This game is not supposed to be easy...

This game is not supposed to be easy...


Admittedly I’m not very good at the game. It’s fun for me until I die in such a weird way that I suspect cheating. I die all the time because I’m not a really good player. But those times when you’re sitting in a room waiting for the foot steps to get closer and don’t move. Only to be shot through the wall head eyes. 🧐 Otherwise I love how hard the game is. It’s a grinders game that’s for sure! You’ll lose sweet gear only to wreck a juiced guy next game and get even better gear. That is tarkov


I’ve come to the conclusion that waiting for people to come around a corner always will get you killed, no matter if you know they’re coming and they don’t know you’re there. The peakers advantage is too stronk, you’ve gotta start pushing that corner first


>h Yup. By the time you're on their screen, you've already killed them.


>>h H indeed


I wish this was true. Half the time I die to people pushing me who I don't even see until after I've died and almost fade to black. But when I peek like this, I get head-eyes before I've even gotten a visual on them and they're sitting still.


The point is: you push if you know where they are exactly and always prefire. You never push someone if you dont know where he is and you dont hold if they know where you are.


I agree but I also find myself getting insta headshot whenever I rush out of cover to push someone




People say that but the streamer I watch seems to wait for people and kills them all the time, similar if another guy waits for him he gets killed often. I think it's less about peaking or waiting but rather it's about knowing the angles. You can wait but you want to wait where you have the advantage so you can shoot them as they approach, but most new players just hide in a room then a guy ducks his head in and blamo.


depends on the server ping, depends how good your aim is, if you're holding and always hit head with your first shot then yeah. It's no problem. If you miss your first few shots then you're probably going to die. edit : [actually just happened,](https://streamable.com/xaazzw) guy somewhat knew I was there but I guess he was trying to be sneaky (while being too heavy lol) anyway... I was just holding and he didnt have time to react.


Clean kill. Nice.


Yes, this. The netcode is so atrocious in this game that the person doing the peeking (moving) *always* has the advantage. If you sit still and I move into your room, you'll be on my screen before I'm on yours. Every FPS has this, but most have it tuned better. R6: Siege is actually on par, if not worse, than Tarkov's peeker's advantage. And it's intentional in their case. TL;DR - You should always be the one peeking. It's not news that this game's netcode is not great. You need to be the one moving and clearing rooms and not the guy using an SKS and salad bowl sitting in the corner not moving.


Upvote for being the only person in this thread to spell peek correctly


You seem piqued that the others aren't at the peak of using peek


This and the other guys comment about making sure they are reacting to you, and not the other way around are so on point. When I look back at my deaths, whether I'm pushing or they're pushing, I died because they knew where I was. Now that seems obvious, but when combined with peekers advantage, had I repositioned or gave them an odd angle, I would have probably won more gun fights than I lost. Another important thing is crosshair placement. Good players don't just have spots they check, they have their crosshair at your head level when they are doing those checks. Meaning that giving an odd angle for them to react to will give you that much more of a chance. This goes both ways too. If you're looting a room, and hear footsteps coming. Put your crosshair at head level on the entry point. If they enter the room you head/eyes them.


Yup just had a whole thread on this. Feels so odd


Last night I was sure I killed a cheater. Happened to be a streamer. I saw the whole raid from his viewpoint. His buddy (level 25) spotted me (level 11). They started chucking nades into the cabins on woods, but didn’t know which I was in. Killed the streamer when he flushed me out of the cabin (level 40) and his level 25 buddy 3 minutes later. I was positive this dude was hacking, because there were no shots or footsteps… just a bunch of nades landing near me. Nope! It turns out he was just informed of my general whereabouts. I don’t win a lot of 2v1’s and 3v1’s, but when it does happen it feels damn good. Game is hard. Only change I’d like is to stop factory death squads. Not fair when you’re solo and get matched up against a 4 man.


Similar thing happened to me and my buddy just a few hours ago today. We were on Woods at the camp near the SE exits. We got there fast one once inside we moved around quietly. We saw the camp from opposite angles as we arrived, didn't seem to be anybody already outside. So we're quietly looting, listening hard the whole time, and suddenly it starts raining grenades on us, accurate as fuck, landing directly on us. First one crippled my leg so I couldn't even sprint, but managed to duck into a shipping container. Next grenade somehow landed perfectly in the container at my feet. Dead. My buddy was in a different part of the camp and a single grenade landed directly at his feet and killed him instantly. Seemed fishy as fuck.


The thing about this game, you have no idea if the nade guy had some friend with an optic calling you guys out from some wacky angle. I’ve done this before with my friends in the mounted machine guns, the dude legit messaged me thinking we were hacking lol.


And lucky nades can also happen. I did a 30 minutes raid earlier in Interchange. During the raid, i only killed scavs but i saw an USEC kill in my kill feed at 2:30 ... it took me a while to realize that when i spawned and i got attacked by that USEC, the random nade that i threw behind me to flee actually killed him. I never looted him lol.


I chucked a nade once amd kept walking, looting and otherwise completely forgetting about the nade. Double kill. I wonder what loot I left behind to this day.


>I don’t win a lot of 2v1’s and 3v1’s, but when it does happen it feels damn good. Game is hard. Only change I’d like is to stop factory death squads. Not fair when you’re solo and get matched up against a 4 man. I feel exactly the same, i love how we have 1 single lobby, but factory should have a limit if it remains with the same pmc count imo.


Just my speculation, because Tarkov doesn't have a rank system everyone overestimates their own skills and think they're good when realistically if they were playing Valorant/CSGO they would most likely land in the silver/bronze/iron divisions. So every death seems fishy to them and it's all hacks when in reality they have poor position management and game sense on the flipside the enemy party or person has a superior game sense and positioning management. I reevaluate my debrief my own deaths or when I play with a group and we get wiped there is a post raid debrief on what could've been done better independent if the person was a hacker or not.


i think it's a mix of both. i think it's pretty obvious tarkov has a SIGNIFICANT number of hackers over CSGO or Valorant. but also like you said there's a lot of people who overestimate their skill. also there is way less desync on csgo or valorant, tarkov is the king of desync, so that adds the illusion that they're cheating when in reality it's the shit servers


Make sure you're not turning either. I was running up to a room with 2 PMCs in wait, when I heard their feet shift from turning too fast. Came in spraying, probably seemed like a hacker to them.


