Yep that's enough Tarkov for today

Yep that's enough Tarkov for today

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That was rough to watch


working as expected


iTs sTiLL iN bEtA bRo!!!!!!!11!!!1!1!1!!!!


Small dev studio, ambitious project never attempted before, etc etc...


Hey I mean, good fucking NetCode has been attempted before


I went from a slow chuckle to a sob :(




When scavs start tanking headshots, its time to run in the opposite direction.


It's already too late, you're movements aren't betting sent to the server. They've already shot you, you just don't know yet.


I play sptarkov, meaning I’m running the server myself. Through a bunch of play testing I’ve found so many oddities. Scavs act completely different from one to the next, there’s times I can get headshots easily and other times where they tank a 5.56 warmage to the dome


Could you elaborate more? Is that the offline modded Tarkov client?


not op but found [this video](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bmVym9S7iAo)


[This one](https://youtu.be/HQEDKBXRXd4) showed up in my recommendations after watching the setup video. It's a pretty good 6 minute breakdown of what SPTarkov all is.


That was a really solid breakdown, thanks!


yeah its the offline tarkov mod I don't know much more than that about it.


I've heard tale of bans for anyone caught by bsg playing on private servers.


There's no legal way for them to tell that you're running it without spyware. Most likely people saying they're banned for it are covering up for something else that caused it.


Like not making a secondary directory seperate from client connected one and from there it is avoided. Edit its modified files causing bans obviously.


This guys got it right, copy file directory to a seperate file which the game plays off of


also if they got time for banning ppl playing single player I'd hope they'd have more time for banning all the long time hackers


Well one of them takes away players from the online game, and the other ones do get accounts banned, but buy new ones with the money they earn selling roubles, carry runs, etc... It's a good thing they implemented Battleye. /s


you realize its a russian company right? affiliated with the russian government as well. i dont think they care about legal this that or the other


What world do you live in that you think this is the case? Obviously all Russian companies use Russian government spyware because they're affiliated with the Russian government because they're Russian companies. And since Russia doesn't care about laws (lol what the shit) clearly BSG is hacking your computer through EFT at the behest of the Kremlin. That makes so much sense.


Since when did Russia care about laws? Did you miss the assassinations they have done in and out of their own country.


how do you know they are affiliated with the russian government?


Its a russian company


This might be a shock to you but you have to respect other nations too if you want to keep using global payment methods like xsola. They cant provide payment processing if a company were to do something illegal. Even in russia


xsolla is russian lmfao


There is no private server. It's totally singleplayer. BSG has no way to know if you've played it or not. It doesn't use your existing account.


Did they have any kind of helmet? Even tank helmet. I'm pretty sure that ammo has 0 pen.


Yeah warmage is shit


warmage is great against scavs with no armor, it should onetap anything without a helmet.


I'm pretty sure any bullet in the game besides buckshot can one tap to the head without a helmet


Any 12 gauge except for flechettes can 1 shot to the head, but 20 gauge buck can't.


Except theres now at least 2 things that are not technically helmets. The green shades that i think are called "condor" protect eyes with class 1, enough to stop warmage. And the "bomber" hat is also class 1.


The army of 2 mask is also class 1.


Jup the only thing it has going for it is that it can black a leg in one shot.


Escape from Tenet


> you're movements Yes you are


Omae wa mou shindeiru




Fits this situation so well, lol.


Hahahaha jfc are we playing Tenet now?


The funny thing for me is. Scavs one shot kill me from no where whenever I am running. But when I am walking normally, they never hit. As soon as I sprint some scav 100m away, who I've never even seen before, head-eyes me.


Thought it was just me. Yeah they seem to be the best shooters on the planet when I'm at a run but the moment I slow down they can't hit shit.


Yep. He probably would have still died, but if a scav ever tanks more than 2 headshots...RUN.


The only times I have ever sworn at a video game are when getting suddenly ping booted for the third time that raid, and when league of legends.


