Quest/Content Suggestion: Exodus of the Mahjarrat (also drew some Old School styled models!)

Quest/Content Suggestion: Exodus of the Mahjarrat (also drew some Old School styled models!)


anything that protect my boy Guthix is an upvote.


*They did him dirty!* Fuck the elder gods


Sliske was actually teased recently in the latest Nex rewards blog >!"Years later, a mysterious individual fooled a group of Saradominists into free Nex and her allies." !< Compare that to this entry off the RS3 wiki >!Years after these God Wars began, Saradominist priests (one of whom was Ashuelot Reis) were approached by a mysterious figure who spoke of Guthix. This entity taught them that Guthix was the only god who could end the chaos and stop the war. The priests abandoned the cause of Saradomin and became followers of Guthix. Their new leader taught them the ways of druids which included an ancient ritual that supposedly had the power to awaken Guthix itself. The priests and their leader performed the ritual, but the result was not what they had expected; the priests had reopened the prison, releasing Nex. Their leader, the one who convinced them to side with him and perform the ritual, revealed himself to be Sliske, a Zarosian Mahjarrat.!< Oddly similar.....


I really like this. I think this is much more in Sliskes character. I think he was a bit cartoonish later on in the RS3 quests; it felt like he was just turned into a blend of Lucien and the Joker lol. Being tricky, staying in the shadows and never showing all your cards is much more of a Sliske trait imo.


Rs3 and osrs share canon unless they contradict, so it'd make sense if sliske is still the one who was responsible for re-awakening nex.


tl;dr: Quest that re-introduces the Mahjarrat, but where the ritual fails. Giving us these cool characters again without having the lore turn into Godscape. Also full art: [with colour](https://i.imgur.com/cPdRIeo.jpg) [without colour](https://i.imgur.com/mAfmez3.jpg)


hrm, have you considered rag and bone man 3 instead?


Rag my bone man


Tbh I wish osrs copied the god quests from rs3. They’re very good, and it’d save a lot of time on designing quests


I’d love to get all of them up to While Guthix Sleeps/Ritual of the Mahjarrat. Even Defender of Varrock, Temple at Senntisten, some of the desert Mahjarrat/God quests would be really great and wouldn’t affect the lore too much.


Wgs is nice and generally considered one of the, if not the, best quests in runescape. However I have a lot of criticism with how the god stuff was handled and the general writing in rs3. Primarily, it becomes very stereotypical comics/shounen anime where the next villain is just more powerful than the previous one (mahjarrat


I agree. Something like Mountain Daughter is very grounded and quite emotional. Even Recipe for Disaster (which is an amazing quest and the whole vibe is just bizarre and great) is “just” one evil sorcerer and a bunch of mini quests. Nothing too crazy for one adventurer to defeat. I did love the assembling a massive team for WGS thing (even though it ended poorly for our team ) and I feel like we could get reasonably buffed up villains that require a big team effort, just like in DS2 in OSRS. I’m really interested in the writing and lore of OSRS, so I’ll be happy either way with more quests, but I think it’ll be better if it’s grounded and kept to the general stakes of WGS/ROTM for the massive quests and then kept to a Monkey Madness/RFD sort of level for the other pivotal quests.


I thought DS2 was fundamentally pretty good, but they did include some stupid shit, like making you fail spammed agility obstacles while hopping the boats, which really took away from the moment.


Not saying it was bad, only that if they were added to osrs I'd quit immediately.


Why didn't you make the text yellow?


This game needs more quests.


Couldn’t agree more. I don’t think I would’ve stuck around RS3 as long as I did if it weren’t for the quests. And I don’t think I would’ve loved RS2/OSRS as much as I do without the quests that we have, and the goofy writing, and sometimes drama, and the lore.