I'm sure these have been mentioned to you, but I wanted to explain **why** you should never wait for people to turn corners, because most idiots just say peekers advantage and call it a day. There's more to it than that. 1: Peekers advantage (but you knew that) 2: Human response time. This is actually more significant than peekers. Average response time for a person sits between 100-150ms. 3: When you're waiting on them to turn the corner, when they finally do, they're gonna have their barrel pointed at you. All they have to do is see you and hold left click. If you peek them, their barrel might not be pointed at you. This doubles the amount of mental processes that need to happen in order to kill you. First they have to hear or see something, recognize that it's an enemy, adjust their aim, and THEN kill. ​ It's not about peekers. It's about them reacting to you. If you watch pvp breakdowns on YT, pretty much everyone says that. Keep your enemy reacting to you. Not the other way around.


Btw idk if it's been mentioned, but the average response time of a person is way higher, at around 280 milliseconds according to humanbenchmark


That only works because this games shitty netcode. You can 100% hold an angle in actual competitive shooters like CSGO but you can't here because the game's actually fucked.


Took me a couple of times to read before i got the tldr. I agree with you, groups is what it is and it's not a design flaw, just a part of the game. And why does everyone hate cod in this reddit?


I don’t think people actually hate CoD in this sub, as I see it, it’s more referring to the “run n gun” playstyle some people use.


People use CoD as an insult while defending aspects of the game that makes it play like a WoW + CoD hybrid


I just want to reply to why people hate cod. Elitism is the first reason. Games like COD are arcady fps games. You can sprint, parkour, and 360 no scope... It's not realistic in the slightest. Tarkov pulled in a lot of the niche, realistic fps market, which is where I hail* from. Games like Squad, Insurgency, Arma, DayZ, Zero Hour, Ground Branch, Project Reality, Rising Storm, etc. Second reason may be because of development differences. I, as a veteran cod fan, am disgusted with Activision's use of the COD franchise. To me, it feels like the game is just a reskinned MW2 every year. To be fair, the story is always great, but other than that, the game hasn't changed much. Activision is a shady company and have made many anti consumer choices in the past. And for those reasons, I am out. So other than COD not being realistic in anyway, except maybe the campaign, and the company behind it being trash, many people here, don't like the game. I used to love cod, same with BF, but the direction those games have went in the last ten years were monetary focused not gameplay focused. Edit: a word


>So other than COD not being realistic in anyway, Imagine saying that while playing EFT. EFT isn't any more or less realistic than CoD, and CoD MW did many things better than EFT (Scopes, NVGs, doors). The only things that are vaguely more realistic in EFT is weapon attachment compatibility, and that it's the ammo that does the damage and not the weapon. Having said that, in EFT barrels that are shorter than others have more velocity some how, pretty much none of the ammo values are realistic, armor isn't realistic (especially helmets), there is health regen (it's just manual), movement is as fucked as CoD's in MW just in a different way, mag dumping is as effective as in CoD etc etc etc. So anyone saying "go play CoD" really has no idea what they're talking about. I'd love for EFT to actually be hardcore and realistic but it seems like no one on this sub knows what that is.


EFT is more "realistic" if you're willing to use a mushy definition of realism, and only for the sake of comparison. Arcade FPS games AFAIK don't take into account things like bleeding out, damage to different parts of the body (save the head), having to manually repack mags, weight considerations, stamina (to the degree EFT does), bullet velocity (even if EFT's is flawed), etc. Sound is a much bigger factor in EFT than I'm led to believe it is in CoD, and I would figure that's more realistic, though I'm not sure how its importance compares to actual situations of PMCs in such a conflict zone. At the very least, EFT is more "hardcore" because there are a lot more factors to consider at any moment, and screwing up one of them might instantly cost you the game. "Realism" is sort of subjective.


What does realism mean to you?


I too was wondering about the velocity of a shorter barrel. You're wrong, and a Google search can tell you that.


It's not about 'If something is as real as possible' but the fact that tarkov tries to simulate bandaging and healing / wounding individual limb, magazine management, ect. all the details While CoD has magic ammo pool, recover healt by doing nothing, all that crap So lets just say EFT is not realistic but tries to simulate a fuck load of the real stuff in a gamey way, while CoD is just an Arcade with a lot of magic.


Tarkov fails to simulate one of the most important things: fire doctrine. And this is the worst for what it calls itself, really. The full auto meta is a shame.




I don't tell people to go play COD unironically... Secondly I also want EFT to be more hardcore and realistic. My biggest gripe is the recoil system... But I disagree with your overall notion that COD and Tarkov have similar realism. Though the campaigns maybe great, they are action movies... Just like the multiplayer in COD, which is the only reason the franchise lives, it's terribly unrealistic and like playing through a Michael Bay movie. At least in Tarkov there are systems to bring realism to the game, not so in COD.


Why would mag dumping being effective at short ranges and even long ranges not be realistic I don’t get it. Irl you can pretty accurately full auto someone at range with the right guns, the reason semi auto is the prevailing firing style just has to do with conserving ammunition and going full auto not being necessary. It doesn’t mean going full auto isn’t possible with the right attachments and training though. And I mean in an irl close quarters situation you would set your gun to full auto and hold the trigger that’s literally the reason full auto rifles are a thing. Also Tarkov is still primarily a game not a milsim, I mean ffs you get killed all the time and somehow come back to life. You are always the same PMC no matter how many times you die. It is a lot more realistic than CoD, not having hit markers, TTK being literally one or two direct bullet hits, limb damage affecting your mobility, no ping markers, no indicator of who your teammates are, it’s just abstracted to be fun. Also irl at least from what I’ve heard from special operatives reacting to video games and such speed, surprise and violence of action are the decisive factors in CQB. So aggression paying off in Tarkov is not unrealistic at all.


You seem to have a conflicting point here. Armour (excluding helmets) is about as realistic as you're going to get in a video game. The current 'protective aura' isn't obviously, that's subject to change to plate coverage only. But an NIJ class III plate designed to take multiple M80 rounds is going to stop a lot more much weaker rounds like 124gr 9mm. Back face deformation is an issue, but thats kinda what blunt damage is meant to represent. You also conveniently picked the COD that has been the most 'based in reality' take for the franchise in a decade.


This needs to be top comment. I don’t see enough of people saying this. Tarkov is far from a Military Simulator.


To be fair, when they did bring changes to CoD's gameplay people got pissed and moaned about it. Ultimately what you're seeing is what people want. I like both games for different reasons. The attitude of "Tarkov is harder than CoD" is just stupid elitism to me too be honest.


For some reason people seem to hate fast playstyles and pass it off as COD behavior I guess.


Thank you for reading it a couple times, too many people on here have been blasting me as if I have a very hardcore stance on groups, insurance, or anything else.


It's nice and all but don't confuse bad game design with a hardcore experience.