>and when league of legends. Quoted for truth. That shit makes me rage.


Only game I've ever fully quit


Bruh feels


Been happening a lot lately




im playing on EU (from slovakia) and this started to happen in the last 2-3 days, scavs can take full magazine like its nothing


Yaah I'm getting constant dc in everything.


Eyyy další slovák hrajúci tarkov to sa často nevidí


Len 2 plne discordy :D


I was on shoreline the other day and two scavs took multiple head shots with 7.62 PS before going down. I on the other hand go down with 1 ps 545 to the foot.


Cheating is so bad now even AI is doing it


I have had far too many scavs tank multiple headshots this past week.


Protip: if a scav ever actually tanks a headshot or doesn’t react to a headshot RUN and hope desync doesn’t fuck you


This shouldn’t be an issue. I’m sorry to sound like a belly aching redditor but I can’t help but wonder why they’re putting their resources into new guns and armors and content like that when we’re still putting up with shit like this on a daily basis.


Artists that create new guns and stuff don't generally design netcode (though wouldn't surprise me if they did in Tarkov, would explain a lot)


Still running planned economy. This week we are going to produce left foot shoes.


And they do not have the people for it. They have been hiring senior developers to work with the netcode for the entire time they have been selling Tarkov. A big issue is that anyone skilled enough to make the netcode work aint gonna stick around in Russia getting paid way less than what they could working in the EU/US.


I think it's more about priority of limited resources being directed to non critical issues like news guns. But this is an old story.


this limited resource has a family and not creating a new gun doesn't get you a good network stack coder.


Idk there's a certain type of masochist tarkov player who doesn't just think this is acceptable but actually enjoys "Being Tarkov'd". Issues like this are so common people treat them like they're features.


Because artists have nothing to do with the netcode. Why do people keep repeating this complaint when it makes no sense


Yeah the artists in this game are pretty top notch. It's kinda sad they get shit on/lumped in for the rest of the games' problems.


I thought i was just shit but i guess some scavs have been eating headshots, guess my pp19 with a pso isnt so bad


tbf PSO kinda fucks scavs without armor, it's pretty flesh eating round in general.


PSO has only 5-6 more flesh damage (59) than most high-pen 9x19 rounds but only 10 pen so it's a terrible round overall and even lvl 2 armor can stop it. Luger CCI and QuakeMaker are way better in flesh damage and have practically the same pen. QuakeMaker even one-taps naked players to the thorax. Hell, even Green Tracer is better than PSO.


Oh i was using the pso scope on woods with it i used pst ammo forgot there was a pso ammo idk if pst would mess up aim


I was waiting for the skyrim intro to play


Please someone make this


Nah its a dead meme


It's not dead, it just took an arrow to the knee


All stuff aside, I love that recoil control.


So.. Shots 1-5: Clearly missed-


Looked like desync, you got Tarkoved


Can we stop calling it "you got tarkov'd" and start calling it for what it really is?


Shitty netcode?


You got netcoded


Aye doesn't roll quite as well.


Doesn't have the same ring to it I suppose. I come from mostly playing siege, and my go to for that is "you just got goobisofted" so, I expect the existing phrase fits the best as it is.


Can we make a meme everytime you die to desync Ashton Kutcher comes out of a bush and says "Dude you got punk'd."


i already have a hard time not smashing my monitor, dunno if i could handle that lmao


That would be one thing siege and tarkov have in common.






"You got Vinced"


I like that one way better


An Escape from Tarkov?


is the netcode not part of the game?


Nah man, it's all a feature, QOL and objective technical failings ARE how tarkov is meant to be experienced. /s


Poor internet connection?


Definitely.....1500hours played. I have exceptional internet. Never have I ever had these issues. I'm very bad at the game mind you, BUT every shot I have ever taken has registered properly and never been killed after diving behind a wall. I just don't get it. edit. Maybe the servers are so bad unless you have literally 1g internet desync is horrible. Just thought about that.


