Love how every bioshock player thinks off a big daddy when they see some old diving shit


yeah. it's like seeing fog and thinking of silent hill.


Interesting. Yeah late 1800 and early 1900 diving/scuba suits were inspiration for Big Daddies. Especially big bulky ones. Though in BioShock they’re more practical for the stimmed up and genetically modified humans. Offering a protective exoskeleton and doubling as a dive suit. Though if you’re looking for Big Daddy prototypes, the closest thing is BioShock 2’s Alpha Series.


Well the big daddy is a drug addicted beast fused into it's suit and bonded to a little girl with a sea slug inside her in order to maintain a supply of the drugs that keep it alive. The suit the big daddies wear is an imaginative design of what a utility diving suit would look like in the 60's and is based off of real diving technology from the era with a rapture twist. Based on this information, I'd say that the chances of this being a prototype of a big daddy are highly unlikely.


i appreciate your detailed answer.