This is the quality of post that I just love to see. Incredible, *unique* artwork. There's just so much character in each design. The write-up was both humourous and on-point in regards to how Runescape 2 treated its lore, and the path that I really hope OSRS continues to follow. While I think RS3's lore has value, it felt like it did a complete 180 in how it treated its story in 2012-2013. No longer was it a boots-on-the-ground, classic adventurer's tale, it became more of a power fantasy and a hollow chosen one trope. The gods were no longer ethereal watchers representing values and ideals, now they became Olympian gods, children bickering over toys. All the 5th age was suddenly made insignificant in one sweeping move, and I couldn't help feel that my world was being disrespected. The stakes quintupled overnight to a nuclear war, proportions I couldn't resonate with, heights I found alienating rather than relatable. You can enjoy that (and clearly people do), but that wasn't the world that I loved in Runescape. In turn, this feels really in-tune to the world we have at the moment. The stakes aren't universe-breaking, but still serious. The characters aren't diminished by more powerful ones happening along, but are explored, brought out, and reflected in new content suggestions. This feels in-reach to the nobody adventurer you play as, who gets to struggle to forge his/her name in the history books. And it's all wrapped up with some incredible character art. And damn, that's beautiful!


Thanks for the comment! I'm glad others also feel this way. I think you worded my problem with RS3 lore way better than I did haha.


While I can see why you dislike it, i'll give some counter points. You very much arent a chosen one in rs3, you get the title "world guardian" but you are not the first, its not very powerful just makes it so gods cant instantly destroy you with their magic, and it is given because of your actions in 5th age. The actions of the fifth have a lot of impact on the sixth, like the release of Azzanadra. The gods also never were ethereal watchers, the god wars where they fought, with victories and losses and devastation, and happened in osrs. They were banished due to the guthixian edicts, in both games. Zamorak was once mortal in both games. These were wars on their behalf with them present, as we can hear from npcs during the ghostly robes miniquest and other places. Them being ethereal watchers do not really work with the lore in place in OSRS. The reason they might seem like ideals is because they have been gone for over two thousands years, allowing the tale of them to be warped and often being contradictory.


I appreciate your reasonable and level take. Yeah, the world guardian thing just really rubbed me the wrong way. It's honestly better than most chosen one tropes because of the exact mechanics involved, but I found it just placed far too much emphasis on the player. Guthix picked *you* out of everyone else, made *you* special and able to contend with the gods. Again, I've happily taken that story from other places - but that wasn't Runescape's story to me. Runescape was about being an unknown adventurer, the un-special wanderer who'd get mixed into stories that weren't really theirs. And yes, of course the gods had their conflicts. Nearly destroyed the world because of the God Wars. But as you said, that was over 2000 years ago. Their roles on Gielinor have completely changed, and that time has left dynamics that are far more interesting to me. When people speak about the gods, they do so with a sense of awe, mystery. Even those who're long-lived enough to have known them talk of them with a strong sense of reverence. These weren't so much people, but forces of nature based on fundamentally different values. What's most enchanting to me is that we - and the inhabitants of Gielinor - know so little about the gods themselves, but will fight because of those fundamental values they represent: Law, Chaos, Justice, War, etc. If you know Tolkien's works, it's very much the same: yes, the "gods" (Valar) exist and have had world-breaking conflicts, but they're no longer directly involved, their roles are more representative of ideals than as characters, and the story left for LOTR is far more grounded and personal as a result. With RS3, that nuance and mystery was dropped in favour of the Olympian god, the child-like beings who run off emotion, pettier squabbles, and engage in Marvel-esque banter; to me, that wasn't "revealing" who the gods truly were, that was a complete character rewrite, and now I had to contend with these people being the center of my stories instead of the older characters Runescape had already built and made me attached to. If we ever see the gods in any deeper manner in OSRS, I truly hope that they are dealt with like OSRS handled Seren: given respect for their ideals, keeping them wrapped in mystery and mystique, given motivations based purely on the ideology they represent, and keeping them background to the more grounded characters we have now.