I have gigabit and I've experienced this plenty of times. Nothing you can really do but try to extract asap and hope you get a better server next time.


Issues like the OP i've had very rarely, but dying behind corners is incredibly common depending on how you play. I do shoulder peaks around corners a lot (cs player) which is a pretty bad idea in this game because I die in cover a huge amount of the time when i do it.


I have the same problem! I play cs, valorant and wz. I shoulder in all of them and it just gets me killed in Tarkov. I wonder if there is anything we can do.


basically just play different, there are better ways to shoulder peak than the cs way, also mainly the the run across look over shoulder thing.


Ah, that strange thing that streamers do running past doorways with freelook? ...lol... It looks super stupid but whatever's clever. I'll practice.


I find in this game the jiggle peek works better when I actually peek the corner with the initial jiggle, use that to get info, go back then repeek the corner. It's not a jiggle peek exactly, but it's the same motions just a little longer/more pronounced movements. I'm trash tho so feel free to tell me why that's bad


I have good internet with minimal bloat and I have gotten delayed deaths after going behind cover. Maybe that's the difference between good and exceptional internet but delayed deaths are fairly common with 40-60ping which is just ridiculous and does suggest the netcode is dogshit (which it factually is)


I started having it so I restrict my servers to just my country and the two closest that have nearly identical pings (EU). Never had it again. It's the same kind of post where they claim someone was cheating. Unless they say what server and what their ping was, it's not very helpful. Phillip.


Well you can tell his ping was not in the red so even a ping of 120 which wouldn't show on screen would never cause issues like the clip shows..


Internet bandwidth and speed(latency) are two totally different statistics


But the phrase has so many applications


To me who do not play the games but are here for the meme videos. Desyncing is totally a part of “getting tarkovd” That and hilarious takedowns.


“They’ll fix the net code soon, they said it’s a top priority because this shit is game breaking.” *-me in 2016*


Don't worry, they will totally fix it when they release the full game in 2038. Seriously though, it will never get fixed. They aren't that good at netcode or game development in general but God damn do they have amazing artists and designers and fun gameplay when it works.




> They'll be in trouble if a major studio decides to emulate EFT (which may not ever happen since this type of game doesn't have mass appeal). Just like PUBG and Fortnite ? It didn't happen because the tech to manage a sort of openworld-survival-looter is not there yet, or is not yet used in videogame industry. The market is definetly there, look how many people are ready to put 200€ in an unfinished broken game(i love it, but it's broken AF). The genre completly exploded with DayZ and PUBG, PUBG has been copied (Warzone/fornite etc...) but for technical reasons, no big studio picked up on the DayZ genre ...


When they hit you with those dollar store headshots


Great game, tournament ready, give us your money, let everyone on Twitch know this game is perfect and running great, almost out of beta, streets last year, streets this year, streets next year, let's go, 6 months and one small update, one update that ruined years of progress from past updated.


Dont forget the limited edition EOD... Limited what? They have been selling it for how many years now? :D


Shhhh super limited 4 year release, better impulse buy now so we can release the game and give everyone their DLC. Because yes, BSG is still going to make DLC and the game isn't even close to out yet. Definitely not just a scam for pay2win features, definitely not going to make it as shitty as possible for non EOD players.


I wouldnt go as far as calling it pay2win, but it is 100% scummy behavior. :D Cash grab for russia2028.


Tarkov is Russia2028, they cannibalized the game for tarkov.


Wish I had cash to gild this.


You're my gold medal. I'd make a whole post about what's been broke and what's STILL broken in the game but mods would probably just remove for some BS reason.


<3 <3!!~~!!!


I got you fam. Gold in your honour. 👍🏻


Feels like I live in a different reality. I've never had this happen to me over 4,000 hours played but people on here are acting like it's just how the game works.


Get good, nah jk you got straight up screwed there.