This 100000% bsg keeps doing exactly this and then fat neckbeards on here defend it with their life. Its a fucking endless cycle at this point


I love the feature where if their dogshit servers are a wittle too busy, it keeps kicking me out for their own ping rule! Great design Nikita!


That's it exactly, people who have no idea what they are talking about emotionally defending the game at any cost using whichever excuse is in fashion at the time. At the start the defence was "this is a game, it can't be too realistic it needs to be balanced!", and now it's something like "the game can't be balanced, it's supposed to be realistic/hardcore!!!". If you want to see them malfunction, start making suggestions to make the game more realistic. When people did this a few years back, they'd get mass-downvoted with dozens of angry comments telling them "IT'S JUST A GAME". Do it now and your post will just get ignored.


This. 1 thousand times this. The game is not difficult. The game is inconvenient to cover up lazy writing. Almost everything they introduced lately aims to make progress slower not by making things harder or by introducing content but by making things frustratingly inconvenient.


I'm personally not a fan of the way they've balanced things by just making a level requirement. I personally think that's the most boring and complacent way to make changes


Way too many people on this subreddit do, sadly


People will defend the shit netcode, broken armor and ammo systems, god awful recoil system, and general poor optimization to their grave.


What does this post even mean? "easy"? What does "easy" mean in a multiplayer game? It makes literally zero sense. Is football harder than basketball? Is F1 harder than Golf? It's as hard as the people you play against make it. Anyone who makes arguments whether the game is hard/easy or posts like this really don't have a clue. People don't generally complain because "THIS GAME IS TOO HARD" - they complain about the things that make it UNFUN. Maybe you're mistaking hard with 'tedious'. > THIS IS MY FIRST CONSISTENT WIPE Oh, that explains alot.


People be like something is buggy - HEY ITS BETATEST WE ARE TESTING HERE somebody suggests changes - NO GO PLAY SOME OTHER GAME, IT IS WHAT IT IS!


Tarkov itself doesn't know what it is. It has aspects of an alpha, a banner saying it's a beta, and is marketed like a full release.


Remember when betas used to be short free play periods before full release and didn't have $140 paid versions? Pepperidge Farm remembers.


Eh, it's not *all* bad. We got stuff like factorio, prison architect, and rimworld from extended betas.


Yeah but I don't remember those games selling $140 premium versions.


I'm not defending the 140 part, just the extended betas. I don't think I'd ever categorize any of those that I mentioned as alphas in their purchasable states though.


This is so true xD


Don't forget that we need at least 2 of these posts per week. Additional posts will be added if someone suggests a change that actually gains traction.


Yep, this subreddit in a nutshell.


Underrated comment


I understand your argument but i think something that people don't realize that just because a change makes the game easier that automatically make it bad.


Yeah this 100%. There’s not game out there were a dev looks at their game and they say “I made this game to be easy.” There’s always challenges and hardships in any video game you play. It’s all about the overall experience EVERYONE has from top to bottom. If your entire player base from little Timmy to MR.Chad is having trouble with something in Tarkov, chances are it should be made easier; or maybe it’s supposed to be that way. It’s all about dev and player choice.


i'm realy okay with the statement "its not an easy game" and also "Nothing can be perfectly balance" But there is some problem you can fix, new loyalty level on merchants have cause problem to level up the hideout, where Mecano block everything at level 20 & 30 for exemple Curve of stuff is broken 1-19 as only level 17 you get a slight up, and at level 20 you have access to everything via Flea Market The thing people do on this subreddit is often "Complaining people complain whitout trying to understand if a point is made" When the Dev team and Whole Gaming industry say "Tarkov is a MMOFPS with hard mechanics" and someone is just saying you playing a Shooter so survival dosnt need to be improve, he is not even looking at the front page of the game...


Mechanic locking my hideout is the only thing that irritates me but I believe it’s a design intended to force you to do your quests if you want to progress at a decent pace without cheesing labs


Maybe I'm the idiot who struggles to get Jaeger to level 2, but I just want my water collector


And then you see water collector 3 needs LL3 Jaeger.


No Jaegar is just a bitch. His quests are huge painpoints. Quests like headshot tremors, 6 kills in office, etc. are very annoying for a lot of people.


"The Tarkov shooter" - Part 3


I really don't understand this quest. It's like " Hey, we have a game based up until some point on realism, but go get a bolt action and just rush people to kill them because fuck the way you want to play the game". I understand some quest to make you use guns you don't normally use, but using a rifle in the less ideal way is ... a weird gameplay design/choice.


Traders SHOULD lock hideout upgrades. Why should someone who's done no quests be able to max out their hideout? That sounds so stupid how are you even complaining about that..


Missing the point entirely, the point is that quest design and quest progression is dog shit. The issue isn't that quests take a long time, which they should, it's that your entire quest progression can get stuck behind an RNG quest or something fucking ridiculous and absurd like Jaeger's quests, through not fault of your own. There is at least one person playing this wipe from the start that still hasn't found gas analysers, I guarantee you.


I desperatly need a roll a TP to build LVL 1 lavatory. I've search every container/box/bag possible on Interchange all weekend. NONE. fml.




Until yesterday I was still getting Salewas... Had all other items ready but whenever I found a Salewa I died with it...


Strongly disagree. Traders have nothing to do with the hideout from a narrative perspective. It’s not like after a certain rep level that hideout materials like corrugated hoses start becoming available for sale. That would at least make sense. The current trader lock is just an uninspired game design decision that is in no way supported by the fiction of the setting. And the current quests are some of the most banal & tedious quests I’ve ever encountered. It’s mainly WoW circa 2005 “kill 10 wolves” design with some additional weird hoops to jump through. It’s bad enough that a Trader won’t sell me a specific weapon or ammunition, despite my having both the currency & reputation levels required, simply because I haven’t completed a specific quest first. The only thing that should gate hideout upgrades are money & materials.


The only thing that makes sense to me is to lock flea market after lvl 4 traders. Flea market should be a goal in of itself -- to be able to buy any of the gear available in the game (outside of OP, loot table balanced gear) after grinding through the dregs of Tarkov. I find myself playing with people whose only goal is to quest to get to lvl 20, just so they can sell all of their gear to make more money than they would be selling to traders. The gameplay loop is still too short, and a majority of people's goal in this game is still centered around roubles. The quantum leap in ammo availability after lvl 20 also muddies the early gameplay loop quite a bit. Nikita making BT ammo spawn even less on reserve & woods can magnify this further.


I've actually really enjoyed this wipe and having to adapt to not having the flea market (I pretty much skipped the last wipe to take a break). I'm much more aware of barters and what my hideout can build for me. I'm making do with what I have access to and it's more fun for me than before.