Thats fair, we clearly have different views. I dont feel like they are rewritten, or abandoned their values. I personally think they did an amazing job of showing respect to the gods, and they still try to embody the ideals they set forth. Saradomin is the god of order, and that has its cost, a cost he is willing to pay and bear the burden of. He has no issues disagreeing or going against you if you choose to go against his ideals, and that goes for all the gods. Zamorak used to be mostly just evil and very little chaos, and now the chaos part is fleshed out and the guiding principle of all he does. We had a quest to truly deal with what zamorakianism means. The zamorak they show is one that absolutely would rise against Zaros, and it is because of his values. Zaros acts the way he does because he fundamentally believes in his own philosphy, same with Seren. Armadyl tries to enact justice, and has to struggle with the nature of what that means. Bandos lived by the sword, and died by the sword. The gods never left their fundamental values, and they are still powerful enough to be a force of nature which is why Guthix gave us world guardian protection. Its just a defence against godly magic, nothing more. And the characters we did grow to love and like are still around, and play vital part often at the center stage. This year we didnt get "Zaros' quest" or "Seren's quest". We got Azzanadra's Quest, and it was fantastic. Right now allies (and enemies) we have gained in previous quests are all lining up, fighting together. They are not forgotten or unused. Next rs3 update, we are seeing Zemouregal, Hazeel, Khazard, Graardor join us to defend against Zuk.


Again, thanks for being civil about this. Yeah, we're coming from very different directions. Your examples of the gods embodying their ideals are fine (though I'll die defending Saradomin and how he only changed to the megalomaniac he is because the writers said so!). However, when I look at individual interactions, I don't get that sense as much. How they speak and interact with each other - again, to me that says a lot more of Olympian feud than awe-inspiring clash of ideals. I should correct myself: by "Force of Nature" I meant more like a natural force (clearly the wrong use of the idiom). I felt that the gods worked better as banners and values/ideals to follow, worse as characters of their own. And again, the gods being human-like characters is fine on its own, but that wasn't the world I had come to love. The transition between ages felt jarring, a whole setting and world felt thrown out in favour of large setpieces and frequent potentially earth-shattering events. The stakes feel, to me, over the top, to the point where I give up caring and feel far more invested in helping the Wise Old Man have his Swan Song than stopping the world from ending. In terms of the smaller characters, I think it's hard to argue that they're being given nearly as much attention as they could be receiving with the gods taking center stage. Are Sir Tiffy Cashien and the Wise Old Man being given the attention they deserve in the 6th age? How aout the local rulers of Varrock, Ardougne, or the Gnome Stronghold? What resources are being devoted to the gods are simultaneously not being spent on the world that we knew before the 6th age, and that just really saddens me. I was really loving the story of RS2 until around that 2012-2013 era when it seemed Jagex wanted to go into a completely different world and setting.


I respect it. Awesome proposals.


The Mahjarrat are maybe my favourite fictional race/species and I'd love nothing more than their story being adapted to Old School. Props for the design. EDIT: also love the idea of Nieve being a 7th Barrows Wight!


Mahjarrat quest line was the best. I literally wouldn't mind if they just ported over WGS and ROTM. Just not the rest of the garbage lol


I’m a bit of a 2010scape fanboy but I would literally vote yes to port over every single quest up until the sixth age that RS3 is in. I really liked the desert quests and some of the other mahjarrat offshoots (like tale of the muspah), defender of varrock, temple at senntisten, chosen commander, etc etc.


I assumed curses will come from the patented OSRS way of doing it in Desert Treasure 2. Maybe one day when jagex doesn't spend majority of there dev time making game modes


Oh yeah I’m not too stressed about getting the exact same rewards, I think it would be cool to get a lower reward from quests like Temple at Senntisten either way. I am just a lore nerd lol