What is with scavs tanking head shots this wipe


RemEmBer GuYs we ArE JuSt tEsTers (est. 2016)


this game is so bad after many years


Yep. It's a shame. If they worked out the 'kinks' it would probably be my favorite game of all time. The setting, the lore, the gameplay, everything is ace. They are just too lazy to finally push it over the finish line.


it's also very good, just depends on who you ask


And what their last run was like lol




It's the best at what it does, because it has so many genuinely unique aspects with zero competition in the industry, so you can't really compare it to anything in those aspects. However, It's also garbage in so so so many ways that *are* comparable to other games. And unfortunately I don't think they will feel enough pressure fix those without competition entering the market.




Name a better game that has this style of gameplay


name an other game that has such a bad peromance in many aspects after so many years as this but made a lot of money with a 140 dollar edition


not exactly the same but Ark runs horrible (or at least it did at the time don´t know what it´s like now) and they released payed dlcs while in alpha


World of Warcraft, and i can name a lot more too if you want.


Might see something in the same ballpark on Thursday with bf2042s new hazard mode. I'm hoping it'll be a similar style of gameplay


The concept in general is very good, The execution is atrocious.


Obviously you have shit ammo. The M82819494 +P+ Magnum Cum Shell woulda penned... git gud


Whenever I start missing Tarkov and start thinking about getting back into it, I use videos like that to help remind me why I left.


i got extract camped by an AI scav on shoreline, he one tapped me in the arm with 7mm buckshot




Yes you have. Other games just don't have the same "penalty" for dying. I've died behind corners so many times in Call of Duty, Halo, Battlefield, Overwatch, etc. You just get used to it, respawn, and go on with your life. You can clearly see that there was a connection issue here. How should they instead handle a poor connection? If someone's internet drops for a second or two, do they pause the entire server? What if they were instead fighting another player. On their screen this person is either standing still or walking in a straight line. Should their shot not count because it's later found out that that player was actually supposed to be in a different place? It's all artifacts of players not playing locally. Bring hundreds of thousands of miles apart has its limits, and this is one of them.


Shit devs


You already gave the developers your money lol.


Was this during server maintenance? Tarkov is technically extremely fucked (absolutely no argument there), but I rarely ever have shit like this happen to me unless I play during announced maintenance.


Desync happens all the time, sure. But not like THAT. At least not to me.


This is not a rly desync. This is something like package loss or server lag which is maybe the same what happens to you during maintenance


I dont think so, atleast i didnt get any warning about a maintentance.


It's funny how shit this game is. Moments like these in others games would be funny because they are rare but in tarkov this is, literally, an everyday occurrence


I love how issues like these seem to be at the bottom of the dev's list of priorities. Nah they're worried abt tweaking kappa. smfh.


this game is actual trash.... Rather than fixing it lets blow all our budget on a dog shit show


I mean u were just about to get disconnected for poor connection quality. The screen was fading black right before you died


That's what I thought too. I had a similar thing where I placed the beacon at the stretcher at the back of resort but didn't get the alert to say quest complete - then suddenly fade to black and d/c... (On a side note I managed to r/c and wasn't dead standing in the open outside resort!)


You were long dead when you seemingly gave off those last shots to his head. You can tell by the early fade out.


How slow is your internet speed without telling...


Fucking netcode, server-side bullshit all the time. Up/downing by the megabyte. It’s ridiculous...has been this way for years and they still can’t resolve it.


lagswitch. gg.


It was a scav




I believe that's either an explanation of what happened to you, or the same thing and also an advertisement. As in, the guy that killed you triggered a lagswitch to fuck with your ability to kill him, and the gentleman is saying gg to your efforts. Or he's telling you the guy has a lagswitch and you can download something similar. The .gg domain is a top level domain, so theoretically there could be a website at the address if you removed the space between the two words. Don't do that tho, only skeevy stoners cheat.