>I'm much more aware of barters and what my hideout can build for me. Pre-20 was awesome in terms of "feeling" the hardcore aspects, but the traders need waaaaaay more barters to make this work. They can even up the flea level to 40, but they really need to add a couple of hundred barters to make things worth getting out of raids.


The thing regarding this is I would stop playing the game if flea market was that high, and I know a bunch of other people who also wouldn't play. The flea market is super unique to tarkov and one of the main draws for me to play the game, and I'd guess I'm not the only one who thinks this way.


You're not alone. I personally like the heavier emphasis on survival without the flea, but I understand why people like it. Locking it behind levels doesn't solve the balance issue though. It just held everyone off for an extra week.


It held off good players for an extra week, bad players like me and my friends took an extra few weekss


yeah im dreading getting the flea. totally ruins the game. but i get why people like it.


The problem most people are missing or couldn't express well is that the game is too easy for no-lifers&streamers. They rush the game and due to the gap between them and regular players, they basically have escaped the hardcore game. It is an entirely different beast playing regularly or no-lifing and having an in-raid advantage. Streamers and no-lifers arent feeling the hardcore part.


But Tarkov doesn't even know how it wants to be played. It has realism aspects like DayZ, looters shooter numbers and mechanics like Division and the fast pace of CoD. 'Tarkov is a realistic shooter.' Is that why I can shrug off two broken legs with a fuckin single ibuprofen pill? Or why I can shoot someone 9 times in the legs or even torso if they have armour without them going down? The reason why 'getting Tarkoved' is called getting Tarkoved is because it's a stupid thing that can only happen in this game.


Yeah I feel like painkiller effects need to heavily reworked. Since ibuprofen is not suddenly going to allow you to walk on a shattered leg or at all. Morphine and adrenaline would need to be top tier.


True that, painkillers should take effect after a while not instant and make the vision blurry not crisp lmao


Yeah, and then people will moan when there is no playerbase because casuals don't want to be steamrolled every raid, so there will be more and more wipes to compensate. Same thing happened in Rust. Then you'll moan about the meta when everyone is only running around with Vectors and AP6.3 because it's the only viable build. You get to level the playing field or have more wipes. You can't have both.


It's almost like if this game was actually realistic and hardcore, far more playstyles and builds would be viable. It's almost like the reason why people enjoy early-wipe so much is because more playstyles and builds are viable. It's almost like the crux of the issue are the weapons, armor, attachments and ammo available late-wipe. It's almost like if AP ammo was made far more rare, and helmets were capped at lvl 3-4, and high-tier attatchments were nerfed, the entire wipe would play like early wipe.


Imagine how much the streamers would moan though.


It's not just the streamer that would moan but 90% of the sub, including the ones that go one about how great early wipe is. The issue is that 90% of this sub, the streamers and Nikita himself don't understand why early wipe is so good. Like, they could literally just delete ammo better than BT, armor high than lvl 4, and all high-tier attachments from the game and it'd make the game so much better. I only say that because clearly actually balancing the game is too hard for BSG.


5 man squads have it easy. How is handicapping them something that makes the game easy


You are literally telling people that the game should only be played the way you want it while complaining about people wanting it a certain way. Tired of these posts. Just give it a rest. The game is meant to attract the most players they can to maintain an active player base. They will cater to both sides. Get over it


Imagine posting this on your first wipe


I fucking died when I learnt this is his first wipe and he doesn't know whats D2.


LMAO. Fucking exactly


Alright you want the game to be hard? Fix the blatantly unrealistic armor and ammo meta. Your altyn irl isn’t stopping a rifle round. The only time this game resembles a cod clone is late game armor meta with people running around like they are iron man. Make helmets as useless against bullets as they are irl and but the fear of death back in players who have gotten well to complacent in being bulletproof


No guys really its more hardcore if you can survive a mosin to the forehead from 10 ft away.


This is what's kept me from enjoying the game as much as I want to. Imo the armor system is just a massive load of bullshit


You can make helmets behave more realistically when you shrink the head hitbox to not be the size of a barn, otherwise the game is just escape from getting headshot every time


Exactly. The amount of headshots I get by accident is crazy. I'm a terrible shot yet so often at the exit screen "headshot, headshot" and I'm like..how?.


Irl helmets can and do deflect rifle rounds. Even a shitty ACH can stop one. Yes, body armor modeling could do with some work, but even with that need, it's a better model than any other game I'm aware of.


Consistently no they do not, yes all helmets should have an rng ricochet chance but consistently stopping rifle rounds like they do now is utterly unrealistic. Hell I can send you a video rn of a normal 5.45 round from a short barrel aks-74u cutting clean through an altyn like it isn’t there. There is a reason the handful of helmets rated for rifle rounds are so noteworthy, they are incredibly rare.


Ahah you watch oxide ?


You seem to be dipping yourself in to the discussion without even understanding how easy the game is already. Factions are meaningless, group play is an unbalanced quirk and most people including yourself have no clue what you are talking about. Most level headed adults want a game that makes sense and none of those changes are happening ever, meanwhile in kid land people want COD and mechanics that encourage nonsensical play with little penalties for failure. This is the reason the game is a joke in short. I am level 31 and gear means nothing to me, because when I die horribly by playing like a goof and having fun, I return to my stash to stare at 47million Roubles. Outside of money being a joke for experienced players, the gameworld makes no sense. PMCs slaughter everyone without reason UNLESS jimmie and his squad decide to play together from one of the tarkov discords, then they enter the map as a team and clear up anyone else not themselves... There is no logic to what is taking place and there likely never will be. The game's meaning and purpose are a joke and they gave up on faction systems and huge overworld long ago.


Best post here by quite a far margin. OP has openly admitted to being new enough to not know reserve's extracts and thinks he has any authority to comment on the state of the game. No one who has played Tarkov for more than a year thinks the game is bad because it's hard. Tarkov is plagued by issues because there is no internal consistency in its design, no clear development strategy and very little coherence when you consider the basic and fundamentally broken gameplay loop. When you can't lend your game a particular niche, you get something like Tarkov - where COD movement and metagaming Twitch streamers meet mostly hardcore gameplay with sprinkles of casual nonsense - which all coalesce into the kind of turd you push out when you haven't taken a shit in a week. All in all, it's the kind of thing you're glad you got out of your system.


There's Hardcore, and then there is stupidity. Such as a 5 man group able to take up 5 slots of a 6 man factory.


The game designed for people to buy EOD change my mind


Handicap the handicapped aka the cheaters.


