some more for it. Goodluck!


AK 74 with PSO or OP-SKS with a PSO scope


AKM, every raid I use it, I end up killing 3+ PMCs


7.62 ps still slaps everyone except the most geared PMC's. Have you gotten to level 30 for the compensator from lvl 3 mechanic? That thing is my goal to get at the moment for the extra bit of stat boosting


RRD-4C? That thing is nuts


AKM gang!! I’ve had so many good raids with nearly stock AKM’s, that thing slaps


Definitely the VPO-215. As soon as i got the AP TKM its still 1 tapping through T4 helmets, is still cheap with silencer and scope, always comes back to me and never left me unsatisfied. SbiH Quest with it is hella fun :)


PP-19 for days


It always performs better than I expect and comes back to me insurance


Big pp energy. Same.


Ok disregard that Silenced Kedr with RG028 ammo is now my fav


SVD. I've bagged two of three cheater kills with it so far.


God, the SVDS speaks to be on a spiritual level


M1A-Rsass build with a Vudu, 2 packs of MRE's and Milk.


m1a id such a great gun man. I do a vudu but also add a canted scope in case things get personal


I just use a lazor lol, 5k cheaper than 20k sight.


true. 20k really isn't that much to me tho :p could do all three I guess. but yeah its a great gun. I like putting on the archangel stock. I found one in raid before 20 and held onto it till I could buy an m1a off flea


I dont even run canted or other red dots with vuduus, either hip fire or the 1x option is as good as a red dot tbh


Ak-101 baybeeee


This is my favourite late wipe gun for sure.


VPO-215. Best budget sniper you can buy and the UTG scope is usable now


SKS and a PSO. Though, if I really want to lay down and be aggressive magnum buck shot seems to win vs most of the people I encounter.


Svd. I was only running it to finish punisher, but even 10 levels later I'm still running my Max ergo silenced svd build with 10 rounders full of SNB. I once sat on second floor of east wing with my laser on pointing down the hallway past the weapon box, accidentally scoped in and drew the attention of a chad, who sprinted upstairs and stopped at the end of the hallway noticing my laser, and I 2 tapped him to steal his loot and unlock 110 (sadly no ledx still after 10 attempts). I cleaned up an entire server at stronghold on customs just sprinting, repositioning and hipfiring my svd. 7.62x54r is no laughing matter.


PP-19-01 is my lucky gun. I get out of SOO many "I should be dead" moments with this gun. I run it iron sights, butt pad, fore grip (any of them), charging handle thing, default muzzle break. When I'm broke and busted, I pull out one of these little things and go ham. Works most of the time! ;)


KEDR-B baby. Sp7 and an azimut full of mags. Spray the legs and double R. Recoil is decent enough to hit faces too, suppressor is just a bonus.


7.62 MDR is my baby


First raid I ever used that gun I dropped a duo in cqc. At the time the MDR was not very fashionable, sold for around 70000 on the flea. I ran it as much as I could. 2 wipes later it's still the most dependable gun in the game despite being twice what it cost back then. Gun just gets shit done.


Magnum buck 153 that gun makes me hard when i get a headshot


As val because its ridiculously broken up close and requires no mods


My go to last wipe. Even the cheap ammo works fairly decently up to class 5.


Anything that shoots m61


I've been bringing a Makarov with one in the chamber and selling the mag. Keep finding amazing loot and a real gun in my first cash every run with it


AK-74. It just works. I have a specific one that has brought such good luck upon me every time I’ve brought it in to a raid. I cherish that thing


It has been these suppressed m4s. I've built two now and still have the 2nd one. Both were the same. That mk10 hand guard and a Valday scope. Everything about it is so cool. It looks and sounds amazing and they've gotten me through just about every shoreline quest this wipe. This first one I slowly started upgrading until it was completely kitted. It all started on the peacekeeping quest. I would put a new part on it every time I survived. I made it through the whole quest, all 4 maps, multiple raids on some and still had the first one. This second one is more of a tribute now.


AKSU :) usually it doesn't work, but sometimes it does. Good enough for me.