I like a lot of the ideas, but I don't think it is possible to stop Lucien from getting the staff. One of the options is to literally hand him the staff, so it would be very out of place to say "oh, that didn't happen" or "just after you left, the Guardians of Armadyl rushed in, beat him up, and took the staff back". If I remember right, the justification in RS2 was an Icthlarin's Little Helper situation where ever if you didn't give him the staff, the Guardians inform you that he tricked another adventurer into doing it for him. So whether it is you or someone else, he will always end up with the staff. But I don't think the staff is the problem. It is powerful, but I think it is the right power level for low fantasy. The staff's true power is as a siphon, not just as an innately powerful relic, and in WGS, Lucien realized the staff wasn't enough to ascend to godhood, which is why he sought the stone. So the way we avoid the RS2/RS3 timeline isn't by stopping him from getting the staff, but by stopping him from getting the Stone of Jas. The Stone of Jas is also something we can't avoid forever; Sins of the Father even alluded to it and the WGS teaser with the NPC looking for it is already ingame so it is bound to turn up sooner or later. So what if there is a version of WGS that still plays out, only instead of escaping with the Stone of Jas, we manage to kill Lucien. Like maybe instead of killing the Balance Elemental, it helps us protect the Stone (with the other Guardians of Guthix?). Or even we could need to use the Stone of Jas to stop Lucien, which would critically fuel more Dragonkin Quests. Either way, I think Lucien needs to still get the Staff, even if he isn't as powerful with it in OSRS as he was in WGS (one shot spells were a bit much, even for Mahjarrat); it is stopping the Stone of Jas from being a major plot element that will "fix" the timeline. Like instead of hiding it after RotM, it could be hidden again after a WGS-like quest and the Staff could be destroyed (like really destroyed) or returned to the Guardians, away from Sliske. Then Lucien can still be a villain with a more satfiyting arc if we get to kill him instead of the Dragonkin doing it while we stand there and Sliske can focus on being the shadow puppet master rather than god slayer and >!elder god puppet!<.


You could always have a quest that involves him either trying to use the staff, and have us disarm him or one where he’s trying to steal it once again, where we stop him.


I am not sure how they could do a follow-up quest with him stealing the staff since for several players he already has it. I think it would be neat to do true branching quests, but it is a lot of extra work to design entire parts of quests that only get used by half the playerbase. I think it is better to give a quick section of a quest where you explain how you were tricked to steal it for him or someone else explains to you how he got it to establish you against him and him with the staff early into the quest.


Thats why I said either or, based on previous choice.


Or what if some other mahjarrat finds the stone before Lucien? Leading to a power struggle at the ritual site.


The problem with the stone is when it gets used. It is just too powerful of a relic to give to any character and it forces the Dragonkin to be involved. I'd rather see a power struggle because the Mahjarrat are on par than because one has the stone. Like I could see Zem or Sliskle rivaling Lucien even with the staff, but if any of them had the stone they'd easily outclass anyone else.


Jagex, buy this idea


I like the artwork's style of the characters. Makes them look awesome and mysterious without looking ridiculous. Mahjarrat stuff was always my favorite quest series as a kid. Would be really awesome to see it reimagined in a more Olschool style! Good ideas and great detail, everybody is fleshed out in their own way with baller ideas on how to use in OSRS. Zaros is the man, Zamorakians are scum


This is awesome, I hope some of the jmods see this


I don't have time to read everything yet but I will try later, but I skipped to the part on the changes you'd like to see and I think the staff of ikov is a brilliant hinge point to use to explain the smaller but more potent lore differences. Allowing both games freedom to interpret future quests and continents (eastern lands and zeah) differently without causing issue between the games. It looks like a great write up and I hope Mod Ed sees this and is inspired! Edit: ~~Ok so I just finished reading and have a few clean ups where the lore is concerning Bilrach, he didnt create Daemonheim he simply began to explore it because he sensed a great power at the bottom of the fortress. In all likelihood and as shown in journals the Dragonkin created the fortress.~~ I was mistaken, sorry. Bilrach did construct the tunnels just not the fortress. I think Sliske could have a much larger role in the Morytania storyline, either post Vampyre Von Dick or during the questline itself. He has been hinted at being the mysterious stranger at the Hallowed Sepulchre, as well as the mysterious stranger by the TOB. However, I believe ANAT debunked him being the TOB stranger. But a gauntlet style PvM featuring SLiske in Morytania could be absolutely phenomenal, maybe featuring shadows and other nightmare based creatures to reflect Sliske. Zemouregal I think should feature as the villain for a Misthalin centred quest as he was in RS3, I think that quest line was done well enough in RS3 to be ported with some changes to OSRS. Though a raid centered on his fortress would be cool. Wahisietel could make for a Wise Old Man 2.0, itd be cool if Jagex were to make monthly Mini-quests or small "fetch quests" where we kill enemy X to get lore item Y. We bring it back and he tells a short story about the item, doesnt have to be anything fancy or give out tons of xp. Just something to expand the lore of the world in small but meaningful ways. Hazeel and Khazard could be some fun questlines for the Kandarin region, but with the Elf storyline already centered on Ardougne it may feel a bit bloated? The other Mahjarret though I have no other suggestions for, I mean even in OSRS I feel like they'd fall to the wayside and be forgotten about as they were in RS3.