Correct. However, the game is easy for people that run expensive late game kits because they eliminate all the difficulty of the game. Expensive high pen rounds eliminate the point of armor, large magazines eliminate counting rounds (and being forced to tapfire), guns have no recoil so people can just spray and pray, insurance almost guarantees no loss, grenades and being able to spam 4-5 a fight makes it very easy, etc etc etc. I like the janky scav gunplay because it's so raw, not seeing some streamer play it like it's call of duty with his friends, run through hallways, and unload 30 rounds and toss 4 grenades in my general direction like it's nothing. It's boring.


Ah yes, Gatekeeping, the sign of a healthy mentality. How dare new players develop opinions!


Anyone that wants to handicap groups has completely missed the point of Tarkov. When I'm solo and I hear a train coming I know it's about to get fun.


you talk about how people shouldn't cry when they get killed as that's what the intention of the game is, it's supposed to be hard. Yet at the same time, you're contradicting yourself by saying that we should accept how similar it feels like playing a cod game..


It's not that this game is hard, it's just that you put time into it, die to cheaters or shit servers, and you just 100% wasted your fucking time. That doesn't feel good, and it's not "challenging".


Counter point: there is a difference between a game being hard and a game being unfair






“The game will be open world!” All this time and we don’t even have all the individual maps, much less even an inkling of a plan to put them all together. All of the plans for Tarkov past the extremely immediate should never be taken seriously. We can’t even get the SCAR in the game on schedule and that’s a fan-favorite gun, has been developed for a long time, and is only a single gun.


It's wild to me that people really think the game will be open world one day. It runs like shit sometimes even on normal maps. Not to mention that if you orient all the maps the right way, there are still huge gaps that will need to be filled to stitch them together. I can only assume when they say "open world" they mean going to certain extract spots will fast travel you to the next map, spawning you at it's corresponding extract spot. Plenty of games do that and still call themselves "open world." All the believers will then put on their shocked pikachu masks.


I think I’ve seen someone list out everything that’s allegedly “planned” for Tarkov and it’s just comical. It would literally be one of the largest games in scope and depth of all time Hell, looking at the list of skills and seeing all the skills supposedly coming that aren’t fleshed out and don’t seem to get much meaningful progress at all makes me laugh. Not a chance in hell.


You’re supposed to be that lucky? I’m lucky to get 1/10


Which is weird because a lot of people also find the game too easy in it's current state and think rouble farming and flea need to be heavily tuned down. Plenty of changes to be made to the game in it's current state to make both ends of the spectrum happier (like weapon jamming and zero recoil weapons).


Don't be too surprised when the game is dead before its "finished". There's a fine line between difficult and cancer and I've been seeing right many tumors in my experience.


ITT: OP convinced group insurance system is not tarkov ez mode and talking about the game being meant to be hard. Hilarious.


A Mimimimi Post about Mimimimi Posts. God bless the humanity.




Its great to see the community making valid counter arguments to this ridiculous ass post.


This post is just a "fuck solo players" Tarkov isn't hard just complicated. Aim isn't really that important in the game where you hold M1 and sweep over people's heads. EOD is literally the p2w easy mode that the devs continue to balance around. That's probably the biggest problem with Tarkov right now not solo players complaining about dying to 5 mans


So your logic is: the game is not "supposed to be easy", except for 3-4-5-man squads. They literally exploit the insurance system and they sit on their milions with guaranteed meta gear coming back from Prapor. Imho they should remove it completely. You want your stuff back? then your teammate has to sacrifice space in his backpack and extract succesfully. This post has no meaning, you're just crying about people crying about people crying that the last enemy team killed their solo-ass and is gonna hide the gear while the solo gets nothing back. ​ Edit: last year i played mostly on squads ending up with 150 milion roubles, now i play mostly solo and i notice how brave those chads are until you kill 2-3 of them, then they suddenly transform in over-geared-bush-rats


Removing insurance just hurts solos even more than groups.


I'm just salty over that all of my deaths this wipe is sus.


You are probably joking but holy shit this has been by far the worst wipe for me so far when it comes to "sus" deaths. Maybe I just got worse at the game :/ 2 or 3 wipes ago. I'd have a death that puzzled me maybe 1 in 50 deaths, even while playing a lot of labs. Probably around half of my deaths so far this wipe have been a bit odd. Admittedly, this is getting a wee bit frustrating.


What you're saying is right, but it's not a very balanced argument. I think more complaints have been about how much advantage EOD has over a standard account, which literally makes it a Pay To Win experience, which EFT should not be, the devs have stated that. So a lot of complaints do carry weight, you post gives the impression that all complaints are not justified and that is wrong.


This needs to be said about these posts. I swear I have seen one of these at minimum once a month since I started playing and it really is not something that needs to be said at all. If players truly are just upset that the game is difficult and want it made easier they will leave pretty soon anyway just downvote and move on. These counter argument posts really just feel like complaining about the complaining and if they work only serve to stifle legitimate feedback.


Where have the devs said they don't want EOD to be P2W? It's always been that way and Nikita has said himself he can't nerf it or people who paid would cry. They're even thinking about paid DLC and the game isn't even close to completion or working properly. Money is, and has been if you look at their history, the first thing on their minds. They sell the fucking game in packs for cheaters lmao


The game is VERY easy in groups. If it's supposed to be hard, why *not* handicap groups? Your reasoning sucks.


I don't care waiting more queue time if I could just queue for raids where everybody is solo, duo or at most trio. Many times I can put down two guys just to be killed by the last two guys in the squad that came after the dead called the info about me killing them and then proceed to drop all their great in a bush for insurance. I get it, you suck on your own and your only chance to play the game is with a full squad, but that's not my fault. I'm ok with having hard raids and a challenge, but I don't like being bottlenecked by a bunch of mediocres that just outnumber solos by 4 v 1 or 5 v 1.


The game literally makes you click "Accept" to the idea that you are going to die over and over and over again and if you don't click "Accept" you don't get to play [(**SOURCE**)](https://i.imgur.com/au6QfYq.jpg) but people still somehow have this idea that the game needs to be made easier.


This is just such a bad take though. Nobody is saying the game should be CoD. Nobody wants to have their hand held. Its just a bad argument people use to shut down any change they do not like. If for example Nikita made scavs instantly headshot you from 100m. Removed the ability to restore health in-raid, added forced permadeath etc etc. A bunch of changes that technically make the game harder. Does that mean they are good changes? No. In the same way, not every change that makes the game "easier" is bad, either. Insurance fraud for example. Groups exploit it, which makes the game easier for them, no? They can hide their dead squadmates gear, which dramatically increases the chances of getting it back from insurance. Removing the ability to do this would make the game harder for them, so you should be fine with it, right?