It's not a lag switch, with Tarkov, a lag switch freezes you in place serverside, but you can still move client side, and when the lag switch stops lagging you, you teleport or "fast forward" to your new client side position... but if someone sees you where you froze for them and shoots you, you still 100% die but you register as dead the second the lag stops. So if you shoot someone lagged from one, and they didn't shoot you first from their client side, the person lagging drops the second the switch goes off... if they shoot you while they lag, they basically teleport in front of you and all their shots they took while lagging register at once and you immediately drop dead when the switch goes off. They will DC after 4-8 seconds though so that's the max they can get to fuck with people, so they only really use them to make peaks from behind cover (so they don't get shot easily while lagged) and take shots, without the target seeing them even in front of them. So it wouldn't look quite like this, I think he's just joking


He died to a scav


This one might be on your side. Are you using Ethernet or Wifi?


Dude this shit has been happening for like 5 years in this game, I’ve accepted it’s never going to be fixed, the garbage netcode is here to stay.


Huh, I get that rarely, and when I do, the server either go down completetly or my connection dies shortly after, gotta say its rather rare nowdays. EU here. playing on plenty of different servers.


The netcode is shit yes. But He clearly died because he timed out most likely due to his internet. So i was just asking. I was getting disconects alot before. But now that i use Ethernet i get about none


This isn't a timeout issue on the user's side. Tarkov used to do things like this at the beginning of every raid. You'd load in, you and your two buddies. Buddy one says where he's going and you head that direction too, 10-30 seconds later his buddy speed teleports up to you. Every member of the team would see the bodies of their buddies do this simultaneously despite each having separate high speed internet providers in separate states. You can find literally hundreds of examples of people, even streamers with gigabit fiber running into examples of scavs walking in place that kill you despite never firing their weapon.


One shot. One kill. Every game. Why do devs have such a hard time with this simple rule?


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the "tsk" at 0:16


I live in a place where I can only game on Starlink. I do great in the game when the connection is good but it drops for 5 seconds once in a while. The other day I had a rough one that invloved me losing a good kit. I felt the same.


How often is "once in a while"? I am excited for starlink to eventually be up to 99+% uptime.


its rough with my buddy that uses starlink. He rubberbands everywhere and constantly disconnects. I dont see how it will get any better once they increase the users.


It's really hard to say. The number of satellites they put up will be ginormous, and the next version will have sat to sat links which currently don't exist. All that said, I don't know how much bandwidth they can really squeeze out of the satellites long term without shoving a hundred thousand or more in the air.


The game practically blindfolded you before it even happened 😂💔


I genuinely yelled at my phone in rage at that still living POS scav...


I don't get how it looks so smooth on shoreline. I can't seem to hit 60fps with my 3060 ti and ryzen 3700x


The game is fine, there is no desync. Git gud. /s


This game has by far the worst netcode from all the shooters I have played. Absolute trash tier performance


I can't...


I triple tapped a scav yesterday, he was wearing a tank helmet and the first 2 rounds ricocheted the third finally killed him. Suppressed kedder ftw lmao.


My breaking point yesterday, was while talking to my new friend about shturman, I get shot by him when he's far out of sawmill.




ah just picked one I found in my stash :D


someones gotta stop doing their quests on far servers


I’ve died that exact way 3 times this wipe , never before till this current wipe smh


I've been reading this game title wrong for so long. I thought it was Escspe from Turok and was wondering why a Turok game was trending so much since none have been released in a long time




That's sight is the go to this wipe. It's good AF but never used it last wipe.


Those two (or 3) scavs are already notorious for some cheeky bush bullshit. We've all gone to farm them for quests and had them laser us from behind a bush we can't see through before. They don't need shitty servers to boost them.


I've had this happen to me too many times it's really starting to piss me off how much they made these scavs into tanks. It's unrealistic. They have no armor... Piss off Nikita prick


You got killed by "5 Years of Desync" :D or in other words "Tarkoved!"


I was super duper excited to give the new wipe a try but I may skip for a bit if these issues are happening. Hope it all gets fixed soon.