Are the white Marlboro Gold fake? I never seen them before.

Are the white Marlboro Gold fake? I never seen them before.


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I’ve never seen them not white. Weird


The white filter one is sold here in Brazil!


Are they identical as the ones in picture?


Yes. Identical :)


Thank you, is the package also the same? Without 'less smell' logo?


The pack and tubes looks like the ones on the picture but here we have the firm filter and less smell logos. Unfortunately i don't have a pack with me right now.


Could you send me a pictuere of the pack if its possible?


Nope theyre not fake, they sell them here where I live as well as in other places


Where are u from?


Pakistan, I'm sure they sell these white filter ones in India as well, also I think nickthesmoker did a review of these white ones,not sure but I think he might have done one on em


Lol exactly i smoke marlboro "locals" here and thought we got some really unique filters in 10 rupees


Yup, they make em from local tobacco


Yes I have the white ones labelled as Gold and the Skin colored filters are from Marlboro Gold Advanced and it has an extra filter with charcoal particles inside for smoother drags.


We dont have the advance golds here but we do have Marlboro filter plus


I don’t smoke that brand but it looks like they just have 2 different filters. Look at the packs. The circle in the upper left says “firm filter” & the pack says “less smell” under Gold. The other pack does look like that firm filter logo has been sloppily covered up & just says “Gold”. And.. it does NOT say “selected fine tobaccos”. I’ve never seen a fake cig & they’re making a billion iterations of each kind but I have to say that I don’t think the white ones are legit. The sloppy filter logo patch & missing words give it away for me. The bottom of the entire Marlboro logo right across the front is way diff too/see how the white filter ones have a type of raised or embossed lettering for “Marlboro?” That’s not what it looks like. I did smoke Marlboro Lights forever & the pack w brown filters is not embossed & it the way every other one looks. My guess is fake. Don’t you think?


I think the same i think they are fake even the taste is veery diffrent.. Thanks for the info though.. Will smoke Them i have a full box of them so gotta take what i got but will know in future


That’s funny because I’ve never seen A Marlboro Light ( gold) with a brown filter, they’re usually white all the way up


I only know marlboro gold touch are white but not regulars


Yeah, for regulars, Marlboro Red filter is brown, lights is white w a gold ring at the base & ultra lights are white with silver or blue? ring. I smoked all of them for 20 years before they were all named a color. Because of course that will deter us from smoking. Okay my pack looks different now, I’m not going to figure out which is mine so I’ll just quit. Right… pardon my detour from the subject at hand but I personally think that idea was not well thought out. Come to think of it, it actually makes it easier for the fakers when our packs keep changing.


Me too, I still say say lights, mediums, reds ( full flavor) etc


Yep, not surprised. It’s not made with “selected fine tobaccos!” Who knows what it really is. Baked hay chopped up?! Lol, proceed w caution. I would!!


Damn you think its better to throw them. Away?


Hmmm. I would actually because seriously, how do you know what’s in them? There is that little thing about not all people being “nice.” They’re already making & selling a fake product. It may be just some crappy tobacco & I’ve had friends bring me cigs from China, man, that tobacco tastes like sand. Yuck, so that may be all it is. Does it feel like you’ve had nicotine? I dunno. I’d still care more about me than to smoke something unknown. I kinda need my lungs & all! Your call but I’d chuck em.


Shiit it does feel i am not getting any nicotine and the taste is just too aromatic/chemical for marlboro... Fuck it imma throw them away... Thank you for the reply


Sorry friend… That sucks but I say good call. I’m looking up duty free goods right now & says nothing about packaging being different anywhere. Edit: Out of curiosity, if you’re in the US especially, all cigs are now required to have a fire safety coating on the paper. They changed it on Marlboro’s 10 years ago & they all say FSC. Even my organic tobacco American Spirits. If the letters “FSC” are not near the barcode, that’s a dead giveaway that they’re fake.


Im from europe but maybe it changed everywhere?


Not sure. Too many cigs causing house fires here I think. Seriously. Was hard to get used to them bc they go out real easy. Be glad if it isn’t over there!


I'm from Russia and Malboro Gold here is white like on the right. So looks like it's different markets. If I would buy this cigarrets with the yellow filter - it's in opposit - I would think they are fake hah!