>Insurance fraud for example. Groups exploit it, which makes the game easier for them, no? They can hide their dead squadmates gear, which dramatically increases the chances of getting it back from insurance. Removing the ability to do this would make the game harder for them, so you should be fine with it, right? As a solo player i do insurance fraud ALL the time. Like 99.9 % of the time i never have my own gear with me when extracting.


As a solo player, you need to be alive to do that. If you die, you get looted by the person that killed you, or a lucky player scav that finds you. The point is that groups have an unfair advantage because they loot their dead squadmates gear, and hide it in a location nobody would ever think to look 9/10. Therefore safely returning the gear to the player that died, so they lose very little.


"This game is not supposed to be bad..." FTFY.


I’ve been playing this game for a few hours now, and still have no fucking clue where to go or how to extract. But hey, I killed a guy already.


How many times do we gotta see a post like this in a month? Sure I get that you want the game to be hardcore, but is it really hard core if you need to lookup shit on the wiki for stuff to make any sense? Why not add dmg values and armor pen values to an ammo's view screen? The only way people can "Git gud" at tarkov is to learn the game and that's mainly done via the wiki right now. So instead of getting new players to do Google searches, why not add info into the game to make it more enjoyable?




It feels very clear that this is some vague post that's only purpose is to farm upvotes. What are we talking about here? A lot of the complaints I see are about hackers, server problems, or the disparity between editions of the game. Maybe there are some things random people are saying trying to make the game easier but I don't think that's a majority of complaints. Like someone else said, don't confuse bad game design with a hardcore experience. "Oh you think that it's ridiculous that based on how much you pay for the game you get a ridiculous head start even though it's supposed to be hardcore for everyone? Oh bro just get good it's supposed to be hard". None of this is an argument for anything and that's the problem, you're just trying to state the obvious and act like you're being brave.




I agree wholeheartedly. I dont think the game needs to be easier, in fact, it should be harder. Even the grind to level 20 has been fun this wipe to get to unlock flee market. Took two weeks rather than two days like normal.. I think a lot of people's arguments are based on their playstyle and what they actually want to do in game and what their end game is pre-wipe. Like "Where do I want to be during pre-wipe events?" Some people will want to have Kappa, some people will want to be level 40 or 50 and some people like me want to have enough roubles to run M61 and Reap-IR every raid with a Hexgrid and pretend to be a chad for the last week. I still enjoy the grind to 40, but I don't go in chasing PVP because I know my skill level in this game doesn't match my ambition. I play both sides of the coin though, can rat like there's no tomorrow and then I know how to aim and shoot as well if I need to. My play group has people who sit on below 100k roubles for an entire wipe yet have 3x more PMC kills then there's people who will wipe with 20+ mil roubles. The game can be twisted into however you want to succeed, you need to make it work for you rather than expecting it to change.


I just wish I could complete Bunker pt2 without getting one tapped every god damn time. I gotta git gud


This game is so hard that success actually feels good. Most games cater to the recreational type of players, and as such, killing absolutely everything without much of a fight often dilutes the sensation of winning, rewards, and success. Tarkov makes you suffer, a lot, and when I get a juicy kill and get near exfil with that huge payload and start getting shot at, my heart rate suddenly spikes and I get a rush I don't get in any other game I've ever played (except amnesia lol). I absolutely hate seeing people complain about things being too hard; flea being level 20 is an example about the message BSG wanted to send, that this game isn't call of duty and you will need to work hard to even get close to an advantage. Another example; You need to complete grenadier to get access to 12.7x55 PS12B now, and that task is a real kick in the balls to complete. You want powerful AP ammo? BSG says "earn it". Regulated materials gives you the Ash-12, that one is really hard too. You need to earn that big advantage through hard work. That's the premise of this entire thing. Just like how you lose a lot in life too, losing is okay, it's part of the path to success.


As a semi-veteran playing my fourth wipe, I can say that this is propably the roughest start to the wipe I've ever had. Maybe its because I'm getting old and slow, but womehow I still feel like this wipe I feel like I get my cash flow going, then 3 raids later I find my self selling crinkets to therapist tryin to afford a sight to my stock AK. And ai am alrdy level 38, and still struggling with money. I'm not at all saying its a bad thing that this wipe feels hard, but the fact that the reasoning for it, is solely the amoubt of cheaters. The game has become a roll of a dice. You either get lucky and have a good game with no cheaters in it, or you lose ur gear getting head eyes'd 2 seconda after spawning. Tldr; I think this wipes harder than previous ones, I think its a good thing. Only the fact that cheaters make it even harder is a bad and de-motivating thing.


Big upvote from me. I love that this game tries harder and harder to shit on us. Call me a masochist 🤷


I've never seen anyone complain on this page regarding the game being too difficult or hard, but mostly about its broken server sided mechanics and desync along with bugs.


Nothing is more satisfying then doming heavy chad player with shitty ps ammo and a SKS, these are my best moments in tarkov overcoming the highly stacked odds, if it was easy I wouldn't play it, looting that chad knowing I had the discipline to keep my cool as bullets are wizzing at me and taking careful aim at the kill zone is more satisfying then being on an even playing filed gear wise.


the highs in this game are so good because of the devastating lows. i fear for my life in allmost every raid...sitting cozy in front of an pc monitor,not bad xD


I get mad at the game a lot, but I dont expect anything else lol.


The game has to be fun though to be successful, and honestly difficulty has a large factor in that. I think the game is in a pretty good state right now compared to previous wipes. Just don't forget if people aren't enjoying themselves the game will die out.


The only thing I would really change is where groups spawn. It could be my imagination but it seems like groups spawn in different spots than solo players, and they tend to end up uncomfortably close to those solo players. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve died pretty much in my spawn or within a minute I come across 2 or more people. Even if I kill one of them I still have to deal with someone else, especially after exchanging with the first guy and being injured. Most of the game for me seems to work pretty well and all makes sense. I would change that. And then perhaps I would change the relationship between leveling up traders and gaining access to the flea market. I level up my favorite traders to level 2 at level 13 and 14, and I gain access to the flea market at 20. So I gain access to a few more things for about 6 levels and then the whole world just sort of opens up. It feels like for the finished game either the flea market needs to be unlocked way way later, or we need to level up traders faster. That’s just my two cents. It’s by no means the correct answer.