Really like this suggestion. A lot of time and care was put into this. I know Mod Ed said at one point said the Mahjarrat quest line was the one he was most excited to continue. Hopefully that is coming soon. :)


I like seeing other people also having ideas! I like the idea for Wahisietel. Also yeah I know Bilrach didn't create the fortress, but I thought he did dig the dungeons beneath it to get to the rift. Idk though for sure.


>Also yeah I know Bilrach didn't create the fortress, but I thought he did dig the dungeons beneath it to get to the rift. Idk though for sure Oh you're right I was mistaken, sorry bout that.


I vote no to any and all new content. /s


**We must preserve 2007!** *wears full inquis, scythe, orb, ancestral, crystal, tbow, etc, etc, etc.*


Nice ideas! I especially like the idea of using Ali the wise to send players on quests to learn about/unlock mahjarrat related stuff.


Big support, only comment is I'd leave trindine out unless wahisietel or Azzy want to walk the player down memory lane into the ruins of the Kharid-et.


Azzanadra bad ass mfka. i want. and I want his hat, maybe a ornament kit for my bear hat.




This might be one of my favorite posts on this entire subreddit. Excellent job! I hope this gets some attention from some J mods!


When I was younger I always wanted to do While Guthix Sleeps but I didn’t have stats or general progression to do it but it still looks like an epic quest. I’d instantly vote yes for anything that continues that quest and following story in this game.


It was phenomenal, probably the best quest of the entire game. I was a bit late in finishing it, but I remember when Dagon hai robes were worth millions, and tormented demons were probably one of the best moneymakers. I was too slow for the money but I loved the quest and the sequel, ritual of the Mahjarrat. Just an amazing storyline and both quests had some really interesting rewards and extra lore.


The comparison to the Venezuelans got me. This is good shit.


I'm really really sad that WGS didn't make it back in OSRS. Legitimately one of the best quests I've ever done from a lore perspective. I have my gripes with RS3s lore trajectory. But I think WGS should still take place in OSRS, but not RotM (or as you suggest, the ritual should fail) Love what you've done with the Mahjarrat. Look super cool. And helpful summary for the lesser known ones. (Unrelated, but DT didn't make it into OSRS either right? Huge shame if it didn't. Absolute S+ tier quest)


I love the RuneScape lore and this unique side of the story should be expanded on and offers a lot of fun to work with content for developers.


Let my people go


This was really well made, big upvote from me!


Please brah. This seems dope and would build upon some lore I didn’t pay attention to.


Team Camel vs Team Woman Its 2021, if you don't choose Team Woman or you don't auto forfeit as Team Camel, you auto-lose and Guthix dies.


It was theorized for a long time then finally confirmed recently (I think in Azzy's quest) that guthix masterminded his own death. What about a quest where we 'save' guthix, unknowingly defying his wishes.


I haven’t played RS3 in forever (I quit a bit into whenever Divination was released) but I remember Guthix welcoming his death and feeling like it was a good thing/he deserved it when it happened in the World Wakes. So it checks out


he kinda planned it all, he also just wanted to be forgotten and punished for his actions. in Azzanadra's quest we find a recording of his memories where he is working on making the World Guardian to take his spot (after failing to make his first World guardian and ended up creating the balance elemental) he also talks about how he will trick the trickster Sliske into killing him and completing the process needed to make a proper WG, in turn making Sliske create his own nemisis and downfall and becoming a tool for Guthix to complete his WG