Sv98, I love the feeling (DVL and Orsis are good too).


mdr 5.56, i run it as a cheap run m4 alternative and i constantly get better results than when i'm running top builds


Last wipe: OP-SKS with OKP-7 and BP Rounds This wipe: AK-74 Craft from the workbench with most the Level 2 trader best in slots(Kobra, PP-19 pistol grip, DTK brake, RK-4 grip, AK-103 Handguard, rubber butt pad etc.), got it down to like 66 vert and 55 Ergo and it just blasts with BT or Igolnik in there. Super fun for interchange early quests and killed a couple of thick bois with it too and you get them back most of the time with like the sight and brake the only thing you have to replace.


PP-9 Klin. I was in woods military camp with my trusty TT pistol, spotted a fully kited player with a face shield. Let of two rounds then ran up the stairs into the container with the crate and bed, a PP-9 was laying on the bed so i picked it up and spun around just as they guy was coming up, lit him up and he probably went down with the second bullet to the face. Checked the last few bullets in the mag and it was PBM. Gun saved my poor ass.


PP-19. For some reason those keep coming back from insurance. Sometimes some mod might be missing, but Prapor brings my loved ones back.


The PP-19. Punisher Part 5 is made easy with this baby


Mk47 on ps ammo. Too damn fun to shoot it non stop!)


AS VAL or VSS, insane weapon.


AKS-74U, to the dismay and disgust of my friends


Plain AK-74. That gun survived a lot more raids than the rest, while giving me some juicy kills. The only reason I died with it is because I ran out of mags while fighting Reshala's guards and they insta-headshoted me while peeking out of cover with my backup gun.


I've been bringing a kedr as a secondary with me to every raid for a cheap secondary that I can just drop and not worry about losing. It's done absolute fucking work for me. Have like 50 pmc kills so far this wipe with like 30 of them being kedr kills lol


MP-153, with flechettes specifically. People do not realize just how fast it zeroes armour, and often get cought with pants down because of it.




I've had this akm that I've totally cobbled together with a handguard, silencer and a 1x. I've ran it 6 times in a row and then died. But the whole thing came back to me in insurance and I've run it another 4 or 5 times since. I ran it this morning on my only PMC raid. Granted, I do a lot of scav runs in between and most of my PMC raids are that of the rat, avoid and night time is my friend. But it is crazy how long I've had this weapon. Luckily, it was found in a box and was a 100% durability. At the moment, it is around 91%.


P90 its is.


kedr-b, using it almost exclusively for the last 4 months of last wipe brought me up to 200mil.


DVL-10 (lol). Favorite weapon, and how completed my very first SBIH.


Thx-15 did the gp coin trade with it last wipe for shiggles and went on a 17 raid win streak


Saiga-9, for some reason I keep getting the most disgusting face taps against players with good armor and a gun worth 10x the amount of mine.


The p226. I deck it out with a microdot, sometimes a suppressor and then the 20 rounders for my pistol runs. I just somehow pop people's heads left and right with it. My favorite pistol in the game and IRL.


Mp443 grach. I don't know why but when I pull up to the raid with grach in hand, it'll be my most profitable one in that playthrough. I'll get good gear, get a couple kills, etc.


It's a Glock 17 with a Sight. A thing can hit headshots on scavs at range with no issue. It's SUPER cheap so I can play super aggressively and always seem to have good luck with it. Run that Light armor a sling backpack and a small rig also lets me run circles around people when I get into firefights.


Glock 17 with the Fischer muzzle device is such a nice feel. Love it


The vpo bolt action seems to have aim bot and I get really lucky kills with it


ADAR or M1A are my go to. Fire rate isn't capped (at least not for my slow ass trigger finger) and they're long enough for me to accurately figure out where my point-fire will hit. Bullpups such as the RFB and MDR, I just can't point-fire to save my life, literally. Also, I'm much better with semi-auto as it makes me take my time with my shots, vs, spraying and dragging the crosshairs onto the target just in time to run dry - I'm BAD at aiming and flicking lol.


The good ole P90


UMP - for whatever reason, it has been working well! Clearing out lobbies even with sub-par ammo