“This game is not supposed to be easy.” It’s ironic that so many people here feel they’re embracing the maximum challenge of being a badass in Tarkov, yet won’t go solo only for the entire wipe. Then they go and post, “it isn’t supposed to be fair.” As if they haven’t been playing with the obvious advantage for the vast majority of their in game time. All this while their dead mate shouts out the position of the enemy on discord, their team preserves his loot and makes the death rather inconsequential. Imagine believing playing with teammates is a challenging way to tackle this game. In a full squad you are playing a sight seeing simulator with the occasional scav or solo pick off. What they should do is give squads and solos a wider berth in matchmaking so that these squad players can actually embrace the challenge they’re pretending to endure. If your squad isn’t constantly facing off against other squads, then how will your team improve? What challenge does the game even pose if you aren’t? So many people with justice boners over how punishing the game should be, yet unwilling to take the full punishment of the game itself. Take off the training wheels guys, put your money where your mouth is. You are living in fantasy land if you play with a squad while subsequently railing on about how this game shouldn’t be easy. You can’t support the challenge while playing the game on easy mode. Hats off to all the perma solos out there, nearly wiping entire squads only to die to their last guy because dead players can still call out positions.


Imma say something wild, scav karma is an amazing fix for this. The bad players can do scav runs more often, not get tk'd by other scavs (usually) and get okay money/gear gains from it. Really helps imo. Obviously it needs to worked on a little more but it's awesome as a way to help out the little guys while not compromising the intensity of pmc runs.


I agree and the hell with kill cam lol!


Honestly I love the fear of coming across a group as a lone player. And I'm not very good... It's like riding a rollercoaster LOL


Lol me too, the other day I just stayed silent and let group pass me, sometimes it's best to play the rat, other days you're the viper waiting to strike


The in my opinion funniest thing is, EFT right now is pretty easy when u compare to the plans the devs have in mind for the future. like, no trader window because u have to run to them or getting to labs through steeets of tarkov. My guess, the ppl complaining most, are playing COD or BF. see a streamer who runs allways decent gear and knows the maps and think they can do it from the get go.


Solid point! Upvoting this comment for sure!


even if you run the best possible gear with a 10m rouble kit, you can still die to a level 1. I really hate that the tarkov community complains so much to where it has gotten to the point they think they’re the developers. If you don’t like the game, go play one you do like. They enjoy FEEDBACK, but ultimately just let them make their game/vision. The same thing goes for any game lmao.


I love how difficult the game is, I absolutely hate all the of the unintended things that make the game harder. Unity engine for one was not a wise choice for this type of game, the hit registry leaves so much to be desired, the bullet mechanics claim to be realistic yet 5.56 can shoot farther and flatter than 7.62x51, the lack of pretty basic anti cheat protocols just seem to have been ignored by BSG and they just dump the work/blame on BE, the movement is clunky as shit, a couple hundred thousand roubles and you've now turned customs into a call of duty pub lobby with your laser beam. But I don't know how to fix any of these things so I'm just gonna keep point shooting my laser until I'm bored and wishing for a new wipe again.


This has been the best wipe I've had so far, and it's almost definitely because of how late flea market was unlocked for people. Literally the biggest "accessibility" feature of this game is what makes it less accessable to casual players.


Groups get to play easy mode when all they do is fight solos all raid. You dont make any sense.


TL;DR - If you have complaints about systems in the game being unfair/unenjoyable, this simply means you are bad, need to realize the game where you can have both legs broken and apply lip balm to full sprint is actually very realistic and hardcore. Also if you don't like something and want it to improve, just develop your own game 4head.


There’s a difference between hard and unfair.


It would be fun to have a solo map, would be a challenge for those that only play in teams and a break for solos tired of getting w key held. Just like rust there’s solo/duo/trio servers that are a nice break from the big groups that you stand no chance against. Dying should be expected when entering every raid, I think a lot of the frustration and also fun in Tarkov comes from having made a mistake and paying for it but at least you can learn from those. When there’s a bug/god scav/bullshit cause of death you just have to shrug it off and take a break or roll into the next one and forget about it. Sometimes it happens nonstop and it feels like you can do nothing about it, that’s the brutality of RNG in Tarkov and that’s when your patience can really be tested but it’s only a game and it’s designed to be challenging and frustrating.


i find it funny how this post specifically makes fun of and shits on the exact same shit you just typed out lol


The only part of this I disagree with is solo queue. We don’t need separate lobbies for 2/3/4/5s, sure, but solo is such an insane disadvantage that unless you’re Pestily or Landmark, the amount you get shit on purely because of being outnumbered and nothing else is huge. You have to remember that there’s two sides to the “people who want solo queue just want they game to be easier” argument, which is that by that logic, *grouping is the easy mode*. You can’t dismiss people who want to play solo against other solos as “people who can’t handle how hard the game is”, while at the same time spending 50%+ of your time playing in groups where you’re the ones getting the easy kills against solo players.


A big part of this is when you play. I play different times of the day/week and the weekends and late nights can be absolute cancer solo. I can hold my own but it's completely different than a weekday morning or afternoon. Times when people are off work and hanging out with friends is just an awful time if you're new to the game and playing solo.


The game is hard, and that's what keeps me playing. My only complaint is with the scav karma system. A duo of player scavs vs me, one of them shoots me, I turn around and kill the other and get negative karma. Not a game changer, just a silly complaint that, hopefully, they can work out later.


Groups actually have it 'easy'. That throws your whole thesis out the window. > this game is not supposed to be easy So is it supposed to be easy for some and hard for others?


Yeah this line of reasoning is so dumb, it can hardly be called reasoning. >gAmE iS sUpPoSeD tO bE hArD For groups too right? Or do you just say that because you run 5 mans on customs?


I honestly have no clue what you're talking about. You didn't read it. Nowhere did I say groups should have it easy.


You said the game should be hard. The current game design makes it easy for groups.


You are kind of arguing against one of you're own points without realizing it... "This game is not supposed to be easy", but rolling around 4-5 deep in every map makes the game SIGNIFICANTLY easier. Groups are one of the only areas that I honestly have no idea how to fix but think they shouldn't really be a thing like they currently are.. Spawning all together. If you spawned the teams at opposite ends they can still play together, but it doesn't give them the immediate advantage of safety in numbers from the start of raid.


Yeah idk IMO groups are a bit ridiculous. Decided to try playing again after a about a year and played last few days doing some early missions. ​ Yesterday decided to go to interchange and killed a guy over twice my level with my shitty sks. then of course his two buddies just hunted me down ruthlessly as i was healing after the fight and reloading my shitty sks. ​ Think I'm done with the game again. its just not a fun game to play solo when you are already have lower gear, to have to face a party of 5 at the same time? That's just a poor design IMO. There no point in playing the game solo anymore as it sits now. fine if you want to play with a squad.