But do the pack looks same? Becouse it doesnt have the logos less smell and firm filter... Like the other one said cigs are white but packs are like ones on the left


The pack looks more like on the left yeah. But we also have disgusting pictures on the packs showing how bad cigarrets are for the health. In case of taste I agree they have less smell and not like classic cigarrets. You can see how the pack looks in Russia in my video review of the cigarrets. I started from Malboro Gold coincedently: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DnQMGjpyPK8


The box on the right* looks like a pretty decent knock off, and if they’re both supposed to be gold I would assume that’s the case. I don’t smoke Marlboro anymore though, so I don’t know if there’s like a light gold (I would *assume* gold is full flavor and silver would be lights, but I don’t *know* if that’s the case). *Edit: got my left and right mixed up lmfao


The left box is original atleast every shop/gas station/market has those on the left


Oh shit, meant the right box looked like a knockoff. Not sure why I said left.


Damn i got a full. Box of them 10 packs


I've never seen the left pack, where i live Marlboro lights are the ones with white filter and i was thinking the left was fake lol


Gold is considered light here and silver is ultra light


I've only seen the ones on the right here in the states (white filter). I kinda thought that was marb gold's "thing" so it's super weird seeing them with regular filters on the left.


I smoked american golds as well amd they had orange filter but that was like 5 yrs ago though


I don’t have any experience with these at all but for the one on the right, that weird chevron logo in the top left that looks like it is drawn on is seriously sketchy. Unless that is some very strange try at being artsy with the packaging that does not look right at all. I would not expect Marlboro to be hand drawing a chevron on their packaging with magic marker. I wasn’t even aware that ppl make fakes. Wonder how that even works. If they pay to manufacture packaging and filters/papers that look similar and then pack them with cheap tobacco. Very odd but I suppose there is a lot of money to be made so I shouldn’t be surprised.


Where did you get them? I can confirm fake marlboro golds are a thing. Once I bought a pack and it tasted like shit. But I dont know if your's are fake aswell


My wife bought them from a friend that apparently works in duty free shop for a little cheaper but our duty free shops have the package with orange filters.. They do taste worse in my opinion though my wife say its the same..


The white ones are sold here but they taste like shit


We have white filters in Mexico and the States. It’s weird seeing that Cork style filter on the golds.


In Brazil they are only white! Never saw a yellow tip one. Here is Gold for white and Red for yellow.


They're real. White filters are seen prevalently in East Asia.


In Eastern Europe, they look like the pack on the left. In Croatia I’ve bought multiple packs that look like that


In the U.S. Marlboro Gold have white filters.


It’s real, we also get that here in India. It goes by the name Marlboro lights among the smokers but the pack says Marlboro Gold.


The white is your regular lights. Marlboro just came out with gold label that has the brown filter. Haven't tried gold label yet but I would imagine a more rich flavor to regular lights.


In Romania we have them with the white filter, only the reds have the cork look


i’m from pennsylvania and i don’t think i’ve ever seen marlboro golds with an orange filter. my boxes also look nothing like that, interestingly.


They sell them here in France too.


Personally i don't smoke that brand but it seems that the pack on the right has a different filter so it might just be the filter differences because many brands make different versions of their cigarettes.


I’m in South Africa and those are the only malboro golds we have lol - the white ones


Is the packaging the same? Without less smell logo and without 'selected fine tobaccos' Could you send me a pic of the pack?


I honestly don’t remember:/ I’d send a photo but I don’t smoke these. I’ll ask around


In Russia all of our Gold packs look like that.


the ones on the right aren't fake as far as i can tell, i'm from Mexico and i'm quite familiar with them. no idea about the ones on the left though, never seen a marlboro gold with a normal colored filter.


I've had the white ones before, they gave us a pack a day of these in detox. They taste like shit and you barely get a hit from them. I think they might be European?


East Asian I believe


Don’t seem fake. Probably meant for a different market


Ayooo I've only seen/smoked white!?


Aren’t they always white? Haha


I've seen them before we got sawdust cigarettes. They are made in Germany


I have only seen white ones


They are sold in India!


They might be fake, i am in Dahab, Egypt, the one store i go it has the band from the goverment and are identical to the one in germany in terms of looks, taste, etc. So they are real…the ones with white filters from another store has no goverment band and taste like shit, i almost puked, but on the outside they look the same