I said this in another reply to a comment here, but I'll say it again in my own comment. Having been on this sub for sometime now, having played this game for about 4 years now, and having watched a lot of different streamers that I see mentioned here to see how other people play the game, I think an issue this community faces is the way it views certain playstyles and the game itself. This game is all about survival. This game is also not designed to be perfectly balanced. There will be gear that doesn't have a strong counter. There will be spots on the map that are totally unfair for one person to hold. There will be times you run intonation 4v1 situation and it isn't fair at all. That's how the game is designed and that is why I love it. BSG does pick and choose when to choose balance over being hardcore or realistic and it is their game and they can pick and choose when they want to prioritize one or the other. I have no issues with it and I generally think over time they make good decisions. I see a lot of people on Reddit and around the community that think BSG must pick to be realistic and hardcore at all times or choose to balance everything at all times. People struggle with BSG having a hybrid approach for some odd reason. What I think is the bigger issues, though, is the way a lot of people think this game HAS to be played. People think you need run around everywhere, get into some PVP action, and get out of the raid within 12-15 minutes or else you are a rat. I see people complain about having tasks in Dorms because they always go there and die to the multiple 3 man's that show up while they are there. All that tells me is that person is going into Dorms way too early into the raid and are putting themselves into a situation they cannot handle. I see a lot of clips on this sub where people are saying something is unfair, they got screwed over, this is what 700 hours of Tarkov looks like, etc. and their post is an attempt to say the game screwed them over, but the majority of the time their poor decision making led to their death. I saw a ton of posts on the Klean thread the other week talking about Aqua FPS being the most relatable Tarkov streamer. That was gaining a lot of traction. After reading that I took it upon myself to go watch him play for a few days. What I saw basically reaffirmed what I was already thinking. People simply turn their brains off and cause their own deaths more often than not. Over multiple days of watching him I found him fun to watch, he was entertaining, but he had a terrible survival rate below 50% in that span, and the vast majority of his deaths were completely unavoidable. I watched the guy spot PMCs in the distance and instantly shoot at them when he had no need to. This led to him being in poor positions to fight. He could have waited for a better shot opportunity or just let them pass. I watched him say he just needs to finish part X of a quest and he'll finally have it done after 7 tries and then he'd sprint there at the start if a raid and die quickly and rinse and repeat multiple times. I'd see him purposefully run towards gunfire and pay zero attention to his cover as he got close and then he'd get shot at and have little chance at survival because he put himself in the open. You don't have to sprint everywhere in Tarkov. You don't have to complete your objective within the first 10 minutes of a raid and be out. You don't have to get 5 player kills every single raid. Every gunshot is not an invite. If you see someone you're not forced to pull the trigger if they haven't seen you. People don't seem to realize any of that, though. I can't help but laugh when I see someone spawn in, immediately sprint at the start of a raid and die within 3 minutes and then call the game shit. This community has an issue where they call anything but a Chad seeking out PVP a ratty play. I've had raids where I was solo and didn't enter Dorms for 25 minutes until the shooting there died down. I've had moments where I spotted a 3 man and sat in a bush and they walked by 2 feet away and I let them pass because I wanted to not chance it. I've had raids where people have literally gotten into the same bush as me and I let them go. I've also had raids where I sprinted straight to Dorms, got 6 kills, did 3 quests and was out of raid within 20 minutes. I've had raids where I've had 8 PMC kills and another 15 scav kills because I seemed out action. There is no wrong way to play the game, but there are ways to play the game and and increase your chances to survive. Unfortunately a lot of people think if you're not being a Chad then you're being a rat, so they feel the need to play rather fast and carelessly then bitch and moan when their survival rate is 37%. If you are a player who has attempted to get into Dorms for a quest or attempted any quest and discover and over, maybe take a step back and analyze what you're doing wrong. Maybe don't go to Dorms until there's 25 minutes left and you're one of the only PMCs left. Maybe don't go to the bunkers on woods within the first 5 minutes to plant your food and water. Wait some time out if your load out is weak or you're not confident in your shooting that day. Not every raid needs to be a sprint, especially if you're struggling.


Well put. But this stems from the gameplay loop being a completely pointless wipe-based round-based cod with steps inbetween, tarkov being extremely boring out of pvp and there being no reason not to. What's the point of not fighting? Increasing your survival rate number on stats screen? Ultimately, even tho I aggree with everything you said - people who sit in bush and don't move, because they are so tensed up weird me out. Tarkov is not a survival game however much it pretends to be. Characters life in it is meaningless and not respected. We should not play tarkov for what it's supposed to be, but for what it is.


Exactly the game is not supposed to be easy so why do groups get an easy mode? Playing 5 man you basically have guaranteed insurance returns since your friends can just hide your stuff. They should just disable insurance for groups keeping the game hard. Your complain is that you want an easy game where ypi can run around with 5 guys like CoD and risk nothing.


On that note it's *way* too easy to get insured gear back when playing with a group of 3-4 people who have two brain cells. Just have your buddy toss it in the water or in an unreachable spot and there you go, no consequences for dying, ever, unless you somehow manage to all wipe, which is really rare. Insurance probably shouldn't exist at all.


Insurance used to be broken as fuck but now that a meta gearset costs 300k to insure it starts to dig into their wallets. Hell, even a mid tier kit costs upwards of 100k to insure right now.


Lol tarkov hard. The learning curve is a bit harsh ok. But once u get it all u do is running arround and shoot people like in cod but without respawn and more immersion. Even game like csgo are more demanding than tarkov.


You are right, game isn't supposed to be easy and death should be very punishing. So they should completely remove the insurance system, not just change or rework it. Edit: Typo


Why is everyone crying about insurance? Is it really that bad? Even if I'm in a group I rarely get all my shit back but it's nice to get some of it back every now and again. It's not like it's super overpowered it's shit you already own and has a story line built in with prapor. It's been that way since the beginning of it's inception. Why change it? What exactly would that do? It certainly wouldn't change how people play because you can get killed running and lose it anyway. Just never expect it back it's that simple.


Also insuring anything starting from Class 4 or that has nice attachments costs hella money, more than it was some wipes ago Im pretty sure.


I mean, to use your own logic, they should remove group insurance fraud because it makes the game easier, no? Groups can exploit a game system to almost always guarantee their gears safe return, if the squad member dies.


I only play solo, (and once in a while duo, but rarely) And i got no problems, ill take down duos and trios sometimes, and even squards, sure most of the times when i meet squads i maybe only take one or 2 down before the rest is on me, but thats how the game is, i honestly like that you have no clue if your up against 1 person or 5 or hell even 10 scavs, its what makes this game so good. The unexpected.